{SBB Bride of the Week} Kelly

K E L L Y + J P

{August 2nd, 2018}

 {Photo by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

{Photo by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

We are so pleased to introduce you to our beautiful bride, Kelly!

Kelly was married on a gorgeous summer day in Wheaton, Illinois.

She chose a stunning WToo A-line gown for her big day. She even had extra lace added to make it all her own!

After getting ready with her girls {and getting her makeup done by the amazing Krissy V}, Kelly shared a first look with the first love of her life - Dad.

{Photos by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

Kelly had her flowers done by Jasmine Galleria and the end results were absolutely beautiful!

 {Photos by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

{Photos by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

Before walking down the aisle, Kelly wanted to share a special first look with her soon-to-be hubby, JP.

The happy couple also took the opportunity to read their vows to each other.

Blu Tree Studios Photography was there to capture the moment JP saw his gorgeous bride…

Kelly and JP were married at Danada House. They were blessed with the best weather for their big day!

As Kelly walked down the aisle it was hard to choose whose reaction to look at first, JP’s or the mother of the bride, who wiped away tears as she watched her daughter.

{Photos by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

After the ceremony, guests headed to the main house to celebrate the newlyweds!

We love their personal touches, like golf balls instead of traditional place cards.

{Photos by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

Let’s get to know the newlyweds a little better!

They met 5 years ago through JP’s cousin…

“I worked with her and she said, “I want you to meet my cousin.” And I thought, “Yeah, sure, ok!” because I did not think it was going to happen. Well, we met and went on a double date with her and JP’s best friend. It was not the best first date! We both look back and laugh at it, but something clicked with the both of us and we have been together ever since.”  

How did he pop the question??

“I had just started a new job about a week prior and he wanted to take me out to celebrate. We had plans to go on a Saturday, but then he had said he wasn’t feeling up to going and that we would go on Tuesday (turned out that Cooper’s Hawk was too busy to accommodate JP’s plans that night). Tuesday came along, and I wasn’t feeling well and tired from work. During the day I contemplated texting him saying I did not want to go, but something kept me from sending that text. I got home, he greeted me and rushed me to get ready. I couldn’t understand why. We went to Cooper’s Hawk (one of our favorite places and somewhere we spent some time when we first started dating) for wine tasting and it was busy, but the manager helped get us a spot at the wine bar (which I thought was weird). We went about our night, talking and laughing. Looking back, there were so many clues! Just as I was getting ready to finish my last glass, a plate with two candles, cheesecake pops, and a ring box came to us and before I could realize what was happening, JP swiped the ring box, brought me over to an open space and was down on one knee. I was so surprised and happy! After I said, “Oh my god” too many times, I said yes! Then suddenly, I saw my parents and his parents who were there the whole time taking pictures and videos! It was such a wonderful surprise. Definitely the best day ever.”

You had us at Cooper’s Hawk {yum}! Was Kelly surprised??

“It was a total surprise! We had talked about getting married, we looked at rings a few months before, but every time we would talk about it, his response would be different! One time it would be like, “Yeah, it’ll happen soon,” and the next time he would say, “Well, I don’t know when!” So, it was hard to anticipate. He did such an amazing job surprising me. It was perfect.”

Good job, JP!

Let’s move on to dress shopping!

“It was such a fun day! My sister came home from Germany, two of my best friends joined us, my mom, my dad, my mother-in-law, and my aunt were all there. They helped me pick out dresses and gave very nice but constructive opinions (ha!). Some people say not to bring a big entourage but these people are so important to me that I wanted to share this day with them. SBB did a great job accommodating my large party and my consultant, Amber, was so patient and kind! It was the experience I was hoping for.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I tried on about 6-7 dresses. I knew I did not want to go anywhere else and that I did not want to try on a lot of dresses. In the end, it was between two completely different dresses: a fit and flare lace dress that was gorgeous and an A-line with a tulle skirt and lace. Everyone told me my face lit up each time I put on the A-line with the tulle skirt. I tried on each dress probably four times before deciding, then I finally picked the right one! And I am so glad I picked that dress because I was able to customize it and add waterfall lace to the skirt and it was perfection (thank you, Naomi!).”

Seriously so pretty. We love the added lace to it!

When it was time to plan her big day, what was Kelly’s favorite part?

“I made sure to share my experiences with the people closest to me. My husband works weekends, so it was hard to do some of the planning together. We did as much as we could, especially toward the end. Because of this, I included my mom, mother-in-law, my aunt and my bridesmaids in much of the process. The whole experience was beautiful and memorable. But, if I had to pick a favorite, I have to pick two! My mom, mother-in-law, and aunt took a weekend to look at seven wedding venues. It was a blast! We had so much fun looking around at these beautiful places, we went to lunch and dinner, and my aunt and uncle even had a little engagement party for me with us and my cousin and her family. It was so sweet. My other favorite part was getting our marriage license together. It was so exciting and something JP and could do, just the two of us.”

It’s not all fun though! What was Kelly’s least favorite part?

“The last few weeks was the most stressful part because you trying to get in touch with your vendors, finalize the same details, and prepare for the big day. The little details probably stressed me out the most. I tend to be a bit of a control freak and I just wanted my vision to come to life. Everything turned out exactly how I had envisioned, so I stressed for nothing.”

The day of the wedding was finally here! What was Kelly’s favorite moment?

“It’s hard to pick just one because the whole day/night was our best day ever! JP and I decided to write letters to each other and do a first look. We wanted to spend a few moments of our special day together just the two of us. I was so excited to see him and for him to see my dress. We when saw each other, we just smiled so big and couldn’t stop smiling the whole night.”

Any advice for other brides planning their own big day?

“Spend your day together! We made it a point to spend as much time together as possible. It was our day and we wanted to experience it together, so once the ceremony and cocktail hour was over, we barely left each other’s side. We did spend some time apart on the dance floor, but we made sure to check in with each other. When I think back on our wedding day, JP is in most, if not all of my memories. Sometimes you get pulled in different directions, get caught up conversing with old friends, and half the night is over before you reunite, so it was important to stick together. If we got separated, we always made our way back to each other.

