{SBB Bride of the Week} Audrey

A U D R E Y + P E T E

{May 4th, 2019}

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

Get ready cause we are obsessed with this wedding!!

We are so excited to introduce you to our gorgeous bride, Audrey!

She is a classic beauty and looks AMAZING in her Stella York satin ballgown!

Top it off with a cathedral length veil from Edward Berger and you have a match made in heaven!

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

To compliment her already stunning look, Audrey worked with Bella Sorella Floral Design to create her absolutely GORGEOUS bouquets!

They’re perfect!


Audrey married the love of her life, Pete, at the Balmoral House in Fishers, Indiana.

This venue!! SO gorgeous!

Audrey’s mother walked her down the eucalyptus and candle lined aisle.

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

After the ceremony, the space was transformed into a breathtaking reception and we are pretty much in love with everything!

The floral accents, the decor, the fave tv show table names - all of it!

At the end of the night, guests said goodbye to the newlyweds with a sparkler send off!

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

So dreamy!

We already know these two can throw a killer wedding, but how did their love story begin?

“Pete and I first met back in 2014 at Purdue Northwest campus. I had just moved from Georgia to start my master’s program (Marriage and family therapy) and was extremely ambitious and focused on my school work at that time. I was also teaching a class as part of my graduate assistantship. Pete was teaching sociology and statistics at the campus and both of us often worked in the same room (Porter 204). We never officially said “Hi” until one of my friend from the cohort (she was also my roommate at the time!) came up with a dinner gathering which included Pete and myself. I didn’t think much about the dinner – I honestly just focused on enjoying my time with the new friends! Later that night when my roommate and I came back to our house, she got a text message from Pete that read: “Audrey is an interesting story.” She and I both were extremely confused by what this meant! I shrugged it off thinking he didn’t mean much by it. The next day I went back to Porter 204 to work on a paper. Pete was a frequent visitor to the office and was there that day as well. Pete and I started talking more that night – our music interests, our backgrounds, our graduate school journey, and so on. After about 6 hours of talking and barely working on my paper (haha), Pete asked me to go to dinner with him. And the rest is history!”

How did he pop the question??

“Pete and I had a running joke as our relationship built over time that he would NEVER propose to me at Porter 204 or anywhere near Purdue Northwest campus. We both never got too attached to the aesthetics of the campus and he would sometimes joke about how he would get married to me at the campus. I knew he was joking each time and was certain that he would never propose me there. So move forward to December 22nd, 2017 – it was a Friday and Pete was working from home. Pete and I had decided to go to Carson’s after he was done with work to get ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to his family’s Christmas gathering the next day. Carson’s is near the Purdue Northwest campus and it is also close to where Pete used to live. As we are driving towards that direction, I didn’t think much about it other than the kind of sweaters I wanted to get. Pete suddenly turns into the neighborhood that he used to live in and says “let’s go see what the outside of that house looks like!” We drove by it, nothing special was there. Then he says “let’s drive to Purdue to see if there’s any professors or friends at the Porter building!” I was irritated by this idea because we had a long list of things we had planned to do that night and because I knew it would be a futile trip to spot anyone – this was during Winter break so I knew no one would be at the campus. He was the one that was driving so none of my protests really worked. He drove into the parking lot and at this point – I refused to get out of the car! “You go in there alone! It smells weird in there!” With some insistence he got me out of the car and we walked upstairs to room 204. I didn’t even hold his hands at this point because I was so irritated by this curve to our plans. “Let’s go inside 204 to see what it looks like!”, said Pete. “It’s probably locked because it has computers in it and I don’t have the keys.” Lo and behold, the door opened and I was irritated even more! We walk in and I expected nothing. I looked around the room and noticed that there were single rose in a vase on each of the desks in the room. “Hmm, they must be re-vamping this room. It needed it.” I thought. I look at the back of the room to look for my mailbox and I noticed that my name had been ripped out. Now I was pissed. I turned around to show my irritation and I saw in front of me, Pete – all red in the face, almost teary, getting some fairy lights from his jacket pockets and hanging them over the cubical walls. He held my hand and told me how much he loved me, how he never knew that he would find love in a dingy office like this and all the other sweet words to describe his feelings for me. He got on his one knee and before he even officially asked me to marry him I exclaimed “Yes!” He had to slow me down and finally asked: “ Audrey, will you marry me?” with a beautiful sapphire ring in his hand. I said “Yes” once again.”

