{SBB Bride of the Week} Jessica

J E S S I C A + E R I C

{October 14th, 2018}

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

Hi, our brides are the most gorgeous ever!

Introducing Jessica!

Doesn’t she look absolutely STUNNING in her long- - like sleeved Allure ballgown, complete with a J. Picone belt, Badgley Mischa’s flats and Edward Berger veil??

Yes, the answer is yes.

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

Before the craziness of the wedding day set in, Jessica wanted to spend some time with the love of her life, Eric.

This is the moment Eric got to see his beautiful bride for the first time…

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

The lovebirds were married on a gorgeous October day at Public Landing Restaurant in Lockport.

This venue is a great option for couples looking to get married and hold their reception at the same place!

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

After the ceremony, guests walked to the reception room where they were greeted by a warm, rustic vibe and one seriously pretty cake!

Jessica made almost all of the decor herself (and with some help from family - like her mother in law, Holly, who arranged all of the flowers)!

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

Alright, y’all know the drill!

Let’s find out more about the newlyweds before their big day arrived!

Jessica and Eric first met when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend!

I’ll let Jessica fill you in on the proposal..

“Eric took me on a Caribbean cruise for my birthday. After a nice romantic dinner, Eric proposed on the balcony of our room while we were in the middle of the ocean.”

Was it a surprise or did she see it was coming?

 “Eric took me to look at rings 2 months into dating! I did not know he purchased the ring the next day.”

How did Jessica find her dream dress?

 “Something Blue was amazing at finding my perfect dress. I had an idea what I wanted but tried on tons of dresses to make sure. When trying on dresses, I only brought my mom.  When I tried on my dress we looked at each other and started crying.  At that point I knew it was the one.”

Lets talk wedding planning! What were Jessica’s favorite {and not so favorite} part of the whole process?

 “I enjoyed putting all my ideas together to create the look that I wanted. From pinning things on Pinterest, doing crafts to make centerpieces and making all my visions become a reality. My least favorite part of planning was trying to accommodate for everyone."

Once the big day had arrived, Jessica’s favorite moment was walking down the aisle..

 “I was able to soak in the moment, see everyone's reaction, and feel all the love! It was truly a special moment! Our photographers captured our walk back down as husband and wife AMAZING!!”

Finally, any advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

 “Get as much done while you can. Life happens, things come up, distractions are real!  I wish I would have been more proactive right when we got engaged, booked everything in the beginning, while we were still freshly excited. There was so much I could have done NOT so last minute.

Remember that it is YOUR day. You will not make everyone happy, and don't try to. We had so many opinions, bad vibes, and mean comments. You cannot explain why you make every decision, and you do not need to.  Everything from not having kids at the wedding, having a small wedding, not inviting but 10 people to my bachelorette party, not having plus ones, and having a small engagement party was ALL a problem. People who are not happy for you will show true colors during planning! Be happy, support each other, and have fun!!”

Congratulations, Jessica and Eric!! We are so so happy for you both!

Check out more of their beautiful wedding pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Morgan

M O R G A N + A A R O N

{August 25th, 2018}

{Photo by: JL Media}

{Photo by: JL Media}

Hello Beautiful!

Meet our stunning bride, Morgan!

She chose a gorgeous beaded Mon Cheri gown for her big barn wedding and we are in LOVE!

We’re also in love with her reaction to the letter she received from her soon-to-be hubby as she got ready….

{Photos by: JL Media}

Morgan worked with Marco Alexzondra Floral & Events to create stunning bouquets {and other arrangements} for her and her bridesmaids!

Y’all already know our love for succulents and greenery everything!

{Photos by: JL Media}

{Photos by: JL Media}

Morgan and her new husband Aaron were married at Blissful Barn in Three Oaks, Michigan.

This venue, you guys! It’s so so pretty!

They were lucky to have a sunny, summer day so they could take advantage of the beautiful ceremony spot, which was decorated with more gorgeous flowers.

{Photos by: JL Media}

After the ceremony, guests moved inside the gorgeous barn that was decorated with more flowers, drapery and beautiful chandeliers.

The newlyweds even had their own bottles of ranch dressing waiting for them at the head table {ranch lovers for life}!

{Photos by: JL Media}

Let’s find out more about the newlyweds!

Morgan was sweet enough to answer all of my questions - including how they met…

“Aaron and I met in college. We had a class together at different times and I switched my final exam time to take it earlier in the day and it was during his class period. We chatted on social media for about 8 months before he finally asked me out.”

How did he pop the question?

“We had taken a weeks’ vacation to Tennessee and stayed in a cabin in Pigeon Forge. After cooking a steak dinner and eating on the porch of our secluded cabin, Aaron brought out my favorite pie and during dessert, he got on one knee and pulled out the ring.”

Diamonds and dessert…couldn’t have been more perfect! Was Morgan surprised?

“It was a total surprise! I unpacked all of Aaron’s bags because he just throws his clothes in there. I washed everything, folded, and repacked the entire bag. We still do not know how I didn’t find the ring!”

Clearly he had a great hiding spot!

Let’s move on to our fave subject - wedding dress shopping!

