{SBB Bride of the Week} Kayla

Listen, we already know we have the most beautiful brides ever, but sometimes we see wedding pictures and we're just blown away!

Take Kayla for example...

 {Photos by: Erin Trimble Photography}

{Photos by: Erin Trimble Photography}

Yasss queen!

We are so obsessed with her wedding day look!

Kayla chose an Essense of Australia gown featuring an illusion bodice and strappy back.

She looked perfect!!

{Photos by: Erin Trimble Photography}

To compliment her gown, Kayla carried a gorgeous bouquet of white orchids, courtesy of Merci Bouquet.

 {Photos by: Erin Trimble Photography}

{Photos by: Erin Trimble Photography}

Kayla and Marc were married at 21c Museum Hotel Louisville, a contemporary art museum and hotel in the heart of the city.

This venue is SO cool and the ceremony couldn't have been more beautiful!

{Photos by: Erin Trimble Photography}

Following the ceremony, guests were treated to a fun, candle-filled reception at the museum.

We are loving the colors and different candle holders - such a beautiful and simple way to decorate your tables!

{Photos by: Erin Trimble Photography}

Kayla and Marc, who are expecting their first baby this Spring, decided to do something super fun during their reception - a gender reveal!

It's a......

{Photos by: Erin Trimble Photography}


Yay! Girls are so fun - congrats to the parents-to-be!

So how did Kayla and Marc meet?

"We met by accidentally running into one another(literally) and then awkwardly stalking one another for a week until he worked up the courage to say hi. We’ve been best friends ever since."

Where did the proposal take place?

"At STK restaurant in Chicago. It was hilarious, because we had just eaten a few hours ago but he was insistent that we do dinner. I later learned that he planned for all my immediate family and friends to surprise me there just as he began to propose. I wasn’t hungry, and don’t recall eating – but that was by far the most amazing dinner of my life."

Did she know it was coming or was she surprised?

"I suspected something was up because my best friend MADE me get my nails done with her the day of“just like old times” – we had never gotten our nails done together. I just assumed she missed me."

That is so funny!

When it came time to start looking for her wedding gown, it took Kayla awhile to decide.

"I tried on over 75 dresses, which is rather embarrassing because I always preached that I would be the chill bride who didn’t go insane. I even looked at flights to Australia to check out local lines – yes, I became that girl."

How did she know her dress was the one?

"It was the first time I actually smiled in a dress."

Can you blame her? Her dress is perfection!

When it came time to plan her big day, Kayla had a love/hate relationship with the whole process.

"SO MUCH TO DO! However, getting to plan out every little detail with my mom was amazing. We shared tons of laughs and happy tears all the way up to our wedding day."

 Her least favorite part?

"Trying to convince my husband to care about the type of orchid, table linen, etc (LOL). These types of details just aren’t his thing and it drove me insane! In hindsight, I may have gone a bit overboard."

Men, am I right?

Finally, the wedding day had arrived. What was her favorite moment of the day?

"Exchanging vows, as sappy as that sounds."

Kayla has some words of wisdom for brides who are currently planning their wedding.

"Everything falls into place exactly as it should, and the little details really don’t matter. Go with the flow. If something seems like too much of a hassle- it is. Have as much fun as you possibly can and don’t stress the tiny details."

Thank you so much, Kayla and Marc! We are so happy for you and wish you so much joy and love in the future - especially with your little girl!

Check out more of their gorgeous wedding pictures from Erin Trimble Photography in the gallery below!

Fiancé Friday

Carly + Jack


We figured what better way to spread a little love than a surprise Q&A from your Groom in our new featured blog post - Fiancé Friday!

Carly & Jack are currently featured on our Instagram through an “Instagram story takeover” where they show you an inside look into what goes in to planning their big day! We fell in LOVE with Carly when she came in to purchase her gorgeous gown and knew right away from her bubbly personality that she needed to be featured. Then we met Jack, and the rest was history.

What Carly doesn’t know is that we contacted Jack to ask him a few questions. Dun, dun dun……

Get your tissue box ready, because Jack is the sweetest human being ever and you can literally feel the love he has for Carly through his words.



What is your favorite quality about your soon-to-be wife?

    “Her kind/caring heart, and her positive energy. It helps that she’s beautiful too.”      

What made you fall in love with her, and how did you know she was the one?

    “We fell in love when we were 17, but didn’t really understand it. I knew she was the one, because she was always there and always on my mind through the good times and bad.”

 What are you most excited for at the wedding?

    “Seeing her walk down the aisle, reading our own vows, and throwing the best party we’ve ever been to.”

If you had one thing you would want your future wife to know for the rest of her life, what would that be?

    That I will ALWAYS love her.”

Is there anything you are looking forward to when it comes to married life?

    Having little critters (children) of our own.”

What do you think her wedding gown looks like?

    Simple, but stunning.”



How did you decide on your proposal?

    Literally a week before because I’m terrible at planning- that's Carly's job. I did want it to be in front of both of our families, and Thanksgiving was perfect.”

What is her quirkiest feature or habit?

    How she talks out of the side of her mouth sometimes. I think it’s adorable, but naturally she hates when I mention it.”

What reminds you of her?

    The song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, and pretty much anything at home or in Bloomington, IN.”



What is your favorite date to go on?

    Just being together at home with her watching a movie.”

What are your words of advice to your fiancé for the big day?

    Let go of the inner event planner and don't worry about a thing. No matter what happens, it will be perfect.”

Congratulations Carly and Jack! We're so excited to follow along with the rest of your planning journey and can't wait to see it all come together!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Tara

New Year's Eve.

A time to pop the bubbly and celebrate a new year - and in this case a wedding!

Meet our gorgeous bride, Tara...

 {photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

{photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

Y'ALL. She is so gorgeous inside and out!

Tara ROCKED her Allure Couture gown, Bel Aire veil and headpiece, and Embellish earrings {all purchased from Something Blue}!

Just look at her!!

{photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

To compliment her gorgeous gown, Tara turned to her mother in law, Cheri, to take care of the flowers! The white hydrangeas and roses were perfect! And guess what? All of the floral arrangements were made of faux flowers!

 {photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

{photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

Tara married her hubby Kyle on New Year's Eve at Aberdeen Manor.

Before saying "I Do", Kyle was able to get a sneak peek of his beautiful bride.

Alyssa Grace Photography was there to capture their snowy first look.

Ok so you know they have to be freezing but they're doing a really good job of not showing it!

How gorgeous is that snow-filled backdrop??

