{SBB Bride of the Week} Carlianne

C A R L I A N N E + E D U A R D O

{August 10th, 2018}

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

Another week, another GORGEOUS SBB bride!!

Meet Carlianne! She is one of the sweetest brides we have ever had the pleasure of working with! And isn’t she just beautiful?!

For her summer wedding, Carlianne chose a fitted Stella York gown that looked absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on her!

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

Before walking down the aisle, Carlianne decided to have a special moment with her groom.

Captures by Cali Photography was on hand to photograph the moment Eduardo saw his bride for the first time…

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

The emotion is so real we maybe (definitely) teared up looking through her pictures!

Carlianne and Eduardo were married at Avalon Manor. A special seat was reserved for the father of the bride, who passed away.

Carlianne says her favorite moment from her big day came during the ceremony…

“It was walking down the aisle with my brother, while wearing my mothers veil, and seeing my future husband and our son waiting for me at the altar. I definitely ugly cried!”

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

After the ceremony, everyone headed inside the ballroom for a beautiful reception!

Flowers with Jazz provided the gorgeous arrangements that dotted the tables!

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

Such a lovely wedding!!

So how did Carlianne and Eduardo meet anyway?

“Eduardo and I actually met on a facebook dating app in April 2011, he messaged me and asked me for my number and we texted for a few months. I eventually invited him to my best friends birthday party where we met face to face for the first time. We were pretty much inseparable after that!”

How did he pop the question?

“Eduardo proposed to me at sunset on the evening before our 5th anniversary.”

Was it a surprise or did she know what was up?

“I knew it was coming, I am terrible at surprises. Our son was 3 at the time and I had been waiting for him to propose for a long time. I actually gave him an ultimatum that he had until our 5 year anniversary to propose to me! Nothing like waiting until the last minute! lol!”

Let’s talk wedding dresses!

“My dress buying experience was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was so nervous going into it. Being a curvier woman, I was afraid about how the dresses would fit me. I was blown away by how comfortable and beautiful I felt during the entire process. I wish I could come back and do it all over again!”

Yasss we LOVE our curvy girls! Dresses never look better than they do on some curves!

How did Carlianne know her dress was "the one"?

“Sparkle, lace, off the shoulder, and a gorgeous train! Need I say more?? It was everything I ever dreamed of. My dress fit my body exactly how I envisioned it too, it was like it was specifically made for me!”

When it came to wedding planning, what was her favorite part of the whole process?

“Getting to spend it with my mom. Having her there to help me decide on things made my life a lot less stressful! My mom is the best bargain hunter, and we spent a lot of time driving all over indiana and illinois picking up different decor she found online. It saved a lot of money, and we had a blast together! I will cherish those moments forever.”

What about her least favorite part?

“The fact that there is so much to choose from. Colors, flowers, cake flavors, it can be so very overwhelming trying to make a decision on anything. My entire wedding theme changed from what I had originally wanted. I started of with a fall wedding and changed it to summer.”

What’s her biggest takeaway from the whole planning process?

“My biggest takeaway from this entire crazy process is to not over think it. You may think that everyone is going to notice every little small detail, but all they are going to notice is how beautiful and happy you look on your special day!”

What about her best piece of advice she has for brides-to-be who are currently planning their big day?

“To "put on your blinders" on your wedding day. Do not let anything stress you out! This is YOUR day. There will be things that do not go exactly how you had planned, but just let it go and have the time of your life!”

Congratulations, Carlianne and Eduardo!! We are so very happy for you guys!!

Before you leave, be sure to check out more of their beautiful pics in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Crystal

C R Y S T A L + C H R I S T I A N

{November 17th, 2018}

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

We LOVE this bride so much!! Meet the gorgeous Crystal!

Crystal rocked her fitted Stella York gown, which she made her own by adding a sparkling belt by J. Picone! She finished her look with a tiara and veil from Bel Aire Bridals!

To honor her granddad who passed away, Crystal had a heart made from one of his blue shirts sewn into her gown. SO special!

Krissy V did Crystal’s makeup and you can just see how much they got along in the pics - we LOVE Krissy!!

Finally, after getting ready and without doing a first look, Crystal and Christian met up before the ceremony to exchange letters.

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

For her flowers, Crystal decided to work with Strack and Van Til {Crown Point location} and y’all they did SUCH A GREAT JOB!!!

This isn’t the first time we have heard great things about them either! Take a look for yourself…

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

Crystal and her husband Christian were married at Aberdeen Manor in Valpo!