“Something Blue was the first place I went to. Immediately they made me feel like I was the most important person in the room and I loved having the clothespins to clip to dresses and to give to my family that came shopping with me. I tried on about 30 dresses and thought I had found THE DRESS. I had a couple more appointments at other stores, so I wanted to check those out first. When I walked into those stores, I was not treated quite as well. I will say no one has customer service like Something Blue. A few weeks later I came back to try my dress on one more time to make sure it was the dress. As we were walking out, another dress caught my moms’ eye and she begged me to try it on. I was reluctant because I thought I had found my dress. Once I tried it on, we all knew that this new one was THE DRESS.”

How did she know??

“When I was comparing the dresses I had picked out, it honestly came down to the glam. I love sparkles and bling and the dress I picked out had more on it than the other and the shoulders in specific were so unique I just had to have it."

Moving onto wedding planning, what was Morgan’s favorite part?

“I loved trying the food! Our caterers held an open tasting that we were able to come to and try all their food. It was bottomless! We got to eat to our desire and it was very helpful in picking foods I wanted.”

What about her least favorite part?

“The guest list and seating chart. It is so hard to decide who to invite especially when you are in a small venue and truly do not have room to invite all your loved ones.”

When her wedding day finally arrived, Morgan’s favorite moment was her walk down the aisle…

“It was a chilly day, but I was warm all over. As many people that were staring at us, it really just felt like it was just me and Aaron and there is no moment that has ever felt as perfect.”

Any advice for other brides-to-be?

“Don’t stress the little things! Worrying about keeping everyone else happy or making sure they’re having a good time is absolutely NOT worth it. It is YOUR day! You only get one! We got behind on pictures before the reception started and people were trying to rush and I said that it was my day and they could wait on us until we were done getting pictures. And my pictures are all amazing. I got to dance at my wedding and laugh with my friends. We didn’t get to greet everyone and that’s okay! As long as you have fun on your day, that is all that matters.

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy being engaged. Planning a wedding with your soul mate can be such a fun experience but it also goes by so fast. Enjoy every minute of every day. “

 We love that! Thank you SO much, Morgan and Aaron, for sharing your beautiful wedding with us!!

Be sure to check out more of their gorgeous pics in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Anna

A N N A + A N D R E W

{September 29th, 2018}

{Photo by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

{Photo by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

Introducing our gorgeous bride Anna!

She chose a classic, fitted Allure gown for her September wedding and looked AMAZING!

{Photos by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

For her flowers, Anna worked with Rubia Flower Market in West Lafayette to create these stunning bouquets! The colors are so perfect!

{Photo by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

{Photo by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

Anna married her husband Andrew at St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Purdue’s campus.

Getting married on campus was important to the newlyweds, who fell in love while attending school there.

{Photos by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

The reception was held at Purdue’s Ross Ade Pavilion at Shively Hall.

They used books, candles and flowers for the centerpieces.

Guests were treated to some yummy cake, cupcakes and even a popcorn bar!

{Photos by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

Considering their wedding was held at Purdue, I’m sure you can guess how Anna and Andrew’s love story began…

“We met through mutual friends the beginning of our sophomore year of college at Purdue. We had a class in the same building and would see each other every so often. Between hanging out in the same friend group on the weekends, and helping each other with homework during the weekdays, we started to become really good friends.

After sophomore year ended, Andrew took me out for ice cream, and a few movie dates later, Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend!”

After dating for awhile, Andrew decided to ask Anna to be something much more than his girlfriend.

“Andrew asked if I wanted to go for a morning hike to watch the sunrise. We went to Theodore Wirth Park, a local regional park in Minnesota. We moved to Minnesota together right after college. We both really like nature/hiking so almost every weekend we made a goal to hike/explore a park in Minnesota, so when Andrew suggested we go for a sunrise hike it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. The park has a little pond with a nice walking path wrapping around it, and as the sun began to rise, Andrew asked me if I wanted to walk out onto a pier to watch the sun rise over the trees.

As the sun began to rise, he asked if I wanted to take a snapchat together. He opened up Snapchat and took a picture of us both. He asked me to check out what kind of filters there were, and as I swiped across the screen, I saw one that said "Anna, will you marry me?".

I looked over at Andrew, and he knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him!”

SO cute! Was Anna expecting it?

“I knew we would eventually get engaged and sometime in the near future, but had no idea when. We didn't even go ring shopping together or anything along those lines. We just had a few conversations of about what time of year we'd like to get married in and other conversations like that, so I was very surprised when he proposed!”

I asked Anna to tell us all about her finding her dream gown…

“I went shopping for my dress with my twin sister, mom, grandma, and godmother/aunt. We went to another dress place and tried on about 4 dresses. I had an idea in my mind of style I thought I wanted. I walked in and said "I picture myself in something not strapless, little bit of lace, and not a mermaid or mermaid type of dress". I tried on a few pretty dresses, found the type of veil I wanted (cathedral mantilla veil) and continued to Something Blue for further dress shopping. I tried on a few of the dresses I thought I wanted and they were all pretty, but not something I loved. My twin, Angela, pulled a dress and asked if I wanted to try it on for something different. Basically it was everything I said I wasn't looking for (strapless, no lace, and trumpet style, but I'm always willing to try on anything!). I tried the dress on last, and when I walked out Angela gasped and everyone was teary eyed , and when I stepped up in front of the mirror I said "I feel like a Barbie... this is the one"! I tried a mantilla cathedral veil and the veil looked perfect with the simple , elegant, and classic look of the dress and the two perfectly complimenting each other was when we knew this was for sure the one!”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What was the best part of planning for Anna?