We’re assuming she was shocked!

“This was a total surprise!! As I’ve said, I was actually in a very irritated mood up until the moment I realized he was going to propose to me! He promised he would never propose to me at Porter 204 but it all made sense to propose there since that’s where our love began.” 

We think it was the perfect place!

Let’s move on to our fave topic - wedding dresses!

“My mother and sister live in S. Korea so they could not be there to help me pick out a dress! I had visited 2 other bridal dress stores before I came to Something Blue with one of my best friends/bridesmaids. Something Blue had a trunk show from Stella York at the time I was there and they had beautiful dresses that were not yet in the collection! I tried out about 2-3 dresses at the store before I tried on the one I ended up with. The representative from Stella York was also there to help me throughout the process and answer some questions that I had! I was told that if I didn’t buy the dress that day, I would not be able to come back to any of the ones I liked {designers only allow us to sell preview trunk show gowns during the actual trunk show}! ! I knew I loved the one I picked but I wanted to be cautious so I didn’t buy the dress that day. However I kept thinking about the dress over and over and felt a sense of loss thinking that I let go of “the one”! So out of desperation I emailed Something Blue about 2 days later and asked if I could somehow still order the dress that I so loved! Luckily they said YES!! And I ordered it right away!”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“When I first tried it on, I felt so beautiful. I truly felt like a bride and it fit my personality and preferences so well. It was clean, had a long train, and so elegant and classic. I thought about the dress obsessively and looked at Pinterest that closely resembled the dress when I thought I lost my chance of buying it! Which was a clear sign that this was “the one!”  But luckily I was still able to order it and get the dress!”

Yay! Thank you Stella York for letting us do that for Audrey!

Let’s move on to wedding planning!

“My favorite part of the planning process was being done with it all! To be honest, the planning process was a lot and very stressful experience for me because of several reasons/factors. Our wedding venue was in Fishers, IN which is about 2 and a half hours away so that meant all the vendors were from that area too. This factor took out a lot of time from us. (We decided to have a wedding in Indianapolis area because I had a lot of guests who were from out of town and we thought having a wedding in Indianapolis would be cheaper for our guests to pay for their hotel and their flight to Indianapolis airport compared to hotels/flights to Chicago. Also Indianapolis had a lot of beautiful venues to pick from!). Also we didn’t hire a wedding planner, so that meant doing everything on our own! This is no easy job to take on when both of you have a full time job!

The least favorite part of process was the amount of stress I experienced from planning it all! We did not hire a wedding planner/organizer because we wanted to be frugal and that meant figuring out a lot of the details on our own. We learned so much from it but the process of making appointments, making trips out to Indy for these meetings, deciding what color, what texture, position and all of those things were so much to handle! The stress got so much that we were tempted to just elope at one point! We are glad we didn’t though!”

After all that hard work, the wedding day had finally arrived!

What was Audrey’s favorite moment from her big day?

“My favorite moment was the ceremony itself. I still get chills and giddy thinking about the way Pete looked at me through the whole ceremony and the way his vows made me ugly cry! Our ceremony was so emotional – most of the guests were crying with us too! I felt so much love in that room during the ceremony from him and from our friends and family and I will cherish that moment forever.”

Any advice for brides-to-be who are currently planning their own wedding?

“Plan things early and involve your fiancé in the process! I know it’s very easy to think that you should handle everything on your own but allocate some of the responsibilities to your forever-partner-to-be. Talk about how you both envision the wedding – at the end of the day, yes the bride gets the main attention, but the wedding is a celebration of BOTH of you! I think that it should reflect you two as a couple. Your partner will appreciate being part of the process too, no matter how stressful it is. Also, cry when you need to and be honest about your stress and concerns with your partner! I’ve definitely had some moments where I was crying from stress of it all and I’m glad I did! I think these moments of vulnerability and bonding over the stress really confirmed the sense that we are a team – a forever team. And luckily I found out that we are a pretty awesome pair when we work together!