They held the ceremony in Aberdeen’s chapel and it was so dreamy between the drapery and lights!

Our favorite part is how emotional Christian gets as he watches his bride walk down the aisle…

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

After the ceremony, guests headed across the parking lot to the ballroom!

Beautiful DIY centerpieces were at every table and their delish cake was suspended for everyone to see!

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

So many cute ideas!

We’ve seen an inside look at their big day, but let’s learn a little more about their past!

How did they meet??

“Christian and I met in college. We were both attending Purdue North Central to become teachers.”

How did Christian pop the question?

“It was the night we both started Christmas Break. Christian had made reservations to Stacks Bar & Grill on December 22. We both have never been there before so we were really excited. Of course we got the cookie skillet! After dinner, we walked to the big Christmas Tree at the Valparaiso Plaza. Christian's favorite holiday is Christmas, so we stood by the tree for a while. He said, "I love Christmas so much...but you know what I love more. You!" That is when he got on one knee and proposed!”

SO CUTE!!! Also Stacks…yuummm!

Back to the proposal - was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“Ha! So believe it or not...BOTH. I had been hinting at getting married for so long, that I mentioned it every chance I got. Christian is a very nervous person, so I could tell something was up that night. I even joked about it on the way to the restaurant. He went to the bathroom TWICE during dinner... MIND YOU... leaving the ring in his coat pocket at the table (that is how nervous he was). At this point, I thought he was just sick, when really, he was calling to make sure the photographer was there and ready. When we were walking outside, he insisted on holding my hand. It was so cold I wanted to keep my hands in my pockets...but he insisted. Again, I thought something was coming. But in the past, every time I thought it was time...I was wrong. As much as it sounds like I knew it was coming...I really was surprised.”

I just love them!

Once Christian put a ring on it, Crystal headed to SBB to put a….dress on it?

“Oh my gosh! I had the BEST dress buying experience. I had gone to a bridal expo where I entered into a drawing for Something Blue. I won a free T-shirt that said "Feyonce" and NEEDED it since my bachelorette party was themed around Beyonce. I started at a different bridal boutique and thought I had found my dress. I still wanted to go to Something Blue to get my free shirt and just try on dresses. When I got there, Sandy greeted me and my party. She made it such a personal experience. I told her what I was looking for; which at the time was a ball gown - and definitely NOT what I ended up with. I told her what I was looking for, she pulled some dresses, I pulled some dresses, my mom, and friends also pulled some dresses to begin trying on. The first dress I tried on was one that Sandy picked. I was IN LOVE, but of course, couldn't just pick the first one. Sandy was SO PATIENT with me and I probably tried on almost 20 dresses. Well...guess which one I bought. The FIRST one that Sandy picked out. She knew exactly what I was looking for! She completed my look with a veil, belt, headpiece, and even turned the lights off so I could see how it would sparkle at the reception...(that was my favorite part).”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I knew my dress was "the one" when I just didn't want to take it off. Sandy completed my look and I just didn't want to step off the stage and change. I felt so beautiful and confident in it and wanted to keep it on forever!”

Yup, that’s how you know!

Moving on to wedding planning, what was Crystals fave part?

“Creating all the centerpieces for my wedding reception. I had such a specific look that I wanted, and my bridesmaids, mom, and stepdad made sure it was PERFECT. We spent hours spray painting wine bottles. One night we looked like we were all surgeons the way we had covered our clothes and wore masks. It was definitely a time I will never forget.”

What about her least favorite part?

“My least favorite part of the planning process was choosing the food for the wedding! We went to the taste testing and we loved absolutely everything Aberdeen offered. It was difficult to narrow it down to two dinner entrees.”

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

Finally, the wedding day had arrived! What was her favorite moment from her big day?

“This one is tough. I have so many...it has to be a tie between having my brothers walk me down the aisle or the surprise Christian had planned at the reception. My brothers and I have grown up so close together and I was so thrilled to have them walk me down the aisle. They were so honored and are so close with Christian, so it made it super special. Christian and I are huge Disney fans. My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. Christian planned a surprise for me, and the servers came out and did a little choreographed skit to the song "Be Our Guest." I had NO IDEA and I just couldn't stop smiling throughout dinner!”

How fun is that?!

Looking back, does Crystal have any takeaways from planning her wedding?

“It is NEVER too early to plan or book a vendor. There are so many sought out after vendors who are booked QUICK. I was worried that I was planning things too quickly or just being too excited. Time will go by QUICK!!! Everyone will tell you that it will come up quick and you won't believe them...but IT DOES! I promise! So never think you are planning too early.”