“I loved planning the little details...picking our songs for the DJ, putting together our website, brainstorming centerpieces, refurbishing my late grandparents' cake topper from their wedding for our cake topper. Andrew was also a huge help with decisions, decorations, etc. and doing the planning together was fun for us both to take part in together and to really shape the wedding into something that reflected the both of us.”

Was there anything about planning she didn’t like?

“Figuring out the seating chart. Our wedding was a little over 200 people, so it was something that we thought wouldn't take a while but took longer than we thought.”

Its always the seating chart! What was Anna’s fave moment from her big day?

“When Andrew and I walked into the reception hall together as Mr. and Mrs., and seeing so many of our loved ones who had made it to the celebration of our marriage was such a special moment!”

Anna has some great advice for brides currently planning their own wedding!

“Making a lot of lists was beyond helpful, and sharing a google spreadsheet with your significant other to help with collaboration.

Spend your time and energy in things for the wedding that are important to you and your significant other. By focusing on those things that are important to you both, your wedding will feel much more of something that reflects the both of you and the journey you've made. Also, don't be afraid to break traditions and do things that you love to do. Traditions are wonderful and incorporating ones that are meaningful to you are great, but also making new traditions and going outside of the ordinary can make it that much more special when it comes to the day of.”

Congratulations, Anna and Andrew!!! Wishing you lots of love and happiness in your future together! Check out more of their beautiful wedding pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Danielle

D A N I E L L E + T Y L E R

{May 19th, 2018}

{Photo by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

{Photo by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

Introducing our BEAUTIFUL bride Danielle!

For her May wedding, Danielle chose a gorgeous Stella York gown with an illusion bodice and sparkling lace details…

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

For her flowers, Danielle took matters into her own hands and created all of the arrangements herself!

They turned out great and perfectly matched the whole aesthetic of her wedding!

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

Before heading to the ceremony, Danielle wanted to share a first look with her two favorite guys - dad and her soon-to-be hubby, Tyler.

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

Danielle and Tyler were married at Casa Marie Hall in Dyer.

Since their whole wedding was held in one space, the newlyweds added a decorated arch to help separate the ceremony from the reception.

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

The reception was decorated beautifully, with Danielle making almost everything herself!

We love the special touches like the typewriter and seating chart!

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

Such a pretty wedding!

Let’s get to know Danielle and Tyler a little better…

“We met the summer before college through mutual friends. We actually didn't talk that much when we first met. Two years later, he ended up messaging me online and asked me on our first date.”

How did he propose?

“We were hiking at Great Falls Park in Virginia. We took a break and walked off the path to sit and watch the water. I kept asking if we could get up and keep walking but Tyler kept saying no...He waited for this woman sitting by us to leave and then he got down on one knee, gave his speech and I said yes!”

Was it a surprise or did Danielle know it was coming?

“I knew it was coming soon because we had picked out a ring.”

Ok, let’s talk wedding gowns!

“My dress buying experience was great! My grandma, best friend/MOH, and mother in law went around Something Blue and grabbed a bunch of dresses for me to try on. I don't know if I even picked any of them out on my own! I tried all of them on and found my perfect dress in my first and only dress-shopping appointment.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“It just felt right. The style I thought I wanted didn't end up being right for me at all. Once I got it down to three dresses I knew it was the one. Seeing everyone's reactions when I had it on was a giveaway also. It was the first one that made me actually feel like a bride.”

When it came to wedding planning, Danielle was all about the decor!

“I loved planning the details and decorations. I made my centerpieces and flower arrangements on my own. My mother-in-law helped out with a lot of it also. Making a song list for the night was a lot of fun, too. I knew what songs I wanted and what would keep the dance floor going.”

But she still had a hiccup or two along the way..

“Planning from a distance was difficult. I live in Kokomo, so trying to talk with vendors and everything was a challenge. It worked out where I found a lot of people I could email and text with.”


When the big day finally arrived, Danielle’s favorite moments came during the reception…

“My favorite part of the day was my first dance with my dad and my first dance with Tyler. Dancing with Tyler to our song was just an amazing and intimate moment.

I was also able to talk with my brother on skype during dinner. He lives in Vietnam and wasn't able to travel for the wedding so it was awesome to see him even for a minute.”

Any advice for brides who are currently planning their own wedding?

“Definitely start early. I tried to do as much as I could as soon as I could to cut down on stress close to the big day. Definitely don't stress too much because it will all work out. I tried to convince myself that all we really needed was good music and for everyone to show up.

Make sure you have the important stuff. Don't stress about the extra things. 