One more thing: Save early together! Weddings are not cheap!! We had a year and half engagement because we knew we would need enough time to save money for the wedding and to plan everything. We were not bothered by this “longer than one year” engagement because we were being realistic with our expectations and at the end of the day, we knew we would be happier taking time instead of feeling rushed and pressured if we had given ourselves a shorter time to prepare.”

Congratulations, Audrey and Pete!!! Thank you so much for letting us feature your amazing wedding!!

Don’t go yet! Make sure you check out more of Audrey and Pete’s gorgeous day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Cherise

C H E R I S E + T O M

{May 4th, 2019}

{Photography by: Region Weddings}

{Photography by: Region Weddings}

We are so excited about today’s featured wedding!

Not only because we just love our bride, Cherise, but also because we happen to know her hubby….

{Photography by: Region Weddings}

{Photography by: Region Weddings}

Tom!! He was our FedEx guy {we miss you} and sent his gorgeous fiance to us when she was looking for her gown!

We were so excited to get to meet Cherise and help her find her stunning Stella York ballgown!

With it’s sparkling lace details and illusion back, this dress is definitely a showstopper!

We’re sure Cherise’s dad would agree with us, after he got to have a sneak peek of his beautiful daughter.

{Photography by: Region Weddings}

Cherise worked with Moody Blooms to make the sunniest sunflower bouquets for the bridal party!

The morning of her wedding, Cherise was gifted with 3 very special items for her bouquet: A charm from her mother featuring a photo of them, with “I love you more” engraved on the back, her grandmother’s wedding ring from her late grandfather and a charm featuring a picture of her late uncle.

Talk about a special bouquet.

{Photography by: Region Weddings}

{Photography by: Region Weddings}

Cherise and Tom were married at Sand Creek Country Club in Chesterton!

We are loving how light and bright the ceremony space is!

{Photography by: Region Weddings}

The reception also took place at Sand Creek.

Tables were dotted with more beautiful flower arrangements and guests were gifted a shot glass from the couple.

Now lets talk about that gorgeous cake for a second. Cherise and Tom used Vals’ Custom Cakes and said they had rave reviews all night long! They chose a tier of turtle cake, a tier of white with strawberry filling and finally, a tier of banana caramel. Y-U-M!

{Photography by: Region Weddings}

Let’s find out how this love story began!

How did Cherise and Tom meet?

“We met when we were 15 years old. I was friends with his older sister. We both dated other people after that and then we both became single right around the same time and found our way back to each other 9 years later.”

Meant to be!! How did Tom pop the question?

“He proposed to me in December at the huge Christmas Tree in Millenium Park in downtown Chicago!!”

Was Cherise surprised or did she have a feeling it was coming?

“It was definitely a surprise! He’s a planner and that day was not planned at all, it was super last minute so it definitely threw me off his trail (lol) I had no idea!”

That was around the time Tom told us he wanted to have his fiance come in to try on - and boy are we happy he did! We just loved working with her!

How was her experience finding her dream dress?

“My dress buying experience was awesome. I was so nervous going into it because I had no idea the style dress I wanted, and I felt like I had no direction. Everyone was so helpful though and immediately made me feel better.”

How did Cherise know her dress was “the one”?

“I tried on I think in total 12 dresses. The dress I ended up picking was actually the 3rd dress i tried on, and the 2nd dress I set aside on my “favorites”. After that, every dress I tried on I looked at next to that one and knew they didn’t compare so I would immediately knock them out of the running! I got SO many compliments on my dress, it was amazing. Even from people I didn’t know who saw pictures others posted, that was always what they said. ‘Her dress is gorgeous!!’”

We aren’t surprised, she ROCKS that dress!

Lets move on to wedding planning! What was Cherise’s favorite part?

“Honestly probably dress shopping. Once I got into it, it was easily the least stressful thing I did. Even for the bridesmaids dresses. It was just so fun!”

Was there any part of planning she didn’t enjoy?

“My least favorite part was probably making the seating chart for the reception. It was like a puzzle I couldn’t solve!”

The big day had finally arrived - what moment stands out the most for Cherise?

“My favorite moment of our wedding was saying our vows. We were both so nervous leading up (him the whole day, poor guy! Myself just as I started walking up to the ceremony I was full of nerves) and as soon as we were up there holding hands it all went away. It was like we were totally alone in that moment!”

