{SBB Bride of the Week} Kelsey

K E L S E Y + Z A C K

{September 15th, 2018}

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

I mean, how freakin’ cute is our bride Kelsey?!

We absolutely LOVED working with her and are so excited we get to show off her big day!

Kelsey wore the most stunning fitted Essense of Australia gown and accented it with a Justine M Couture belt and bracelet and Haute Bride earrings and necklace!

Before walking down the aisle, Kelsey got ready with her favorite girls {and lil’ guy}…

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

Kelsey worked with Another Season Floral in Demotte and you GUYS! It’s all SO perfect!

From her arrangements throughout the wedding to her bouquets, they knocked this one out of the park!

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

Before the ceremony, Kelsey and her hubby Zack wanted to share a special moment, just the two of them {well, and Alyssa Grace Photography too}.

Here’s the moment Zach got the first look of his beautiful bride…

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

The happy couple held their ceremony at Blissful Barn in Three Oaks, Michigan.

We can’t say enough good things about this venue - it’s simply GORGEOUS!

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

For the reception, guests headed to the barn which was decorated to the nines!

Every little detail is worth looking at because it’s seriously so well thought out, put together and to be honest, we’re obsessed!

Kelsey’s sister, Kate, who owns Green is Good by Kate in Crown Point, made her delicious dairy-free, rum soaked banana wedding cake! YUM!

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}


Now that we’ve swooned over the wedding, let’s get to know the newlyweds!

How did they meet?

“My husband came up to Indiana from Florida visiting family with his Mom, Step Dad and sister. I had never met him before and was friends with his family in Indiana. I went to a New Years Eve party with him and his family and that night we locked eyes and as cheesy as it sounds it was love at first site! He was so sweet and we spent the whole night talking to each other. The next day his family was leaving to go back to Florida and he asked if we could keep in touch. Five months later he moved up to Indiana and the rest is history!”

How did Zack propose?

“Every year since we started dating my husband and I would go up to Chicago to the Christkindlmarket around Christmas to pick out a handmade ornament, take a picture by the Christmas tree at the market, eat some potato pancakes, and look at all the unique souvenirs from around the world. He works shift work and we thought we weren't going to make it because our schedules were not aligning. He last minute got the weekend off after Thanksgiving in 2016 so we were able to go to after all.  We went to the Christkindlmarket and this was the first year they did not have a Christmas tree. We went to dinner after we were done shopping at the market and Zack continued to say his Mom really wanted to have a picture of us by a Christmas tree. I was ready to go home, but he mentioned that we should go to Millennium Park and take a picture by that Christmas Tree there. He had bought a brand new camera and was excited to try it out. He asked a younger couple if they would take our picture in exchange we would take theirs. We both stood by the Christmas tree and before I knew it Zack turned and went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the best moment of my life. The younger couple taking the pictures were shocked and all I heard the girlfriend say to her boyfriend was "KEEP TAKING PICTURES". I was crying and could not believe this wonderful, caring, and perfect man was asking me to marry him. He told me later on that he originally was wanting to propose to me at the Christkindlmarket by the Christmas tree and this was the first year without a tree of course. LOL. He said he was having a panic attack because he had told his family and my family that he was proposing to me that day. He said he instantly knew that Millennium Park was the perfect spot and it truly was. Millennium Park will hold a special place in our hearts and added to our Christmas tradition spots to visit in Chicago. Zack said he wanted to propose to me on our annual Christmas Chicago trip so that in years to come we could make it a continued tradition with our future children where their Dad asked their Mom to marry him.”

STOP IT! So cute!!! Was it a surprise??

“I noticed he was acting different when we found out we were able to go to the Christkindlmarket after all. He went out and bought a new camera, new backpack, and just kept saying he was so excited to go and visit it this year. I had an idea that he might be proposing to me, but when he didn't do it at the Christkindlmarket I thought huh maybe he isn't going to propose today. I was shocked and surprised when he got down on one knee. It was perfect.”