It is what everyone says, but really the big day goes by SO fast. Try to enjoy, remember, and take in as much as you possibly can. It flies. I took photos with my polaroid camera while we were getting ready and had my bridesmaids take some at the reception so I could have my own captured moments. Don't stress about anything little on your day. All that matters is you and your groom and celebrating your love.”

Wise words!! Congratulations, Danielle and Tyler!! Thank you so much for letting us share your beautiful wedding day! Check out more of their gorgeous pictures by Alicia Marie’s Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Amanda

A M A N D A + B R A D Y

{August 11th, 2018}

{Photos by: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography}

{Photos by: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography}

OK girl, get it!

Meet our beautiful bride, Amanda!

Amanda is so sweet and we loved working with her!

For her summer wedding she chose a fitted Stella York gown with a ruffle bottom and she was an absolute knockout!

Before walking down the aisle, Amanda got ready with her favorite girls {including one adorable flower girl}!

{Photos by: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography}

Before saying “I Do”, Amanda wanted to have some time with her future husband.

Here’s the moment Brady finally got to see his bride…

{Photos by: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography}

They are so darn cute!
Amanda and Brady were married at the Jasper County Fairgrounds.

The backdrop was nothing but wide open spaces. In other words, perfection..

{Photos by: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography}

After the ceremony guests stayed at the fairgrounds for the reception!

Beautiful flowers from Forget Me Not Floral, cake and other goodies decorated the space.

At the end of the night, Amanda and Brady left in style with their sparkler send off!

{Photos by: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography}


Amanda and Brady met in elementary school..

“We met in the 5th grade. We dated for a little bit, broke up until senior year and have been together ever since. 7 1/2 years going strong.”

Just wait until you hear how Brady popped the question!

“I was proposed to at my sister’s wedding during the bouquet toss. My whole family had it planned out and it was amazing! I was in total shock!

I had no idea he was going to propose, I knew we would get married at some point I just never knew when!”

Her sister, another SBB bride, came up with that plan! How sweet is that?!

OK, let’s talk dresses…

“My dress buying experience was amazing! I took my mom, sister, brother and a friend from work! I had them all pick out dresses they wanted me to try on. The dress I ended up getting was a last moment from my sister "wait look at this one really fast" I saw it, tried it on first, and that’s the one I bought!

I knew it was the one because it was different when I put it on I instantly said i loved it! I was smiling from ear to ear!”

What did Amanda love about the wedding planning process?

“I have been in 5 weddings and it was just nice to take advice from friends and family and make my wedding my own. Simple and elegant.”

{Photo by: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography}

{Photo by: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography}

What was her favorite moment from the wedding?

“My favorite was our sparkler send off! It was just so great to be able to see everyone with the pretty lights celebrating mine and my new husbands lives together!”

Any advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“My mind set was "everything happens for a reason" I went in with such a stress free mind and everything went absolutely perfect! I honestly couldn't of asked for a better day!

The best advice is to NOT STRESS!!! Your day will end up just as amazing as you want it to be. The day is gone with a blink of an eye! A great friend told me, while you sit and eat your dinner you and your new life partner take a moment to look around the reception and just appreciate all the love and support you have around you! It's an amazing feeling!”

Congratulations, Amanda and Brady! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding with us! Check out more of their gorgeous pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Stephanie

S T E P H A N I E + D A N

{May 5th, 2018}

{Photo by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

{Photo by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Introducing our oh so beautiful bride, Stephanie!

Stephanie chose a super gorgeous Essense of Australia gown for her May wedding!

With it’s illusion bodice and gorgeous bead work, she looked absolutely stunning on her big day!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

For her flowers, Stephanie worked with Lake Effect Florals Design Studio, who never disappoints!

Her bouquets and arrangements were perfect for her spring wedding!

{Photo by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

{Photo by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Stephanie and her new hubby Dan had their big day at the Allure in La Porte.

They were married in the venue’s beautiful ceremony room, which was decorated with lots of flowers for the occasion.

During the ceremony, Stephanie and Dan planted a flower and watered it to symbolize their love.

We think this idea is so cute!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

The wonderful thing about the Allure is that everything is in one building!

The reception space is already gorgeous, but throw in the newlywed’s beautiful decor and it was a knock out!

Stephanie and Dan made sure their guests satisfied their sweet tooth with wedding cake, a donut wall plus cupcakes!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Ok, we’ve seen the wedding. Let’s get to know the couple!

       How did they meet?

“We both work for the City of Valparaiso but in different departments.  We can’t narrow down to when we exactly met, but our paths crossed through work, fundraising, and volunteer events.”

      How did Dan propose? 

“Both of us enjoy going to Chicago and had planned a fun-filled weekend up there around our crazy work schedules.  Since it was December (2016), we wanted to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights, see the decorated windows at Macy’s, enjoy some nice meals downtown, go to a show at one of the comedy clubs, and see the tree in Millennium Park.  We got a heavy snow that day and it was absolutely freezing, but we bundled up extra warm and set out on our way.  The snowfall just added to everything feeling more magical for the season!  I definitely wasn’t expecting the proposal, even though I was hoping for it for months.  He proposed in front of the huge Christmas Tree at Millennium Park.  Thankfully there was a group of people switching off taking pictures, and he asked that I hold the spot for our turn; while I was a mere 10 feet away, he was secretly telling them his plan, with me completely oblivious.  The pictures were perfect; shocked face, the yes moment, and all!  Thanks friendly strangers!”