Any advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“Best advice I can give is take ALL of the help you can!!! We had so much offered to us, and it was amazing. It took such a burden off of us, we were so lucky to have as much help as we did!”

Congratulations, Cherise and Tom!! We are so happy to have gotten to know both of you and wish you guys the happiest future together!!

Before you go, you have to check out more of Cherise and Tom’s beautiful wedding shot by Region Weddings in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Monica

M O N I C A + C U R T I S

{April 6th, 2019}


Our featured bride this week is such a fun, sweet person to be around and we think you’ll see that as you look through her pics! We always had a great time when she was in the store!

Introducing our lovely bride, Monica!

For her April wedding, Monica chose a gorgeous, strapless Stella York ballgown. The moscato color looked so stunning on her and her glam makeup is everything!

Monica worked with Kristina Lynn Floral to create all of her beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

Pops of purple is the theme here and we are loving every second of it!


Monica married her man Curtis at Chateau Banquets in Merrillville!

The couple layered sand during their ceremony and after they kissed {and high fived}, they “jumped the broom” to mark the end of their single years and the beginning of their married life together!

The reception that followed was also at the Chateau, with more beautiful flower arrangements, a Polaroid photobooth and delish cake from Almira’s!

Let’s learn the history behind the couple!

How’d Monica meet Curtis?

“My best friend, Kashonna, is also the groom's maternal cousin. We met maybe 20 years ago when he traveled to NY where I & his mother's side of the family lived. He was born, raised, and continued to live in Chicago. Fast forward 15 years (2015) with little to no contact, and we reconnected again when I sent him a message on FB asking about how life in Chicago was because was looking to make a move. He told me he had always had a crush on me and we've been together ever since!”

Yesss we love that!

Just wait until you hear the proposal story…

“He proposed in the jewelry store after he bought the ring. The jewelry store clerk asked if he should put the ring in a bag and I said, "NO! I am not walking out of here without that ring on"! My fiance, the clerk, and I all laughed. My fiance initially tried to hand the ring to me, asking "do I really have to ask you?" LOL The jewelry store clerk and I both said, "YES!" So he said, "Monica Cisneros will you do me the honor of marrying me and becoming Monica Townsend?" I said yes and started jumping up and down. The clerk yelled, "Kiss!" and we did and the clerk clapped and cheered.”

Did Monica have a feeling a proposal was coming?

“I knew it was coming. My fiance told me after our 1st date that he was going to marry me. But when it was really time to propose and make it official, he told me to look around at rings to see what I liked. So I found a jewelry store that had 3 options that I liked and then when it came time to buy the ring, my fiance made the final decision. So technically he picked the ring!”

Now is the part where we make our entrance: dress shopping!

“Before coming to Something Blue it was very overwhelming. I had gone to 4 wedding shops. There were too many options and I was shopping alone. I also felt rushed and unheard. But once I came to Something Blue it became fun, relaxing, less pressure and I did not feel rushed or like I was a burden in anyway. My salesperson was amazing! I almost invited her!”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I literally gasped when I saw myself in my dress and I felt teary.”

What was Monica‘s favorite part of the wedding planning process?

“Venue shopping was fun because that was the part that my fiance was most involved in as we visited each place together. After the venue was chosen I was all on my own with the planning.”

What about her least favorite part?

“Dealing with the day-of-coordinator was frustrating because she was hard to get in touch with and had terrible communication skills. Although she came to me by personal referral, I am sad to say that I did not pick a winner.”

What was Monica’s favorite moment from her special day?

“The actual wedding ceremony. Initial prayer and reciting of the vows.”

Any advice for brides-to-be who are currently planning their own wedding?

“Don't sweat the small stuff. The primary focus should be you and your groom and not everyone else! It goes by so quickly!”

Congratulations, Monica and Curtis!! We are SO happy for you guys!!

Check out more of their beautiful wedding in the gallery below!!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Amanda

A M A N D A + J E R E M Y

{June 29th, 2019}

{Photos by: Forever Faithful Photography}

{Photos by: Forever Faithful Photography}

We are so excited to introduce you to our lovely bride, Amanda!!