Finally, it was time for the ceremony. Tara and Kyle were married in the chapel at Aberdeen and it was picture perfect!

Our favorite part? The sparklers as they left the chapel!

{photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

After the ceremony, guests headed across the parking lot to the reception hall where they were greeted with a perfect New Year's party!

Sequin tablecloths? Check! Sparklers on the cake? Check! Balloon drop at midnight? CHECK!

{photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

Seriously, how fun is that?!

We've seen their amazing wedding, let's get to know the couple!

"Kyle and I met 14 years ago while working our summer jobs at Johnson Strawberry Farm in Hobart, IN. I was a cashier and Kyle worked around the farm. We developed a friendship and stayed in touch for 9 years until we started dating 5 years ago (on valentine's Day 2013- we made it official)."

Kyle popped the question during a tropical getaway.

"He proposed to me during a romantic dinner on the beach on July 25th, 2015 in Punta Cana. We were staying at the Dreams Palm Beach resort. There was a storm coming and despite my pleas to move the dinner inside, we waited out the storm and ended our dinner with an engagement. It was a complete surprise!"

When they got home, it was time to start planning her wedding! Tara enjoyed it, but not everything about the planning process was fun...

"My favorite part of wedding planning was buying my wedding dress from Something Blue and Cake Tasting at Designer Desserts! These were fun moments that made me so excited for our wedding day! My least favorite part was collecting RSVP's!"

The big day had arrived! What was the most memorable part for the bride?

"My favorite moment of the wedding was when Kyle and I said our vows and exchanged rings. The feeling of putting his ring on, was a moment I will never forget. I even teared-up because it felt so special."

Currently planning your own wedding? Tara has some great parting advice!

"Use help from family and friends! Don't feel like you need to do everything by yourself.

Also do a "first look" for pictures. It was such a special moment to stand near each other but not be able to see each other until that magic moment. It also makes it less stressful for pictures afterwards."

Congratulations, Tara and Kyle!! We are so happy for you and can't thank you enough for sharing your gorgeous wedding with us!!

Before you go, you have to see the rest of their amazing pictures in the gallery below!!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Alison

She's got brains, beauty and a badge.

Meet our amazing bride, Alison!

 {Photos by: Finding Joy Photography}

{Photos by: Finding Joy Photography}

Alison traded her police uniform for a gorgeous, light gold Allure Bridals gown paired with a beautiful J. Picone belt. We loved this combo on her so much!

{Photos by: Finding Joy Photography}

Doesn't she look amazing?! Love the squad shirts she wore with her girls!

Before walking down the aisle, Alison's parents had a major surprise in store for her.

Since both Alison and her new husband Andrew are police officers, a vintage police car was waiting outside to take her to her wedding.

2N0A0230b - Copy.jpg
 {Photos by: Finding Joy Photography}

{Photos by: Finding Joy Photography}

How cool is that?!

The ceremony took place at St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Orland Hills.

Alison carried a gorgeous bouquet of roses and peonies for her walk down the aisle.

{Photos by: Finding Joy Photography}

The reception was held at Silver Lake Country Club in Orland.

There were lots of little details throughout the party honoring the couples' profession.

The best part? Their donut tower! 

{Photos by: Finding Joy Photography}

Want to see more? Check out their super cute wedding video by Ojo Creative!

Despite what you may be thinking, the newlyweds didn't meet at work.

"We met at a birthday party for my future sister in law. My friend asked me to come and he was there. We started talking that evening and were inseparable ever since."

When it was time to propose, Alison knew Andrew had something up his sleeve!

"We were visiting my Grandma in Naples, FL and we went out to a fancy dinner downtown where he proposed.

 It was supposed to be a surprise but I could tell something was up. Usually when we would go out to dinner, he was always pretty focused on what he was ordering and eating whatever they put on the table. He especially would always eat bread and butter.  When they brought out these amazing compound butters and he wouldn't touch them, I just knew it was coming."

The food gave it away! Speaking of food, Alison's favorite part of planning her day was choosing which sweet treat they would serve their guests!

"My favorite was deciding to have donuts instead of cake. The place we chose (Home Cut Donuts in Joliet, IL) gave us every donut they had to try for a taste test and we got to decide which ones we wanted. It was delicious and for sure our favorite part. We cannot wait to celebrate our anniversary every year with our favorite donut!"

How cute is that? Who doesn't love a good donut?!

What was Alison's least favorite part of the planning process?

"The seating chart for the reception is definitely a difficult task, we had about 320 people at the wedding. Trying to arrange everything, then running it past our families to make sure everything was okay was also pretty nerve racking. We kept having to reorganize it!"

The big day had arrived. What was Alison's favorite part of the whole day?


"Our favorite part of the wedding was most certainly when we went back to our house and took photographs with our three dogs: Lilly, Lucy and Lexi. Each one had a little floral arrangement on their collars and were so cute."


It's never too early to start planning!

"We started planning 2 years in advance which definitely helped relieve a lot of stress. I really don't know how some couples plan a wedding in a few months. It helped that the date we had originally wanted was taken so we got to spread a lot of tasks out and it wasn't as overwhelming as we had thought."

Alison has some really great - and realistic -  advice for future bride's planning their day.

"The best piece of advice I could give anyone is remember that it's your wedding day, even though you are surrounded by so many other people, its important to remember the little things. Also, don't get too drunk because the next day I felt hungover and didn't even drink anything. Also eat, we never got to eat and were starving. We came back home and I had to cook a pizza for my new husband."

Congratulations, Alison, on your big day!! We loved getting to know you and are so happy we got to share your wedding!

Check out more of her special day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Alysia

We've said it before and we'll say it again - we have the most beautiful brides ever!

This week's featured bride is no exception...just take a look!

Introducing Alysia..

 {Photos by: Kelsey Tillema Photography}

{Photos by: Kelsey Tillema Photography}

Isn't she stunning?

Alysia looked amazing in her Essense of Australia gown and Bel Aire accessories! That dress looks like it was made for her!

Alysia married her husband Dylan on a beautiful October afternoon.

Before the ceremony, she wanted to share a special moment with her man.

Kelsey Tillema Photography was there to capture their first look...

I mean, that dress, right??

Alysia's maple and ivory gown was complimented by her gorgeous bouquet of ivory and red flowers.

All of the tones blended so beautifully and were perfect for a Fall wedding!

Props to Blake Tuohy with Another Season Flowers for creating these beautiful bouquets!

 {Photos by: Kelsey Tillema Photography}

{Photos by: Kelsey Tillema Photography}

Alysia walked down the aisle at the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Wheatfield.