Let’s talk wedding dresses!

“My dress buying experience was amazing. I planned to invite everyone that I was going to ask to be in my bridal party the day I scheduled to try on dresses at Something Blue Bridal. Everyone was able to come which worked out perfectly. Three of the five girls came to my house before and I made them a flannel with each of their names to wear on our wedding day. They were surprised which made the start of the day that much better. My sisters met us at the store with my mom and I got to ask them to be my maid of honor and matron of honor. The girls went around and picked out dresses they liked and wanted me to try on along with myself. I had several picked out and fell in love with the first one I tried on. As my husband says I always fall in love with the first option of anything. LOL. Sandy picked out a new dress they had gotten in and asked it I would try it on. As soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one. It sparkled where I wanted it to sparkled and fit in the right places. It was the opposite of what I thought I would buy, but it was absolutely perfect.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“It made all the flaws that I thought I had go away. It fit me in the right places and made me feel absolutely gorgeous. I pictured myself walking down the aisle in that dress marrying the man of my dreams!”

Now that the wedding is over, what was Kelsey’s favorite part of planning?

“I can honestly say that I loved everything about the planning process. I loved making my husband and I's dream wedding come true. We got married in Michigan so we would make day trips and long weekends to plan with my mom, sisters, bridal party, florist, aunt, and my husband. I loved spending so much time with the ones I love to plan our special day.”

What about her least favorite part?

“The constant emailing back and forth and making sure nothing was forgotten. I felt like the list was never ending as it got closer to the wedding, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. There was stress, but it was all worth it.”

What was Kelsey’s favorite moment from her big day??

“I have two favorite moments. The first moment was when my husband and I read our vows to each other back to back by a beautiful tree on the farm where we got married. We had not seen each other yet and it was so comforting to hear his voice and share such a special moment with one another listening to each others vows. After we read our vows we had our first look before the ceremony. It was such an emotional, beautiful, and heart felt moment that my husband and I got to share together before the rush of the day began. I can't say it enough I'm the luckiest wife."

Kelsey’s advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“There's never enough time to plan every little thing. It's never too early to start planning. Enjoy the process and don't stress! I should have asked for more help because at times I thought I was the only one that could do it. 

Take your time, ask for help, don't try and do it all, your loved ones are there to help and wouldn't ask to help if they didn't want to. Every little thing will not go as planned the day of the wedding, but enjoy it and don't stress because the little things that may not be perfect no one will notice. Your day will be perfect because you get to marry the man of your dreams! Nothing is better than that!"

Thank you SO much, Kelsey and Zack!! We loved sharing your gorgeous wedding and wish you a future full of love and happiness!!

Be sure to check out more of their seriously beautiful pictures in the gallery below! 

{SBB Bride of the Week} Sarah

S A R A H + B E N

{September 22nd, 2018}

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

We are pleased to introduce you to our gorgeous bride, Sarah!

She married the love of her life, Ben, in September and looked darn good doing it {if we say so ourselves}!

Sarah chose a beautiful Essense of Australia gown for her big day and between the lace details and illusion back we are smitten!

For her “Something Blue” and to honor her grandmother who passed away, Sarah had a heart from one of her grandma’s favorite scarfs sewn into her gown.

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

When it came to flowers, Sarah put her trust in Charlyn’s Floral and the results were swoon worthy!!

Ben had a special charm attached to his boutonniere in honor of his father who had passed away.

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

Sarah and Ben wanted to share a first look before the ceremony.

Here is the moment Ben got to see his bride for the first time!

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

Sarah and Ben were married at Sand Creek Country Club.

This is another great venue for brides looking for a place to hold both the ceremony and reception!

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

After the “I Dos”, guests headed to the reception which was decorated so beautifully with flowers, drapery and candles!

The couple also made a fun donut table, complete with a donut wall, for guests to satisfy their sweet tooth!

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

Just so pretty!

