{SBB Bride of the Week} Taylor

There's nothing like a beautiful summer wedding.

Warm, fresh air, pretty flowers and one stunning bride!

Introducing Taylor...

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

I mean are you seeing this?? How GORGEOUS is she?!

Taylor wore a beautiful Sincerity Bridal off-the-shoulder gown on her big day. She complimented it with an Edward Berger veil and her final look was breathtaking! While getting ready, Taylor put a super cute jewelry bar out for her bridesmaids to choose from - seriously what a great idea! Taylor and her husband Nic hired The Willows Wedding Photography to capture their wedding day and the pictures are {as always} so amazing! The Willows was there as Taylor and her bridesmaids {and SUPER adorable little sister, the flower girl} got ready for the day.

Taylor chose another amazing vendor - Sugarfield Flowers - to do all the floral arrangements for the wedding. Per usual, the results were incredible! Just check out that gorgeous bouquet!

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

SO, so pretty!

Before walking down the aisle, Taylor had a few first looks to do! She started with her bridesmaids and little sister.


{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

After that sweet moment with her girls, it was time to see her dad.


{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}


Y'all know how we feel about those first looks. It's getting a little dusty up in here.

Finally, it was time to walk down the aisle. Taylor married her hubby at Swan Lake Resort in Plymouth, Indiana. The ceremony was so gorgeous and full of emotion.

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

So beautiful! Sugarfield killed it with the gorgeous flowers and eucalyptus garlands!

After the ceremony guests moved to the reception where they were treated to a delicious menu, beautiful decor and one seriously yummy cake!

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

Isn't that so pretty??

Now that we've seen Nic and Taylor's picture perfect wedding day, let's get to know them a little better!

They met poolside while traveling abroad.

"Nic and I first met the summer of 2012 at a hotel pool in Costa Rica. We were about to spend a short-term semester traveling throughout Central and South America with a program called Semester at Sea. Both of us were traveling with one other person, but other than that, we didn't know anybody! So, the first day, all of the students who were part of this study abroad program awkwardly stood around the hotel's outdoor pool and tried to make friends. Luckily, my cousin and I had already made friends with a few girls who we met at the airport, so we ran across the street to a market to buy a handle of rum, Pepsi, and McDonald's. When we made it back to the pool, everyone wanted to be our friends! But, I specifically remember seeing Nic in his University of Kentucky shirt, and I wanted to talk to him! Lisa and I went up to him and his buddy Grant, offered them a drink, and I made a comment about how Indiana University's basketball team had recently hit a last second shot (the "Wat Shot") to beat Kentucky, who was ranked #1 at the time. That was my pathetic attempt at flirting. After talking with Nic at the pool and briefly seeing him again later that night, I embarrassingly tried to see Nic every chance I could. Eventually, Nic first kissed me in Mira Flores, Peru, and the rest was history. We spent as much time together as possible throughout our month abroad, and we've been inseparable ever since!"

Is that even real life? Meet in one country, first kiss in another.

After dating for a few years, it was time to take the next step. Nic popped the question right before a big trip.

"First, a little backstory: Nic and I had been planning a trip to Europe in June 2016 to celebrate my college graduation for months. And by saying "Nic and I had been planning", I really mean that I planned every single detail of our two week vacation, and Nic only contributed if I begged for his opinion on what hotel we should book. At this point, we had been dating for over 4 years and had serious talks about marriage, so I had a feeling that he might propose somewhere in Europe.


Proposal day: Neither of us had ever been to New York City, so we decided to fly into NYC at 8 a.m. and fly from NYC to London at 11 p.m. that night to give us an entire day to explore the city. For some reason, Nic really wanted to go to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park (red flag #1), but I didn't think anything of it at the time since he loves history, so that's where we went first! Once the park opened, he wanted to walk around the marble memorial and "take a lot of pictures to document the start of our trip" (red flag #2). After spending about 10 minutes at the park, I was ready to leave and go somewhere like Times Square or the Rockefeller Center. Honestly, I was kind of being a brat because A. I'm not very into history, and B. We were each lugging around huge backpacks full of 2 weeks worth of clothes in the summer heat. Nic finally convinced me to walk to the edge of the park where the marble met the river and there was a stunning view of the New York City skyline. He kept telling me to stand up on this huge slab of marble so he could get a picture, but there was a sign that specifically said not to! I agreed to take "one" picture, so we both climbed on top of the marble and took a picture together. At this point, I noticed a professional photographer near us (red flag #3- I started putting the pieces together)! The photographer asked if we would like him to take a photo for us, so we awkwardly posed for him for a few photos, and then Nic got down on one knee. Both of us started crying right away before he could even get a word out. It was just such an amazing, overwhelmingly emotional moment. He said the sweetest things about our love and spending the rest of our lives together, and then asked me to marry him!! I said yes, of course! I couldn't imagine a more romantic, thoughtful proposal, and I feel so lucky to get to spend the rest of my life with the one I love most. Nic had prearranged for the photographer to take pictures of us after the proposal (a girl's dream), and I am so thankful that we have photographs of the proposal and immediately afterwards to look back on. After all of this, Nic had another surprise for me! He booked a helicopter tour for us to take a ride over New York City. It was an incredible way to celebrate our recent engagement and see the entire city. Following our helicopter ride, we spent the day wandering and sightseeing before we started our Europe trip! I was so excited to have the next two weeks alone together to celebrate our engagement!"

Was she surprised?

"I was expecting a proposal at some point during our trip, but I was sure it was going to be while we were in Italy. So I was definitely surprised in NYC!"

After getting home from Europe, it was time for Taylor to plan the wedding. What was her favorite and least favorite part of the process?

"I think I am one of very few brides who honestly loved every minute of being engaged and planning a wedding. It was definitely stressful at times, but I was so excited to plan the best party ever to celebrate our marriage with all of our favorite people. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite part of planning, but I will never forget the wedding dress shopping experience. I am super picky, so my poor family and best friends watched me try on what felt like a billion dresses. We shopped in Indianapolis, New York City (even Kleinfeld's!), and Chicago all before finding my perfect wedding dress at Something Blue Bridal :) When I finally found my dream dress, it was such an exciting moment!