For her June wedding, Amanda chose a stunning fitted, strapless Stella York gown and it looked SO GOOD on her! Obsessed!

She decided to incorporate her “something blue” by adding a super cute hair clip that was gifted to her by her now sister-in-law!

{Photos by: Forever Faithful Photography}

For flowers, Amanda went two different routes.

Her close friend and bridesmaid, Cindy, made Amanda’s bouquet out of faux flowers and broaches so they would last forever.

For the other bouquets and arrangements, Amanda hired Kroger!

{Photos by: Forever Faithful Photography}

{Photos by: Forever Faithful Photography}

Amanda and her husband Jeremy were married at the Red Barn Experience in LaPorte!

Amanda walked down the aisle with both her father and stepfather - so sweet!

The newlyweds also chose to plant a tree as part of the ceremony to signify their growing relationship.

{Photos by: Forever Faithful Photography}

For the reception decor, Amanda pretty much DIY’d everything!

She used her silhouette machine to create all of the signs and also made her adorable photo booth “guestbook”!

The newlyweds finished the evening with one of our faves - a sparkler send off!

{Photos by: Forever Faithful Photography}

Let’s get to know the newlyweds a little better!

How’d they meet?

“We went to the same high school. We “talked” a few times, I even asked him to Turnabout and he told me “no”! It wasn’t our time, we dated other people until after high school we were both at a mutual friend’s party and were reunited and have been together for 6 years!”

How did Jeremy propose?

“He took me to dinner at Cité Chicago for our 4 year anniversary. It’s on the 70th floor of The Lake Point Tower with beautiful views of the city and Lake Michigan.”

Was it a surprise or did Amanda know it was coming?

“I had a feeling because we had never been somewhere so extravagant. But we ate our whole dinner, dessert, and had multiple glasses of wine, even paid the bill. I was getting antsy and was certain that it wasn’t going to happen so I was ready to go home because we had been there for like 3 hours but he kept saying “let’s just stay for a little bit longer”- (he was trying to work up the courage I guess) and then he finally asked me!”

Now comes the part where we got to meet Amanda!

How did she like dress shopping??

“My dress buying experience could not have been better! I went in not really knowing what style I wanted. Shannon and Sandy are just the sweetest and made me feel like a princess in every dress that I tried on, which was about 15! I was there past closing and they never tried to rush me into a decision to get me out the door. I was very apologetic by keeping them and narrowed it down to 2 dresses but left because I had to think about it.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I came back to retry on the 2 that I had chosen. Sandy had pulled some veils to try with the dresses. I knew I had “the one” when I saw it with a veil and started crying!”

I’m telling you, a veil makes all the difference!

Moving on to wedding planning - what was Amanda’s fave part?

“I’m a DIY kind of person. My favorite part was my new husband and I working together to make some of our decorations.”

What about her least favorite?

“Dealing with a certain 2 vendors. They were really hard to work with and to get ahold of to get answers to some of our questions and concerns. Sometimes we even received bad attitudes from them. And one of them almost didn’t show for the wedding day.”

What’s Amanda’s favorite memory from her big day?

“That’s hard to say! The whole day was just amazing. It was definitely the best day of my life so far! But if I had to pick, I think it would be the closing song. My husband and I have a wide range of music that we like. For the closing song, we chose Bodies by Drowning Pool. It definitely threw everyone for a loop and we basically had a mosh pit on the dance floor. It was hilarious and so much fun! It’s something that our friends and us are still laughing and talking about almost every day. Definitely a great memory!”

Any advice for brides-to-be who are currently planning their own wedding?

“Try your best to enjoy the process. Yes, you’re going to argue and have different opinions about silly things. But in the end, it’s all about you and your future husband/wife truly starting your life together. It’s about celebrating 2 families becoming one and that’s a beautiful thing!”

Congrats, Amanda and Jeremy!! Wishing you nothing but love and happiness in your future together!

Before you go, check out more of their gorgeous wedding pics by Forever Faithful Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Laura

L A U R A + M I K E

{August 10th, 2018}

{Photos by: Eivan’s Photo}

{Photos by: Eivan’s Photo}

We are so happy to introduce you to our gorgeous bride, Laura!!

For her summer wedding, Laura went with a stunning Stella York strapless gown and it looks SO good on her!