Let’s learn more about the newlyweds! How did they meet?

“We met through mutual friends in high school! One of my best friends (Ben's best man) introduced us when I was a freshman and he was a junior. We still to this day hang out with that entire group of people and they were all in our wedding! We didn't start dating officially until I was a senior in high school and he was away at IU. So we did long distance for about two years until I transferred to IU myself!" 

How did Ben pop the question?

“We went on a family trip to Disney World that we had all been anticipating for two years. Apparently Ben knew he would propose during this trip as soon as we planned it! So during his family's favorite fireworks at Epcot he proposed!”

Was it a surprise or did Sarah know it was coming?

“I really had no idea! We always had a hard time surprising each other because we just can't wait to give gifts to each other and what not. So we had gone in to my family friend who is a jeweler to get one of my necklaces fixed and Ben clearly saw me staring at the rings he had. I always wanted my engagement ring to be from that jeweler because he had been so close to my grandmother and family. So knowing he actually went back and got the ring I was pining over was amazing and a surprise!”

How was Sarah’s dress buying experience?

“I honestly came in so many times trying on dresses because the choices were amazing! I was stuck between two for weeks and Celine found the perfect in-between dress for me.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?
”I totally started crying a bit! I could picture myself at my wedding at that moment and of course thought about how much my grandma would have loved it. It was just the perfect mix of everything I could have ever wanted. The whole team was just amazing at making me feel so special every time I came in!”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What were Sarah’s favorite and least favorite parts of planning her big day?

“I really enjoyed everything about the process. We were engaged for almost three years so I had so much time to finish my degree at IU and plan the wedding relatively stress free. I would say one of my favorite moments was picking flowers just because they tied everything together so well and my florist, Charlyn, totally got my vision and did amazing!

I really can't think of anything I disliked about my process since I gave myself so much time to plan it all! I would say that the most difficult part was seating just because it took the longest.”

Always the seating chart!!

When the wedding day had finally arrived, what was Sarah’s favorite moment?

“Definitely the ceremony because one of our best friends married us and he did an amazing job. It was honestly the most perfect officiant speech! We also exchanged vows which got me super emotional but it's something I will forever cherish.”

Any advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“I would say starting early is key! Whether you have a long or short engagement just doing little things here and there at the beginning make all the difference. Also not stressing is super important just because your day will be perfect no matter what! Any little issue you may encounter will end up not even mattering in the end. I for sure don't remember really any mishaps and only the fun moments!
Enjoy every single second because no matter how long/short your engagement is, it will fly by! Just always remember the reason for your wedding is to celebrate your love with your significant other and the ones you love. When your day comes be sure to take fun pictures, laugh, and be sure to stop for a moment and take it all in!”

Congratulations Sarah and Ben!!! We wish you both nothing but a lifetime of joy and happiness together! To see more of their beautiful wedding pictures, check out the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Stephanie

S T E P H A N I E + D A N

{May 5th, 2018}

{Photo by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

{Photo by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Introducing our oh so beautiful bride, Stephanie!

Stephanie chose a super gorgeous Essense of Australia gown for her May wedding!

With it’s illusion bodice and gorgeous bead work, she looked absolutely stunning on her big day!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

For her flowers, Stephanie worked with Lake Effect Florals Design Studio, who never disappoints!

Her bouquets and arrangements were perfect for her spring wedding!

{Photo by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

{Photo by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Stephanie and her new hubby Dan had their big day at the Allure in La Porte.

They were married in the venue’s beautiful ceremony room, which was decorated with lots of flowers for the occasion.

During the ceremony, Stephanie and Dan planted a flower and watered it to symbolize their love.

We think this idea is so cute!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

The wonderful thing about the Allure is that everything is in one building!

The reception space is already gorgeous, but throw in the newlywed’s beautiful decor and it was a knock out!

Stephanie and Dan made sure their guests satisfied their sweet tooth with wedding cake, a donut wall plus cupcakes!