My least favorite part was probably making the final guest list. It's so difficult!"

The big day had arrived and it was time to say "I do"! What was the best part?

"Honestly, the entire wedding feels like one happy blur, but I think my favorite part was when we were sitting up at our head table with our bridal party, right after being married, and looking out at all of our family and friends who were there to celebrate us. It was such a surreal feeling!"

Currently planning your wedding? Taylor wants to leave you with her biggest takeaway from wedding planning and also her best piece of advice...

"Throughout the entire process, I constantly tried to remind myself that the whole reason behind all of the chaos of wedding planning was that I was going to marry my favorite person in the world. I can't even describe the feeling of knowing that all of the people you love are supporting you and your future husband. So if you're ever stressed out, just try to remember that you are going to be married at the end of the day, and everyone who is coming to the wedding will be so excited just to be there for you. It all works out in the end!

This is probably going to be the only day in your life that is completely about you and your (almost) husband, so take advantage of it! Make your wedding as unique as you'd like and add as many personal details as possible! Try not to stress about the little details or any last minute changes and enjoy every moment you can! It will be the absolute best day of your life!"

Thank you SO much, Taylor and Nic, for letting us feature your gorgeous wedding day!! Wishing lots of love and happiness!! Check out more of their beautiful pics in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Emily

On a snowy December afternoon, our gorgeous bride was married in a beautiful gown at one of the best venues Northwest Indiana has to offer.

We are pleased to introduce you to Emily!

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

Isn't she so lovely?? Emily looked absolutely AMAZING in her Essense of Australia gown, Bel Aire headpiece and Susan G. Allen Couture veil!

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}


Emily complimented her gown with a bouquet of white hydrangeas, roses and baby's breath. Her bridesmaids carried hydrangeas. Thode Floral knocked it out of the park! We love the simplicity of the flowers in front of the sequined dresses - so pretty!

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

Before the ceremony, Emily wanted to share a special moment with her future hubby, Jordan.

Ashley Wittmer Photography was on hand to capture the moment Jordan saw his bride.

Then it was time to meet up with the other main man in her life - her dad.

{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

Seriously, those first looks get us every time!!

Emily and Jordan were married at the Allure in LaPorte and its such a beautiful venue!  The great thing about it is you can have your ceremony and reception all in the same place! Talk about convenient for both the couple and their guests.


{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

After they said "I do", they moved to the grand ballroom for their reception. Val's Custom Cakes created a beautiful {and equally delicious} cake for the couple. Every table had a photo of the couple at the same age as the table number, such a cute idea!


{photos by: Ashley Wittmer Photography}

So how did the happy couple meet?


"We began talking when I added him on Facebook, since we shared mutual friends. He messaged me that day and we began texting, and the rest is history! He was out in Arizona for camp at the time, and we met when he came home that following month. He plays minor league baseball, which is a CRAZY, hectic world, but we make it work. At the end of the day he is my best friend and I think that is why we have such an amazing relationship."

When it was time to propose, Jordan was able to catch Emily off guard.

"He proposed to me at one of our favorite restaurants. We had talked about getting engaged, but the location and timing was a complete surprise to me. We are terrible at keeping secrets so I figured he would break down and tell me when he was going to do it…but he didn’t and being surprised was my favorite part of the overall proposal."

It was time to plan the big day! Emily's favorite part of planning the wedding was finding all of her vendors.

"They came from all over the place, different locations, and they all fit together perfectly. I had the best vendors and having great vendors makes the whole planning process easier. I felt I was in great hands and I truly valued their opinions and advice when it came to our wedding."

But planning her wedding from a few hours away wasn't easy.

"I live in Indianapolis and my wedding was in Northwest Indiana, so it was often difficult to make decisions when I wasn’t physically there. All of my vendors were amazing though, and my bridesmaids and parents helped out soo much!"

After all that planning, the wedding day had arrived. What was the best part of Emily's special day?

"Reciting our vows. There is something so special about writing your own vows and being able to read them in front of your partner, friends, and family. It is a moment where you get to express what your partner means to you, along with your promises to each other. I just remember smiling the whole time Jordan was reading his vows and that is definitely something I will always remember."

Emily has some really great advice when it comes to planning your wedding..

"DON’T STRESS. No wedding is perfect, but every wedding will be perfect to the bride and groom because it is the day two people become one! I normally stress about every little thing, but the day of the wedding I was super calm. I was just so excited to be marrying my best friend. No matter what is going on, just remember that this is the day you get to marry your best friend and that is truly what it is all about.

RELAX. Wedding planning can be so fun….until you get stressed. Allow yourself time to just enjoy the process. Give yourself enough time to start early, spacing out all of the planning makes things so much easier. And don’t be afraid to ask for help! That was something I learned after the first few months of planning. Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, and especially vendors for help! Surround yourself with amazing people throughout the process and you will be surprised how well things turn out. Good Luck!"

Congrats, Emily and Jordan!! Thank you so much for letting us feature your big day! Check out more of their gorgeous pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Kait

What do you get when you mix a beautiful bride, gorgeous gown and stunning setting? One seriously pretty wedding.

Meet Kait!

{Photos by: Weeping Willow Photography}

{Photos by: Weeping Willow Photography}

Kait chose the prettiest moscato Stella York gown, accented with a J. Picone belt and Bel Aire veil! She also decided to have tulle, off-the-shoulder straps added to make her dress one of a kind! The results were nothing short of gorgeous!

{Photos by: Weeping Willow Photography}

Isn't that just so pretty?? Kait is one seriously beautiful bride!

When it came to flowers for her big day, Kait knew who to turn to - her bridesmaid Kelly! Kelly is a florist for Whole Foods and did such an amazing job on all of the arrangements! We love the vibrant colors mixed with the natural greenery - so gorg!

{Photos by: Weeping Willow Photography}

{Photos by: Weeping Willow Photography}

{Photos by: Weeping Willow Photography}

{Photos by: Weeping Willow Photography}

Kait married her wife Hannah in a lovely outdoor ceremony in South Bend, Indiana. Before they said "I do", they had a special moment together - the first look. Weeping Willow Photography was there to make sure that moment was captured on film!

STOP IT! Can you even? Because I CAN'T. EVEN. HANDLE. IT!