Any final advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“DO NOT STRESS!! It is not worth it. Something will go wrong! It is inevitable. And when something does go wrong, you will be the only one that notices.

What matters most is you are marrying your best friend and have all of your family and friends there to witness it.”

Congratulations, Crystal and Christian!!! We are SO happy for you guys!

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{SBB Bride of the Week} Carly

C A R L Y + J A C K

{October 5th, 2018}

{Photos by: Matt & Jaymi}

{Photos by: Matt & Jaymi}

We’re SO excited to show off this gorgeous bride and wedding this week! Why, you ask?

If you follow us on Instagram you may recognize Carly!

Carly and her now hubby Jack took over our Instastories and gave us behind the scenes updates of their whole wedding planning process! It was so fun and we just LOVED featuring them!

Carly chose a beautiful Stella York A-line gown for her October wedding and added a rose gold Susan G. Allen Couture belt to make it all her own!

The results? Perfection!

{Photos by: Matt & Jaymi}

Carly chose Dixon’s Florist to handle her flowers for the big day and they did not disappoint!

Her bouquet was just gorgeous with pops of deep color, perfect for her fall wedding!

{Photos by: Matt & Jaymi}

{Photos by: Matt & Jaymi}

After getting ready, Carly had one person in mind when it came to who got to see her first.

“I chose to do a first look with my dad because when it came to dress shopping he had surprised me and offered to pay for my dress! My dad had “jokingly” asked if he could come shopping with me too (I don’t think he was joking), but I really wanted to keep it a surprise for both him and Jack. All of the bridesmaids actually got ready at my dad’s house in Aberdeen, so I thought it was the perfect place to have a first look with him and see the beautiful gown he had purchased for me all those months earlier!”

{Photos by: Matt & Jaymi}

After her dad, it was time for Carly and Jack to do their first look.

Jack’s expression says it all!

{Photos by: Matt & Jaymi}

Carly and Jack were married at Sand Creek Country Club.

They wrote their own vows and kept them a complete surprise for the ceremony!

{Photos by: Matt & Jaymi}

For the reception, guests headed to The Market in Valpo and you guys, this venue is so SO pretty!

Carly and Jack provided their guests with lots of fun including a live band {Rendition}, treats and one of the yummiest menus we have ever seen!

{Photos by: Matt & Jaymi}

Y’all know how much we love a donut! SO so cute!

Let’s learn more about the newlyweds! How did they meet?

“Jack and I met during the summer of 2007 when he was about to be a senior and I was going to be a junior at Lake Central High School. We met through a mutual friend and both had an immediate attraction to each other. Neither of us had the guts to admit it, and it took until 2016 until he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. I’ll forever be grateful for the 9 years we spent building our friendship and getting to know each other, I think it’s what has made our relationship and love for each other so strong. Jack always gives me a hard time because when we decided to make it official I said “let’s give it a shot”. I knew a month into dating that it was going to be forever!”

I bet she sure is glad she gave it a shot!

After dating for a couple years, Jack decided to take the next step…

“Jack and I moved into our first home together and decided to host Thanksgiving for our entire family. I was so caught up in the planning and organizing of the holiday that it wasn’t until after the proposal I realized how strange he had been acting that week. We all sat down to dinner with 20 members of our family and at the end of the meal Jack suggested we go around the table and say what we are thankful for. He made sure I went first so that he would be the last one to take his turn. When it came to Jack, much to my dismay, he made me stand up next to him. Jack proceeded to express his thankfulness for our relationship and our life together and then got down on one knee telling me he wanted to “keep doing this forever”.”

That is so incredibly sweet!! Was Carly surprised??

“I definitely had a feeling it was coming soon, but I had fully convinced myself it wouldn’t be until after all the holidays. So when he proposed on Thanksgiving I was completely taken off guard. Later I found out that the weekend before Thanksgiving, while I was out of town visiting my alma mater, Jack took my best friend from high school (who he had also been close to since HS) to help pick out the ring.”

Next up was dress shopping. That’s when we were lucky enough to first meet Carly!