After they said "I Do", guests blew bubbles to celebrate the newlyweds. A cute {and less painful} alternative to throwing rice!

{Photos by: Kelsey Tillema Photography}

After the ceremony,  guests headed to the Jasper County Fairgrounds Expo Center for the reception!

Gorgeous flower arrangements and soft lighting made for a beautiful backdrop.

{Photos by: Kelsey Tillema Photography}

So pretty and romantic!

How did these lovebirds meet, anyway?

"We have always known each other through high school but we didn't start to date until my second year of college. He randomly texted me one day to see if I would go on a date with him and we've been inseparable ever since!"

They were preparing to build their home when Dylan decided to pop the question.

"Dylan proposed to me on some land that we had bought for our future home. His plan was to take me out to the land to mark trees that we wanted to save and to get an idea of where we wanted the house to lay. After we were finished we sat on the tailgate and talked while the sun was setting and right before we were about to leave he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! (covered in dirt and no makeup on) I was in complete shock and had no idea it was coming!"

Alysia's favorite part of planning her wedding is probably our favorite part too.

"My all time favorite part of the wedding planning process would have to be taste testing for the catering and cake! Who could turn down free samples?"

Not us! Give us all the samples! Was there anything that she wasn't a fan of?

"My least favorite part of the planning was the seating chart only because we had such a big wedding! Seating 400 guests was extremely challenging for me because I was worried about making sure everyone was going to have a good time together. But it all worked out!"

When the big day had finally arrived Alysia was most excited to see how everything turned out!

"My favorite moment of my wedding was seeing all the hard work everyone put in come together! A lot of our family and friends took their own time to make our day perfect and its something Dylan and I will always be grateful for!"

Any final advice for brides-to-be currently planning their big day?

"Start booking vendors right away because they book up fast! (especially hair and makeup) and always have backups in mind just in case they decide to back out on you.

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to stress about the little stuff. Enjoy the whole process and remember this is about you and your future husband so do what makes you both happy. Your wedding day truly does fly by just like everyone says it does, so take the time to take in all the little moments. It will turn out better than you ever expected!!"

Thank you so much, Alysia and Dylan, for sharing your wedding day with us!! We are so happy for you both!!

Want more? Check out their beautiful pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Abbey

A gorgeous skyline is the perfect backdrop for this elegant October wedding.

The bride's not so bad either!

Meet Abbey!

 {Photos by: Bambino International}

{Photos by: Bambino International}

Isn't she lovely??

Abbey looked amazing in her off-the-shoulder Sincerity gown and Edward Berger veil!

Before saying "I do", Abbey and her favorite girls got ready for the big day. Bambino International was there to capture the moment she got into her dream dress.

Abbey married her husband Darek at the historical Cathedral Basilica in Covington, Kentucky.

It was modeled after Notre Dame in Paris and man, is it gorgeous!!

Just look at that architecture and stained glass!

{Photos by: Bambino International}

How amazing is that?!

After the ceremony, guests headed to Drees Pavilion in Covington.

We can see why they chose this venue. It has some pretty breathtaking views overlooking the Cincinnati skyline!

Abbey chose candelabras and fresh florals for her centerpieces. The results were nothing short of beautiful!

{Photos by: Bambino International}

Isn't that just gorgeous?? The decor was so beautiful!

We've seen their wedding, now let's get to know these two a little better.

How they meet?

"We met in Lexington, Kentucky. Darek was in his fourth year of medical school, and I was completing a year of post-graduate pharmacy residency after graduating from Purdue. We both ended up on the same internal medicine team for a rotation.  I can still remember every detail about the day we met; there was instant chemistry when we first shook hands!  I had written my cell number on the board in our team room, in case anyone needed me when I wasn't in my office.  Darek took my number off the board and texted me after a couple days of working together. We went on our first date the following week (pizza and beer over a Bears game), and the rest is history!"

It didn't take long for them to figure out they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together...

Will You Marry Me Plate.JPG

"We went to Siesta Key on our first vacation together, a place near and dear to Darek and his family. Our one-year anniversary was during the trip, so we celebrated with dinner at a beautiful restaurant named Cafe L’Europe. Fast-forward to two-and-a-half years later when we were back in S.K. on vacation. Two of my best friends were coming down to meet us for half of the week, and Darek suggested we go back to our special place, Cafe L’Europe, to have a nice dinner before they arrived.  After an amazing meal, the waiter brought out dessert.  On the plate was a raspberry sauce that spelled out, "W.Y.M.M.?"  I stared at it puzzled for a few seconds, and as it was all beginning to sink in, Darek was getting down on one knee and asking, Will You Marry Me?!"

Proposal 1.JPG

STOP! That is so cute! Was Abbey surprised?

"I was in complete shock!!!  It was one of the best days of my life!  I sobbed like a baby and couldn't stop smiling.  We were seated outdoors on a terrace, so people were clapping and cheering.  Darek was really sweet and hired a photographer to be in the area and capture the moment, and his dad came and videotaped the proposal from afar as well.  I had NO clue this was going on!!  After a glass of champagne and some celebrating, we went over to the park across the street and took engagement photos.  What made it even more perfect was getting to celebrate the rest of the week with my best friends that flew in the next day."

When it came to wedding planning, what was Abbey's fav part??

"Everything!! Just kidding. But I could honestly say almost everything. I just really enjoyed the process! Narrowing it down, I had three favorite parts: 1. Finding my dress. It was the first event that made everything so real, and it was a really special moment for me and my mom. 2. Finding our venue. My mom and dad were with me and we just knew it was the right place the second we walked in. It was such a cool feeling to think, “This is it!” 3. Tasting food with our caterer. This was something Darek was most excited about, and he put a lot of thought into it. It was a fun experience for us and our parents, and getting to know our caterer was nice- he’s a really neat guy!"

What was the downside?

"Registering. That might sound crazy to some people, but we were about to be 30 and had each had lived on our own for a while. It was hard to come up with things we needed at first. We had to think outside the box more than we had anticipated!"

The big day had finally arrived. What was Abbey's favorite part of her wedding?

"Dancing with everyone! There is nothing that can describe the feeling of being out on the center of the dance floor with your new husband, encircled by family and friends, with everyone singing at the top of their lungs. It was pure, absolute joy! If I could bottle up that feeling, I would!"

Abbey wants to leave future brides with some great advice for planning their own special day...