Those two were meant for each other.

Their wedding was held at the Izzak Walton League and it couldn't have been a more beautiful September afternoon! Guests were given fans to beat the heat along with ribbons to wave in the air as they said I do. Such creative touches! Hannah and Kait were both walked down the aisle by their parents. It was an incredibly touching moment!

{Photos by: Weeping Willow Photography}

After they became Mrs. and Mrs., Kait and Hannah welcomed their guests into the hall where it was so beautifully decorated. Lots of flowers, succulents and candles adorned the tables. Guests were treated to a variety of cupcakes by C'est La Vie and let me tell you, they were delish! The hall featured a few fireplaces and every single mantel was decorated by Kait and Hannah - they decorated every inch of this place!

{Photos by: Weeping Willow Photography}

Isn't it amazing how you can really transform a place? Their reception was beautiful.

We've seen their big day -  now let's get to know these ladies!

"Hannah and I were best friends for 3 years. We met through mutual friends, and were each other’s go-to for advice, shared laughs and supported each other through everything. Then one day, she sent me a flirty text, and the rest is history."

That Hannah, such a flirt! Hannah saved for that ring for years - she always knew Kait was the one. Finally the time came for her to pop the question!


"Hannah was waiting in the vineyard at Round Barn, over a hill my friends basically had to carry me up once I saw her. My feet stopped working, she walked towards me, and got on one knee. After lots of crying and laughing simultaneously, I said YES!!"

Was Kait surprised or did she know what was up?

"I was kidnapped by my best friend and cousin from work, after my clients for the day “mysteriously cancelled”. After some Mexican food, getting our nails done and a text from my manager at my second job telling me I wasn’t needed for my shift, I caught the drift. I just went with the flow of the day!"

Finally, it was time to plan their wedding! What was the best part?

"Definitely having such great bridal parties and families. Everything they planned and did for us made our wedding special. We just kept saying 'how do we know so many great people?!'"

What about her least favorite part?

"When vendors wouldn’t return our calls. Thankfully, there is always a back up plan."

The day had arrived and it was time to get married! What was Kait's favorite part of her wedding day?

"The first look. From the overwhelming butterflies, to seeing Hannah in her suit, to her reaction when she turned around. I want to relive that moment over and over."

Any advice for girls who may be stressed planning their wedding?

"If you like a vendor, and they suit your budget, go with them!!!! We didn’t go to multiple tastings or look at ten venues, we picked the first thing we loved. Trust your gut! Take nights off of planning. If it gets a little overwhelming, turn your phones off, grab a bottle of wine and cuddle up on the couch. The craziness will be there tomorrow."

Thank you SO much, Kait and Hannah!! We loved featuring your beautiful wedding and wish you nothing but love and happiness in your future together! Check out more of their amazing wedding pictures in the gallery below!!


{SBB Bride of the Week} Ashley

There's nothing like a beautiful September wedding, with a gorgeous bride and stunning gown!

We are pleased to introduce you to Ashley...

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

Ashley looked amazing in her Stella York gown, Susan G Allen veil and Bel Aire belt {all purchased from SBB}! That back is everything!

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

Ashley and her close family friend Sandy made the bouquets and the end result was nothing short of beautiful!

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

They look so good! What an awesome DIY!

Before heading to the ceremony, Ashley shared a first look with the two main men in her life - her father and her super cute son, Carson. Cue the tears!

Alyssa Grace Photography was there to to capture the super special moment.

The couple married on a {particularly warm} September afternoon. They exchanged vows at Deep River County Park which is such a gorgeous ceremony site!

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

After the ceremony, they headed to St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church Pavilion to celebrate! Lace details and floral centerpieces were just some of the beautiful decorations at their reception.

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

So pretty! We love this couple. Let's find out how they got together!

"Jake and I initially met each other in high school during our senior year when we had a class together, but we became friends a couple of years after high school after a mutual friend of ours, Mike introduced us. It was about a year after we became friends, we began dating, and the rest was history after that!"

So how did he propose?

"Jake and I are such homebodies that our proposal was perfect for us! It was a Friday night and I was at home binge watching something off of Netflix when he got home from work, and began the proposal by giving me a teddy bear. Teddy bears were our thing - for any significant thing going on Jake would always get me a teddy bear. I remember saying “Why exactly am I getting this bear?” being confused. As a I turned around to hear his response I saw Jake getting down on one knee in our kitchen and taking my hand to ask me to spend the rest of our lives together. It was absolutely perfect from the words he was speaking, to the setting, and the absolutely breathtaking ring!"

Adorable! Did she see it coming?

"It was a total surprise! I mean, after being together for so long, I sort of thought it was “about time” he popped the question, but I truly wasn’t expecting it at all when he did it! (Which is totally what I wanted!)"

When it came time to plan, Ashley loved everything about the process. But her favorite part was choosing what dress she would walk down the aisle in.

" I feel like every girl has that dream of putting on the dress of their dreams and having that princess moment, and that’s exactly what I got when I found my dress! I went in with an open mind, and was open to any style dress. I had some of my closest friends and some of Jake’s family members there with me when I found the dress, and I knew the moment I put it on that it was the one! The tears were flowing and I felt absolutely perfect in it before I even came out to show everyone!I think I really enjoyed the entire process to be honest! I was able to stay organized and really make every envision I had come to life! My big day was exactly everything I wanted!"

The big day arrived and Ashley and Jake were married. What was their favorite part of their wedding day?

"Seeing all of the family and friends that had made it out to help us celebrate our big day! We had family and friends travel from near and far to spend the day with us celebrating, and it meant a lot to have them there and feel all of the love from everyone that was surrounding us! I remember taking a look out during dinner and seeing everyone there, it was such an emotional moment to see just how many people were there to help us celebrate."

Finally, Ashley shared advice for girls currently planning their big day.

"My biggest take away from the whole process was to not stress the small stuff! Many of the small things that you think are SO important, won’t matter come the day of, or you won’t even notice when they go wrong. The entire day goes by so fast that you have to cherish every moment of it and try not to stress about everything too much!

Stay organized! I began early with planning and made sure to follow a timeline to help me stay on task. I was able to make sure that everything I wanted was able to happen because I followed my timeline and gave myself enough time to try different things until I found exactly what I was looking for from the centerpiece ideas to the favors!"

