{SBB Bride of the Week} Alyssa

A L Y S S A + E D

{September 29th, 2018}

{Photos by: Sadie Lane Photography}

{Photos by: Sadie Lane Photography}

Isn’t she so beautiful?!

We are so happy yo introduce you to our gorgeous bride, Alyssa!

For her September wedding, Alyssa chose an Allure gown with long sleeves, a flowy skirt and some of the most unique lace we’ve seen!

{Photos by: Sadie Lane Photography}

For her flowers, Alyssa worked with Pioneer Florist to create her gorgeous arrangements!

She also worked with The FloraSmith to make paper dahlias so she could keep some of her flowers forever!

{Photos by: Sadie Lane Photography}

{Photos by: Sadie Lane Photography}

Alyssa married her hubby Ed at the Tippecanoe State Park and to say they made it their own is the understatement of the year!

{Photos by: Sadie Lane Photography}

The rugs!!! Seriously so in love!

Their reception was equally gorgeous with lots of string lights, flowers and beautiful decor!

{Photos by: Sadie Lane Photography}

I mean…..is that not SO FREAKING PRETTY?!

Now that we’ve seen Alyssa and Ed’s gorgeous wedding, let’s learn more about them as a couple!

How’d they meet?

“Ed and I met in high school. We parted ways after I graduated, and then I ran into him at Duffy’s bar one evening. We spent the whole night talking until the sun came up, and were inseparable from then on."

How did Ed pop the question??

“He proposed to me on Christmas. He had about 10 boxes for me to open from big to small. When I got down to the last box, there was a ring box. Inside was a gumball ring (he was being funny because I told him I didn’t care what kind of ring he got me, it could be a gumball ring, I just wanted to be married)! He then got down on one knee and asked if I would join him in a lifetime of shenanigans and torment!”

We hope she kept that gumball ring!

Was it a surprise or did Alyssa have a feeling it was about to go down?

“I totally knew it was coming. My mom asked me to try on her ring one day, and as soon as his family got out their phones to record me, I knew something was up. “

Y’all already know the next part - let’s talk wedding gown shopping!

“I absolutely loved my dress buying experience! I tried on at least 15, narrowed it down to 5, then 3, then I couldn’t stop myself from trying to same one on. My mom was surprised I chose so quickly without checking other dress stores, but I knew it was the one.

I felt comfortable and confident. I couldn’t stop trying it back on. Even to this day, I wish I could wear it again. It was just so flattering!”

Yep, that’s how you know!!

Moving on to wedding planning! What were Alyssa’s favorite and not so favorite parts of the process?

“My favorite part was watching everything come together. I had had all of these ideas in my mind for 9 months and to watch it just come together was a dream. It was more beautiful than I even imagined!

The least favorite part was buying flowers. They are SO expensive only for them to die so soon. And then my original choice of flower ended up dying so I was having to deal with finding new flowers to replace them a day before my wedding."

But they’re so pretty!!

What was Alyssa’s favorite moment from her big day?

“My favorite part was seeing the absolute joy on every single persons face. It’s one thing for us to be excited and joyous, but there was a moment when I looked around and everyone was so joyful and having such a good time!”

There is nothing better!

Alyssa has some great final advice for other brides planning their own wedding day…

“I got a wedding planner. My life is crazy busy and I knew I would not have been able to have the wedding I wanted without someone else to help and guide me. She helped find the cheapest possible outlets, and made sure I didn’t stress about a thing. I reserved my venue for an additional day before and after so I was in no way pressured to make sure things were decorated and cleaned up. 

Get a massage the day of the wedding!!! I swear, I was instantly turned into the most chill person. Nothing phased or bothered me. Little things went amiss and I didn’t care. My Maid of Honor actually passed out during my ceremony and I looked back, then looked back at my pastor haha I totally shrugged it off! She was so upset that I would be upset, but I was more concerned if she was okay or not. I’m chalking that up to the fact that I was so relaxed, that nothing could phase me. Plus, what’s the point in getting upset over little things on the happiest day of my life?!”

So true!! Congratulations Alyssa and Ed!! We wish you both a beautiful future together and can’t thank you enough for sharing your wedding with us!

You simply MUST check out more of their gorg wedding photos by Sadie Lane Photography in the gallery below!!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Anita

A N I T A + E R I C

{October 27th, 2018}

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

Introducing Anita!

Can we just take a moment to say how much we loved working with her??

For her big day, Anita chose a gorgeous fitted Allure Bridals gown, with unique lace and sparkle throughout!

It’s a showstopper, as you can see!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

Anita is Macedonian and has some seriously fun wedding traditions!