"It's important to remember that a lot of loved ones in your life are putting effort, time, and money into making your day perfect and making you feel special.  The day is about you and your new husband, but a little bit goes a long way when it comes to expressing gratitude.  Take the time to hug and greet everyone.  Hand-write your thank-you notes and say meaningful things in them!  People notice and appreciate these things.

When making decisions, try to think back on weddings you have attended and what things you actually remember about them. I didn't feel the need to have the most expensive programs or invitations or flowers, because these were things I didn't remember from a single wedding I had been to. I did remember the food, the dancing, and the fun, so we made these priorities!"

We are SO happy for you, Abbey! We wish you and Darek a beautiful future together!!

Check out more of the Sanford's gorgeous wedding day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Natalie

We loved working with this bride SO much and are so excited to share her gorgeous wedding with you!!

We are pleased to introduce you to Natalie!

 {Photos by: Erika Aileen Photography}

{Photos by: Erika Aileen Photography}

We just love her!

Doesn't she look SO amazing in her Essense of Australia gown, Bel Aire headband and Justine M. Couture veil??

Natalie was such a pleasure to work with and we would gush over her dress every single time she came into the store!

The satin, the sparkle, the buttons! Everything about it is just so beautiful!

{Photos by: Erika Aileen Photography}

I mean, right?! Natalie, you are one gorg bride!

To compliment their dresses, Natalie and her bridesmaids carried beautiful bouquets created by Marco Alexzondra Floral.

They are so stunning!

 {Photos by: Erika Aileen Photography}

{Photos by: Erika Aileen Photography}

Before becoming husband and wife, Natalie and her hubby Jake shared a first look together.

Jake's reaction to seeing his bride is so incredibly sweet!

Erika Aileen Photography did such a fabulous job capturing the special moment.

Natalie and Jake were married in a seriously gorgeous ceremony at Hidden Vineyard in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

This venue, you guys! It's perfection!! Just take a look for yourself.

{Photos by: Erika Aileen Photography}

SO pretty!!

Their reception was held on the same property and was just as gorgeous as the ceremony!

We are in love with every detail!

{Photos by: Erika Aileen Photography}

Craving more? Just check out their beautiful wedding video by My Touch Weddings!

We maybe cried watching this. Maybe more than one time...

How did these lovebirds meet, anyway??

"Our story began in August 2013 in one of our Mechanical Engineering classes at Purdue University, West Lafayette. A few days into the class, I accidentally dropped my pencil and Jake picked it up for me. After the pencil drop, we started talking before and after class. Knowing that I like to workout, Jake asked me to go to the gym with him.  After the gym, we went and saw a scary movie. By the end of the movie we found ourselves holding hands. Jake asked me the next day if I was holding his hand because I was scared or because I liked him. I answered, "both". Shortly after, Jake invited me to dinner at Scotty's Brewhouse. After that, we started hanging out just about everyday. When we got back from Fall Break in October 2013, Jake ordered a dozen cookies and milk from my favorite cookie shop on campus and surprised me by officially asking me to be his girlfriend. I of course said yes and the rest is history! "

Is this real life? That is so sweet! After dating for a few years, Jake was ready to ask Natalie to be his wife. It started with pancakes...

"On Saturday, June 25, 2016 Jake and I began our day with a trip to IHOP. After breakfast, we went to Village Canoe Rental in Milford, Michigan and took a relaxing kayak trip through Proud Lake Recreation Area. For the evening, Jake packed a secret picnic and took me to Belle Isle which is an island located in the Detroit River between the United States mainland and Canada. After dinner, Jake got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. He then informed me that our friend, Max, was hiding and captured the entire proposal on camera. Afterwards, we celebrated by eating chocolate fudge cupcakes and by watching a fireworks show. On Sunday, June 26, the day after the proposal, we took more engagement photos, ate lunch at Red Robin, and called our families and friends to tell them the good news."

Was it a surprise?

"Approximately 8 months prior to the proposal, Jake had asked me if I would want to go and look at engagement rings to try to get an idea of what type of style I would like. After that, I was thinking in my head that the proposal would probably be sometime fairly soon, but I just didn’t know exactly when. So then each time after that, whenever there was a holiday, a special event, or date, I would make sure to have my nails done, just in case he were to “pop the question”."

We love a girl who is always prepared! When it came time to plan their big day, Natalie's favorite part was who she got to plan it with.

"Family and love is what made the wedding planning and wedding day so special. I loved being able to share precious moments throughout the wedding planning process with my family and friends and it was so rewarding to see how everything came together beautifully on the day of the wedding.

My vision for the wedding was romantic elegance. I wanted the day to be a representation of our love for God, each other and our families. On the wedding day, I wore the ballet slippers that my Aunt and Cousin both wore at their weddings. I wanted to try to recreate the special “First Dance” moment for both of our parents so we had my parent’s dance to the song from their wedding 31 years ago and my husband’s parents from 29 years ago. It was also important for me to remember our loved ones that had passed away, so on my bouquet I had two pictures of my grandfathers. Before the first look, I asked someone to deliver a note I wrote to Jake as well as two small pictures of his grandfathers for him to place in his pocket to have them with him throughout the day.

My wedding day was absolutely magical. As I ascended the stairs from the bridal suite, I was amazed by the beauty of the flowers, decorations, and twinkling lights.  It was so special to see how all of the details that we worked on so much throughout the past 15 months of wedding planning were breathtakingly woven together to make my vision come to life. I had chosen the venue because I immediately made a connection with the catalpa tree on the property. It was my grandpa’s favorite tree on his farm growing up. Although my grandpa is no longer living, I could feel his presence as my fiancé and I stood under the beautiful ceremony tree surrounded by our family and friends. The presence of loved ones could be felt throughout the entire day and evening through smiles, hugs, laughter, and dancing. It was a perfect representation of us."

Can you even?? Even her least favorite part is sweet!

"My least favorite part was taking off my beautiful wedding gown at the end of the evening.

From the moment I had put on my dress, I knew it was the perfect one for me. I wanted my wedding day look to be elegant and timeless. Last October my family and I went to Something Blue Bridal Boutique to go wedding dress shopping. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. I went bridal dress shopping with my Mom, Dad, Grandma, and two of my aunts. When we saw this gorgeous Essense of Australia Dress my eyes lit up and I could not wait to try it on. From the moment I stepped into it I felt as though it was made just for me. It was everything I could have ever dreamed of. I loved the clean lines, the attention to detail, and how the dress made me feel. I could not stop smiling when I looked in the mirror. The back of my dress had a gorgeous key hole back with alternating fabric and Diamante buttons all the way down the train. The hand-sewn Diamantes were also on the shoulder straps, keyhole back and waist. As I looked around the room at my family and could see that they knew it was the one too. I could envision myself at the venue on my wedding day, walking down the aisle to marry Jake and I knew without a doubt that this was the wedding dress for me. After I “Said Yes to the Dress”, my family and I went out to lunch to celebrate and then they surprised me later that evening with a “Say Yes to the Dress” Party with a beautiful cake and flowers.