Thank you so much, Ashley and Jake, for sharing your gorgeous wedding day with us!! Check out more of their pics in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Ashley

Guys. This wedding is seriously epic. From the insane Icelandic scenery to the gorgeous photography, you definitely don't want to miss it!

We are so excited to introduce you to Ashley!

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

Ok, she's beautiful right? So stunning. Ashley wore this long-sleeved Stella York gown and we think she killed it! It was perfect for her! Amanda Rose, one half of the awesome photography team The Willows, flew to Iceland to capture their special day. The pictures speak for themselves...they're incredible!

I mean, so pretty. Ashley and her husband Dan were married in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland. Before the ceremony, Dan went out and handpicked wildflowers for Ashley's bouquet. Is that not so incredibly romantic?? Her bouquet ended up being not only special but beautiful!

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

Ashley knew she wanted to get married on the beach, but wanted it to be a secluded area. After doing her research, she stumbled on Hotel Budir { a 2 and a half hour drive from the capital of Reykjavik } and it was perfect. Surrounded by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, Ashley and Dan were married. To make it even more special, Ashley's father officiated their wedding.

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

Ok, how do you choose which pictures to frame?? Because my walls would be COVERED if my wedding pics looked like this! SO gorg.

Let's get to know the couple a little better! How did Ashley and Dan meet?

"We became friends in 2001 through mutual friends. We both took different paths in our lives and then our paths eventually crossed again 10 1/2 years ago! Since then we have been together."

Fate works in mysterious ways. How did Dan pop the question?

"He proposed to me while we were vacationing with our family in New York City. He proposed at night with all of the lights of Time Square shining down on us! I had no idea it was coming, so it was a complete surprise!"

Ashley described what she loved best about the planning process and also how difficult it was to plan her big day in a place so far away.

"I would have to say my favorite part of planning the wedding was to see it all come together when we got to Iceland and seeing Dan's face as he saw where it was going to be. Planning wedding in another country is not easy!  Searching and searching for hotels and flights and praying that I was making the right decisions on which ones I chose."

Finally the day had come. Everyone had arrived safely and it was time to get hitched! Ashley's favorite moment centered around her new hubby.

"The whole day was absolutely amazing. It is hard to chose just one moment because every moment is perfect regardless of what is happening. The moment I would choose is the fact that my husband went out exploring and hand picked my bouquet the morning of."

That might be our favorite too. So special and sentimental!

Ashley has some great advice to brides currently planning their wedding.

"Start early definitely. There will always be odds and ends that need to be done but the earlier the better. Sometimes it is best just to go with the flow. Just know that not everything will be perfect and that is OKAY, because you're getting married and in that moment everything is exactly what and where it should be. You are about to be united with the partner of your dreams!"

We are SO happy we got to share this gorgeous wedding with you! Thank you so much, Ashley and Dan for allowing us to feature your big day! Be sure to check out the rest of their AMAZING pictures by The Willows in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Gabby

In Kentucky, where the rolling hills meet the Ohio River Valley, our bride was married in a gorgeous wedding complete with laughter, love and one super amazing ballgown.

We are so happy to introduce you to Gabby!

{Photos by: Kelli Lynn Photography}

{Photos by: Kelli Lynn Photography}

I mean...supermodel am I right? Gabby looked so incredibly beautiful in her Essense of Australia ballgown! It came with a sparkling gold belt that accented her moscato gown so perfectly! We are in love with this color combo!

{Photos by: Kelli Lynn Photography}

SO GOOD!! Gabby carried a bouquet of white and ivory roses while her bridesmaids' bouquets featured pink. The pops of green her florist added were perfect!

{Photos by: Kelli Lynn Photography}

{Photos by: Kelli Lynn Photography}

Gabby married her hubby Matt on a gorgeous October afternoon. Her parents' backyard served as the venue and their land is just so beautiful! The entire set up is out of a magazine and how adorable is the ring bearer with his sunglasses and upside down sign?

{Photos by: Kelli Lynn Photography}

The reception that followed was just as pretty as the ceremony. The couple treated guests to cupcakes and a fun popcorn bar {we are loving this new trend}! Check out the groom's cake - so cute! Gabby shared a special moment with her dad during their dance that we just had to include. You can tell she is definitely daddy's girl! They ended the night with a sparkler send off {another trend we adore}!

{Photos by: Kelli Lynn Photography}

Can you believe that's a backyard wedding? So gorgeous!!

We've seen their beautiful wedding, now let's get to know Gabby and Matt a little better.

How did the newlyweds meet?

"Well that depends on who you’re asking! Matt would say at a cheerleading fundraiser I had in high school. He saw me and said “who is that” because I just transferred there. But we didn’t actually talk that day so I would have to say after a football scrimmage when we went to eat with a group of friends!"

Oh my gosh, we just love when a couple meets in high school - so cute!! Soon the two fell in love and Matt was ready to pop the question.

"Matt is in the Marine Corps and was stationed in Norfolk, VA while I was continuing college at the University of Louisville. We hadn’t seen each other in a few months because he was in and out of schooling for the Marine Corps and couldn’t leave. He was finally able to come home Valentine’s Day weekend and I was so excited we actually were able to spend Valentine’s Day together! For weeks he had been in contact with my college roommates planning my proposal and I had no idea. Saturday, February 13th he woke up, laid out an outfit and a note for me and told me he’d be back around 6:00 to pick me up for dinner. I was so confused why he left but him leaving me an outfit was the cutest thing so I just went with it and got ready. That night he took me to a nice Italian dinner and after we went across the walking bridge that lights up at night in Louisville. In the middle of the bridge my friends were waiting (wearing all black so I couldn’t see them) and got it all on video! I was totally not expecting it as obvious as it may have seemed!"

We love it! We also love a man in uniform - thank you so much for your service, Matt!

After the proposal came the fun part...planning the wedding!

"I think my favorite part of the planning process was most definitely shopping for decorations with my mom! My least favorite part was the house and yard work that had to go into it because it was at my parents house. It took WEEKS!"

After all that planning, the big day had arrived! Gabby's favorite part wasn't the ceremony or the reception, but the time she had with her new husband in between.