When people tell you the day goes by so fast, it truly does! The morning getting ready dragged and once I was in my dress, it was like “poof!” and the DJ was packing up his stuff, the tables were taken down, and everybody was gone. Stay in the moment and savor every minute. Take a minute at some point to look around and soak it all in. All those people are there to celebrate you and the love of your life. It is such a special time! Make sure to spend as much time as you can with your spouse because you can be pulled in all sorts of directions and this is your day. Don’t be too hard on yourselves if you don’t say hi to all your guests-they understand! And get a videographer! We haven’t received our video yet, but we cannot wait to relive our day again!”

Great advice!! Congratulations, Kelly and JP!! We are so happy for you guys and can’t thank you enough for letting us share your beautiful wedding! Check out more of their gorgeous wedding pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Ashley

A S H L E Y + S T E V E

{August 18th, 2018}

 {photo by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

{photo by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

Meet Ashley {and her hubby Steve}!

Ashley wore a gorgeous Essense of Australia gown for her August wedding.

To say she looked beautiful is an understatement!

{photos by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

That back!! Gets us every time.

For her flowers, Ashley teamed up with Corinne from Forget Me Not Florals to create stunning bouquets featuring pops of her wedding color - coral!

 {photo by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

{photo by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

Ashley wanted to share a first look with both her dad and soon-to-be husband.

Her dad couldn’t help but play a little trick on Steve before he got to see his bride…

{photos by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

We love a dad with a good sense of humor!

Ashley and Steve were married at Sandy Pines and guys - we can’t even begin to tell you how much we love this venue!!

When Ashley met Steve, he had a bandanna on {which Ashley says is his signature look}.

Before their first kiss at the altar, the groom and his groomsmen put on bandannas to give a special nod to this on their big day.

{photos by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

The reception was held in the pavilion at Sandy Pines and was decorated with a rustic theme.

A fire pit and s’mores bar were a big feature at the reception - one of our favorite parts of having your wedding at this location!

{photos by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

Ashley and Steve met in high school but it was their love of billiards that brought them together!

When Steve finally popped the question, Ashley was more than ready…

“It was just the two of us kind of at random but I knew it was coming. For heaven sakes we dated 6 years!”

When it was time to try on wedding dresses, Ashley already had one in mind thanks to our Wedding Gown Wednesday!

“I had seen a dress on Something Blue’s gown of the week and fell in love. That was even before we were engaged so when I went to try dresses on I put that specific one on and fell in love! I tried on numerous occasions and still went back to that one!”

When it came to wedding planning, Ashley said she was super OCD about her big day…

“I wanted everything to be perfect and even though I had 1 year and 9 months to plan it was still very stressful. I loved looking up ideas on Pinterest and making things!"


Finally it was time for the wedding! Ashley’s favorite moment?

“The daddy daughter dance. We started with a slow song and then broke into a dance - three songs from my genre and three from his. It was awesome."

Any final advice for brides currently planning their own day?

“I suggest for other brides to start early, don't try rushing things and everything will be amazing.

Keep your stress under control because no matter how well prepared you are it will happen."

Congratulations, Ashley and Steve and thank you so much for letting us feature your beautiful wedding! Check out more pics from their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Christina

C H R I S T I N A + S T E P H A N

{November 25th, 2017}

 {Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

{Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

Meet Christina!

I’m sure you already noticed but she looked AH-MAZING in her strapless, satin Essense of Australia gown!

Combined with her Edward Berger veil {from SBB} and her gorgeous bouquet by Flowers with Jazz, Christina was walk-down-the-aisle ready!

{Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

Christina married her husband Stephan in a gorgeous ceremony at Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church…

{Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

After the I do’s, guests headed to The Odyssey in Tinley Park!

To say the hall was covered in gorgeous blooms is an understatement! We’re such big suckers for beautiful flowers!

Know what else we’re suckers for? Dessert.

And there was a LOT of it at this reception!

{Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

I mean, so pretty right??

OK, let’s get down to the details! How did Christina and Stephan meet?

“We met at IU Optometry School one of our first days there. I messaged him on Facebook after finding out he was Greek too and we hit it off. We began as friends and we would study together all the time and then one thing led to another.”

How did he pop the question?

“I was doing my rotations for school in Chicago and he was working in Munster, Indiana. My birthday had been a few days before and he told me he wanted to take me to dinner and come stay in the city for the weekend. He booked a room at the Godfrey Hotel and told me to meet him there (I was staying at my uncles' house in the city). So I get to the hotel and meet him at the room and when he opened the door there were rose petals leading from the door onto the bed. I kind of laughed because I thought this was for my birthday and had always told him he wasn't romantic. He was already dressed and told me to get ready so we could go to dinner since we had reservations soon. I got ready quicker than he expected and when I finished he had to kill some time so he told me that the reservations had gotten pushed back. I sat on the bed and started looking through the menu of the place we were going to and I hear him messing with the safe. He kept opening and closing it and made some comment like "Look the safe works!" and I told him to stop messing with it because he was going to break it and we would have to pay for it. He goes, "Ok, ok! Hey, why don't you come over here and take a picture with me." So I walk over and he's on his knee with the ring and says (what I can remember even though he claims he said a lot more) "Christina Alexandria Kouklakis, will you marry me?" and the only thing I could get out of my mouth was "How did you get that already?!" to which he responded "Are you going to answer me?" Of course I said yes and then begin to try and call my family. No one was answering their phones. No one. So he tells me let's just go to dinner and you can call them when we get back. We get in the Uber and drive to the restaurant (Chicago Cut) and he's trying to keep me outside by telling me we need to take some pictures and let's look at the water. After 10 minutes I was ready to go inside, I couldn't understand why he didn't want to go in. Finally, he gives in and we walk into the restaurant and I look to the side and I see my whole family and his! He had been trying to hold off going inside to give the restaurant time to seat everyone so it would be a surprise!"