{Photos by: Shane Cleminson Photography}

Ok, we’ve seen the wedding. Let’s get to know the couple!

       How did they meet?

“We both work for the City of Valparaiso but in different departments.  We can’t narrow down to when we exactly met, but our paths crossed through work, fundraising, and volunteer events.”

      How did Dan propose? 

“Both of us enjoy going to Chicago and had planned a fun-filled weekend up there around our crazy work schedules.  Since it was December (2016), we wanted to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights, see the decorated windows at Macy’s, enjoy some nice meals downtown, go to a show at one of the comedy clubs, and see the tree in Millennium Park.  We got a heavy snow that day and it was absolutely freezing, but we bundled up extra warm and set out on our way.  The snowfall just added to everything feeling more magical for the season!  I definitely wasn’t expecting the proposal, even though I was hoping for it for months.  He proposed in front of the huge Christmas Tree at Millennium Park.  Thankfully there was a group of people switching off taking pictures, and he asked that I hold the spot for our turn; while I was a mere 10 feet away, he was secretly telling them his plan, with me completely oblivious.  The pictures were perfect; shocked face, the yes moment, and all!  Thanks friendly strangers!”

       Was it a surprise??

“The moment itself was a surprise, but we had talked marriage and looked at rings a while back.  We actually went looking at rings for a second time; it ends up that he already had one custom made because he knew my style and took my career into consideration.  So sneaky making me think it was much further out!” 

   Smart man!

What was Stephanie’s favorite part of planning her wedding?

“My favorite part was seeing everything coming together in the whole look and feel of the day; especially the day of the wedding.  So much planning goes into it, and there are options-galore (especially with Pinterest and many other online and magazine ideas).  It’s nice when you finally find a look that you BOTH like, find a vendor or other way to make it happen, and then see it come to fruition!” 

      What about her least favorite part?

“Planning is overwhelming sometimes.  Options are a great thing, but it can also get confusing.  Plus a lot of people feel the need to chime in their opinions as to how they THINK your day should go or what you should do. Ultimately, do what’s right for you as a couple and what will make you happy; after all, it should be about the couple’s expression and not reflect anyone else’s.”

Fast forward to the wedding day! What was Stephanie’s favorite moment?

“It was a phenomenal day, so it’s hard to choose one favorite.  I really enjoyed the ceremony.  We wrote our own vows and said them in front of God, our friends, and family.  The room was full, but it felt very intimate because we really just focused on each other.  The reception was a blast too, with a lot of funny moments, but one of the neatest was running through a tunnel of glow wands that we gave to each guest as one of the wedding favors.”

Now that it’s all said and done, what’s her biggest takeaway from the whole planning process? 

“Start planning and reserving every vendor that you’ve had your eye on ASAP!  Engagement periods seem to last much longer than they used to in order to accommodate saving up and paying for the big day.  Therefore, some of the vendors/locations were booked 2 years out already; and the great ones get scooped up quickly!  Disregard some of the generic timelines that you find online or in magazines; it’s simply a guide to help you organize, but if you know what you want, go ahead and book it with a deposit so they know you’re serious about getting on their calendar.”

     Any final advice for our brides??

“First, you can plan all you want, but there seems to always be a hiccup the day of.  Don’t let it ruin your day or get under your skin too much.  Many of the meticulous details wouldn’t even be known by your guests, just you.  The ultimate goal is to get married to your favorite person.  As long as that happens, don’t freak out about the minor stuff.  Second, you always hear people tell you that the day goes by so fast and to enjoy every minute…great, how do you do that other than to tell yourself?  Dan’s best man Corey had some great advice that was passed on to him on his wedding day; take a moment just the 2 of you to try and watch the reception from afar for a couple minutes (balcony, far door, etc).  Watch your families and friends laughing, dancing like wild people on the dance floor, having conversation with others at a table, kids chasing each other; soak in those memories when you’re not in the midst of the chaos, and smile…you made it!”