As she got ready for the day, her family, the groom and his family were outside having the time of their lives!

Traditionally, they barter for the bride to come out of her home.

They present the bride with her shoes and fill them with money so she may have a prosperous future.

Afterward, the groom leaves so the bride can exit the family home for her last time as a single woman.

Also because Anita deserved to have some fun too!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

The ceremony was held at Sts. Peter and Paul Macedonian Orthodox Church in Crown Point!

In Macedonian tradition, the engaged couple chooses another couple to be their godparents.

Anita’s godmother played a very big part in the ceremony.

As Anita and Eric circled the altar 3 times, she stood behind them and threw candy to indicate a sweet future together.

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

After the ceremony it was time to really get the party started!

The reception was held at the Croatian Center in Merrillville.

Guests definitely satisfied their sweet tooth - the centerpiece on every table was a tower of cupcakes and a popcorn bar was ready and waiting for everyone to dig in!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

The tradition didn’t stop at the ceremony.

During the reception, a roasted pig was presented by the groomsmen to the godfather, who paraded it around the room as guests made it rain cash! The pig was then served to the bridal party and family.

Then there’s the bread dance - which is literally people dancing with bread.

Here’s the backstory on this tradition: a loaf of bread made by Anita’s godmother is presented during the first regular dance of the evening. It symbolizes the two families coming together.

Guests pay to dance with the bread, which is then cut up and passed out to everyone!

At the end of the day, all of the money collected throughout the course of the wedding is given to the newlyweds!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

I mean how fun is that?!

Let’s learn a little more about the newlyweds! How did they meet?

“Eric and I met at Calumet Harley-Davidson. I was the girl who was selling t-shirts and he a customer. After a few times chit chatting, we realized we knew a lot of mutual friends. We would end up seeing each other throughout the region hangout spots. We would talk when we saw each other and always said hello, but it wasn’t until one day we started messaging on facebook….you know how every true love story starts….that we really got to know-know each other.   The rest is history!

Facebook is quite the matchmaker!

How did Eric propose?? 

“Last year, we were planning to celebrate Christmas with his side of the family a week early. We got up that day (Sunday) and I made breakfast. Just a normal Sunday morning and I was starting to wrap presents to take with us. He goes into our bedroom for a little while and comes out with a wrapped little box that was about ring box size….I FROZE! He left it on our TV stand and just went into the shower and doesn’t say anything other than don’t open it. After his shower he tells me to wear an ugly Christmas sweater and he was going to wear an ugly vest.

So fast forward several hours, dinner was finished up with the family. The kids had opened their gifts and we moved on to dessert. I get tapped on my shoulder. His nieces were all lined up behind me with their hands behind their backs asking me to pick a hand. The youngest niece Maddy came up and I had to pick a hand. I picked a hand and it was a pandora charm of a letter “M” for our last name McQueary. The second niece Katie was up. I picked a hand and it was the RING BOX from Jared, but inside the box was another pandora charm but this time it was an engagement ring charm. Now, the third and oldest niece Leah comes up to me. She asked me to pick a hand and when I did inside of her clenched hand was the RING! I instantly started to cry because I was waiting and waiting AND WAITING for the moment and it finally happened.” 

Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming? 

“I knew it was coming eventually but I just couldn’t pin point when or how. We had just moved into our new home and things were settling down, but every day I woke-up thinking “Is today going to be the day?”

He had some help and he knew exactly the style that I liked from the subtle hints I would drop him. We eventually ended up at a jewelry store together and looking at ideas, but we left that day empty handed.”

So sweet!!

Lets talk dress shopping!

“My dress buying experience was my favorite part of the entire wedding planning process. I just felt so relaxed. Everyone at SBB was so helpful and honest and most importantly, they listened to what I wanted. I knew when we got engaged that I was only going to shop at SBB. A lot of my friends and family members had shopped with SBB and I was so surprised that Sandy remembered me every time! She is absolutely the best!

I had put on so many dresses and they all looked good and cute. But when I slipped into my Allure 9471 (yes I have it memorized still) I felt BEAUTIFUL. I knew before even walking out of the dressing room it was the one. I always had a unique style and I felt like the dress just hit every point on my checklist of things that I wanted. I cried when I saw myself in it…but it’s a moment I will never forget.”

What was Anita’s favorite part of the planning process?

“The cake samples for sure. Haha I really did enjoy trying on all the dresses because who doesn’t love to play dress up, right?! I will say that the moment I met Trysh Jaegar at her studio was a big moment for me in the wedding planning process. Seriously SHE ROCKS. If it wasn’t for her, I swear I would have missed half the things I was supposed to do. We met on a few occasions and just chatted about everything. She really made me feel comfortable to talk about wants, concerns, needs, basically everything. I can’t recommend or thank her enough for everything she did above and beyond wedding photography.”