Oh my gosh, so sweet!! Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“We had designed my ring together at Albert's. We couldn't find one that we liked and decided designing it would be the best option. Stephan's only rule was, even though I knew what it would look like, he didn't want me to know when it would be ready and when he picked it up. The lady who was helping us when we went to pick out the center stone told us it would be at least 2-3 months before it was ready. In actuality, it took about 2 weeks. So I knew it was coming but I didn't know when."

Let’s talk dresses! How did Christina find “the one”??

“I had gone to look at dresses in Chicago at some salons and could not find anything that I liked so I was becoming really frustrated. I came to Something Blue and immediately found 2 or 3 dresses that I really liked and that my dad really liked as well. He wanted to be the one to give his approval on the dresses my sister and I picked when we got married since he was there when my mom picked out her dress. 

Originally I had another dress picked out and was going to go back into Something Blue with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and grandma to show them what I had picked. A few days before, my sister saw a dress on Something Blue’s Facebook and said that even though I had picked a dress I HAD to try this new one on before making a decision. When we got to the store and I put it on I loved it. It was classic. It had just the right amount of lace, a long beautiful train with buttons going down the back and hugged my figure the way I wanted. Put it together with a cathedral veil and it was perfect!"

We agree!

When it came to planning her big day, what were Christina’s favorite and least favorite parts?

“I really liked the planning process in general. I liked picking out flowers and decorations and deciding what the invites would look like! 

My least favorite was the stress. We couldn't find a venue for the longest time that could fit the amount of people we were having (think, My Big Fat Greek Wedding- almost 500 people). Figuring out the date was another headache. If the hall could do it, the church couldn't and visa versa, we were bringing people from Greece so trying to coordinate with them was a challenge.”

What was her favorite moment from her wedding?

“After we were married. Our reception was so fun! Everyone seemed to have a great time!”

Now that she’s a married woman, Christina has some advice for future brides…

“Enjoy each moment. Definitely start early and do the big things first- hall, music, photographer/videographer, etc. 

Enjoy the process! The day of the wedding make sure you have someone in your wedding party have an "emergency bag" with them full of things you might need-- including a snack and some water! The day goes by quickly so make sure you have fun and don't worry about what might go wrong or what things should have looked like."

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us, Christina and Stephan! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!! Check out more of their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Ashley

A S H L E Y + M I C H A E L

{September 22nd, 2018}

 {Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

We are suckers for a long sleeve gown!!

Could our bride Ashley look any more gorgeous in her crepe Essense of Australia dress?! {The answer is no}

Even she couldn’t hold back her tears as she looked at herself in the mirror on her big day.

Another tearjerker? When Ashley saw her dad for the first time…

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

For her flowers, Ashley worked with Main Street Florals in North Judson to create beautiful bouquets for herself and her bridesmaids!

 {Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

Ashley married her husband Michael at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Michigan City.

This church is beyond beautiful!

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

For the reception, guests headed to the Uptown Center.

How cool is this venue? It never disappoints!

Ashley made all of her own centerpieces and decorations…can we get a round of applause??

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

How did the newlyweds meet?

“We met through friends. Found out that we had many of the same friends but never had met each other!”

How did Michael pop the question?

“Michael proposed to me May 8th of 2016 which happened to be our one year anniversary and Mothers Day. He got our families together at the tulip festival in Holland, Michigan. We celebrated the first part of the day having a cookout for our mothers. We then started taking pictures in the beautiful field of tulips. During this time it was just him and I and I was laughing because I didn't know which camera to look at as everyone had their phones out. I turned towards him and there he was, on one knee, asking to marry him. It was such a great day, and of course, I said yes!”

Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“It was Mothers Day, of course I was surprised! I thought nothing of it. I was having a great enjoying our families together for Mothers Day, little did I know, they were all there for me.”

I asked Ashley to tell me all about her dress buying experience.

“The moment I walked into Something Blue I knew that I was going to walk out with the most gorgeous dress. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. I believe I tried on 10 dresses and I never felt pressured into buying or rushed to get out. I do not live in the area and the staff worked well with me on appointment times and all fittings! I am completely happy with Something Blue and I strongly recommend this bridal boutique!

How did Ashley know her dress was "the one"?

“I came in knowing exactly what I wanted. I wanted a long sleeved dress with a beautiful train, along with some sparkle and lace. I picked out about 10 long sleeved dresses that I wanted to try, and my favorite I saved for last. When it finally came time to try on my last dress, I knew it was the one from the moment I put my arms in the sleeves. It had the perfect amount of lace, sparkle, and it had a long beautiful train with more lace and sparkle. It was gorgeous, everything I expected!”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What was Ashley’s favorite part?

“The decorations! I made all of our decorations! Centerpieces and table garland. Michael and I also created our own seating chart, itinerary, and menus through Photoshop. Weddings can be quite expensive so we made everything by hand to save. My centerpieces and table garland were actually made out of all Dollar Tree flowers! This was all a very fun process.”

What about her least fave part?

“Saving up sucked! From the time we actually started planning, we had nine months to save and pay off everything. It took hard work and we had to cut back on our social lives for the time being. However, since we are a team, we did it!! It was worth it in the end.”

The big day had finally arrived! What was Ashley’s favorite moment?

“My absolute favorite moment was walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing the man I am going to be spending the rest of my life with. This moment was everything!”

Any advice for SBB brides planning their own wedding?

“My best advice to give would be to sit down and talk with your fiance. Make a budget and stick to a plan. Weddings are expensive but with a plan you can make anything happen. Make a list of things you look for when choosing a venue. When looking for venues, make sure they meet your expectations, and it is in your price range. Create a spreadsheet of every venue you visit and compare prices. Consider what each venue has to offer within those prices. Don't spend too much on extravagant decorations, all eyes will be on YOU! Book in advance. Check out dollar stores, amazon, etsy, or even make things your own. Use Michael Arts & Crafts 40% off coupons. Lastly, breathe. If you need help, ask for it. Know that there will be enough people the day of to help and take care of things. This is your day, so enjoy!”

Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us, Ashley and Michael!! Check out more of their wedding pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Brittany

B R I T T A N Y + B R I A N

{September 15th, 2018}

 {Photo by: Wild Bliss Photography}

{Photo by: Wild Bliss Photography}

Ok supermodel!

Isn’t our bride Brittany so stunning in her Allure gown and Susan G. Allen Couture veil and jewelry?!

We are obsessed!

The illusion on the neckline, the low back. Everything about it was perfect for her September wedding!

{Photos by: Wild Bliss Photography}

Before heading down the aisle, Brittany shared a first look with her dad. She shared with us why it was such a special moment for them…

“It was really emotional because two weeks before the wedding, on my birthday, I had to take my dad into the hospital. We found out his cancer got worse and he was having a lot of pain. We were worried he wouldn’t get out in time for the wedding but he had amazing doctors. He got out the day before the wedding. It was a rough two weeks for us. But so thankful he was able to walk me down the aisle.” 

Cue all the tears. We are so happy they were able to share that moment together.

For her flowers, Brittany worked with Kris at Sugarfield Flowers {an SBB preferred vendor}.


Just look for yourself…

 {Photos by: Wild Bliss Photography}

{Photos by: Wild Bliss Photography}

CAN YOU EVEN?! So pretty!

Speaking of pretty, wait until you see Brittany’s venue!

She married her husband Brian at Four Corners Winery and it was absolutely stunning! The flowers, the barrels, the signs.


{Photos by: Wild Bliss Photography}

The newlyweds and their guests partied the night away in the winery’s barn.

Again, perfection. The decor was gorgeous from flowers down to the plates!

At the end of the night, Brittany and Brian said goodbye as everyone waved glow sticks!

Such a fun alternative to sparklers!

{Photos by: Wild Bliss Photography}

Is that not so beautiful?! So how did these two lovebirds meet?

It all started at work…

“Brian and I met at Fuel Fitness Gym (now World Gym) in Schererville, IN. He was a personal trainer there and I had just started working at the front desk.”

How did Brian pop the question?

“Brian’s parents were in the midst of moving to a new home and needed help packing up one cold (December 13, 2016) night. He called me up after work and said to me that we needed to go to his parents to help them move the outside fireplace. Of course I said okay sure. When he got home to pick me up he changed quickly and I drove us to his parents house. When we got there, we walked in and headed down the stairs towards the basement where they have a walkout. This is where the fireplace was. I lead the way and noticed there was lights on already. When I opened the door, there was a homemade sign and an adorable snowman all lit up. Brian walked right beside me and got down on one knee and proposed as I was crying."

Adorable! Did she know it was coming??

“It was a surprise, surprisingly! I’m usually very good an knowing everything Brian tries to hide from me. So the fact that he pulled this off as a complete surprise is awesome!”

Let’s talk wedding gowns!

 “My dress buying experience was so amazing. The girls at Something Blue made it way less stressful and so much fun! They have so many beautiful options to choose from. All the girls working there are wonderful and make you feel so comfortable. When I told them my vision of my dream dress they picked it out so fast and perfectly!  They are great at what they do!”  

Well, thanks! So nice!! How did Brittany know her dress was the one?

“When it was time to look for wedding dresses, I had a vision. The first place I went to look for a dress was Something Blue.  It happened to be one of their sample sales and I tried on a few dresses that Colleen helped me pick out that we’re apart of the sample sale. They were all so beautiful but not what I had envisioned. When I told Colleen my vision of what my dream dress would be, she pulled one dress that was not a part of the sample sale. This dress, little did I know, would be “the one”!  Since it was a sample sale I went by myself but knew that the dress that Colleen had picked out for me was perfect. Of course, I couldn’t settle on just trying one dress place. I thought it was too good to be true. There may be another dress out there that was more perfect. So, my bridesmaids and I picked a day to go to two other shops and Something Blue again. The other dresses at the other stores were beautiful, but my mind was still on the dress from Something Blue because it fit my vision perfectly and my bridesmaids knew it too.”

Moving onto wedding planning! What was Brittany’s favorite part?

“Either the dessert tasting or some of the projects my brother and I made together.  The dessert tasting was awesome because everything was delicious. That made it easy to decide what to get, one of everything we tried!

The projects were fun because my brother and I got to spend some time together. It made the wedding more unique with some homemade touches.”

Her least favorite part was a straight up dilemma!

“Having to find a new venue, TWICE! Luckily brides, this almost never happens, except for me. My now husband and I had planned for a long engagement, that way the wedding planning process wouldn’t be so stressful and we could make it exactly the way we wanted it to be. We found this perfect place up in Michigan about an hour away in January of 2017. It was rustic looking, barn like, and just simply unique unlike any other place. This is exactly what we had imagined.  We had pretty much all of our vendor set up for this venue and for our wedding date.  

Unfortunately, 4 months before our wedding date, the state closed the venue down. We didn’t get the money back we used for our down payment either (still fighting for that as well). That being said we had to find another place quick. 

Our bakery that we were using had a newer venue that was still being built down the street. It looked promising but after going there with only two months till the wedding date it just wasn’t going to work for us.  

My now husband, had a friend that told us about Four Corners Winery. We reached out to them and by a miracle, they had the day of our wedding available.

All I can say is, everything happens for a reason. It was stressful, but it all worked out in the end. I think it turned out even better that it would have at the original venue.”

You would never know from looking at her pictures that venue wasn’t her original choice!

When the drama was over and the wedding day had arrived, what was Brittany’s favorite moment?

“Seeing everything come together! You have this vision of your dream wedding in your head and it’s finally come together. All the planning and hard work is finished. The moment when you are able to just sit back and look around and see how beautiful everything turned out. Having all your family and friends surround you laughing and smiling. That was priceless.”

Isn’t she just the sweetest??

Any final advice for other SBB brides planning their own big day?