Congratulations, Stephanie and Dan!! We are so happy for you guys and can’t thank you enough for letting us share your special day!

Check out more pictures from their beautiful wedding in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Elizabeth

E L I Z A B E T H + B R I A N

{October 5th, 2018}

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

We are so happy to introduce you to Elizabeth!

She chose a beautiful satin Essense of Australia gown for her October wedding!

With it’s keyhole back and embellished details, it’s easy to see why she said yes to this dress!

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

With the help of her mom and sisters, Elizabeth arranged all of her own flowers for her big day!

They turned out so gorgeous!

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

Elizabeth married her husband, Brian, at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont, IL.

During the ceremony the couple filled a wine box with letters to each other and a bottle of wine. On their 1st anniversary they’ll open up the box and enjoy!

Brian’s best friend, a comedian, was the officiant and as you can tell from the pictures he had the couple laughing throughout the ceremony!

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

After the ceremony guests headed into the country club where they were greeted by beautiful blooms and rich colors.

A yummy cake and dessert bar were available as well some some dino-inspired favors!

{Photos by: B. Adams Photography}

Let’s get to know the Millers a little better!

How’d they meet?

“Work! He started a year after I did. We worked in the same department, but not on the same team. He’d tend to come visit to joke around or say “Hi”, but mainly to steal candy from my desk.”

Such a flirt! Soon their flirting turned to love. Brian decided the perfect time to pop the question was right after they bought their home…

“The day after we closed on our house, we went there to clean since it had been vacant for some time. We were arriving at the house later than expected, so I was in a rush to get in and get going. As soon as we pulled up, I hopped out of the car to go let us in the house and open the garage to unload. When he didn’t immediately follow, I went out to check on him and he was out of the car standing there empty handed… I started getting irritated and asked why he wasn’t unpacking the car.  He said “let’s go inside first so we can talk” and I replied with “oh no” and he laughed. We walked into the kitchen and he got down on one knee asked me to be his wife, and I, again, answered eloquently with “yea, duh”.”

Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“Mix of both... I knew it was coming eventually.  He told me he had gotten his grandma’s ring to reset, and I knew it had been ready for a few months. I thought it would happen when I was dressed up and prepared, like our anniversary or my birthday, but of course, instead, he chose the day I was in yoga pants, no makeup on and hair on top of my head.”

Once she was settled into the new house and the ring was on her finger, Elizabeth’s next order of business was dress shopping…

“I came to Something Blue with an entourage of important people – my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, mom, sister & close cousin. I had somewhat carried a vision in my mind of what I would like, but after everyone running around the store pinning 20 dresses, I had a whole variety to try on. It was great! I was able to easily view all of the different cuts and styles I’d seen on “Say Yes to the Dress” and rule out any that may have been a prior possibility.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I just felt very glamorous and beautiful. It just felt special so I knew it was the right pick.”

When it came to other aspects of wedding planning, what was Elizabeth’s favorite part?

“Planning out the décor and color scheme! I went to a lot of resale shops and had a lot of DIY projects that made it feel less cookie cutter and more personal and eclectic. The flowers we actually bought wholesale and arranged ourselves which was super fun but a little labor intensive.”

What about her least favorite part?

“Seating chart. This was the hardest thing to do. Trying to mix and match family and friends was a challenge and of course there is never an even number of guests.”

Finally it was wedding day! Elizabeth says one part of the day was hands down her favorite…

“Our ceremony. My husband’s best friend, who moonlights as a comedian and host, married us. He was hysterical but also thoughtful. I think I got the most compliments on our “amazing officiant”. Thank you to whatever online ministry that let him become ordained!”

That’s awesome! Now that its all said and done, is there any advice Elizabeth would give to other brides planning their own big day?

“You can plan for days, but things will fall through the cracks and that’s OK.  No one knows but you. I had a power point, spreadsheet and a wedding details guidebook that was distributed to all my vendors, and I still managed to forget this and that. It happens! 