We love Trysh!!

What about her least favorite part?

“THE STRESS….We had set a date with my work schedule in mind knowing that every year in the fall my job requires a business planning for the following year. That usually is in September, so I figured no problem October 27th will work. Well go figure my luck…all the deadlines change to 3 days before the wedding! I honestly was a mess, but in the end everything was worth it.”

What was Anita’s favorite moment from her wedding?

“I am not sure that I have one favorite moment because the entire day was my favorite. I had a couple moments that I really loved. The moment I walked down the aisle and saw Eric for the first time I thought to myself, “FINALLY!” and I tried to not cry! Another moment that I can say hit me hard was during dinner. I sat there just looking out at the reception hall and taking in all our beautiful family and friends who came to celebrate us that day. I was moved to tears.”

Any final advice for future brides?

“Give yourself more time than a 10 month turn around on wedding planning!

Everything “Wedding” is expensive. I would tell brides to not be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box on ways to save money. I picked what was important to us and we spent more money there than in other areas of the process. I promise you no one will know! I will also recommend to future brides to greet guests as they enter your reception. This will save you time on going around the reception to thank everyone and it gets you more time on the dance floor.”

Congrats, Anita and Eric!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day and special traditions with us! Check out more pictures from their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Savanah

S A V A N A H + W Y A T T

{June 24th, 2018}

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

Meet our gorgeous bride, Savanah!

She is one of the sweetest brides we have ever worked with and was also the winner of our wedding gown giveaway!

For her June wedding, Savanah chose a beautiful Stella York dress that featured a full illusion top and flowing tulle skirt.

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

For her flowers, Savanah worked with Schultz Floral in Valparaiso to create sunny bouquets for the bridal party!

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

Savanah and her new hubby Wyatt were married at Taltree Arboretum {now Gabis Arboretum} in Valpo.

They were so lucky to have such gorgeous weather on their wedding day!

The couple’s dog was also included and stood up in the ceremony - SO cute!

One more highlight - they had a sign asking guests to please keep their cameras and phones away. We call this an unplugged ceremony and HIGHLY recommend it!

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

For the reception, guests headed to William E. Urschel Pavilion in the heart of downtown Valpo.

I mean, how cool is this venue for a summer wedding?!

Cronies Bar and Grill provided catering and Savanah’s good friend and chef provided the cake!

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

Such a gorgeous setting!

How did Savanah and Wyatt first meet?

“We met in Florida, my cousin asked me to hang out with his friends while they played Dungeon and Dragons. Since I just moved to Florida I decided “why not” and that’s where Wyatt was.”

How did he pop the question?

“He proposed to me on our five year anniversary. He took me to Meditrina Market Cafe in Valpo. While we were walking to our car I looked into a shop window and turned around and he was on one knee. I had no idea it was coming. I’m not a very romantic person and I just looked at him and said get the “f” up right now. I know I’m a horrible person {haha}!”

Unfortunately, soon after the proposal Savanah’s life was turned upside down…

“My dress buying experience was bittersweet. My whole life I pictured picking out my wedding dress with my mom. She passed away from brain cancer a month after I got engaged. Everyone at Something Blue was so very sweet. I’m a very insecure woman and they made me feel beautiful in every dress I picked out. I didn’t feel rushed or stupid for having to try on a ton of dresses. When I got stressed and started crying because of the mom thing everyone was very understanding and I didn’t feel like a burden. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and I can’t express how thankful I am for everything.”

And we’re crying.

We are so glad we were able to help support Savanah in any way after such a tragedy.

Plus we had so much fun working with her!!

How did she know her dress was the one?

“I knew my dress was the one because it fit my personality. I didn’t want a princess dress. It was flowy with a little bit of sparkle. I liked the boho look but I’m also a an extra person so the long train, lace, and glitter were perfect. I’m obsessed with Snow White and felt like that would have been a dress she would have worn. Woodsy yet elegant.”

When it came to planning her big day, Savanah’s favorite part was getting all of her bridesmaids together…

“I have friends from every different walk of life. My bridesmaids vary drastically and I loved being to introduce everyone together and see the people I love interact and get along. My wedding essentially was about Wyatt and I but I loved seeing them happy and having fun too.”

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

{Photos by: Alicia Marie’s Photography}

Her favorite part of her wedding? Animals!