“No matter what happens, in the end, you are marrying your best friend in front of your loved ones. If something doesn’t get done, it doesn’t matter. No one will know except you. And honestly, it flies by so fast that you probably won’t even notice either.  So stop stressing over the little things. It will be perfect no matter what because you’re marrying the man of your dreams. 

Don’t procrastinate. Get stuff done and checked off right away. This way you don’t have a bunch of stuff to do at the end right before your wedding. Also, take off a minimum of 3 days before your wedding to get the rest of your stuff together so you are not rushing and stressing the day before your big day. 

If you can afford a wedding planner, I would definitely recommend it or a great family member or friend that’s good at planning. This way you don’t have to worry about as much!”

Thank you SO much, Brittany and Brian!! We wish you guys a healthy and happy future together! Check out more of their seriously amazing pics by Wild Bliss Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Braelyn

B R A E L Y N + J A C O B

{July 28th, 2018}

 {Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

Hey girl hey!

Meet our beautiful bride Braelyn!

Dressed in a romantic A-line Stella York gown, Braelyn looks absolutely perfect for her summer wedding!

Before walking down the aisle, the gorgeous bride got ready with her {10!} bridesmaids…

{Photos by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

That illusion top, though! SO good!

Braelyn took it to another level with her amazing flowers! She worked with Lake Effect Florals Design Studio to create her gorgeous bouquets.

 {Photos by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

{Photos by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

Yasss we love the pop of color!

Braelyn and her husband Jacob were married at County Line Orchard.

They held their ceremony within the actual orchard and the setting could not have been more beautiful!

{Photos by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

The reception was just a short tractor ride away in the Big Barn.

Dreamy string lights hung from the ceiling and the smell of apple cinnamon donuts {mmm donuts} filled the air.

This is one reception we definitely would not mind attending!

{Photos by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

Now that I want a donut, let’s get to know the newlyweds!

How did they meet?

“We are high school sweethearts! Good ol' Portage High School. I was a senior and he was a junior.”

How did Jacob pop the question?

“We currently live in DC and we were home for the holidays. His family has a big party every New Years Eve and he proposed in front of everyone.”

Fun!! Was Braelyn surprised?

“Complete surprise..wasn't expecting it at all!”

Let’s talk dress shopping {our fave subject}!

“I thought I was going to get a totally different style dress. I originally was looking for tight mermaid then as I started trying them on I realized I loved A-line. My best friend recommended the tulle bottom. Best friends know best! I just knew it was the one..I never felt so beautiful.”

When it came to wedding planning, what was Braelyn’s favorite part?

“All the decorations and flowers! I love decorating so browsing on Etsy was so fun and working with my florist was one of the best experiences.”

What about her least favorite part?

“Budget..definitely brought on stress during but was WELL worth it afterwards!”

When the big day had arrived, Braelyn’s favorite moment happened at the ceremony…

“Seeing Jacob for the first time as I was walking down the aisle. We didn't do a first look so it was a very emotional moment for both of us.”

Finally, I asked Braelyn for her best advice for current brides planning their own special day!

“Don't stress too much! No matter what, you have people surrounding out that will make sure your day is absolutely perfect.

Have fun with the planning and embrace every minute it goes by WAY too fast. I would do anything to do it again!”

Congratulations, Braelyn and Jacob!! We are so excited for you guys! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous wedding with us! Check out more of their beautiful pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Leah

L E A H + S T E V E N

{August 4th, 2018}

 {Photos by: K.Ryon Photography}

{Photos by: K.Ryon Photography}

We are so excited to introduce you to our gorgeous bride, Leah!

For her summer wedding, Leah chose a stunning Allure gown with a beautiful illusion top and back.

It was absolute perfection on her, which is something we’re sure she heard over and over as she got ready for her big day…

{Photos by: K.Ryon Photography}

I mean for real, how beautiful!

When it came to her flowers, Leah didn’t skimp! She worked with Flowers by Design by Reyna to create the most beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets!

 Photos by: K.Ryon Photography

Photos by: K.Ryon Photography

Even something as simple as baby’s breath looks so dressed up with the sprigs of eucalyptus! SO gorg!

Leah married her husband Steven in a beautiful ceremony at St. Damian Catholic Church. Once again, the flowers killed it as the decor…

{Photos by: K.Ryon Photography}

After the ceremony guests headed to Crystal Tree Golf & Country Club in Orland Park, IL.

One of our fave details? A bagpiper from Chicagoland Irish Bagpipers played during cocktail hour!

How fun is that?!

{Photos by: K.Ryon Photography}

Now that we’ve seen their wedding, let’s find out how Leah and Steven’s love story began…

“Steven and I met at a bowling alley at a get together of mutual friends.  I was a coworker of his brother's girlfriend.  I went bowling with her and her boyfriend.  He brought his little brother Steven along, and I'm so happy he did!  We continued to hang out with our group of friends, but eventually hung out alone and began talking, getting to know each other.  The rest is history!”

How did he pop the question?

“Steven took me out to dinner on a Saturday evening at a nice steakhouse in South Haven, Michigan, near his family's cottage. After dinner, we took a drive down to the South Haven Lighthouse Pier where we often like go when in town. We walked to the end and looked up at the stars. I remember there was a group of rowdy (and probably tipsy) girls hanging out, I'm sure ruining Steven's big plans. As we started to walk back from the end of the pier he stopped and started pouring his heart out to me. He eventually got down on one knee and gave me my great-grandmothers wedding ring, which I always expressed that I wanted, but I was crying like crazy so I don't remember too many of the details. It was such a special moment for the two of us!”

So sweet! Did Leah know what he was up to?

“I had a feeling that a proposal was coming. We had been together for three years, owned a home together, and knew that was the next step we both wanted to take. Steven also kept mentioning how he wanted to have a "special" weekend in Michigan with me. He's bad at trying to keep secrets! Although I did feel like a proposal was coming, unlike most women I love surprises! I refused to seek out any clues or ask family and friends if they knew!”