       Was it a surprise??

“The moment itself was a surprise, but we had talked marriage and looked at rings a while back.  We actually went looking at rings for a second time; it ends up that he already had one custom made because he knew my style and took my career into consideration.  So sneaky making me think it was much further out!” 

   Smart man!

What was Stephanie’s favorite part of planning her wedding?

“My favorite part was seeing everything coming together in the whole look and feel of the day; especially the day of the wedding.  So much planning goes into it, and there are options-galore (especially with Pinterest and many other online and magazine ideas).  It’s nice when you finally find a look that you BOTH like, find a vendor or other way to make it happen, and then see it come to fruition!” 

      What about her least favorite part?

“Planning is overwhelming sometimes.  Options are a great thing, but it can also get confusing.  Plus a lot of people feel the need to chime in their opinions as to how they THINK your day should go or what you should do. Ultimately, do what’s right for you as a couple and what will make you happy; after all, it should be about the couple’s expression and not reflect anyone else’s.”

Fast forward to the wedding day! What was Stephanie’s favorite moment?

“It was a phenomenal day, so it’s hard to choose one favorite.  I really enjoyed the ceremony.  We wrote our own vows and said them in front of God, our friends, and family.  The room was full, but it felt very intimate because we really just focused on each other.  The reception was a blast too, with a lot of funny moments, but one of the neatest was running through a tunnel of glow wands that we gave to each guest as one of the wedding favors.”

Now that it’s all said and done, what’s her biggest takeaway from the whole planning process? 

“Start planning and reserving every vendor that you’ve had your eye on ASAP!  Engagement periods seem to last much longer than they used to in order to accommodate saving up and paying for the big day.  Therefore, some of the vendors/locations were booked 2 years out already; and the great ones get scooped up quickly!  Disregard some of the generic timelines that you find online or in magazines; it’s simply a guide to help you organize, but if you know what you want, go ahead and book it with a deposit so they know you’re serious about getting on their calendar.”

     Any final advice for our brides??

“First, you can plan all you want, but there seems to always be a hiccup the day of.  Don’t let it ruin your day or get under your skin too much.  Many of the meticulous details wouldn’t even be known by your guests, just you.  The ultimate goal is to get married to your favorite person.  As long as that happens, don’t freak out about the minor stuff.  Second, you always hear people tell you that the day goes by so fast and to enjoy every minute…great, how do you do that other than to tell yourself?  Dan’s best man Corey had some great advice that was passed on to him on his wedding day; take a moment just the 2 of you to try and watch the reception from afar for a couple minutes (balcony, far door, etc).  Watch your families and friends laughing, dancing like wild people on the dance floor, having conversation with others at a table, kids chasing each other; soak in those memories when you’re not in the midst of the chaos, and smile…you made it!”

Congratulations, Stephanie and Dan!! We are so happy for you guys and can’t thank you enough for letting us share your special day!

Check out more pictures from their beautiful wedding in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Megan

M E G A N + M I C H A E L

{October 8th, 2018}

{Photo by: Quetzal Photo}

{Photo by: Quetzal Photo}

You guys, we can’t say enough good things about this beautiful bride!

Megan was so much fun to work with! She ROCKED her Wilderly by Allure gown for her October wedding in Mexico!

Gorgeous lace details with a deep illusion neckline and cut outs? Yes please!

After getting ready with her girls, Megan took a minute to show off her beautiful gown to her dad as well as give him a special gift…

{Photos by: Quetzal Photo}

Megan and her new hubby Michael surprised their guests with goody bags to welcome them to Mexico!

Included were drink tumblers, koozies, sun block and an itinerary for the trip!

{Photo by: Quetzal Photo}

{Photo by: Quetzal Photo}

Megan and Michael were married at The Royalton Riviera Cancun.

The backdrop could not have been more beautiful or perfect!

We can’t get enough of the way these two look at each other throughout the ceremony.

You can really see just how much they love and adore one another!

{Photos by: Quetzal Photo}

After the ceremony, everyone headed to the Agave restaurant at the resort.

There they enjoyed dinner, drinks and lots of dancing!

They kept decor simple but beautiful. We love the restaurant’s hanging lanterns!

{Photos by: Quetzal Photo}

Before we can move on we have to share with you some of the best groomsmen pics we have ever seen.

Seriously, someone call GQ immediately!

{Photos by: Quetzal Photo}

I can’t get enough of them.

Before we go, let’s get to know Megan and Michael better!

How’d they meet, anyway?

“We met at The Lighthouse Restaurant where we both worked.”

How did Michael pop the question?

“It was super low key in our kitchen but it was perfect. I have never been a big production kind of girl. We had just bought our first home together, and I was actually quite “hangry” because I had been on the road all day from work and starving, I was making a quick dinner on the stove, and he began talking about when we should celebrate our anniversary (we’ve never really had one), the next thing I know he has a ring in his hand and he says we should celebrate it when we get engaged.”