The crosshatch stitching, the beading, the illusion bodice…we just love this dress!

{Photos by: Eivan’s Photo}

Laura worked with Forget Me Not Floral out of Demotte for her flowers and my goodness, they are so pretty!

{Photos by: Eivan’s Photo}

{Photos by: Eivan’s Photo}

Laura and her hubby Mike decided on a first look before the ceremony.

Laura says this was her favorite moment from the whole wedding day:

“I had been looking forward to it for awhile. It was just my immediate family and my bridesmaids watching so I had no reason to be nervous, but I had crazy butterflies waiting to see him! I couldn't wait to see him, after all this whole day was based on my love for him and us spending our lives together. After seeing him I was able to relax a little more. He is my comfort zone.”

{Photos by: Eivan’s Photo}

Laura and Mike were married at one of our favorite venues ever - The Pavilion at Sandy Pines!

Just look at that backdrop! SO gorgeous!

{Photos by: Eivan’s Photo}

One of the best parts of Sandy Pines is guests don’t have to travel very far to get to the reception!

Plus the s’mores bar .

{Photos by: Eivan’s Photo}

Such pretty decor! We love it!

Let’s get to know these lovebirds a little better!

How’d they meet?

“In high school Nov. 2008, he's a year older than me. We went to both proms together.”

High school sweethearts!! How did Mike pop the question?

“I was born in Washington state and we went on a vacation to Seattle. My first time back since 7 years old. At the bottom of the space needle I asked him to crouch down to take a picture of me showing the space needle hovering over me. As soon as he took the photo he stayed kneeling and pulled out a loose ring from his pocket. I thought it was a fake ring! He was shaking he was so nervous and I started crying. We had been dating for 9 years and this was an absolute surprise! He spoke to both of my parents in person before proposing and asked my sister for design ideas for the ring. They were all shockingly good at keeping it secret!”

STOP! So cute!!

Once she had the ring it was time for Laura to find the dress!

“I went to at least 5 different bridal shops including places in Chesterton, Merrillville, Valparaiso, and Chicago. Tried on tons of dresses trying to figure out what I was looking for. By the time I got to Something Blue I knew exactly the style I wanted and I found THE dress! Tried it on once and did not even touch another dress. It brought my sister to tears, it was the one. I placed my order that day.”

When ya know, ya know!!

What was Laura’s fave part of planning her wedding?

“The dress shopping is definitely top of the list, it's something the bride and family always looks forward to and you feel gorgeous trying on amazing gowns. The cake tasting was fun too for obvious reasons!”

What about her least favorite part?

“Receiving RSVPs on time to organize the seating chart was by far the most stressful part of organizing the wedding! There isn't much you can do to help speed that up and make people RSVP that you know are going.”

What is the best piece of advice Laura has for brides-to-be who are currently planning their own wedding?

“Get as much done as you can as early as you can. There will be plenty to stress about as the day gets closer. You will be very grateful to yourself for checking off the big things early. Once the day begins things are out of your hands so just try to relax and enjoy the ride. Whatever it may bring!”

Congratulations, Laura and Mike! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding with us!

Check out more pics from their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Carlianne

C A R L I A N N E + E D U A R D O

{August 10th, 2018}

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

Another week, another GORGEOUS SBB bride!!

Meet Carlianne! She is one of the sweetest brides we have ever had the pleasure of working with! And isn’t she just beautiful?!

For her summer wedding, Carlianne chose a fitted Stella York gown that looked absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on her!

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

Before walking down the aisle, Carlianne decided to have a special moment with her groom.

Captures by Cali Photography was on hand to photograph the moment Eduardo saw his bride for the first time…

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

The emotion is so real we maybe (definitely) teared up looking through her pictures!

Carlianne and Eduardo were married at Avalon Manor. A special seat was reserved for the father of the bride, who passed away.

Carlianne says her favorite moment from her big day came during the ceremony…

“It was walking down the aisle with my brother, while wearing my mothers veil, and seeing my future husband and our son waiting for me at the altar. I definitely ugly cried!”

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

After the ceremony, everyone headed inside the ballroom for a beautiful reception!

Flowers with Jazz provided the gorgeous arrangements that dotted the tables!