“I’m a huge animal activist and I’ve worked with animals my whole life. Having my dog in my wedding and having goats there made my day. I know I am so lame but I loved it so much. If the animals were not a part of it I guess it would go back to my friends. I play roller derby, do hair, and work in the animal field. Wyatt and I also lived in Florida and Indiana so we had friends from so many places in the world that seeing them all in one central location was awesome. I was very shocked that so many of our Florida friends flew into town just for us.”

Any advice for brides who are currently planning their own wedding?

“The best advice I can give is spend the money on the dress and the photographer. Everything else is temporary. You can have the dress and pictures forever. Don’t stress the small stuff. It goes by so quickly, so soak it all up as much as you can. People are there for you and not the fancy stuff you feel like you need to spend the money on.”

Congratulations, Savanah and Wyatt!! We are so happy for you both and can’t thank you enough for letting us feature your beautiful wedding! Check out more pictures from their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Sarah

S A R A H + B E N

{September 22nd, 2018}

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

We are pleased to introduce you to our gorgeous bride, Sarah!

She married the love of her life, Ben, in September and looked darn good doing it {if we say so ourselves}!

Sarah chose a beautiful Essense of Australia gown for her big day and between the lace details and illusion back we are smitten!

For her “Something Blue” and to honor her grandmother who passed away, Sarah had a heart from one of her grandma’s favorite scarfs sewn into her gown.

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

When it came to flowers, Sarah put her trust in Charlyn’s Floral and the results were swoon worthy!!

Ben had a special charm attached to his boutonniere in honor of his father who had passed away.

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

Sarah and Ben wanted to share a first look before the ceremony.

Here is the moment Ben got to see his bride for the first time!

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

Sarah and Ben were married at Sand Creek Country Club.

This is another great venue for brides looking for a place to hold both the ceremony and reception!

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

After the “I Dos”, guests headed to the reception which was decorated so beautifully with flowers, drapery and candles!

The couple also made a fun donut table, complete with a donut wall, for guests to satisfy their sweet tooth!

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

Just so pretty!

Let’s learn more about the newlyweds! How did they meet?

“We met through mutual friends in high school! One of my best friends (Ben's best man) introduced us when I was a freshman and he was a junior. We still to this day hang out with that entire group of people and they were all in our wedding! We didn't start dating officially until I was a senior in high school and he was away at IU. So we did long distance for about two years until I transferred to IU myself!" 

How did Ben pop the question?

“We went on a family trip to Disney World that we had all been anticipating for two years. Apparently Ben knew he would propose during this trip as soon as we planned it! So during his family's favorite fireworks at Epcot he proposed!”

Was it a surprise or did Sarah know it was coming?

“I really had no idea! We always had a hard time surprising each other because we just can't wait to give gifts to each other and what not. So we had gone in to my family friend who is a jeweler to get one of my necklaces fixed and Ben clearly saw me staring at the rings he had. I always wanted my engagement ring to be from that jeweler because he had been so close to my grandmother and family. So knowing he actually went back and got the ring I was pining over was amazing and a surprise!”

How was Sarah’s dress buying experience?

“I honestly came in so many times trying on dresses because the choices were amazing! I was stuck between two for weeks and Celine found the perfect in-between dress for me.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?
”I totally started crying a bit! I could picture myself at my wedding at that moment and of course thought about how much my grandma would have loved it. It was just the perfect mix of everything I could have ever wanted. The whole team was just amazing at making me feel so special every time I came in!”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What were Sarah’s favorite and least favorite parts of planning her big day?

“I really enjoyed everything about the process. We were engaged for almost three years so I had so much time to finish my degree at IU and plan the wedding relatively stress free. I would say one of my favorite moments was picking flowers just because they tied everything together so well and my florist, Charlyn, totally got my vision and did amazing!

I really can't think of anything I disliked about my process since I gave myself so much time to plan it all! I would say that the most difficult part was seating just because it took the longest.”

Always the seating chart!!

When the wedding day had finally arrived, what was Sarah’s favorite moment?

“Definitely the ceremony because one of our best friends married us and he did an amazing job. It was honestly the most perfect officiant speech! We also exchanged vows which got me super emotional but it's something I will forever cherish.”

Any advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“I would say starting early is key! Whether you have a long or short engagement just doing little things here and there at the beginning make all the difference. Also not stressing is super important just because your day will be perfect no matter what! Any little issue you may encounter will end up not even mattering in the end. I for sure don't remember really any mishaps and only the fun moments!
Enjoy every single second because no matter how long/short your engagement is, it will fly by! Just always remember the reason for your wedding is to celebrate your love with your significant other and the ones you love. When your day comes be sure to take fun pictures, laugh, and be sure to stop for a moment and take it all in!”