In January, my family and I went back to Something Blue Bridal Boutique for an accessory appointment. I wanted to get a headpiece and veil that would complement the fine details of the dress. I selected a gorgeous cathedral length veil with Diamante trim that matched the Diamante detailing of the wedding dress. The headpiece I chose was a headband with Diamante detailing to complement the dress and veil. 

I also accessorized my bridal day look with the classic “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” elements. For my “Something Old” I wore a cross necklace and bracelet given to me by my Mom and Dad several years ago. My “Something New” was a gift that my Mom and Dad gave me moments before the ceremony started. They gave me a beautiful engraved necklace. The front of the necklace was engraved with the saying “If Kisses were the Stars, We’d Give You the Sky.” The back of the necklace said “Love, Mom and Dad” along with the wedding date “9.17.17”. My “Something Borrowed” were the shoes I wore on my wedding day. I wore the ballet slippers that my Aunt and Cousin both wore on their wedding days. My “Something Blue” was a light blue garter.

I remember walking up the steps into the reception space and was in such awe of how my vision had come to life. Jake spun me in my dress for the first time as we entered and my dress billowed around me. I felt like a bride and it felt like the most magical dream."

What was the couple's favorite moment of the wedding?

"The most special moment was mine and Jake’s first look. Prior to the first look, I asked someone to deliver a note I wrote to Jake as well as two small pictures of his grandfathers for him to place in his pocket to have them with him throughout the day. Jake was positioned looking out towards the field, and as I approached him I was so excited to see him and to see his expression when he saw me in my wedding dress for the first time. I tapped Jake on his right shoulder, and when he turned around it was such a wonderful and precious moment. We enjoyed those few moments of just embracing each other and having that time to reflect on our relationship and our love for each other. Jake then gave me a letter to read as well as a Pandora charm for my bracelet that said, “Just Married”. The expression on his face and the purity of the moment is something I will never forget."

Now that the day has come and gone, what is Natalie's best advice for couples planning their wedding?

"Organization is key! I found that making “To Do Lists” was extremely helpful in the wedding planning process as well as creating a wedding binder and notebook. This enabled me to keep track of items that were complete and those that needed to be completed.

My advice to engaged couples is to enjoy each and every moment leading up to the wedding. There are so many special memories with family and friends that are created throughout the whole wedding process so take time to live in the moment. Focus on your relationships with your fiancé, bridal party, and all the important people in your life. Invite family and friends to come be part of your big day from dress shopping to cake tasting. A wedding should be a celebration of love – the love you and your fiancé share, the love you and your families share, and a love you and your friends share."

Thank you SO much, Natalie and Jake!!! We are honored we got to share your beautiful wedding and wish you so much happiness and love in your future together!!

Be sure to check out more of their gorgeous wedding pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Haley

If you think this week's featured wedding is gorgeous, you should see the bride!

We're pleased to introduce you to Haley!

 {photos by: LuvED Photography}

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

Isn't she so beautiful?? Haley wore a seriously pretty Essense of Australia gown, paired with a J. Picone belt and Bel Aire Bridals accessories {all from Something Blue, of course}! She had a blue heart made from one of her dad's work shirts sewn into her gown as her "something blue". What a special way to honor him!

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

Doesn't she look amazing??

Haley had the cutest idea of making a scrapbook leading up to her big day. In it, she devoted a section to the day she said yes to the dress! She even saved our thank you tag from her SBB Bride t-shirt! We love this!

 {photos by: LuvED Photography}

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

For her flowers, Haley turned to Town & Country Gardens. They did such a spectacular job creating the bouquets!

 {photos by: LuvED Photography}

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

Before walking down the aisle, Haley wanted to show off her gown to her main man - Dad.

His reaction is priceless!

Haley married her husband Alex at The Westin Chicago Northwest on a gorgeous November afternoon. Their grandmother's served as flower girls and it may be one of the cutest things we have ever seen! They also insisted on wearing matching dresses. How adorable is that?!

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

After the ceremony, guests headed to the reception which also took place at the hotel! They were greeted by a swoon-worthy affair. The decorations were fabulous!

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

Such a beautiful reception!

Let's get to know Hayley and Alex a little better.

"We met through our best friends (who were both part of our bridal party and got engaged at our wedding!) at his dad's 4th of July block party; thanks Kelly and Dan! It was the summer going into my freshman year and his sophomore year of high school so we definitely fall under the "high school sweetheart" category. We talked the entire night just like two old friends catching up and the rest is history!"

Alex was ready to make Haley his wife and knew the perfect place to pop the question!


"Alex and I are huge Chicago Blackhawks fans so he had bought tickets as a gift for my birthday. We always arrive at the United Center a little early and sneak down to take a picture by the ice. Following suit, we took our standard picture and I went to grab the camera from the concierge. However, Alex told me to 'hold on' and as I turned around, noticed he was digging in his pocket! He knelt down on one knee, said a lot of cute things that I didn't  hear because I was too shocked to believe this was actually happening, and asked me to marry him."

How cool is that?! Did Haley see it coming?

"We had been together for 10 years at that point so I knew we would be getting engaged, it was just the questions of when and how he could plan something special without me knowing. I think he knew that he couldn't get away with planning anything elaborate without me being somewhat suspicious so he woke up on December 1st and made the decision to do it at the game that night. It was definitely a surprise because he told me before that he would never propose at Hawks game!"

Clearly he was trying to throw her off!!

Once the wedding planning was underway, Hayley found herself enjoying herself instead of stressing.

"I consider planning more of a hobby rather than a chore so I truly enjoyed the entire planning process! We gave ourselves almost two years to plan so we could take our time and enjoy being engaged as well. If we had to pick, our favorite part would be the food tasting at The Westin and cake tasting at Lovin Oven; it was all phenomenal!"

What about her least favorite part?

"I suffer from what some people like to call FOBO (fear of better options). Although it was great having almost two years to pick out those perfect flowers, reception decor, etc., I found myself constantly second guessing myself or finding pictures and ideas on Pinterest that I liked even better. It was hard to stick to one vision and I ended up only making a few changes along the way!"