Stop it! Sometimes the best proposals are at home and simple. Was it a surprise?

“I was totally shocked and had no clue. Apparently, our entire family knew it was coming. The ring he picked out entirely on his own and it’s perfect!”

Let’s talk dresses! How did Megan know her gorgeous gown was the one?

“I had tried on a bunch of styles that I thought I would love because they looked great on the pinterest boards. But once I got them on, a lot of them were just really heavy or I just wasn’t loving them like I thought. I was trying to keep in mind that I was going to be in Mexico on the beach. Shannon picked this Wilderly line by Allure and I loved how comfortable and yet stunning they were. I kept coming back to “The One” based on how good I felt in it. It felt beachy but still formal.”

What was their favorite {and not so favorite} part of the planning process?

“Deciding which venue was definitely my favorite. We flew down to Mexico with my best friend (and travel agent), Jessica, and she lined up a day of site tours of different resorts. We stayed at the Royalton which ended up being our favorite, but it was really fun to travel to different resorts. They all had a different vibe that you just can’t feel from looking at them online.

The most stressful part was probably just navigating the etiquette of destinations weddings. We had never attended a destination wedding let alone planned one, so creating the guest list and managing RSVPs was a little difficult for us. We definitely couldn’t have pulled it off without our travel agent.”

Let’s move on to the big day! What was Megan’s favorite moment??

“This is tough, there were SO many. But walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Michael at the end was so emotional for me. (We didn’t do a first look) My dad and I are so close, and he kept telling me to “slow down.” Apparently, I was in a rush. But I am glad he helped slow me down and take it all in. Seeing everyone’s faces that were there, (unplugged ceremony, highly recommend) it was so incredible to feel that love and support from everyone.”

Now that the newlyweds are back in the states and the tequila has worn off, Megan has great advice for current brides-to-be…

“Be considerate of other’s feelings but also remember the day is about you and your partner. If you focus on trying to please everyone, you will exhaust yourself.

My best advice is just to determine what is important to you. For us, it was great music so everyone would dance and great pictures because when the party is over, that’s what you have left to remember it by. We didn’t really stress about the small details. Just determine what is most important to you, and know whatever what you decide, it’s going to be the BEST day.”

Thank you SO much Megan and Michael for sharing your beautiful day with us! We are so happy for you guys and wish you nothing but love as you start your new adventure as a married couple!

Want even more? Check out pictures from their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Elizabeth

E L I Z A B E T H + B R I A N

{October 5th, 2018}

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

We are so happy to introduce you to Elizabeth!

She chose a beautiful satin Essense of Australia gown for her October wedding!

With it’s keyhole back and embellished details, it’s easy to see why she said yes to this dress!

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

With the help of her mom and sisters, Elizabeth arranged all of her own flowers for her big day!

They turned out so gorgeous!

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

Elizabeth married her husband, Brian, at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont, IL.

During the ceremony the couple filled a wine box with letters to each other and a bottle of wine. On their 1st anniversary they’ll open up the box and enjoy!

Brian’s best friend, a comedian, was the officiant and as you can tell from the pictures he had the couple laughing throughout the ceremony!

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

After the ceremony guests headed into the country club where they were greeted by beautiful blooms and rich colors.

A yummy cake and dessert bar were available as well some some dino-inspired favors!

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

Let’s get to know the Millers a little better!

How’d they meet?

“Work! He started a year after I did. We worked in the same department, but not on the same team. He’d tend to come visit to joke around or say “Hi”, but mainly to steal candy from my desk.”

Such a flirt! Soon their flirting turned to love. Brian decided the perfect time to pop the question was right after they bought their home…

“The day after we closed on our house, we went there to clean since it had been vacant for some time. We were arriving at the house later than expected, so I was in a rush to get in and get going. As soon as we pulled up, I hopped out of the car to go let us in the house and open the garage to unload. When he didn’t immediately follow, I went out to check on him and he was out of the car standing there empty handed… I started getting irritated and asked why he wasn’t unpacking the car.  He said “let’s go inside first so we can talk” and I replied with “oh no” and he laughed. We walked into the kitchen and he got down on one knee asked me to be his wife, and I, again, answered eloquently with “yea, duh”.”

Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“Mix of both... I knew it was coming eventually.  He told me he had gotten his grandma’s ring to reset, and I knew it had been ready for a few months. I thought it would happen when I was dressed up and prepared, like our anniversary or my birthday, but of course, instead, he chose the day I was in yoga pants, no makeup on and hair on top of my head.”

Once she was settled into the new house and the ring was on her finger, Elizabeth’s next order of business was dress shopping…

“I came to Something Blue with an entourage of important people – my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, mom, sister & close cousin. I had somewhat carried a vision in my mind of what I would like, but after everyone running around the store pinning 20 dresses, I had a whole variety to try on. It was great! I was able to easily view all of the different cuts and styles I’d seen on “Say Yes to the Dress” and rule out any that may have been a prior possibility.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I just felt very glamorous and beautiful. It just felt special so I knew it was the right pick.”

When it came to other aspects of wedding planning, what was Elizabeth’s favorite part?