Congratulations Sarah and Ben!!! We wish you both nothing but a lifetime of joy and happiness together! To see more of their beautiful wedding pictures, check out the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Monica

M O N I C A + T Y L E R

{July 21st, 2018}

{Photos by: Rachel Gabrielse Photography}

{Photos by: Rachel Gabrielse Photography}

Meet Monica!

She is the sweetest person and such a beautiful bride!

For her big summer wedding, Monica chose a classic satin gown, which she accented with a Susan G Allen veil and Sara Gabriel belt!

{Photos by: Rachel Gabrielse Photography}

The Smits own greenhouses, so they know their flowers.

That’s why they decided to go with Homewood Florist to create the bouquets and they did not disappoint!

{Photos by: Rachel Gabrielse Photography}

{Photos by: Rachel Gabrielse Photography}

Monica married her husband Tyler at First Reformed Church of South Holland.

After saying “I Do”, they were showered in leaves by the guests as they left the church…

{Photos by: Rachel Gabrielse Photography}

As we previously mentioned, Monica’s family owns Smits Farms in Chicago Heights.

When the time came for the newlyweds to choose a venue, Monica’s dad had an idea - BUILD them a wedding greenhouse!

Not joking, they built this gorgeous greenhouse just for the reception!

The results were nothing short of stunning, with greenery as far as the eye can see!

{Photos by: Rachel Gabrielse Photography}


We’ve seen their gorgeous wedding, now let’s get to know the newlyweds a little better…

“Tyler and I met at Illiana Christian High School, so we are high school sweethearts! He was a senior and I was a sophomore when we really got close. Because his last name is “Smit” and mine was “Smits” our lockers were close to each other and he used to stop by my locker and flirt with me before 7th period. We started dating, and then he went off to college. We did long distance dating for the next 5 years which as extremely hard but so worth it!”

How did Tyler pop the question?

“Well this is a story! Haha! On August 12, 2017 I was supposed to go a Chicago Farmers Market in the city, which meant I had to get up at 4:00am and load up the trucks. To my surprise, Tyler had my brother-in-law take my spot so when I got out to the truck Tyler was standing there! We drove to the city where we watched the sun rise over the lake at North Avenue Beach, and then he took me to breakfast. In the afternoon he took me to the Willis Tower Skydeck and then the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Throughout the whole day I was preparing myself for him to propose but at each place it didn’t come! He then took me to my favorite Chicago restaurant for an amazing dinner. Afterward he brought me to the condo building where we now live, took me to the rooftop balcony, and got down on one knee! It was the most special and exciting day (second only to our wedding day!). We ended the day at the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel which was where he had originally asked me to be his girlfriend 4 years earlier!”

Was it a surprise??

“I knew it was coming! We had talked about getting married so many times and throughout the whole day I could tell it was bound to happen, I just didn’t know when!"

Let’s talk wedding dress shopping!

“Being an extremely detail oriented person, finding a dress was very difficult for me. Saying yes to Tyler was so easy, but saying yes to a dress was far more difficult. I went to so many different stores and tried on so many dresses before coming to Something Blue! My mom truly does have the patience of a saint! When we finally made it to Something Blue we were greeted by amazing staff and a welcoming environment. I visited the store twice and had narrowed down my choices when a brand new satin dress appeared on a hanger and I fell in love. No other dress compared to that one in my mind!”

How did she know her dress was “the one”?

“When I closed my eyes and envisioned myself walking down the aisle to marry the man of dreams, that was the dress I was wearing.”  

When it came to wedding planning, what were Monica’s favorite and not-so-favorite parts?

“My favorite part of the planning process was the watching the reception hall come together. My dad came to Tyler and me right after we got engaged and brought up this idea of building a greenhouse where we could have our reception. Over the next 9 months, he worked so hard to bring this idea to life. Two weeks before the wedding it was finished, and we began to fill it with plants, tables, chairs, and lights! My whole family was involved in the building and decorating. It was very special and so beautiful. Some of my favorite planning memories were the nights that we set everything up!

I didn’t start planning right away, and I should have! A lot of the work crept up on me and overwhelmed me toward the last three months.”

When the wedding had finally arrived, what was her favorite moment?

“Tyler and I did not see each other before the wedding, so my favorite moment had to be when those church doors opened and I saw him down the aisle. I’ll never forget the look on his face and the immense amount of joy that I felt. I’ll never forget it!”

Any advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“Take every moment captive and ponder more in your heart. The engagement, the planning process, and the wedding all happen so fast. Dwell in the moment and in the joy of all of it. 