{Photos by: Captures by Cali Photography}

Such a lovely wedding!!

So how did Carlianne and Eduardo meet anyway?

“Eduardo and I actually met on a facebook dating app in April 2011, he messaged me and asked me for my number and we texted for a few months. I eventually invited him to my best friends birthday party where we met face to face for the first time. We were pretty much inseparable after that!”

How did he pop the question?

“Eduardo proposed to me at sunset on the evening before our 5th anniversary.”

Was it a surprise or did she know what was up?

“I knew it was coming, I am terrible at surprises. Our son was 3 at the time and I had been waiting for him to propose for a long time. I actually gave him an ultimatum that he had until our 5 year anniversary to propose to me! Nothing like waiting until the last minute! lol!”

Let’s talk wedding dresses!

“My dress buying experience was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was so nervous going into it. Being a curvier woman, I was afraid about how the dresses would fit me. I was blown away by how comfortable and beautiful I felt during the entire process. I wish I could come back and do it all over again!”

Yasss we LOVE our curvy girls! Dresses never look better than they do on some curves!

How did Carlianne know her dress was "the one"?

“Sparkle, lace, off the shoulder, and a gorgeous train! Need I say more?? It was everything I ever dreamed of. My dress fit my body exactly how I envisioned it too, it was like it was specifically made for me!”

When it came to wedding planning, what was her favorite part of the whole process?

“Getting to spend it with my mom. Having her there to help me decide on things made my life a lot less stressful! My mom is the best bargain hunter, and we spent a lot of time driving all over indiana and illinois picking up different decor she found online. It saved a lot of money, and we had a blast together! I will cherish those moments forever.”

What about her least favorite part?

“The fact that there is so much to choose from. Colors, flowers, cake flavors, it can be so very overwhelming trying to make a decision on anything. My entire wedding theme changed from what I had originally wanted. I started of with a fall wedding and changed it to summer.”

What’s her biggest takeaway from the whole planning process?

“My biggest takeaway from this entire crazy process is to not over think it. You may think that everyone is going to notice every little small detail, but all they are going to notice is how beautiful and happy you look on your special day!”

What about her best piece of advice she has for brides-to-be who are currently planning their big day?

“To "put on your blinders" on your wedding day. Do not let anything stress you out! This is YOUR day. There will be things that do not go exactly how you had planned, but just let it go and have the time of your life!”

Congratulations, Carlianne and Eduardo!! We are so very happy for you guys!!

Before you leave, be sure to check out more of their beautiful pics in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Crystal

C R Y S T A L + C H R I S T I A N

{November 17th, 2018}

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

We LOVE this bride so much!! Meet the gorgeous Crystal!

Crystal rocked her fitted Stella York gown, which she made her own by adding a sparkling belt by J. Picone! She finished her look with a tiara and veil from Bel Aire Bridals!

To honor her granddad who passed away, Crystal had a heart made from one of his blue shirts sewn into her gown. SO special!

Krissy V did Crystal’s makeup and you can just see how much they got along in the pics - we LOVE Krissy!!

Finally, after getting ready and without doing a first look, Crystal and Christian met up before the ceremony to exchange letters.

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

For her flowers, Crystal decided to work with Strack and Van Til {Crown Point location} and y’all they did SUCH A GREAT JOB!!!

This isn’t the first time we have heard great things about them either! Take a look for yourself…

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

Crystal and her husband Christian were married at Aberdeen Manor in Valpo!

They held the ceremony in Aberdeen’s chapel and it was so dreamy between the drapery and lights!

Our favorite part is how emotional Christian gets as he watches his bride walk down the aisle…

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

After the ceremony, guests headed across the parking lot to the ballroom!

Beautiful DIY centerpieces were at every table and their delish cake was suspended for everyone to see!

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

So many cute ideas!

We’ve seen an inside look at their big day, but let’s learn a little more about their past!

How did they meet??

“Christian and I met in college. We were both attending Purdue North Central to become teachers.”

How did Christian pop the question?

“It was the night we both started Christmas Break. Christian had made reservations to Stacks Bar & Grill on December 22. We both have never been there before so we were really excited. Of course we got the cookie skillet! After dinner, we walked to the big Christmas Tree at the Valparaiso Plaza. Christian's favorite holiday is Christmas, so we stood by the tree for a while. He said, "I love Christmas so much...but you know what I love more. You!" That is when he got on one knee and proposed!”