“Planning out the décor and color scheme! I went to a lot of resale shops and had a lot of DIY projects that made it feel less cookie cutter and more personal and eclectic. The flowers we actually bought wholesale and arranged ourselves which was super fun but a little labor intensive.”

What about her least favorite part?

“Seating chart. This was the hardest thing to do. Trying to mix and match family and friends was a challenge and of course there is never an even number of guests.”

Finally it was wedding day! Elizabeth says one part of the day was hands down her favorite…

“Our ceremony. My husband’s best friend, who moonlights as a comedian and host, married us. He was hysterical but also thoughtful. I think I got the most compliments on our “amazing officiant”. Thank you to whatever online ministry that let him become ordained!”

That’s awesome! Now that its all said and done, is there any advice Elizabeth would give to other brides planning their own big day?

“You can plan for days, but things will fall through the cracks and that’s OK.  No one knows but you. I had a power point, spreadsheet and a wedding details guidebook that was distributed to all my vendors, and I still managed to forget this and that. It happens! 

Also hire a day of coordinator. Don’t just rely on your maid of honor or family member. It gets chaotic and everyone is busy and also trying to enjoy the day; it’s worth the money to have a third party step in. It will allow you a little more freedom to just soak in the day instead of worry about little details.” 

Congratulations, Elizabeth and Brian! Thank you for letting us share your beautiful wedding day! Check out more of their gorgeous pics by B. Adams Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Stephanie

S T E P H A N I E + J A K E

{September 22nd, 2018}

{Photo by: Kaula Marie Photography}

{Photo by: Kaula Marie Photography}

This bride, you guys! She is so beautiful inside and out!

We’re so excited to introduce you to Stephanie.

Stephanie chose the prettiest Essense of Australia gown and it looked SO amazing on her!

She spent the morning of her wedding getting ready with her closest family and friends, including some seriously cute flower girls…

{Photos by: Kaula Marie Photography}

Stephanie wanted to give gifts to a few very important people in her life: her nephew Connor, her mom and her dad.

All of their reactions are so sweet but we’d say Dad takes the cake!

{Photos by: Kaula Marie Photography}

For her gorgeous flowers {more of which you’ll see later at the reception}, Stephanie worked with Blossom Shoppe {an SBB preferred vendor!} to create some insanely beautiful bouquets and arrangements!

{Photo by: Kaula Marie Photography}

{Photo by: Kaula Marie Photography}

I meeeean, so pretty right?!

Stephanie grew up in Crown Point and married the love of her life, Jake, at First United Methodist Church right off the square.

As you can imagine, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful!

{Photos by: Kaula Marie Photography}

For the reception, guests headed to Aberdeen Manor in Valpo.

You already know this venue does it up between the suspended cake and snow fall during the first dance.

But it was Stephanie and Jake’s decor and personal touches that really made the venue shine.

The evening ended with a sparkler send off, because after a wedding this beautiful is there really any other way to go out??

{Photos by: Kaula Marie Photography}

SO pretty!! We can’t get over the color scheme! Perfection.

We’ve seen how beautiful their wedding is but let’s learn a little more about the newlyweds!

“Jake and I have known each other since we were in the 7th grade but never talked much. We saw each other out one night 3 years ago with some mutual friends and started catching up & hit it off from there!”

When he was ready to propose, Jake made sure to include the people who mean most to them..

“Jake proposed to me with both of our families present the day before my birthday. We went out for a nice dinner & I came home  to “our song” playing, candles lit everywhere and rose petals leading to my niece and nephew holding signs asking if i would marry Jake. My family & Jakes family were all there. I turned around and he was down on one knee.”

Was it a surprise??

“I had known Jake bought a ring... he’s not very good at hiding surprises lol! He was acting pretty weird at dinner and he was stalling a lot. I had thought maybe something was going on but was still overwhelmed when it actually happened.”

I asked Stephanie to tell us all about her dress shopping experience!

“I had only gone to Something Blue and one other salon before finding my dress. I think I tried on about 20ish dresses altogether. There was one in particular my mom & I really liked that was posted on Wedding Gown Wednesday that we kept looking at over and over. Colleen was awesome & was super patient with me bouncing in between 3 dresses that I really liked. But, I ended up with the one I saw online! 

I knew my dress was the one because it was everything I had wanted in one dress. I felt the most “bridal” and elegant in it.”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What was Stephanie’s most favorite and least favorite part of the whole process?

“My favorite part of the planning was definitely wedding dress shopping and bridesmaid dress shopping. Aberdeen also does a really fun day where you try alllll of their food...needless to say that was a pretty great day too. 

My least favorite part was probably planning the ceremony. There are so many tiny details that you have to make decisions on that you don’t even think about. At one point, I was ready to have everyone else just make the decisions for me!”

Now that the day has come and gone, Stephanie has some sound advice for brides currently planning their own wedding…

“Make sure that the bride doesn’t go last for hair and makeup! I made that mistake and we were rushed. Also, to make sure that you are actually dancing, enjoying the food or eating the cake at the reception. The bride (and groom) need to enjoy the party more than anyone & it’s important to make sure that you’re not running around or focused on mingling the whole time. 