"My favorite moment of my wedding was most definitely when Matt and I took after ceremony pictures of just the two of us. It was instantly relaxing and all of the wedding stress instantly left."

Any advice for future brides?

"I don’t think you could ever start too early! I was planning for 1 year and 8 months and still had a million things to do up until the day of. Take in all of the help you can get from family and friends because doing it all with them makes it even better."

Gabby's final thought is something we always tell our brides - don't stress!

"My best advice would have to be to not worry about the things that do or may go wrong on your big day. Laugh about it and just tell yourself it will all work out because let me tell you, it will! And I can promise you that no one else will know that’s not how it was supposed to be!"

Thank you, Gabby and Matt, for allowing us to feature your gorgeous wedding day! To see more of their STUNNING pics, check out the gallery below!

{What to Expect: Your Appointment}

So you made an appointment at Something Blue.

We are SO excited to get to know you and your personal style!

Here are a few tips to make the most of your time with us!



Appointment time length: Saturday appointments are an hour and a half long. If you're running late to your appointment, please give us a heads up and know your appointment will still end at the same time out of respect for the next bride. If you schedule an appointment during the week, expect to have 2 hours blocked off just for you! Things are definitely less hectic during weekdays so if you're looking for a more intimate experience, we highly suggest booking then!

After we give you a tour of the boutique, you will be given pins so you can mark each dress you want to try on! Your consultant will grab the gowns you pin and bring them to your fitting room.

After we give you a tour of the boutique, you will be given pins so you can mark each dress you want to try on! Your consultant will grab the gowns you pin and bring them to your fitting room.

What to bring: most brides-to-be will wear a strapless bra so they can see how the dresses will truly look on them. If you're not shy and want to toss your bra off to see a low or illusion back without a big strap, that's cool with us too! You can bring shoes if you want or go barefoot! If Spanx are your thing, you're more than welcome to bring a pair to toss on under the dress! We have a few styles of slips in the boutique you can try under the gowns to give them extra volume on bottom.

Feel free to bring champagne to your appointment if you want to pop some bubbly to celebrate! We will be more than happy to set it up and pour for you and your guests! If you want to bring any food items, please call ahead and check with us first.

Don't worry about sizing - we will clip the dress to make it fit your body!

Don't worry about sizing - we will clip the dress to make it fit your body!

If you're planning on bringing more than 4 guests, please let us know ahead of time so we can set up chairs and make sure there is room for everyone!

Finding your style: Get a sense of what style dress you want. If it's your first time trying on, we always recommend trying several different styles to determine what makes you look and feel your best. It doesn't hurt to bring pictures of dresses you find online that you love. Heck, we love a good Pinterest inspiration board! Feel free to show us your wedding color scheme and "theme", which can better help us choose dresses we think would not only look amazing on you, but fit in with your wedding perfectly! We highly suggest you check out the brands we carry {links are right here on our website!} so you can get a feel for what we have in the boutique! You can also check out our #WeddingGownWednesday posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages!


Budgets: Every bride has a different budget. Our average price range at SBB is $1200-$1600 with some dresses falling below and above that range. Some dresses do go up to $3500. We highly recommend coming up with a number that you don't want to go over so we can pull dresses priced in your comfort zone! The last thing we want is a bride-to-be falling in love with a gown that is too pricey for them! It's definitely not our style to pull dresses out of a bride's budget. We want you to love everything about your dress and never want you to stress over the cost of it.

Don't Stress: Appointments can get overwhelming when a lot of opinions come into play. Remember this is YOUR day and your decision. The last thing we want to see is a bride feeling swayed into saying yes to a dress they don't truly love. Stick to your guns and remember at the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is yours!

{We have tons of accessories to try on with your favorite gowns!}

"I Got My Something New at Something Blue!": Saying "yes" is so much fun - don't forget to take your picture with our sign! Also take into consideration a lot of stores {including Something Blue} offer discounts if you say yes to the dress on your first day in the boutique. If you come in to play on the first day, we will definitely make a comeback appointment for you but you will unfortunately miss out on that perk.

{Paige said "yes" to her something new on January 6th - we are so excited for her! | Carly said yes to the dress on January 6th - congrats, girl!! | Jill picked up her gown and is heading into alterations!}

Most of all, relax and have FUN! This is one of the most exciting times of your life!

We can't wait to meet you!!



{SBB Bride of the Week} Emily

We love an off the shoulder gown and this week's featured bride looks so amazing in hers, complete with lace details and a sparkling belt.

Introducing Emily...

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

Doesn't she look so beautiful?? Emily paired her Essense of Australia dress with a Bel Aire veil {all purchased from SBB} and the results were stunning!

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

Definitely one of our favorite gowns!

Emily complimented her ivory dress with a beautiful pink bouquet that featured pops of white and purple. Her bridesmaids carried bouquets of ivory and cream to go with their hot pink dresses.

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

Emily and her hubby Kyle were married in October at the Lighthouse Restaurant. Unfortunately, bad weather wrecked her plans of an outdoor ceremony but the views from this venue are so pretty they said "I do" right in front of the large picture windows!

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

After the ceremony guests enjoyed a beautiful reception full of the couple's wedding color - pink! They also included some super cute ideas for the decor. Every table featured a fun fact about the couple and the guest book/card table had baby pictures of the newlyweds as well as wedding photos from their parents' big day!

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

Ok so we've seen the wedding, now let's get to know the couple!

The two met online 9 years ago..

"In January 2009, believe or not on that old social media website called MySpace, I saw his picture come up in this section called people you may know and thought he was cute! I added him and a few days later he messaged me, we exchanged numbers and then finally met at Applebee's 4 months later. I then asked him to my high school prom. He was already in college but he did attend the same high school as me. Then come to find out he lived 2 minutes down the street from me! We finally became a couple in April 2009 when we bumped into each other at a gas station, if it wasn't for his friend pushing him to ask me out I'm not sure where we would be today!"

After several years together, Kyle popped the question!


"I kept begging him to take me to Disney World and he finally did! I waited 6 1/2 years for that ring and I told him exactly what I wanted! I said if you wanted to propose you could do it at Cinderella's castle they have photographers there that would probably capture the moment. I just remember that morning he said he did not feel well and I kind of had an idea why. We walked down Main Street, had our picture taken and then he asked the photographer to take one more and got down on one knee and popped the question! I was smiling from one Mickey ear to the next!"