SO CUTE!!! Also Stacks…yuummm!

Back to the proposal - was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“Ha! So believe it or not...BOTH. I had been hinting at getting married for so long, that I mentioned it every chance I got. Christian is a very nervous person, so I could tell something was up that night. I even joked about it on the way to the restaurant. He went to the bathroom TWICE during dinner... MIND YOU... leaving the ring in his coat pocket at the table (that is how nervous he was). At this point, I thought he was just sick, when really, he was calling to make sure the photographer was there and ready. When we were walking outside, he insisted on holding my hand. It was so cold I wanted to keep my hands in my pockets...but he insisted. Again, I thought something was coming. But in the past, every time I thought it was time...I was wrong. As much as it sounds like I knew it was coming...I really was surprised.”

I just love them!

Once Christian put a ring on it, Crystal headed to SBB to put a….dress on it?

“Oh my gosh! I had the BEST dress buying experience. I had gone to a bridal expo where I entered into a drawing for Something Blue. I won a free T-shirt that said "Feyonce" and NEEDED it since my bachelorette party was themed around Beyonce. I started at a different bridal boutique and thought I had found my dress. I still wanted to go to Something Blue to get my free shirt and just try on dresses. When I got there, Sandy greeted me and my party. She made it such a personal experience. I told her what I was looking for; which at the time was a ball gown - and definitely NOT what I ended up with. I told her what I was looking for, she pulled some dresses, I pulled some dresses, my mom, and friends also pulled some dresses to begin trying on. The first dress I tried on was one that Sandy picked. I was IN LOVE, but of course, couldn't just pick the first one. Sandy was SO PATIENT with me and I probably tried on almost 20 dresses. Well...guess which one I bought. The FIRST one that Sandy picked out. She knew exactly what I was looking for! She completed my look with a veil, belt, headpiece, and even turned the lights off so I could see how it would sparkle at the reception...(that was my favorite part).”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I knew my dress was "the one" when I just didn't want to take it off. Sandy completed my look and I just didn't want to step off the stage and change. I felt so beautiful and confident in it and wanted to keep it on forever!”

Yup, that’s how you know!

Moving on to wedding planning, what was Crystals fave part?

“Creating all the centerpieces for my wedding reception. I had such a specific look that I wanted, and my bridesmaids, mom, and stepdad made sure it was PERFECT. We spent hours spray painting wine bottles. One night we looked like we were all surgeons the way we had covered our clothes and wore masks. It was definitely a time I will never forget.”

What about her least favorite part?

“My least favorite part of the planning process was choosing the food for the wedding! We went to the taste testing and we loved absolutely everything Aberdeen offered. It was difficult to narrow it down to two dinner entrees.”

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

{Photos by: DKH Photography}

Finally, the wedding day had arrived! What was her favorite moment from her big day?

“This one is tough. I have so many...it has to be a tie between having my brothers walk me down the aisle or the surprise Christian had planned at the reception. My brothers and I have grown up so close together and I was so thrilled to have them walk me down the aisle. They were so honored and are so close with Christian, so it made it super special. Christian and I are huge Disney fans. My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. Christian planned a surprise for me, and the servers came out and did a little choreographed skit to the song "Be Our Guest." I had NO IDEA and I just couldn't stop smiling throughout dinner!”

How fun is that?!

Looking back, does Crystal have any takeaways from planning her wedding?

“It is NEVER too early to plan or book a vendor. There are so many sought out after vendors who are booked QUICK. I was worried that I was planning things too quickly or just being too excited. Time will go by QUICK!!! Everyone will tell you that it will come up quick and you won't believe them...but IT DOES! I promise! So never think you are planning too early.”

Any final advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“DO NOT STRESS!! It is not worth it. Something will go wrong! It is inevitable. And when something does go wrong, you will be the only one that notices.

What matters most is you are marrying your best friend and have all of your family and friends there to witness it.”

Congratulations, Crystal and Christian!!! We are SO happy for you guys!

Be sure to check out more of their gorgeous wedding pics by DKH Photography in the gallery below!