I asked Leah to tell us all about her dress buying experience.

“A few people I knew bought their wedding dresses from Something Blue, and I liked the idea of getting my gown from a small boutique. Something Blue was the first and only place I shopped at, and my experience was amazing! I didn't feel like "just another customer"; The staff went out of their way to answer all of my questions and make sure I was happy.”

Yay! That’s what we love to hear! How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“It was almost like the Goldilocks and the 3 bears nursery rhyme. I first tried on a dress that was too covered up. It had a high neck and a covered back. The next dress I tried on was too open. It had a low v-neck and low open back. The third dress I tried on, the dress I ultimately purchased, was just right! Although the neckline seemed low, and the back was pretty open, they were an illusion style, so I was still covered with see through fabric that could breathe and I didn't have to worry about spilling out of my dress!”

How cute is that analogy?? It’s so true!

Let’s talk wedding planning! What was Leah’s fave part?

“Seeing everything come together at the end. Don't get me wrong, I loved picking out everything and adding personal touches, but I worried about how it would all look together.  Would it all makes sense? Or would it look like a hodge podge of randomness? Steven and I got a chance to see our reception area before our guests and it was so nice to see how everything we planned came together and really created the romantic, antique, rustic, look we were going for.”

Any parts of planning that Leah wasn’t a fan of?

“My least favorite part of wedding planning by far was doing our registry. My husband, Steven, and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond, worked with a consultant, and still found it overwhelming.  There are so many things to register for, and so many different brands and variations of the same item. You start thinking, "Do I really need this?", "Will I ever use it?". I tried to keep price point in mind as well for our family and friends who want to gift us an item, but may not have too much to spend.  I ended up going back to finish with my mom who gave great insight on some things to definitely register for, as well as some things to not bother and register for.  The registry worked out in the end, but was a tough process!”

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

“It is so difficult to pick one favorite moment of our wedding day, but if I had to pick one I would say walking down the aisle with my dad, approaching my husband.  I was so emotional and anxious I was crying.  But when you walk down the aisle it's this strange tunnel vision you get where everyone is looking at you, but all you can see is the love of your life at the other end.  Then when my dad and I got to the end and I was handed off to Steven, the nerves and tears went right away!”

Now that it’s all said and done, what is Leah’s best advice for brides currently planning their own big day?

“Remember that it is you and your fiance's day! Make the day how YOU want it! People will come at you with so many unsolicited opinions and advice on everything! "You have to have this person stand up in your bridal party. This is how much you should spend! This is who you should invite! You have to do this this way! This is what you shouldn't do!" Obviously, there will be some requests that come your way from important people, like a future in-law, that are low or no cost and are in line with your vision, that are easy to go along with. You'd hate to start off an in-law relationship on the wrong foot.  Don't have any regrets for something that you wish you did, or wish you hadn't done. When it's all said and done, it's probably your money that you're spending, and they will be your memories to look back on forever.” 

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us, Leah and Steven! We wish you guys nothing but happiness in your future together! Check out more of their amazing wedding pictures by K.Ryon Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Rachel

R A C H E L + K E V I N

{June 30th, 2018}

 {Photo by: Matt Bigelow Photography}

{Photo by: Matt Bigelow Photography}

Oh, hey girl!

Our bride Rachel looks amazing in her Blush by Hayley Paige gown! The sequined pattern is so unique and perfect for her big day at the ball park!

{Photos by: Matt Bigelow Photography}

For her bouquet, Rachel ordered Sola Flowers and put them together along with help from her mother-in-law and friend! How fun is that?!

 {Photo by: Matt Bigelow Photography}

{Photo by: Matt Bigelow Photography}

Rachel married her hubby Kevin at Guaranteed Rate Field - home of the Chicago White Sox! They couldn’t pass up doing a first look at such a cool venue! Matt Bigelow Photography was there to capture their special moment.

The ceremony and reception were held at the park’s Stadium Club.

I mean come on, how cool is that??

{Photos by: Matt Bigelow Photography}

The reception was decorated with flickering candlelight. Guests found their seats via their own special game tickets while tables were named after sections from the ball park.

While they dined and danced, guests were also treated to spectacular views of the city and field!

{Photos by: Matt Bigelow Photography}

Rachel and Kevin met through their best man. They dated on and off until November 2008, where they got back together for good!

When it was time to ask Rachel to marry him, Kevin knew the perfect spot to pop the question…

         “When Kevin asked me to be his girlfriend in 2008 it was at a park in St. John, during the holidays when they decorate it for the festival of lights!  So he took me back to the park on a Saturday in May and proposed after I had gotten off of work.”

Was she surprised?

        “It was a surprise in how he did it (I thought we would go on vacation and it would happen then because we had talked about that, and we had talked about rings and were together for a long time so I knew it was only a matter of time). I was surprised at how simple everything was, but looking back I am kinda glad it happened that way. Our parents and siblings were back at my house for a surprise mini party.”

Let’s talk about the day Rachel said “yes” to the dress!

      “It was my 2nd time trying on dresses ever, the first time I went to Nordstrom's and tried on only Hayley Paige dresses. I was convinced that was my designer from the start. I found one I had really liked but it was a bit out of my price range by about $700 and they weren't even sure if I could get it in time, since I put off dress shopping for the longest time. I knew I wanted to go to Something Blue, all my friends had found their dresses there and I knew the consultants would be great. It was so much fun going around with my maid of honor "pinning" dresses we loved. I only brought my mom, my MOH, and my mother in law to be. I didn't want a lot of opinions to be honest! I tried on several dresses, all different styles. I told the consultant how much I loved Hayley Paige style dresses and I did try on several other designers but in the end it came down to a dress I had seen a picture of a year ago on the SBB facebook page and a dress everyone else loved.”

How did she finally decide on the one?