“I was SO excited to go dress shopping! I’m pretty sure I bought my dress before we even finalized a date. I’ve heard from a lot of brides how stressful it can be to have a lot of opinions there, so I started the process by shopping with just one of my friends and my mom. We went to another dress shop before Something Blue, and nothing felt just “right” and I felt a little uncomfortable at the shop (they didn’t ask my budget, made me feel rushed). When I came to Something Blue I felt so well taken care of, and my bridal consultant was SO nice and SO fun. I’d also been told to have an open mind because often what you think you want and what you end up with can be two very different things which is exactly what happened to me. I didn’t buy anything that first day, but I came back a few weeks later with some of my bridesmaids, grandma, and future mother in law so they could get in on the fun. That’s when I made the big final decision!”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

 “As I tried on different dresses I definitely knew which I liked more than others, but it was still hard to really narrow it down to just one. I think I was overthinking it though, because every time I put on “the one” I felt the most comfortable and most confident. I was pretty set on that dress when I came with my mom and friend, but it was my second trip to Something Blue that sealed the deal. I tried on a LOT of dresses when I came the second time without telling everyone which was my favorite from the first trip. Everyone loved the dress and it was once again my favorite of all I tried on. I felt very confident at that point that it was the dress I was ready to walk down the aisle in!”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What was Carly’s favorite part?

“My favorite part of the planning process was how it brought our families closer together. We really milked the process: engagement party, wedding shower, bridal luncheon, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner… it really gave our families the chance to work together on the planning and spend more time together which meant a lot to me. In addition to that, my best friend, her dad, and I built our donut wall by hand! We couldn’t find one to rent in the area and they were super expensive to have one made, so we did it ourselves! We were so proud of the outcome, and we’re thinking about starting a little side business now! 😉”

Yesss we are in! What was her least favorite part?

“Finalizing the guest list. Jack has a HUGE family and we both have a ton of friends that are like family. It was so hard to leave people out, but if you’re trying to keep to your budget sometimes you just have to. Even with not inviting some people I would have loved to have there, we still invited over 250 guests. I know if I ever don’t make the cut for somebody’s wedding in the future, I will definitely understand!!”

After all the planning, the wedding day had finally arrived. What was Carly’s favorite part of the day?

“It’s so hard to pick just one! Getting ready with all my best girl friends the morning of the wedding was so exciting. I have close friends from many different parts of my life who don’t all live in the same state, so it’s rare to have everyone together in one place just hanging out. The most meaningful part of the day though was definitely when Jack and I exchanged our own vows at the ceremony. We didn’t discuss anything about them besides how long we wanted them to be, and it turned out they mirrored each other so similarly it was crazy. I was glad I got to go first!”

Why are they so cute?!

Now that it is all said and done, what are Carly’s takeaways from planning?

“I know everyone says it, but the day really is supposed to be about you and your fiancé. Sure, you want to keep your family happy too and it’s a big day for them as well! But don’t put your own happiness at risk for anybody else (besides your fiancé). When everything is said and done, everyone is going to be so happy with how it turned out and you’re doing to be married to the love of your life. I went into things thinking I wouldn’t be “as stressed as normal brides” because I used to do this professionally, but everyone has something that is going to stress them out throughout the process weather it’s picking place cards or keeping family in check. With that in mind, if you’re able to take your honeymoon right after the wedding, do it!! We considered putting it off because of all the chaos but we NEEDED that trip right after the wedding. Reflecting on the day and just spending uninterrupted time together for a week afterwards was the best thing I could have asked for.”

Any final advice??

“Book your vendors ASAP. Once you have all the vendors booked, a lot of the stress is alleviated. It’s usually the most time sensitive part, so once that is done you can take your time on the smaller details. Don’t procrastinate too much though! The less you leave for the month leading up to the wedding, the better. There are a lot of little things you truly can’t do until just a few weeks out that will creep up on you, so get things done as timely as you can to alleviate stress later on. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either! Chances are your family and friends want to be a part of the process anyway, and let’s be real, we all need some help!”

Preach, sister!

Congratulations, Carly and Jack!!! We loved getting to watch you every step of the way and are so happy for you two!

Stick around and check out the gallery below for even more gorgeous pictures from their big day!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Tanya

T A N Y A + T I M

{September 29th, 2018}

{Photos by: By The Free}

{Photos by: By The Free}

Ok, is our bride Tanya not one of the most beautiful brides you’ve ever seen??

For her September wedding, Tanya wanted a gown with lots of lace and detail.

She chose an incredible Allure sheath dress that checked everything off her list!

{Photos by: By The Free}

When it came to flowers, Tanya chose Monarch Florist to create all of her bouquets and arrangements.

She clearly made the right choice because everything was absolutely gorgeous!

{Photos by: By The Free}

{Photos by: By The Free}

Before the ceremony, Tanya wanted to share a first look with her soon-to-be hubby, Tim.

