{SBB Bride of the Week} Olivia

O L I V I A + J O H N

{May 12th, 2018}

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Hello beautiful! Doesn't Olivia look SO gorgeous in her fitted Stella York gown??

We are so in love with the shimmering lace as well as the beaded waist. Seriously, if we could insert an emoji right now it would be allll the heart eyes!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

So pretty, right?? Love the first look with her bridesmaids!

Per tradition, Olivia and her new hubby John exchanged gifts before the wedding. We usually don't show that part but her reaction is priceless!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

How cute is she?? You can tell she was NOT expecting a new Louis as a present!

For flowers, Olivia turned to Schultz Floral to create her arrangements. Roses and eucalyptus? Yes, please!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Before their walk down the aisle, Olivia and her dad shared a special moment together.

Y'all know how much we love these kinds of pics! 

Shane Cleminson Photography was there to capture their first look.

Oh my gosh, Olivia's dad twirling her around...can you even? Cause I can't! Such a special memory for them!

Olivia and John were married at Sand Creek Country Club.

Their ceremony was simple and beautiful, with dainty bouquets dotting the aisle. Something we thought was kind of adorable? The ring bearer's minor meltdown.

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

After the vows, guests headed to the ballroom where they were treated to beautiful decor and a super yummy cake, courtesy of Val's Custom Cakes!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

SO pretty!! I talked with Olivia to get all the inside deets on the couple and their planning process....

How did the newlyweds meet?

"We met the summer before my last year in undergrad and John's last year of law school. We hit it off as soon as we met but since our last year in school was very busy we didn't talk or hang out much. We didn't officially start dating until about a year and a half later. I was at a Notre Dame football game with a few of my friends and John texted me asking what I was up to and if I wanted to go to a Notre Dame football game with him. I told him I was already there and that we should meet up at some point during the game. I must have been on my phone for too long because it died before the game even started! I honestly thought John would think I am blowing him off and don't want to see him but that wasn't true at all! The game was freezing and snowing so during halftime my friend and I went to the concession stand to get some hot chocolate. Two minutes into standing in line someone taps me on the shoulder, and I turn around and see John standing there!! You guys, out of 80,000 people at this game what are the odds of actually seeing each other there!? I explained my phone had died, and that we should hang out after the game. A few hours later we met up that night and we have been inseparable ever since!"

That's fate stepping in right there! When it was time to pop the question, John waited until they were somewhere special...

"John and I went to Costa Rica last April for a vacation. He told me the front desk needed us to go and sign something before dinner and it wouldn’t take long. Once we get to the desk, I told them we need to sign something and John laughed and explained we are checking in for our romantic dinner on the beach. I was surprised because I had no idea he set all this up! Next thing I know we are sitting down at a romantic and private dinner setting and John gets down on one knee and popped the question! To make the proposal even better, we had 3 dogs sitting right in front of our table watching the whole thing! I loved it!"

Dogs make everything better {duh}! Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming? 

"So I’ll start by saying, I was ready to get engaged about two years before we actually did, so although I had an idea it was coming at some point, I was surprised when he did it in Costa Rica! I had no idea! I would not have wanted to travel with that ring in my bag! But it was perfect and I’m glad he did it there so we could celebrate just the two of us for the whole week!"

When it was time to start planning the big day, what was Olivia's favorite part?

"I would have to say getting my wedding dress. I felt like a princess getting to try on the most beautiful wedding gowns! Once I found “the one” it was such a special moment for me and the support system who came with me."

It's not all fun and games though...

"My least favorite part was stressing about all of the things that could go wrong during the wedding. I wish I wouldn't have stressed out about anything because the whole day was perfect and literally nothing went wrong! Everything works out the way its supposed to!"

Fast forward to the wedding. What was Olivia's favorite moment of the day?

"Hands down my favorite part of the wedding was seeing John's face when I was coming down the aisle. He was so emotional and it really felt like we were the only two in the whole room. The entire ceremony was perfect!"

What was her biggest takeaway from the whole planning process?

"I started planning the wedding with about 13 months until the actual day. I think that helped me so much because I knocked out a lot of vendors really early on and I didn't have to stress so much closer to the wedding day. I highly suggest starting early if you have the time to do so, it will help save you a lot of stress later!"

Finally, I asked Olivia about her best piece of advice for future brides....

"The day of the wedding, I highly suggest you take some time to yourself to go and look at everything. Once the entire ceremony/reception areas are done, just go and stare at all the decorations! Take mental pictures in your head because once the night begins you are going in so many different directions that its hard to just stop and look around. Then before you know it the night is over! I also suggest you write down specific pictures you want taken. We did not do that and I wish we would have! But most of all, just have fun on your wedding day! It's the best day of your life!"

Congratulations Olivia and John!! We are so excited for you guys and wish you nothing but happiness! Check out more of their fab pictures by Shane Cleminson Photography in the gallery below!