“I found a picture a year before I had gone in to try on dresses and when I came into SBB I asked if they still had that dress and they said yes. I was ecstatic to try it on!  I am short and petite and I just did not like anything big and poofy.  I also hate lace and wanted sparkle.  So I knew my dress was the one when they started pinning it, it had everything I wanted and the coolest part was when they showed me how it would look with the lights dimmed! It was perfect!”

What was Rachel’s favorite part of wedding planning?

“My favorite part of the planning process was touring our venue and picking out menu choices, and cake tasting. I'm a baker at heart and that was such a fun experience with my now husband. Our wedding was at Guarenteed Rate field and I wanted our food to be upscale and not just baseball food. I wanted people to know that this is a wedding they are attending, but at a really amazing venue!”

What about her least favorite part?

“My least favorite part had to be addressing all the save the dates, invites, and the tedious things. I just cared about the big picture and honestly a lot of the factors that were important to me were dealt with right away or handed off to family members, and my vendor Eric at the Music Boyz helped with a ton at my wedding!”

Fast forward to the big day! What was Rachel’s favorite moment?

“As much time as it took away, I loved being with my husband when we got to sneak away to get some cool photos. After your wedding that is all you have left, and it was nice to just get a moment to be with our photographers and hang out together.  I loved our photographer Matt Bigelow and his assistants they were super fun to work with and I wanted a creative photographer to not have so many "typical" wedding photos.”

Any advice for SBB Brides currently planning their wedding?

“My biggest advice for any bride is to pick the things that are most important to you, mine was the venue, my dress, photographer, and make up artist. I booked my 2 vendors asap! I got the ones I wanted and it truly made my day!  Keep to a budget because it is so easy to go over.  Flowers were least important to me, so that is what I spent the least on. Definitely prioritizing helped make the process go so much smoother.

Prioritize what is most important to you, and don't be afraid to ask for help. I wanted to do everything myself but when it came closer to the day I was not afraid to have my family members and close friends help out!”

Thank you so much, Rachel and Kevin, for sharing your big day with us!! Check out more of their beautiful wedding pics in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Alyssa

A L Y S S A + N I C K

{June 16th, 2018}

 {Photo by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

{Photo by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

That BACK! {Insert heart eyes emoji here}

We are so pleased to introduce you to our beautiful bride Alyssa!

She chose a gorg Stella York gown that hit her curves in all the right places.

While getting ready for her summer wedding, Alyssa wore a robe while her bridesmaids rocked the CUTEST matching pajamas!

After putting on the dress, Alyssa shared a first look with her dad and her bridesmaids - their reactions are priceless!

But first, it was all about champs!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

For her flowers, Alyssa worked with Blossom Shoppe {LOVE them!} to create soft, classic bouquets. We are loving the color scheme here!

 {Photo by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

{Photo by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

Alyssa and her new hubby Nick said “I do” in a beautiful June wedding at St. Michael Church.

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

After the ceremony, everyone headed to Aberdeen Manor in Valpo.

Floral and candle centerpieces dotted the tables while guests were treated to scratch-off card favors and miniature bundt cakes by Nothing Bundt Cakes! So fun!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

Alyssa was sweet enough to let me ask her all about her big day! But let’s go back to the beginning…how did the newlyweds meet?

“Nick and I met in February of 2015. Nick had just started his final pharmacy rotation at the McAuley health clinic and I was working across the street as a nurse at St. Margaret Hospital. Sarah, a nurse I worked with at the time, was in school for her masters degree and doing clinical at the same place Nick was.  She came into work one day and said, “Alyssa I met this guy and he would be perfect for you.” I immediately looked him up on Facebook, thought he was cute, but I was hesitant about going on a blind date. Sarah had set up for a group of us to go out for drinks that weekend for us to meet. I remember telling my mom one night that I didn’t know if I should go, I was still apprehensive about getting set up. My mom said to me, “No one says you have to marry this guy, just go and have a good time.”  Luckily, I listened to my mom and went out that night. Nick and I hit it off right away and we planned for an official first date the following week. Sarah truly did find the perfect match!”

How did he pop the question?


“Nick proposed on May 8th, 2016 on the beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico. We were waiting for dinner reservations when we were approached by the resort photographer with a voucher for a free photo shoot with one free print. I didn’t think anything of it because the day prior we saw another couple taking pictures on the beach and throughout the resort. I thought it would be nice to have a professional picture from the vacation so we put dinner on hold and went with the photographer. We were taking pictures around the resort when the photographer recommended going down to the beach to take some final photos. While on the beach Nick got down on one and knee and proposed while the photographer captured it all. Little did I know, Nick had planned the photographer to approach us before dinner and then had organized a beautiful beach cabana, candle light dinner to celebrate. It was the most perfect day and we love having the pictures to relive it all.”

Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“I was definitely surprised! Nick and I had talked about getting married and had even looked at rings but I did not expect it so soon. He completely took me by surprise proposing on vacation, no wonder he was so stressed out while going through customs with the ring in his bags!”

Time to talk about our fave subject - the dress!

“My sister-in-law and best friends had all gone to Something Blue for their wedding dress and had amazing experiences. Something Blue was the first and only dress appointment I had made. I went in with the style of dress I wanted, but decided to try on a few other different styles to make sure the style I wanted was the one that made me look and feel my best. I had a few dresses narrowed down, but was confused about what color for the underlay. The girls at Something Blue were amazing and pulled other fabrics to show me what each color underlay would look like under my dress. Having the support of my mom and sister and the staff at Something Blue made dress buying such an amazing experience.”


Aw shucks! SO sweet!! How did Alyssa know her dress was "the one"?

“I was stuck between two dresses and kept trying them on. I was in one of the dresses and was walking around to see how I felt in it. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and imagined me walking down the aisle in this dress to Nick. I started crying which lead to my mom and sister crying and knew then that was THE dress!”

When the time came to plan her wedding, what was Alyssa’s favorite part of the planning process?

“I actually really enjoyed the entire wedding planning process; it got stressful at times, but was so much fun. I was extremely lucky and had a lot of help from our families and friends. We also had a two year engagement which helped us plan and save for the wedding we always wanted.” 