Make lots of list to make sure you don’t forget anything, say thank you to your mom more, spend lots of time with your fiancé, and have the most fun you can have in the planning!”

Congratulations, Monica and Tyler!! Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL wedding with us!!

Want more {of course you do}?? Check out the gallery below for even more gorgeous pictures from Monica and Tyler’s big day!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Clare

C L A R E + K R I S

{August 25th, 2018}

{Photos by: Brittnee Megan Photography}

{Photos by: Brittnee Megan Photography}

STOP! Isn’t Clare so beautiful?!

She wore a sparkling A-line gown from Stella York for her August wedding and was an absolute showstopper!

Clare paired a beautiful veil from Bel Aire Bridals {sold at SBB!} to complete her look!

{Photos by: Brittnee Megan Photography}

She’s just too cute! Love how excited she is to be all dolled up for her big day!

When it came to flowers, Clare wanted bouquets that screamed summer and Moody Blooms in Portage made it happen!

{Photos by: Brittnee Megan Photography}

{Photos by: Brittnee Megan Photography}

Clare married the love of her life, Kris, at the Red Barn Experience in La Porte.

This venue has such a dreamy, rustic landscape that’s perfect for anyone looking for an elegant wedding that still has an “out-in-the-country” feel!

{Photos by: Brittnee Megan Photography}

Once they were finally man and wife, Clare and Kris hosted a beautiful I Do BBQ inside the barn!

Guests stuffed themselves with yummy barbecue food as well as home baked desserts.

Kids had their own table with lots of activities to keep them occupied - we LOVE this idea!

At the end of the night, the bride and groom left in style with a sparkler send off!

{Photos by: Brittnee Megan Photography}

Such a pretty wedding! Clare was sweet enough to let us ask her all about her relationship and wedding planning!

How did you they meet?

“In high school, but it wasn't until years later started dating!”

How did he pop the question?

“Kris proposed to me at the beach where he first told me he loved me!”

Well that’s adorable. Was it a surprise?

“I was getting suspicious but he was able to convince me I was wrong! So it was a surprise again!"

Time to talk wedding dress shopping!

“Dress shopping at Something Blue was probably the easiest (and best!) decision I made while wedding planning. All the girls at SBB worked as a team, and Amber (my consultant) totally got me and made me feel so comfortable!”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

 “When we finally collected the million dresses I picked to try on, I looked at them all again and put one aside to save for last. It was the only one that marked off all my wants on my check list. I’m so glad I waited to try it on because it was the one! Amber asked me how I felt about that dress when I got to the pedestal and I started to ugly cry! LOL It was definitely my first " I’M GETTING MARRIED" moment after the proposal!”

That is such a fun feeling! Let’s move on to wedding planning! What was Clare’s favorite and least favorite part of planning her big day?

“My favorite part was putting all my decorations together. Making sample tables at home really got me excited to put together 18 more! 

{Photo by: Brittnee Megan Photography}

{Photo by: Brittnee Megan Photography}

It was really overwhelming in the beginning putting together venue tours, writing out pros and cons, the pricing, seating. Then you have to go through catering, and DJ, and pray your favorite photographer wasn't booked.... so relieved when all the key components were booked!”

When the wedding day finally arrived, what was Clare’s favorite moment?

“Our first dance. My hubby let me plan everything I wanted, he was just happy to marry me. Since I surprised him with the venue decorations and details, he could surprise me with what song we danced to. It was really sweet, cause it kept the excitement going! (He picked Millionaire by Chris Stapleton by the way!)”

Any final advice for other brides?

“Being organized was key! If you don't write you stuff down, set deadlines, and get your act together- you'll create unnecessary stress. and do not feel bad for asking for help. take all the help you can get!!

Budget it is important- but also stay within your means. You are sharing your love to your future spouse, witnessed by friends and family who you love. Those people are there to support you, don't feel you have to go into debt to impress them. Its a celebration not a competition.”

Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us, Clare and Kris! We wish you nothing but love and happiness in your future!

Want to see more? Check out the gallery below for more gorgeous pics from their big day!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Kaylin

K A Y L I N + C H A D

{October 13th, 2018}

{Photos by: Samantha Mitchell Photography}

{Photos by: Samantha Mitchell Photography}

Isn’t she lovely??

Meet our gorg bride, Kaylin!

Her beaded, high neck Stella York gown was absolutely perfect for her beautiful October wedding!

With a full illusion back and sparkling lace details, Kaylin looked stunning on her big day!

{Photos by: Samantha Mitchell Photography}

Just so pretty!

For her flowers, Kaylin worked with Dawn Rehn-Arndt and Another Season in Demotte and they did SUCH an amazing job!!