By The Free Photography was on hand to capture the couple’s special moment…

{Photos by: By The Free}

Tanya and Tim held their wedding at the Center for Visual and Performing Arts.

The ceremony was located outside and SO pretty!

We love every single thing about this!

{Photos by: By The Free}

The reception was held inside the center’s ballroom.

The centerpieces were so stunning and the dessert table, well, take a look for yourself…

{Photos by: By The Free}

How pretty is that?! And how delish did that dessert table look??

Let’s move on to the couple themselves - how did they meet?

“We met in college at Purdue - Tim and I lived on the same floor in the dorms just a few doors down the hall from each other.”

How did Tim pop the question?

“We had gone on a little vacation to Florida over Labor Day weekend and decided to spend a day at the  Food & Wine Festival in Epcot. By the end of the day we were planning to stay & watch the fireworks but of course it started to rain so they were cancelled! Since we weren't prepared for a rainy night, we ran over to the nearest gift shop and bought the last rain ponchos they had. At that point we were soaking wet & weren't in a huge rush to get back to the car so we decided to take a walk down the Boardwalk. We saw a gazebo up ahead and thought it would be a perfect place to take cover. As we walked up we saw a couple getting engaged!!...and of course didn't want to ruin their moment...so we kept on walking. Making our way down the Boardwalk I could tell Tim was relatively quiet and in his head but I didn't think much of it since we had a long day in the sun and were now walking around in rain ponchos soaking wet! By the time we got to the end of the Boardwalk, Tim and I were the only ones around so we stopped to listen to the music playing from the Swan & Dolphin Hotel fountains. We stood there for a moment reflecting on our relationship and talking about how life brought us together over the 9 years of our growing friendship. It was like mother nature knew what was about to happen because the skies cleared at that very moment as Tim got down on one knee and proposed. Fireworks started in the distance as we stood there in the most perfect moment, just the two of us.”

Well that sounds straight out of a movie! Was Tanya expecting it or was she surprised??

“I would say half & half - we talked about moving forward with our relationship and getting married so I figured sooner or later we would get engaged but he also knew I didn't want a public proposal so I didn't really think anything of the trip. I was completely surprised when he popped the question!”

Let’s move on to our fave topic - wedding dresses! How was Tanya’s shopping experience?

“ It was a little stressful and overwhelming at first having so many options to choose from. I went to 3 dress stores trying on everything imaginable but I still wasn't feeling like I found "the one". By the time I went to Something Blue I had finally tried on dresses that fit my style and personality and I felt more comfortable that I was getting closer to finding the perfect one.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“Just putting it on felt right. After trying on so many dresses and being picky about every little detail - the dress that I picked out had every item checked off my list from the illusion back, lots of lace, long train, and intricate beading.”

When it came to planning her special day, what was Tanya’s fave part?

“I enjoyed the whole process! I'm an Event Manager that plans corporate events for a living so it was fun being able to think outside of the corporate box and have the freedom to pick out my own colors/floral/decorations.”

What about her least favorite part?

“The seating assignments! It's definitely hard trying to coordinate the right number of people at each table while trying to keep family members/friends all together.”

What is Tanya’s biggest takeaway from the whole planning process?

“Don't stress over the little things. It's SOOO easy to get wrapped up in the process and overthink the decisions that you are making. A lot of the little intricate details that you will probably end up stressing over - people might not even notice so if you find yourself torn over a small detail don't let it bring you down and make sure you are looking at the big picture of your day. You won't be able to please everyone and most importantly you have to make sure YOU are happy since this day is for YOU. Everyone says the day passes so quickly and IT REALLY DOES. Make sure to take a moment during dinner when everyone is sitting down and eating to look around and appreciate all of the people that are there celebrating with you!”

When the big day finally arrived, what moment sticks out most for Tanya?

“One of my favorite moments of the wedding was when the cocktail hour was going on and Tim & I had a moment to break away and be inside the ballroom just the two of us. It was surreal to know at that moment all of our hard work of planning for a year was over, we were married and it all turned out just the way we wanted it to. It was a huge feeling of accomplishment that Tim and I put together one of the biggest events of our life and we couldn't be happier!”

Any final advice for our brides who are currently planning their own wedding?

“It is a big day to plan so start as early as possible and keep ORGANIZED. It's a lot of information to retain so keep a spreadsheet going as you meet people for contact information / what that specific vendor offers / pricing / etc. This will help as you start to narrow down your options. Believe me, the amount of people that you talk to and loads of information that gets thrown your way will get confusing. Most importantly this is supposed to be a fun process so make sure when you are going through the motions to take a step back and enjoy it!”