Her least favorite part is something we hear ALL. THE. TIME!

“The seating chart, which I don’t think anyone likes unless your numbers match up perfectly with the tables. You want all your guests to be happy and sit with family or friends but with the number s and tables it just doesn’t work out sometimes. I was lucky that my venue ended up having two extra tables that were larger so that we were able to fit for the tables that we had more people at, but it was still one of least favorite part of the wedding planning process.”

What about Alyssa’s favorite moment from her big day?

“Our vows were my favorite part of the wedding. It was such a special moment when we became husband and wife in front of all of our loved ones.”

Looking back, what’s their biggest takeaway from planning the wedding?

“Be organized! I feel that staying organized is the biggest thing that helped me stay less stressed during the whole wedding planning process. I kept a binder that had all of my contracts with my vendors, my vendor contact information, and my receipts for everything that I made a payment for. I also had a planner that I kept with my binder to keep track of all my meetings and appointments. It definitely kept me on track with wedding planning and helped alleviate some stress!”

Any final advice for future brides?

“Enjoy it!! I made sure I took time at the wedding before dinner to just sit there with my husband and look around the room to just enjoy the moment. The wedding planning, engagement, and wedding planning goes by so fast and it’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of it all.”

Thank you, Alyssa and Nick, for sharing your gorgeous wedding day with us! Check out more of their stunning pictures by Trysh Jaeger Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Kerry

K E R R Y + B Y R O N

{July 14th, 2018}

 {Photos by: George Street Photo}

{Photos by: George Street Photo}

Our brides are so dang pretty we can’t handle it!!

We’re so excited to be sharing Kerry’s wedding with you!

For her big day, Kerry chose a stunning Allure Couture fitted gown and added some Sara Gabriel earrings to complete her look.

After getting ready with her girls, Kerry also had a chance to give her dad a sneak peek of her gorgeous dress!

{Photos by: George Street Photo}

There is nothing sweeter than a dad seeing his girl on her wedding day. Love!

For flowers, Kerry worked with {SBB preferred vendor} Sugarfield Flowers to create some of the most beautiful bouquets we have seen! Kris is so amazing at her job - her flowers never disappoint!

 {Photos by: George Street Photo}

{Photos by: George Street Photo}

Kerry married her husband Byron at Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church in Merrillville.

The altar was decorated with beautiful floral arrangements that matched the bouquets.

{Photos by: George Street Photo}

After the “I Do’s”, guests headed to County Line Orchard for the most perfect barn reception ever!

String lights, candles, DONUTS…how can you go wrong??

{Photos by: George Street Photo}

So pretty! We love the flip flops so guests could get down on the dance floor without killing their feet!

Let’s rewind the clock a bit! How did Kerry and Byron meet?

“We met through mutual friends in Chicago. Things got kicked off at a concert and the rest was history.”

How did he pop the question?


“On July 1, 2017, I was proposed to on the roof of Byron’s apartment building. He had just moved in that day and we were about to go out to dinner with his cousin and her husband, or so I thought. Byron suggested we go to the roof for a quick cocktail before dinner. It was uncomfortably windy, so I went downstairs to change clothes since I had a dress on. He was unusually concerned by this and and showed extra interest into what outfit I was changing into. I was confused as to why yoga pants were out of the question. We headed back upstairs and he asked a stranger on the roof to take a picture of us in front of the skyline. It was then that he pulled out the ring, got on one knee, and proposed. The strangers turned out to be his work friends from out of town, and they got the best pictures of our engagement! After that, he took me to our favorite restaurant where all of our friends and family were gathered for a surprise party.”

SO cute! Did she see it coming?

“Total surprise. I thought it would happen by the end of 2017 but had no idea that day.”

Let’s talk dresses! I asked Kerry to tell us all about her dress shopping experience!

“I went to SBB last August soon after the engagement for an Allure trunk show, just to get a look at the different styles of dresses.  I had no intention on trying any dresses on, let alone buying one that day. I tried on about 10-15 dresses and was getting a little tired/frustrated and was ready to make a second appointment. One dress in particular hanging on the trunk show rack kept catching my eye, and I was encouraged to try it on. When I put it on, I knew right away that it was different than the rest.”

What made it different?

“It had every characteristic of the previous dresses I had liked in one. I would like the top, not the bottom, the neckline not the train, the style not the material, etc. This one had it all.  I knew it was special when I tried it on, and the feeling was solidified when I walked out of the dressing room and saw the reaction of my mom and aunt.”  

When it came to planning their big day, what was the best part of the whole process?

“Byron and I took a Saturday and looked at multiple venues around the Region.  It was so much fun envisioning our reception filled with friends and family at all of the venues we visited. After a few hours we had a few venues on our short list, but the moment we walked into County Line Orchard, we knew that’s where we wanted our reception.”

So the finding the venue was fun, but what was their least favorite part of planning?

“Waiting on response cards. It is fun getting all of the responses, but the hard part is waiting for final numbers. There are a handful of tasks we could not do until we had our final count, and a lot of vendors require that number before they can complete their work.”

Fast forward to the big day. What was Kerry’s favorite part of her wedding?

“Walking down the aisle with my Dad, seeing all of our closest family and friends in one place to celebrate us, and looking down at the aisle at my soon to be husband. The moment was perfect.”

Looking back, what is Kerry’s biggest takeaway from the whole wedding planning process?

“Starting early is the best choice that I made when planning the wedding. I am very detail oriented and needed a good amount of time to make sure everything was planned and carried out how I envisioned.”

Any final advice for other SBB brides currently planning their wedding?

“I will be the first to say that I am a bit of a control freak and like things done in a certain way, but what I learned was, don’t be afraid to ask people for help, especially with small tasks. The small things really add up, and can result in extra time and stress spent during the final weeks before the big day. I found that so many family members and friends were not only willing, but happy to help, and it made all the difference.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us! Check out more of their gorgeous pictures from George Street Photo in the gallery below!