We love every single thing about these!

{Photos by: Samantha Mitchell Photography}

{Photos by: Samantha Mitchell Photography}

Kaylin married her husband, Chad, at at Meadow Springs in Francesville, Indiana.

The ceremony spot is absolutely PERFECT! We love the arbor, the flowers, all of it!

After saying “I Do”, the newlyweds were showered with confetti as they made their way back down the aisle as husband and wife!

{Photos by: Samantha Mitchell Photography}

After the “I Do’s”, everyone moved inside for a beautiful reception!

All of the decor had a rustic touch and we love the simple, yet beautiful, centerpieces.

Guests were not only treated to yummy cake but also an ice cream bar featuring Fair Oaks ice cream - YUM!

{Photos by: Samantha Mitchell Photography}

How did these two meet?

“Chad and I first met at Purdue University. I became friends with his sister, Andrea, and she eventually introduced me to him my freshman year. My sophomore year Chad and I lived in the same apartment complex and we always played sand volleyball together and eventually we started hanging out more and more.”

 How did he propose??

“Chad and I had planned a couple’s trip to Tennessee during the summer before our final year at Purdue with his sister and her boyfriend. On the 2nd day of our trip, he led me to a beautiful waterfall (Abrams Falls) and proposed to me while we stood on a rock in front of the falls.”

Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“I had a feeling it was coming!”

Tell us all about your dress buying experience!

“Something Blue was so helpful when I was looking for my dream dress. I had brought all my bridesmaids, my mom, and my mother in law, all of the girls picked out a dress for me. I found my dress within one hour of being in the boutique. It was such a fun experience, something I will always remember and cherish. Everyone was very positive and supportive!”

How did Kaylin know her dress was "the one"?

“When I put my dress on, I instantly knew it was the one I was going to get married in. I got this feeling that is so hard to describe, almost like butterflies in your stomach but better. The reaction I received from my group when I came out of the dressing room confirmed my feeling that it was “the one”. “  

Lets y’all wedding planning!

“My favorite part of planning our wedding was visiting all the potential venue sites. It was a time for me and my husband to bond and collaborate together on a place that we could start our forever at.

My least favorite part of planning was selecting who was going to be on the guest list. I have so many friends and a lot of family that it was so hard for me to decide where I had to draw a line, so that we didn’t have over 500 guests at the wedding!”

What was her favorite moment of from her big day?

“My all-time favorite part of our wedding was reading our vows to one another. Chad and I decided to write our own vows and it was so fun to read our personalized and unique vows to each other in front of our friends and family.”

Any advice for brides currently planning their wedding?

“Enjoy the entire process. It can be stressful at times, but it is all totally worth it in the end.

  Have fun!! Your wedding day will be the best day of your life and it will go extremely fast. Don’t stress over the small things, ask for help when you need it, and live in the moment.”

Congratulations, Kaylin and Chad!! Thank you for letting us share your beautiful wedding day!

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{SBB Bride of the Week} Spencer

S P E N C E R + S T E V E N

{October 6th, 2018}

{Photos by: Lexie Moneta Photography}

{Photos by: Lexie Moneta Photography}

Isn’t our bride Spencer SO beautiful?!

She looks amazing in her crepe Stella York gown that features a high neck and gorgeous laser cut train!

{Photos by: Lexie Moneta Photography}

She makes one beautiful bride!

For her October wedding, Spencer wanted pops of fall color in her flowers.

She worked with Reese at Mariano’s to create her gorgeous bouquets!

{Photos by: Lexie Moneta Photography}

{Photos by: Lexie Moneta Photography}

Spencer married her hubby Steven at Southern Charm Venue in Frankfort.

Searching for a cool barn to host both ceremony and reception? Look no further because this place is SO pretty!!

{Photos by: Lexie Moneta Photography}

The newlyweds kept with the rustic theme for their decor with pretty flowers and vintage accents.

Bottle openers served as a practical favor and a table chock full of the cutest cupcakes satisfied guests’ sweet tooth!

{Photos by: Lexie Moneta Photography}

How did Spencer meet the love of her life?

“Steven and I met through a mutual friend. We were set up to go on a blind date which I was hesitant about at first. I wasn't a big believer on being "set up." One mini golf date was all it took. From then on, the rest is history!”

That must’ve been one heck of a mini golf game! How did Steven pop the question?