Congratulations, Tanya and Tim!!! We are so happy for you guys and can’t thank you enough for sharing your wedding with us!

Check out more of their gorgeous pictures in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Jordan

J O R D A N + T H O M A S

{October 27th, 2018}

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Okaaaay is she not so stunning?!

Meet our amazing bride, Jordan!

For her gorgeous October wedding, Jordan chose a fitted Stella York gown with one of the prettiest illusion backs ever!

She also added a sparkling Bel Aire belt to make the dress all her own…

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

For her flowers, Jordan worked with Cedar Lake florist to create all of her beautiful arrangements and bouquets!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Before the ceremony, Jordan and her hubby Thomas wanted to share a private moment together.

Here is the moment Thomas got the first peek at his gorg bride!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Jordan and Thomas held their wedding at Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan.

You guys, we SQUEAL every time we hear a bride say she’s getting married here - it’s THAT good!

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

The reception details were simply perfect!

Lots of hard work and attention to detail went into the decor and it paid off!

We love the whiskey barrel as their guestbook!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

So gorgeous!!

Let’s get to know the newlyweds a little better!
How did Jordan and Thomas meet?

“We actually met the day after high school graduation through some mutual friends during the summer of 2011. We never knew each other in high school because our graduating class was so large. We have been together ever since, so I guess you could say we are college sweethearts!”

How did he pop the question??

“Thomas surprised me with a trip to Chicago in December of 2016. He knew how much I loved Christmas time in the city. He took me to all of my favorite places (Lou’s for some deep dish, Eataly, the Christkindlmarket, and Intelligensia). I just thought it was my Christmas gift. Then he took me to Lincoln Park Zoo to see the lights. We went through the whole park before he got down on one knee mid-snowstorm, it was too perfect! We then celebrated with dinner at Benny’s Chop House!”

Best day ever!! Was it a surprise?

“We had talked a lot about marriage and knew we wanted to get married. I was expecting it to happen eventually, just not then. The day was a complete surprise. He had all of our friends in on it too, I thought we were having a “Friendsmas” but in reality he had something else planned!”

Once she got the ring, it was time to get the dress!

How was Jordan’s wedding gown shopping experience?

“It was more than I could’ve asked for! Everyone at SBB is so welcoming and helpful. I shopped other places but no one made me feel as good as they did! Celine really paid attention to what I wanted and she helped me find the perfect dress. I love that you get support from everyone there, not just one person. They don’t rush you, aren’t pushy, and make you feel beautiful. It was a fantastic experience.”

Aww shucks!

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I went in the first time with just my mom and my maid of honor (MOH). Celine pulled the dress and I didn’t think I would like it (because I didn’t think I liked illusion backs). My MOH started crying but I didn’t get that feeling at first. I left and went shopping other places. I kept thinking about the dress after I left. That’s how I knew it was the one. The next time I went back we added a belt and it just completed what I was looking for, then the tears came!”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What was Jordan’s favorite part?

“I must say my favorite part overall was bonding with my mom. She was so supportive when I was stressed and we also had a lot of fun planning it. It was a long, difficult, and exciting process through which my mom and I became even closer. I cannot thank her enough for all that she did.”

So sweet!! What was Jordan’s favorite memory from her big day?

“That is a really tough question. I had many people tell me that your wedding would be “the best day ever.” I truly didn’t understand the meaning of that until I lived through it. It really was the best day ever! I think if I had to pick one moment it would be when Thomas and I did our first look. It was a private moment that was just for us and there was no pressure. I’ll never forget the way we felt when we saw each other for the first time!”

Any advice for brides planning their own wedding?

“Do not stress the little things! There will be things that go wrong on that day but do not let it ruin your day. You are the only person that will know if something didn’t go as planned.

Enjoy every minute of the planning process and every second of your wedding day. I spent almost 2 years planning my wedding and now it’s over! Believe me, I am happy that all of the planning is over but I wish I could go back and relive that day over and over again. Also, during your wedding take some time to take a step back and observe everything going on around you. There will never be another time where all of the same people will be together in the same room. This is a wonderful time in your life and you just need to enjoy it!”

We could not agree with her more!
Thank you SO much, Jordan and Thomas, for allowing us to share your beautiful wedding day!!

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{SBB Bride of the Week} Deanna

D E A N N A + J E N N I N G S

{August 2nd, 2018}

We know we sound like a broken record, but we really, truly have the BEST brides on the planet.