We love a girl who knows what she wants! Was she surprised?

"I definitely knew it was coming, a girl could only be clueless for so long!"

When they got home from Disney, it was time to start planning their big day!

"My favorite part of planning was picking my music and figuring out my centerpieces. I liked doing the music because it gave me a little glimpse of how my day will be. I picked 1000 years by Christina Perri for our first dance song and every time I heard I could just picture myself in my dress dancing with my husband to be! I feel that the centerpieces are what people talk about at the table and I wanted them to look nice and simple."

What about her least favorite part of planning?

"Seating chart, organizing everything into boxes and making sure everything was perfect at the venue. I did not like the seating chart because I had to make sure people liked each other and make sure I got everyone's food order right. It becomes a lot when there are 150 people! I am not a good organizer so when it came to organizing things into boxes to take to the venue my spare bedroom was a disaster! I must have had an ongoing email of 100+ emails with the coordinator at the venue. She was probably so done with me but I had to email her every time I had a question or if I needed to bring something they might now have. That was pretty frustrating!"

I asked Emily what her favorite part of her wedding day was. Her answer was short and definitely sweet!

"Marrying the love of my life!"

Finally, Emily has some great advice for future brides-to-be!

"Don't sweat the small stuff! I was so preoccupied with the weather because it was going to rain and I had an outside ceremony. I must of had 10 weather apps going praying that it would blow over but it didn't and I said you know what it's fine. If I can't get married outside all that matters is that I'm getting married and I have a beautiful dress on and people are here to celebrate with us. 

Do what you want and don't let anyone or anything take it away from you. You want simple then do simple. Don't let others influence you to change your mind! Also make sure you have a place for your photographer/ videographer to sit at dinner. I did not know this so I was running around like a crazy person making sure they had a meal! Just remember you are marrying someone that means the world to you and everything else is just extra!"

Thank you so much, Emily and Kyle, for letting us share your beautiful wedding day! To see more of their pictures check out the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Nicole

Lace, succulents, twinkling lights everywhere you turn? Yep, this October wedding was simply GORGEOUS and we are so excited to show it off!

Meet the stunning Nicole...

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

Isn't she so gorg?? Those lace details, that illusion top! Her Stella York dress was just perfect on her! She added a belt for some extra glamour on her big day!

An extra special touch was Nicole's veil, which was handmade by her mother.

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

We are HUGE succulent lovers at SBB so we had to take a moment to acknowledge how freaking amazing her bouquets and arrangements were! Bowden Flowers knocked it out of the park {barn?}!

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

Nicole married her husband Ronnie at the Crooked Road Barn in Flora, Indiana. Before she walked down the aisle, the couple decided to share a first look.

Quirstin Yeary Photography was there to capture the moment Ronnie saw his beautiful bride.

Nicole and Ronnie were married in the barn in a gorgeous ceremony. This venue is just so pretty!

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

The newlyweds reception was beyond gorgeous - it was simply magical! Twinkling lights, tons of succulents and delish cupcakes made for an amazing evening. The attention to detail is seriously perfect!

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

I mean is that not so incredibly beautiful?? Nicole has great vision!

So how did these two meet?

"We met during our first year of college. At first we always told people he just came up to me while I was eating lunch, but we actually met online. We both attended Vincennes University, him for law enforcement and me for culinary, which made a nice joke of a police officer having his own personal baker to make him donuts. We lived two hours away from each other during breaks, him in Kokomo, Indiana and me in Valparaiso, so it really put a strain on our relationship, but we obviously managed to push through it. We moved in together in Kokomo February of 2013."

Their proposal story isn't your traditional tale, but that's what makes it so special!

"He was actually admitted into the hospital for a weekend due to some health issues he had been battling. It was his first time, and it was super scary for everyone. We weren't sure what the outcome would be. He was there for maybe 3 or 4 days. I'd run home really quick to shower, feed the cats, and go to work but other than that I never left his side, I even slept there. For some reason that made something click in him and one night he sat me down and started telling me how much he loved me. Then he got down on one knee, iv pole, gown and all, and asked me to marry him. The running joke in the family is that he was doped up on too much pain medicine and didn't realize what he was doing. I assure you that was not the case though!"

So she didn't see it coming at all?

"It was a complete surprise! He obviously didn't have a ring so it took me a solid hour of telling him it wasn't a funny joke for it to actually sink in. Then I think I spent another hour alternately crying and laughing because I was so happy. At this point we had been dating for 4 years so I was hoping it would be coming soon, but never had any idea when it would. He always says he was planning this big proposal for our 5th anniversary but seeing me stick by him through the whole hospital stay and taking care of him made him not want to wait any longer."

When it was time to plan her big day, I asked Nicole what her favorite part of the planning process was.

"Honestly, the end of it all. I loved seeing my vision come to life. I wasn't sure how well each component would work together or if I had enough or too much, decoration wise. I tend to worry and stress about everything so it was amazing to see everything fall into place and be so incredibly beautiful."

Nicole's least favorite part of planning is pretty unfortunate and something we never want to happen to our brides.

"Finding vendors. It felt like if something could go wrong, it did. I had a lot of people try to change prices on me, some trying to double our original price a week before, and others cancel with a month or two until the day because they booked a vacation that weekend. It was all just very stressful and quickly became overwhelming. It was mostly hair dressers and makeup artist that gave me the most trouble. For some reason most of them didn't have a contract in place so unfortunately they were able to screw around with prices."

Definitely check out Something Blue's vendor folder you get when you buy a dress from us - it helps a ton with finding reliable people for your big day!

What was the couple's favorite moment of the wedding?


"At the very end of the night after everything had been cleaned up and all the guests were gone my husband and I slow danced together in the middle of the floor. There was no music, no food, no remnants to show a wedding had just been there, just the two of us. It felt like the first time the whole night where we could just be husband and wife without people congratulating us or trying to take pictures. We were able to just let it all sink in. Then after we got home and in our pajamas we laid in bed and ate some taco bell!"

Nicole's best piece of advice?