“Gosh, biggest surprise of my life! It was Fourth of July weekend, and Steven told me that he would be out of town for a guys golf weekend. He was sending me text message play by plays on how they were golfing and everything. He was so sneaky! I had plans to have a girls day with two of my best friends. We got manicures then went to The Lighthouse restaurant in Cedar Lake. My friend told me she wanted to take pictures. We walked to pier for what I thought was just to take pictures. Steven was waiting for me on the pier and proposed. The surprise didn't end there. We went inside and both of our families were there waiting to celebrate! They were able to see the whole proposal. Then, we get to our house which was decorated with all of our friends waiting to continue the celebration.”

That is the best!! Steven sounds like a definite keeper!

After she got the ring it was time to find the dress!

“My dress buying experience was short, but sweet! I only went to two locations to look, and that's all it took. I loved every second of dress shopping.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“So, I at first did not fall in love with any dress when I saw them on the rack. I wasn't too sure I would even find my dress that day. When I put my dress on, I just knew. I didn't want to take it off! Every detail of my dress was perfect.”

Let’s move onto wedding planning! What was Spencer’s favorite part of planning?

“Seeing so many different ideas come together. Getting crafty and creative was a blast.”

What about her not-so-favorite part?

“The stress for sure! Waiting on RSVPs was not fun for me!”

When the wedding day arrived, was there a moment that really stood out to Spencer?

“My favorite moment of our wedding was the initial moment that I saw Steven right before I was about to walk down the aisle. We decided to not do a first look, and I wouldn't change it for anything.”

Any advice for current brides-to-be?

“Seriously, don't stress! Enjoy the whole process because it all goes by way too quickly, especially the day of.

Have fun! Make the day your dream day. Don't let others opinions change your mind on how you want your best day ever to be. Soak in every moment of wedding planning and the day of because it all really goes by way too fast.”

Thank you so much for sharing your big day, Spencer and Steven!! Check out more of their gorgeous wedding pictures by Lexie Moneta Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Jessica

J E S S I C A + E R I C

{October 14th, 2018}

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

Hi, our brides are the most gorgeous ever!

Introducing Jessica!

Doesn’t she look absolutely STUNNING in her long- - like sleeved Allure ballgown, complete with a J. Picone belt, Badgley Mischa’s flats and Edward Berger veil??

Yes, the answer is yes.

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

Before the craziness of the wedding day set in, Jessica wanted to spend some time with the love of her life, Eric.

This is the moment Eric got to see his beautiful bride for the first time…

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

The lovebirds were married on a gorgeous October day at Public Landing Restaurant in Lockport.

This venue is a great option for couples looking to get married and hold their reception at the same place!

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

After the ceremony, guests walked to the reception room where they were greeted by a warm, rustic vibe and one seriously pretty cake!

Jessica made almost all of the decor herself (and with some help from family - like her mother in law, Holly, who arranged all of the flowers)!

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

Alright, y’all know the drill!

Let’s find out more about the newlyweds before their big day arrived!

Jessica and Eric first met when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend!

I’ll let Jessica fill you in on the proposal..

“Eric took me on a Caribbean cruise for my birthday. After a nice romantic dinner, Eric proposed on the balcony of our room while we were in the middle of the ocean.”

Was it a surprise or did she see it was coming?

 “Eric took me to look at rings 2 months into dating! I did not know he purchased the ring the next day.”

How did Jessica find her dream dress?

 “Something Blue was amazing at finding my perfect dress. I had an idea what I wanted but tried on tons of dresses to make sure. When trying on dresses, I only brought my mom.  When I tried on my dress we looked at each other and started crying.  At that point I knew it was the one.”

Lets talk wedding planning! What were Jessica’s favorite {and not so favorite} part of the whole process?

 “I enjoyed putting all my ideas together to create the look that I wanted. From pinning things on Pinterest, doing crafts to make centerpieces and making all my visions become a reality. My least favorite part of planning was trying to accommodate for everyone."

Once the big day had arrived, Jessica’s favorite moment was walking down the aisle..

 “I was able to soak in the moment, see everyone's reaction, and feel all the love! It was truly a special moment! Our photographers captured our walk back down as husband and wife AMAZING!!”

Finally, any advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

 “Get as much done while you can. Life happens, things come up, distractions are real!  I wish I would have been more proactive right when we got engaged, booked everything in the beginning, while we were still freshly excited. There was so much I could have done NOT so last minute.

Remember that it is YOUR day. You will not make everyone happy, and don't try to. We had so many opinions, bad vibes, and mean comments. You cannot explain why you make every decision, and you do not need to.  Everything from not having kids at the wedding, having a small wedding, not inviting but 10 people to my bachelorette party, not having plus ones, and having a small engagement party was ALL a problem. People who are not happy for you will show true colors during planning! Be happy, support each other, and have fun!!”

Congratulations, Jessica and Eric!! We are so so happy for you both!

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