Take our gorgeous bride, Deanna, for example.

Deanna and her mom drove all the way here from Kentucky just to buy this insanely gorgeous Stella York ballgown!

Can you even?! Cause we can’t.

{Photos by: By Brenda Photography - mother of the bride}

{Photos by: By Brenda Photography - mother of the bride}

She is SO stunning!!

Deanna married the love of her life, Jennings, in a beautiful ceremony in Kentucky.

They rented the Ashland Train Depot for the wedding and the backdrop is perfection!

{Photos by: By Brenda Photography - mother of the bride}

Once they were man and wife, guests stayed at the train depot for a reception that included lots of dancing and one super delish looking cake!

{Photos by: By Brenda Photography - mother of the bride}

How did Deanna meet her now husband?

“Jennings and I actually went to high school together. He and his twin were friends with my sister throughout high school actually. We worked together at our first jobs at McDonald’s while in high school. We were never friends. We actually first went on a date when he came home from boot camp and AIT. We went to the movies, the next few days he brought me lunch at work, he went to old fashion days with me, then took me out to eat. We hit it off instantly and just have been going ever since!”

How did Jennings pop the question??

“Jennings proposed to me when he came home from Germany. He had seven or ten leave days. He took me out to this place in Ironton, OH and it had a LOT of stairs but was totally worth the amazing view of the city. We stayed up there awhile looking at everything and he proposed to me! 

I knew he wanted to but at that moment it was a surprise!”

Have we mentioned Deanna drove from Kentucky to dress shop at SBB? Several times now? Well sorry because we are just so appreciative of that!

How was her experience finding her gown?

“My dress experience was amazing! Everyone greeted me so nicely. Everyone was super patient and helpful as I tried on a good ten dresses I am sure. The drive from Kentucky was totally worth it. I’ll never forget my experience with Something Blue Bridal. I had a total of five dresses picked out that I wanted to look at and honestly all of the dresses that I thought I would choose were not the ones I was in awe over. I knew my dress was the one as soon as I put it on. Others could’ve been and were just as beautiful but mine made me feel like a princess and almost brought tears to my eyes. I am still in love with it.”

When it came to wedding planning, what were Deanna’s favorite and least favorite parts of the process?

“My favorite part of planning my wedding was not having to plan it anymore. LOL no but really the wedding planning was super stressful while being a full time mom, student, and working a full time job. My favorite part was getting to decorate and paint my table pieces and finding mine and my daughters dresses. Otherwise I would say the end result. 

My least favorite was seating, food, and trying to actually set up tables and chairs and put everything together. At the end, of course I was in love but actually doing it and putting all of my wedding items together was rough. Thank goodness for all my family and friends help!”

When the big day finally arrived, what was Deanna’s favorite part?

“My favorite moment aside from marrying my best friend was having all of my family there to spend it with. Honestly seeing everyone socializing, laughing, dancing, and smiling will forever be the best memory I have. Getting to see everyone together to celebrate us was the best gift!”

Any final advice for brides-to-be currently planning their wedding?

“DO NOT rush take your time and enjoy the process so your not stressing, start early, set a price range and stick to it.

Remember you are not marrying your tablecloths so if it doesn’t turn out perfect or the way it’s meant just realize it will be okay. That’s not what we’re here for anyways."

Congratulations, Deanna and Jennings!! We are so happy for you and can’t thank you enough for sharing your special day with us!!

Check out more pictures from their beautiful wedding in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Kayla

K A Y L A + Z A C H

{October 20th, 2018}

{Photos by: JL Media Photography}

{Photos by: JL Media Photography}

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Meet our lovely bride, Kayla!

She wore one of our favorite Stella York gowns that features a full illusion top, flowing skirt and sparkling lace!

{Photos by: JL Media Photography}

We will never be able to get over the back on that dress - SO pretty!!

For her flowers, Kayla turned to Kaber Floral Company in La Porte to create her stunning bouquets!

You already know how much we love a big, full bouquet like this! It makes such an impact and as you can see, looks AMAZING in pics!

{Photos by: JL Media Photography}

{Photos by: JL Media Photography}

Kayla and her hubby, Zach, decided to do a first look before their ceremony.

Here’s the moment Zach got to see his beautiful bride for the first time…

{Photos by: JL Media Photography}

The wedding was held at Millcreek Wilde Barn in Watervliet, Michigan.

This venue, you guys! It’s so rustic-y {is that a word?} and perfect!