I think the best advice is to make sure to remember to enjoy the moments even when they’re stressful. There are so many times during the day or during the planning where it’s easy to be just stressed about how everything is running and you can end up not really soaking anything in. You wait your whole life to plan your wedding and get married and it’s over in the blink of an eye. So make sure to stay present in every moment!”

Congratulations, Stephanie and Jake!! Thank you so much for letting us share your beautiful day, we wish you nothing but love and happiness! Be sure to check out more of their amazing pics from Kaula Marie Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Heather

H E A T H E R + N I K E

{August 18th, 2018}

{Photo by: Emily Christine Photography}

{Photo by: Emily Christine Photography}

I mean come on! How pretty is she?!

Meet our beautiful bride, Heather!

Heather chose a super gorgeous, unique lace gown from Allure’s Wilderly line. There are so many details we love about this dress - the lace, the color, the BACK! Ugh, so good.

A mom of 3 kiddos, Heather made sure her daughter Brynn and sons Cameron and Kai were also looking their best on the family’s big day!

{Photos by: Emily Christine Photography}

How sweet are those kids?? You know we squealed when we saw those little bow ties!

For her flowers, Heather worked with Brumm’s Bloomin’ Barn to create her super gorgeous bouquets.

Lots of green with pops of ivory looked absolutely perfect with Heather’s ivory-nude gown!

{Photo by: Emily Christine Photography}

{Photo by: Emily Christine Photography}

Heather married the love of her life at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Cedar Lake.

Their adorable children served as flower girl and ring bearer {x2!} and they couldn’t have been cuter if they tried!

{Photos by: Emily Christine Photography}

The reception was held upstairs at the Lighthouse.

This space is just so beautiful!

Heather and Nike had special touches throughout including a popcorn bar courtesy of Ladies Gourmet!

{Photos by: Emily Christine Photography}

So pretty! We love how light and bright the reception space is!

Heather and Nike’s love story began when they met through a mutual friend in high school.

But the best part is how Nike decided to pop the question…

“He proposed to me on a private plane ride over the City of Chicago during an evening when they had fireworks at Navy Pier!

It was definitely a surprise; I almost refused to go on the ride with him -- It was supposed to be a gift to his Dad for "fathers day" but his dad is a Hammond Police Detective and had gotten a 'call-out' and couldn't go. Nike convinced me by saying it was non refundable and they couldn't reschedule for a different day.”

Smooth! After saying yes to Nike it was time to say yes to the dress..

”My dress buying experience was honestly probably the easiest part of the entire planning process. I had walked into the store on a whim with one friend, without an appointment during a jewelry trunk show and everyone did their best to try to accommodate me trying on a few dresses wherever they could squeeze me in at. I tried on 2 dresses and instantly fell in love with the one I chose.

I had pictured myself in a 'simple' dress, definitely a little more form fitting yet still elegant. I saw a few dresses on Something Blue’s facebook page and had them in mind. I tried one on, liked it but it didn't have that "feeling". The minute I tried on the other, my best friend Sara's eyes lit up when she saw it and I immediately fell in love when I turned around in the mirror.”

How could you not? It’s so gorgeous! What was Heather’s favorite and least favorite part of planning her big day?

“My favorite part was by far deciding on decor and coordinating everything together.

My least favorite part was having to work on the seating chart -- I was overwhelmed with trying to please everyone and finding them a seat they'd be happy with!”

When the wedding finally arrived, what was the bride’s favorite moment from her special day?

“It was after our first dance. We did a dance and included our 3 children into it. It was the first dance as an official "family" and I truly enjoyed that!”

Now that she’s hitched, does Heather have any advice for current brides-to-be?

“Don’t stress the little things as much. Yes, some of the tiny details have the largest impacts, however some non-important elements take the most time and they end up really not mattering in the end.

Also make sure to soak up the day in its entirety. It goes by way too fast and the memories need to last a lifetime!”

Congratulations, Heather and Nike!! We so enjoyed getting an inside look at your beautiful wedding and sweet family! Check out more pictures from their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Kelly

K E L L Y + J P

{August 2nd, 2018}

{Photo by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

{Photo by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

We are so pleased to introduce you to our beautiful bride, Kelly!

Kelly was married on a gorgeous summer day in Wheaton, Illinois.

She chose a stunning WToo A-line gown for her big day. She even had extra lace added to make it all her own!

After getting ready with her girls {and getting her makeup done by the amazing Krissy V}, Kelly shared a first look with the first love of her life - Dad.

{Photos by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

Kelly had her flowers done by Jasmine Galleria and the end results were absolutely beautiful!

{Photos by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

{Photos by: Blu Tree Studios Photography}

Before walking down the aisle, Kelly wanted to share a special first look with her soon-to-be hubby, JP.

The happy couple also took the opportunity to read their vows to each other.

Blu Tree Studios Photography was there to capture the moment JP saw his gorgeous bride…

Kelly and JP were married at Danada House. They were blessed with the best weather for their big day!

As Kelly walked down the aisle it was hard to choose whose reaction to look at first, JP’s or the mother of the bride, who wiped away tears as she watched her daughter.