Finally, the day had arrived. What was Haley's most memorable moment from her wedding day?

"Am I able to say the entire day?! It was so surreal from start to finish. Taking a moment to look out from the head table and realizing that all of your friends, all of your family are together in one place celebrating YOU was a moment we won't soon forget."

Now that her wedding has come and gone, what is Haley's biggest takeaway from wedding planning?

"You can control most things but you can't control everything. All you can do the day of the wedding is roll with the punches. Trust me, no one is going to notice if that one centerpiece doesn't look identical to your Pinterest pin!"

Any other advice for future brides?

"The most stress I felt during the entire process was figuring out the reception tables. I found an idea on Pinterest (of course) that was super helpful and made the seating arrangements a piece of cake. As you patiently wait for those RSVP cards to come back, take some time to write each guest's name on a Post-It note and preliminary put together your tables for the reception. If you get any NO responses, simply remove that Post-It note from the table. I swear it made my life so much easier, especially because you only have a weeks to provide all final details to your venue!"

Such a good idea!!

Haley and Alex, your wedding was so beautiful and we are honored we got to be a part of it! Thank you for letting us share your special day!

To see more of their gorgeous wedding pictures, check out the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Leah

There's just something about a beautiful ballgown that gives us all the feels.

This week's featured bride wore one of our favorites for her October wedding.

Meet Leah...

 {photos by: Rebekah Albaugh Photography | Jennifer Council Photography}

{photos by: Rebekah Albaugh Photography | Jennifer Council Photography}

Leah chose a stunning Pronovias ballgown for her big day.

The illusion top and lace details are so dainty and beautiful. Just take a look for yourself....

{photos by: Rebekah Albaugh Photography | Jennifer Council Photography}

SO gorg! We love how the lace looks like it's just laying on her skin.

Hoekstra's Greenhouse and Market {Fox Lake, WI} created all of Leah's floral arrangements for her wedding.

Leah works at the Greenhouse so she really got to choose exactly what she wanted!

The results? Fabulous.

 {photos by: Rebekah Albaugh Photography | Jennifer Council Photography}

{photos by: Rebekah Albaugh Photography | Jennifer Council Photography}

Those bridesmaid bouquets are perfect for the season!

Leah and her new husband Mike took a moment to be together before the ceremony.

Jennifer Council, with Rebekah Albaugh Photography, was on hand to capture their first look.

Leah and Mike were married at Crete Protestant Reformed Church.

Mums decorated the altar for this gorgeous fall wedding.

Leah walked down an aisle lined with smaller flower arrangements and colorful fall leaves.

{photos by: Rebekah Albaugh Photography | Jennifer Council Photography}

For the reception, Leah and Mike didn't have to go far.

They held it at the church, who also catered the event!

Fall florals decorated the tables and you'll never guess where the cake came from...

DAIRY QUEEN! Yep, Leah and her sister transformed DQ cakes {yum} into a gorgeous 3-tier wedding cake! That's a great way to stay on budget while still presenting something beautiful and delicious for your guests!

{photos by: Rebekah Albaugh Photography | Jennifer Council Photography}

All the mums and pumpkins make us miss fall so much!! Now that we have seen their special day, I'll let Leah fill you in on how they met.

"Mike and I met while I was in Wisconsin visiting my sister who had moved there a year before. She was determined to have me fall in love with a guy from Wisconsin so that we could live in the same state again, and it worked!

We got engaged in May of 2017, but that's mostly because I had already scheduled my engagement pictures for the greenhouse I work at, and I didn't want to miss the most beautiful flowers of the year! We figured we couldn't have engagement pictures unless we were actually engaged, so he took me on his fishing boat and popped the question."

When it was time to plan the wedding, Leah was all about the DIY!

"My favorite part of the planning was all the DIY stuff we did, specifically the cakes! My sister and I spent the week before the wedding at the Dairy Queen that we both used to work at. My former boss was nice enough to let us make all of our cakes there."

When the big day was over, Leah had a big takeaway from the whole process...

"Just enjoy it. You only get one day in your entire life to dress up like a princess, have all your girlfriends follow you around in matching dresses, and throw a huge party for yourself. You might as well enjoy it!"

She also has some great advice for girls who are currently planning their wedding...

"Be sentimental and make the day special for you and for your family. I was born on the same day as my mom, 29 years apart, and I got married on the same day as my mom, 29 years apart. We also used little things from my parents' wedding, like their card basket. But my favorite detail by far was the lace trim on my veil, that was actually the hem from my mom's wedding dress! So if your mom is willing to break her dress out of the box and deconstruct it for your wedding, I would totally recommend it!"

So sweet!! Thank you, Leah and Mike, for giving us a look into your wedding day!! Check out more of their pics in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Caitlyn

What could be better than a beautiful day in the city?

How about our gorgeous bride, Caitlyn, who was married in Chicago in July!

 {photos by: Natalie Probst Photography}

{photos by: Natalie Probst Photography}

Isn't she just so pretty?! Caitlyn wore a seriously gorgeous fitted Pronovias gown, complete with a flowing, ruffled skirt for her big city wedding! The results were picture perfect!

{photos by: Natalie Probst Photography}

To compliment her beautiful gown, Caitlyn hired Sugarfield Flowers to take care of all of her floral arrangements. They were beyond lovely, with accents of eucalyptus and some of the fullest roses we have ever seen! Sugarfield always does such an amazing job!

 {photos by: Natalie Probst Photography}

{photos by: Natalie Probst Photography}

Before walking down the aisle, Caitlyn wanted a special moment with her soon-to-be husband, Zach. She shared a first look with him at the Drake Hotel, as Natalie Probst Photography captured the moment.

The couple exchanged vows at Gibson's Steakhouse in a beautiful ceremony. We can't get over how stunning Caitlyn looked!


{photos by: Natalie Probst Photography}

After saying "I Do", the newlyweds and their guests were treated to a gorgeous {and delicious!} dinner reception. Do you see those desserts?! We'll have one of each, please!

{photos by: Natalie Probst Photography}

Are they not such a cute couple??

How did their love story begin?

 "We met in college, I was in the plays that Zach was required to see for his Theater Class. Needless to say, he saw me as some interesting characters from an Elf, Singing Grandma, Greek God, Ghost and kept coming to watch me in the plays even after the class was done! We chatted about the funny characters at a party and were inseparable ever since."

Keeping with the theater theme, Zach knew exactly what to do when the time came to propose!