The decor was also so pretty, with hanging lanterns all over the ceiling!

{Photos by: JL Media Photography}

The reception was held in the same space as the ceremony and the decor does not disappoint!

We love the old bottles and simple centerpieces!

For dessert, Kayla and Zach decided to skip traditional cake and treat their guests to a table full of super yummy cupcakes instead!

{Photos by: JL Media Photography}

Such a pretty wedding! We love every detail!
We’ve seen their wedding but let’s get to know the newlyweds. How did Kayla and Zach meet?

“I moved to Valpo for grad school. I was working at a restaurant with a waitress whose boyfriend worked with Zach. She barely knew either of us but thought we might get along and introduced us on Facebook. A few days later we wound up out at the same bar. The first couple of months we laughed about how we have nothing in common (we really are opposites), but quickly realized that things were actually going really great. And here we are!”

As the saying goes, opposites attract!

How did Zach pop the question?

“We went on one of those dinner cruises in Chicago, just for fun. It was about 50 degrees and I was in a short dress, but he was DETERMINED to get a picture on the roof. We had to awkwardly wait for someone else to come up on the roof (again, 50 degrees) to get it captured on camera. He proposed and we ate dinner on the boat. Then, he took me to get another drink in the city and my family was there to surprise me!”

Was the proposal a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“I didn't know it was coming. I had sneaking suspicions and that whole day I tried to find clues that he was going to do it. I also tried to stop worrying because I didn't want to be disappointed. But it was a surprise for the most part, especially my family meeting us afterward!”

Let’s talk dress shopping! Was it stressful or easy?

“It was pretty simple. I went to SBB first, and my dress was actually the first one I tried on. I tried on a few more at SBB and then went to another place. The whole process was pretty smooth, considering I found my dress immediately. SBB was fantastic. The staff was so friendly and helpful. I love the process of using clothespins to pick dresses. Considering I really didn't have a very specific idea of what I wanted, it was pretty stress-free.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I guess I didn't really. Like I said, it was the first one I tried on. I didn't know what to expect and I when I tried it on, I thought "ok, this is nice." The more dresses I tried on, the more I wanted to try my first dress on again. It was pretty and in my budget. Once I decided, it was hard for me to even consider anything else, so I guess that's how I knew.”

What was Kayla’s favorite part of the wedding planning process?

“This may sound weird, but I liked how it brought everyone together. I talked to my mom on the phone an average of 3 times per week, just to go through planning details, etc. I also got to see friends from across the country at the shower, bachelorette party, etc. It was nice to have a reason to stay so connected and in touch with people.”

What about her least favorite part?

“There was a lot I didn't like about the planning. I'm not super detail-oriented. I think my LEAST favorite part, though, was the last month or two, having to sort out all the tiny details. I'm not a super picky person, so everyone looking at me to have an opinion on everything was probably the most overwhelming. I hate to say, that I did get a little wrapped up in the stress and started to care about things that really didn't matter...but somebody had to do it!”

When the wedding finally arrived, what was Kayla’s favorite moment from the day?

“For sure seeing Zach at our first look. Ask anyone who saw me that morning, I was so stressed out. I tried to stay calm and positive but I really struggled with it. Once I saw Zach and we took pictures and just got to hang out with each other, I relaxed quite a bit (still not perfect, but oh well). Just getting to see him helped my anxiety significantly, I was much more cheerful and excited about the day after that.”

Any advice for brides currently planning their own big day?

“My greatest worry on the morning of the wedding was that some vendor was going to back out or not show. It kind of ruined the beginning of the day for me. I know this is hard to say, because there are occasions when bad things do happen, but I wish I would have just trusted my vendors and not stressed so much. Nine times out of 10 everyone will be there and on time, and everything will be perfect. I wish I could go back in time and assure myself its all going to work out!

There are two pieces of advice that multiple people gave me, and I didn't follow either of them. The first is to EAT. I was so distracted and full of emotion that I barely ate the entire day. I didn't eat lunch and I had about 5 bites of dinner (that I stressed over). Trying to make it through that evening, without food, plus drinking, was not a good decision. The second piece of advice is to try to enjoy it. With everything going on (the emotions, stress, lack of food) I don't remember a lot of the wedding, and that makes me sad. I have snapshot memories from throughout the day, but that's about it. I highly recommend trying to take a second during the reception to stop and look around. Remember how you're feeling and how much fun people are having! Then go back to having a good time!”

Congrats, Kayla and Zach! Thank you so much for letting us feature your beautiful wedding!!

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