"Keep the focus on you and your spouse. Don't worry about everyone else's opinion. Don't put so much stress on trying to please everyone else. And really just enjoy your day. Everyone always says its over in a flash, and it really is. Just take time to sit there and really take in all your hard work. Also, write a list of all the photo poses you may want. I missed a lot that I really wanted because everything just went so quickly they slipped my mind.

Its cliche and everyone says it, but seriously don't stress. Things will go wrong. Items will be left behind on accident. Your maid of honor will leave her dress behind at the hotel that's nearly an hour away, 30 minutes before your ceremony. People will eat your cupcakes before food is even served. But at the end of the day your wedding will be gorgeous and you get to marry your best friend."

Thank you so much, Nicole and Ronnie, for allowing us to share your gorgeous wedding day! Check out more of their STUNNING pictures in the gallery below!!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Erica

Satin is a timeless option that can still look young and fresh. This GORGEOUS gown is the perfect example!

Add in shades of red and white plus one beautiful bride and you have a seriously stunning combo!

We are so excited to introduce you to Erica..

{Photos by: Cornerstone Photography}

{Photos by: Cornerstone Photography}

Erica looked so amazing in her Essense of Australia gown, bought from SBB! It's curve-hugging fit and beaded keyhole back breathes new, fresh life into the classic look.

{Photos by: Cornerstone Photography}

Erica complimented her look with beautiful red roses while her bridesmaids carried bouquets of white.

{Photos by: Cornerstone Photography}

{Photos by: Cornerstone Photography}

{Photos by: Cornerstone Photography}

{Photos by: Cornerstone Photography}

Erica married her man, Joe, in a beautiful September ceremony at Idlewild Country Club. Erica was given away by both her father and stepfather. So special and we are living for the candles and flower arrangements lining the aisle!

{Photos by: Cornerstone Photography}

After the ceremony, guests headed to the reception where tables were adorned with more of those gorgeous flower arrangements and a stunning {and yummy} cake awaited them!

{Photos by: Cornerstone Photography}

We love a creative take on a guestbook, like their wood tree. It's a fun way to display a memorable piece from your wedding that you can enjoy in your home for years to come!

We've seen the wedding, now let's get to know the couple!

"We met in 2007 in Macomb, IL at Western Illinois University where we became friends that would see each other out and about, but never thought of each other in a romantic way. Since we had so many mutual friends from college, we reconnected in 2014 and the rest is history."


When it came time to propose, Joe knew exactly where he wanted to pop the question.

"We both grew up die hard Cubs fans and would go to many games together. Joe decided to propose to me on Wrigley field in May 2016, which was very exciting since they won the World Series that year! Although, I did have an idea it was coming, you can never prepare yourself for that exact moment when he gets down on one knee!"

Finally, it was time for Erica to plan the wedding of her dreams!

"My favorite part of the planning process was being able to do it at the same place I had my very first job. All of my old bosses and coworkers were very helpful and wanted to make sure our big day was nothing shy of perfect!

My least favorite part was getting down to that two week prior to the event mark where everything needs to be finalized, vendors need to coordinate everything with each other, and big payments need to be made."

After all that planning, the big day had arrived. Erica's favorite part of the whole thing was the intimate ceremony.

"Everything from the live music being sung by a friend of the family to saying our specific vows we chose for each other, it was definitely something I’ll never forget."

What was Erica's biggest takeaway from planning her big day?

"Starting early because it really did reduce the stress level in the end and to not let the little things get to you, it will all turn out perfect in the end no matter what! Also, include your husband-to-be in whatever you can, so they feel like they had their part in planning too. My best piece of advice is to take one thing at a time and enjoy every moment of the planning process because once the big day finally comes, it’s over before you know it!"

Congratulations, Erica and Joe! Thank you so much for letting us share your wedding day! To see more of their gorgeous pics, check out the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Jackie

Our featured bride is an absolute vision in a Stella York gown that screams spring - perfect for her April wedding!

We are pleased to introduce you to Jackie!

{Photos by: Forever Images Photography}

{Photos by: Forever Images Photography}

Those lace straps, that long, sheer train - SWOON! Jackie made the dress all her own by sewing in her Mon Cheri belt. The finished product brought her father to tears when he saw her for the first time. Forever Images was there to capture the emotional first look.

{Photos by: Forever Images Photography}

{Photos by: Forever Images Photography}

I can't.

Those pictures are so special. You can tell Jackie is daddy's girl.

Jackie married her husband Ian in a beautiful ceremony at Augustana Lutheran Church.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests headed to White Hawk Country Club to celebrate! So many cute details were put into the big party, from succulents and flowers to donuts and an ADORABLE table inspired by the bride's favorite movie!

{Photos by: Forever Images Photography}

I mean that "Up" table was super cute right??

Let's get to know these lovebirds a little better!

"Ian and I met while we were in Art class in high school (his freshman year and my sophomore year). Our art teacher saw something between the two of us and made sure we sat at the same table together all year. After the school year was over, we didn't really talk much. The following year I posted something on Myspace (I know, it was a long time ago) and he commented on it and from there we started talking again. We had our first date the day after Valentine's day. We actually joked about how silly of a holiday it was. A week later we "officially" started dating."

Clearly their art teacher should be a matchmaker on the side. After dating for several years, Ian had a very important question to ask.

"He proposed to me while we were on a vacation in Mexico with his family. He had planned a private dinner on the beach (private waiter, four course meal, sunset and all!!) and during dessert the ring was on the plate in a small version of the Adventure Book from the movie Up (my favorite movie). The pages each had a small message about us and the ring was in the back of the book. He had the ring custom made with diamonds that were from his grandparents, along with new additional ones that were our addition."

So creative and sentimental! We love that story. Did Jackie know it was coming?

"It was a total surprise. We had looked at rings a few months earlier when I went to get another ring cleaned and the sales woman was adamant about just trying on a few to get a size. He had been asking about what kind of ring I wanted but they were so far apart that I had no idea it was going to happen while we were away."

When it came down to planning, I asked Jackie what her favorite part of the process was.