"Zach took me downtown to Chicago to see a Broadway show! After a romantic dinner and amazing evening, he popped the question in our gorgeous hotel room with a view overlooking the city! It was a romantic and beautiful intimate moment together."

Did Caitlyn see it coming?

"I had a feeling this was coming because he was not the biggest fan of theater, always being a football & sports kind of a guy. This adventurous evening downtown was full of all of my favorite things, I had an idea of what he was up too!"

So sweet!! When it came time to plan her big day, Caitlyn's favorite part was the reception!

"I had an absolute blast picking out the details from the song list to the food we would have Gibson's serve. It was too hard to choose just one piece, but when all of your family come to support you and join in on your special day, that was the very best part. The feeling of love and support from you family and your new family as well."

What was her least favorite part?

"The week of the wedding! I was nervous about how everything would fall into place. It turns out I was nervous for absolutely nothing because it will always work out in the end!"

Finally the day had arrived. Out of everything that happened, the moment that stands out the most to Caitlyn was seeing her man.

"My favorite moment was our first look at The Drake Hotel. The Historic Drake Hotel is so gorgeous, the room was brilliantly decorated. It was the most romantic location to see your groom for the first time! I felt like a true princess there!"

We can see why! Those pictures are gorgeous!

Now that the day is over and Caitlyn has had time to reflect, she wishes she wouldn't have sweat the small stuff so much.

"The biggest takeaway for me was all of my planning and stress was unnecessary! I was so worried about the decor and barely noticed it when I was in the moment. The only thing that truly matters in being there, present, in the moment with your partner. Everything came together exceptionally with the help of Gibson's and my truly wonderful bridal party!

Enjoy every minute of your planning process ! It will all be over so quickly, so please don't stress yourself out! Things will fall into place. Enjoy the love and support of your friends, family and loved ones. It is TRULY one of the best days of your life."

Such great advice!! Congratulations, Caitlyn and Zach! Thank you so much for allowing us to share your special day!

Want to see more?? Check out their wedding pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Taylor

There's nothing like a beautiful summer wedding.

Warm, fresh air, pretty flowers and one stunning bride!

Introducing Taylor...

 {Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

I mean are you seeing this?? How GORGEOUS is she?!

Taylor wore a beautiful Sincerity Bridal off-the-shoulder gown on her big day. She complimented it with an Edward Berger veil and her final look was breathtaking! While getting ready, Taylor put a super cute jewelry bar out for her bridesmaids to choose from - seriously what a great idea! Taylor and her husband Nic hired The Willows Wedding Photography to capture their wedding day and the pictures are {as always} so amazing! The Willows was there as Taylor and her bridesmaids {and SUPER adorable little sister, the flower girl} got ready for the day.

Taylor chose another amazing vendor - Sugarfield Flowers - to do all the floral arrangements for the wedding. Per usual, the results were incredible! Just check out that gorgeous bouquet!

 {Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

 {Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

SO, so pretty!

Before walking down the aisle, Taylor had a few first looks to do! She started with her bridesmaids and little sister.


{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

After that sweet moment with her girls, it was time to see her dad.


{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}


Y'all know how we feel about those first looks. It's getting a little dusty up in here.

Finally, it was time to walk down the aisle. Taylor married her hubby at Swan Lake Resort in Plymouth, Indiana. The ceremony was so gorgeous and full of emotion.

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

So beautiful! Sugarfield killed it with the gorgeous flowers and eucalyptus garlands!

After the ceremony guests moved to the reception where they were treated to a delicious menu, beautiful decor and one seriously yummy cake!

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

Isn't that so pretty??

Now that we've seen Nic and Taylor's picture perfect wedding day, let's get to know them a little better!

They met poolside while traveling abroad.

"Nic and I first met the summer of 2012 at a hotel pool in Costa Rica. We were about to spend a short-term semester traveling throughout Central and South America with a program called Semester at Sea. Both of us were traveling with one other person, but other than that, we didn't know anybody! So, the first day, all of the students who were part of this study abroad program awkwardly stood around the hotel's outdoor pool and tried to make friends. Luckily, my cousin and I had already made friends with a few girls who we met at the airport, so we ran across the street to a market to buy a handle of rum, Pepsi, and McDonald's. When we made it back to the pool, everyone wanted to be our friends! But, I specifically remember seeing Nic in his University of Kentucky shirt, and I wanted to talk to him! Lisa and I went up to him and his buddy Grant, offered them a drink, and I made a comment about how Indiana University's basketball team had recently hit a last second shot (the "Wat Shot") to beat Kentucky, who was ranked #1 at the time. That was my pathetic attempt at flirting. After talking with Nic at the pool and briefly seeing him again later that night, I embarrassingly tried to see Nic every chance I could. Eventually, Nic first kissed me in Mira Flores, Peru, and the rest was history. We spent as much time together as possible throughout our month abroad, and we've been inseparable ever since!"

Is that even real life? Meet in one country, first kiss in another.

After dating for a few years, it was time to take the next step. Nic popped the question right before a big trip.

"First, a little backstory: Nic and I had been planning a trip to Europe in June 2016 to celebrate my college graduation for months. And by saying "Nic and I had been planning", I really mean that I planned every single detail of our two week vacation, and Nic only contributed if I begged for his opinion on what hotel we should book. At this point, we had been dating for over 4 years and had serious talks about marriage, so I had a feeling that he might propose somewhere in Europe.


Proposal day: Neither of us had ever been to New York City, so we decided to fly into NYC at 8 a.m. and fly from NYC to London at 11 p.m. that night to give us an entire day to explore the city. For some reason, Nic really wanted to go to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park (red flag #1), but I didn't think anything of it at the time since he loves history, so that's where we went first! Once the park opened, he wanted to walk around the marble memorial and "take a lot of pictures to document the start of our trip" (red flag #2). After spending about 10 minutes at the park, I was ready to leave and go somewhere like Times Square or the Rockefeller Center. Honestly, I was kind of being a brat because A. I'm not very into history, and B. We were each lugging around huge backpacks full of 2 weeks worth of clothes in the summer heat. Nic finally convinced me to walk to the edge of the park where the marble met the river and there was a stunning view of the New York City skyline. He kept telling me to stand up on this huge slab of marble so he could get a picture, but there was a sign that specifically said not to! I agreed to take "one" picture, so we both climbed on top of the marble and took a picture together. At this point, I noticed a professional photographer near us (red flag #3- I started putting the pieces together)! The photographer asked if we would like him to take a photo for us, so we awkwardly posed for him for a few photos, and then Nic got down on one knee. Both of us started crying right away before he could even get a word out. It was just such an amazing, overwhelmingly emotional moment. He said the sweetest things about our love and spending the rest of our lives together, and then asked me to marry him!! I said yes, of course! I couldn't imagine a more romantic, thoughtful proposal, and I feel so lucky to get to spend the rest of my life with the one I love most. Nic had prearranged for the photographer to take pictures of us after the proposal (a girl's dream), and I am so thankful that we have photographs of the proposal and immediately afterwards to look back on. After all of this, Nic had another surprise for me! He booked a helicopter tour for us to take a ride over New York City. It was an incredible way to celebrate our recent engagement and see the entire city. Following our helicopter ride, we spent the day wandering and sightseeing before we started our Europe trip! I was so excited to have the next two weeks alone together to celebrate our engagement!"

Was she surprised?

"I was expecting a proposal at some point during our trip, but I was sure it was going to be while we were in Italy. So I was definitely surprised in NYC!"

After getting home from Europe, it was time for Taylor to plan the wedding. What was her favorite and least favorite part of the process?

"I think I am one of very few brides who honestly loved every minute of being engaged and planning a wedding. It was definitely stressful at times, but I was so excited to plan the best party ever to celebrate our marriage with all of our favorite people. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite part of planning, but I will never forget the wedding dress shopping experience. I am super picky, so my poor family and best friends watched me try on what felt like a billion dresses. We shopped in Indianapolis, New York City (even Kleinfeld's!), and Chicago all before finding my perfect wedding dress at Something Blue Bridal :) When I finally found my dream dress, it was such an exciting moment!

My least favorite part was probably making the final guest list. It's so difficult!"

The big day had arrived and it was time to say "I do"! What was the best part?

"Honestly, the entire wedding feels like one happy blur, but I think my favorite part was when we were sitting up at our head table with our bridal party, right after being married, and looking out at all of our family and friends who were there to celebrate us. It was such a surreal feeling!"

Currently planning your wedding? Taylor wants to leave you with her biggest takeaway from wedding planning and also her best piece of advice...

"Throughout the entire process, I constantly tried to remind myself that the whole reason behind all of the chaos of wedding planning was that I was going to marry my favorite person in the world. I can't even describe the feeling of knowing that all of the people you love are supporting you and your future husband. So if you're ever stressed out, just try to remember that you are going to be married at the end of the day, and everyone who is coming to the wedding will be so excited just to be there for you. It all works out in the end!

This is probably going to be the only day in your life that is completely about you and your (almost) husband, so take advantage of it! Make your wedding as unique as you'd like and add as many personal details as possible! Try not to stress about the little details or any last minute changes and enjoy every moment you can! It will be the absolute best day of your life!"

Thank you SO much, Taylor and Nic, for letting us feature your gorgeous wedding day!! Wishing lots of love and happiness!! Check out more of their beautiful pics in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Emily

On a snowy December afternoon, our gorgeous bride was married in a beautiful gown at one of the best venues Northwest Indiana has to offer.

We are pleased to introduce you to Emily!

 {photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

Isn't she so lovely?? Emily looked absolutely AMAZING in her Essense of Australia gown, Bel Aire headpiece and Susan G. Allen Couture veil!

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}


Emily complimented her gown with a bouquet of white hydrangeas, roses and baby's breath. Her bridesmaids carried hydrangeas. Thode Floral knocked it out of the park! We love the simplicity of the flowers in front of the sequined dresses - so pretty!

 {photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

 {photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

Before the ceremony, Emily wanted to share a special moment with her future hubby, Jordan.

Ashley Wittmer Photography was on hand to capture the moment Jordan saw his bride.

Then it was time to meet up with the other main man in her life - her dad.

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

Seriously, those first looks get us every time!!

Emily and Jordan were married at the Allure in LaPorte and its such a beautiful venue!  The great thing about it is you can have your ceremony and reception all in the same place! Talk about convenient for both the couple and their guests.


{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

After they said "I do", they moved to the grand ballroom for their reception. Val's Custom Cakes created a beautiful {and equally delicious} cake for the couple. Every table had a photo of the couple at the same age as the table number, such a cute idea!


{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

So how did the happy couple meet?


"We began talking when I added him on Facebook, since we shared mutual friends. He messaged me that day and we began texting, and the rest is history! He was out in Arizona for camp at the time, and we met when he came home that following month. He plays minor league baseball, which is a CRAZY, hectic world, but we make it work. At the end of the day he is my best friend and I think that is why we have such an amazing relationship."

When it was time to propose, Jordan was able to catch Emily off guard.

"He proposed to me at one of our favorite restaurants. We had talked about getting engaged, but the location and timing was a complete surprise to me. We are terrible at keeping secrets so I figured he would break down and tell me when he was going to do it…but he didn’t and being surprised was my favorite part of the overall proposal."

It was time to plan the big day! Emily's favorite part of planning the wedding was finding all of her vendors.

"They came from all over the place, different locations, and they all fit together perfectly. I had the best vendors and having great vendors makes the whole planning process easier. I felt I was in great hands and I truly valued their opinions and advice when it came to our wedding."

But planning her wedding from a few hours away wasn't easy.

"I live in Indianapolis and my wedding was in Northwest Indiana, so it was often difficult to make decisions when I wasn’t physically there. All of my vendors were amazing though, and my bridesmaids and parents helped out soo much!"

After all that planning, the wedding day had arrived. What was the best part of Emily's special day?

"Reciting our vows. There is something so special about writing your own vows and being able to read them in front of your partner, friends, and family. It is a moment where you get to express what your partner means to you, along with your promises to each other. I just remember smiling the whole time Jordan was reading his vows and that is definitely something I will always remember."

Emily has some really great advice when it comes to planning your wedding..

"DON’T STRESS. No wedding is perfect, but every wedding will be perfect to the bride and groom because it is the day two people become one! I normally stress about every little thing, but the day of the wedding I was super calm. I was just so excited to be marrying my best friend. No matter what is going on, just remember that this is the day you get to marry your best friend and that is truly what it is all about.

RELAX. Wedding planning can be so fun….until you get stressed. Allow yourself time to just enjoy the process. Give yourself enough time to start early, spacing out all of the planning makes things so much easier. And don’t be afraid to ask for help! That was something I learned after the first few months of planning. Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, and especially vendors for help! Surround yourself with amazing people throughout the process and you will be surprised how well things turn out. Good Luck!"

Congrats, Emily and Jordan!! Thank you so much for letting us feature your big day! Check out more of their gorgeous pictures in the gallery below!