"My favorite part was working on creating the image that I had in my head. We didn't have a solid theme, we ended up saying it was "Quirky" and we loved it. We wanted to incorporate Marvel superheros as well as aspects from the movie Up. We did as much as we could DIY and Pinterest helped a lot. Working with Gail at Dixon's Florist was amazing because she was so into the process with us! We wanted to be non-traditional and go with various colors and shapes of wildflowers and the more we worked with her, the more excited we all became. We also put a lot of work into looking for succulent gardens, and we ended up going with Clarke's Garden Center because they were accommodating and totally nailed what I had envisioned. When we expressed to our bakery about a donuts table, they had never done one, but made it amazing!! It definitely takes time and effort, but when you see all of the small pieces come together, it's totally worth all the hard work!

What about her least favorite part?

"Budgets. This was a huge factor for us, because you see everything that's out there and you can't always have everything. We made cuts here and there so that other things could be splurged on. We also had to really look at our vendors before choosing them because we wanted the most for what we could afford. All of our vendors were amazing and well worth it!"

Finally, the big day was here! Jackie tells us about the best part of her special day.

"The reception for me, was my favorite. We decided to have the wedding party back for the cocktail hour so we were able to mingle with our guests in a non-formal kind of way. It was so much fun being able to talk to all our guests individually and not have to worry about being pulled to do this or that. We had over an hour to be more casual, have a few drinks, take some pictures with our guests, and enjoy ourselves. I know that a lot of times people say that there just isn't enough time to see everyone but we arranged our whole day to ensure that we could spend as much time as we could with our guests!!"

Now that Jackie and Ian's wedding is over, she has some great advice for other brides who are currently planning their day.

"Just go with the flow. We started planning very early. Things happen that you cannot control. I'm someone who completely overthinks everything and plans for the worst, but at the same time you have to let yourself enjoy the process. Make it fun. If it's starting to become a burden or a pain then you're not doing something right! Ian and I would work on things for an hour or so when we could and then go back to it another time so we didn't get overwhelmed with it all. 

Everyone says this, but ENJOY THE DAY! I don't think a day has ever gone by so fast. Take in every moment, don't stress, and have a blast. It's your wedding - make it count!"

Thank you so much, Jackie and Ian!! We loved seeing your pictures and are so happy you let us show them off! Wishing you guys a lifetime of love and happiness! To see more of their wedding, check out the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Lauren

 A beach wedding, a beautiful gown and a couple who radiates love... does it get any better than that??

Our featured bride was so much fun to work with that we're sad her wedding is over and we don't get to see her anymore!

Meet Lauren...

{Photos by: Jamie May Photography}

{Photos by: Jamie May Photography}

Lauren rocked her Allure Couture gown she bought from SBB. Its covered in Swarovski crystals from top to bottom and is a total showstopper. Lauren knew it was the one for her as soon as she tried it on. She paired her gown with some gorgeous rose gold accessories from Mon Cheri {also bought from SBB}. As an extra special touch, Lauren had a piece of her mother's wedding dress sewn into her own gown!

Lauren and her bridesmaids carried bouquets of white created by Beads & Blooms Florist. So simple and so elegant.

{Photos by: Jamie May Photography}

{Photos by: Jamie May Photography}

{Photos by: Jamie May Photography}

{Photos by: Jamie May Photography}

Lauren and her new husband Matt were married in Ludington, Michigan, a place that holds a special spot in Lauren's heart. There were so many emotional moments, from Matt and his dad sharing a hug before the ceremony to him watching his bride walk down the aisle. Jamie May Photography did a great job capturing all of the big moments throughout day.

{Photos by: Jamie May Photography}

Of course it wouldn't have been the same without Lauren and Matt's fur baby, Upton. We are living for these pictures!

{Photos by: Jamie May Photography}

Lauren and Matt's reception was full of gorgeous details. Tables were decorated with beautiful candlelit centerpieces while the dessert table {created by Cops & Doughnuts} featured cookies, doughnuts and one delish looking cake! We LOVE their take on getting the couple to kiss during the ceremony and the "smitten in the mitten" koozies are the cutest!

{Photos by: Jamie May Photography}

I mean so pretty, right?! Speaking of pretty, Lauren and Matt make such a beautiful couple! So how did these two meet?

"We met at Matt's slow pitch softball game during the summer of 2014. A friend of mine (another Something Blue Bride, Lauryn Vukas) asked me to go to the game with her to watch her husband play. Matt caught my eye on the pitchers mound and I caught his in the stands."

Seriously how cute is that? After dating for awhile, it was finally time for the big proposal.

"We took a week trip to my favorite town in Michigan with my family and his. I spent my summers in Ludington, MI and Matt knows how important this place is to me. We took a walk along the water to the lighthouse. Half way there, he got down on one knee in front of both of our families and asked me to marry him. I did not know it was coming. We had this July trip planned since the prior December. I didn't think anything of it that both of our families were there and were taking photos."

After saying yes, it was time to plan the big day!

"My favorite part of the planning process was finally seeing my thoughts and brain storming come together. With centerpieces I had very detailed ideas of what I wanted. When my mom and aunt helped find the perfect pieces to put everything together it was so exciting. They really took my dream wedding ideas and made them a reality."

We know her favorite part of planning, but what about Lauren's least favorite part?

"Noticing how fast the day was going. I knew it was going to happen. But I would stop myself and look around every 30 minutes or so. And even doing that the day flew by so quickly."

Lauren's favorite part of her wedding day?

"Getting to the reception and sitting down at our sweetheart table. It was a surreal moment when I got to look to my left and see my husband then look in front of me and see all our family and friends with huge smiles on their faces, laughing, having a great time."

Lauren has some great advice for other brides planning their special day:

"The day of the wedding do not stress out. At that point everything is out of your hands. You can't control anything anymore so you may as well (try to) relax. It doesn't matter if it's raining, if you forgot something important or if someone didn't show up. You get to marry the love of your life that day and that's all that matters. 

Make lists! I had lists all over my house. When I was cooking and I remembered something I needed to do I wrote it down on my list on my fridge. When I was going to bed and remembered something else I'd write it down on my list on my nightstand. Try to stay organized. And always start early. It's NEVER too early to start ordering things or making decisions for your big day."

Congratulations to the newlyweds and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us!! Check out more of Lauren and Matt's awesome pics in the gallery below!