Also hire a day of coordinator. Don’t just rely on your maid of honor or family member. It gets chaotic and everyone is busy and also trying to enjoy the day; it’s worth the money to have a third party step in. It will allow you a little more freedom to just soak in the day instead of worry about little details.” 

Congratulations, Elizabeth and Brian! Thank you for letting us share your beautiful wedding day! Check out more of their gorgeous pics by B. Adams Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Stephanie

S T E P H A N I E + J A K E

{September 22nd, 2018}

{Photo by: Kaula Marie Photography}

{Photo by: Kaula Marie Photography}

This bride, you guys! She is so beautiful inside and out!

We’re so excited to introduce you to Stephanie.

Stephanie chose the prettiest Essense of Australia gown and it looked SO amazing on her!

She spent the morning of her wedding getting ready with her closest family and friends, including some seriously cute flower girls…

{Photos by: Kaula Marie Photography}

Stephanie wanted to give gifts to a few very important people in her life: her nephew Connor, her mom and her dad.

All of their reactions are so sweet but we’d say Dad takes the cake!

{Photos by: Kaula Marie Photography}

For her gorgeous flowers {more of which you’ll see later at the reception}, Stephanie worked with Blossom Shoppe {an SBB preferred vendor!} to create some insanely beautiful bouquets and arrangements!

{Photo by: Kaula Marie Photography}

{Photo by: Kaula Marie Photography}

I meeeean, so pretty right?!

Stephanie grew up in Crown Point and married the love of her life, Jake, at First United Methodist Church right off the square.

As you can imagine, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful!

{Photos by: Kaula Marie Photography}

For the reception, guests headed to Aberdeen Manor in Valpo.

You already know this venue does it up between the suspended cake and snow fall during the first dance.

But it was Stephanie and Jake’s decor and personal touches that really made the venue shine.

The evening ended with a sparkler send off, because after a wedding this beautiful is there really any other way to go out??

{Photos by: Kaula Marie Photography}

SO pretty!! We can’t get over the color scheme! Perfection.

We’ve seen how beautiful their wedding is but let’s learn a little more about the newlyweds!

“Jake and I have known each other since we were in the 7th grade but never talked much. We saw each other out one night 3 years ago with some mutual friends and started catching up & hit it off from there!”

When he was ready to propose, Jake made sure to include the people who mean most to them..

“Jake proposed to me with both of our families present the day before my birthday. We went out for a nice dinner & I came home  to “our song” playing, candles lit everywhere and rose petals leading to my niece and nephew holding signs asking if i would marry Jake. My family & Jakes family were all there. I turned around and he was down on one knee.”

Was it a surprise??

“I had known Jake bought a ring... he’s not very good at hiding surprises lol! He was acting pretty weird at dinner and he was stalling a lot. I had thought maybe something was going on but was still overwhelmed when it actually happened.”

I asked Stephanie to tell us all about her dress shopping experience!

“I had only gone to Something Blue and one other salon before finding my dress. I think I tried on about 20ish dresses altogether. There was one in particular my mom & I really liked that was posted on Wedding Gown Wednesday that we kept looking at over and over. Colleen was awesome & was super patient with me bouncing in between 3 dresses that I really liked. But, I ended up with the one I saw online! 

I knew my dress was the one because it was everything I had wanted in one dress. I felt the most “bridal” and elegant in it.”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What was Stephanie’s most favorite and least favorite part of the whole process?

“My favorite part of the planning was definitely wedding dress shopping and bridesmaid dress shopping. Aberdeen also does a really fun day where you try alllll of their food...needless to say that was a pretty great day too. 

My least favorite part was probably planning the ceremony. There are so many tiny details that you have to make decisions on that you don’t even think about. At one point, I was ready to have everyone else just make the decisions for me!”

Now that the day has come and gone, Stephanie has some sound advice for brides currently planning their own wedding…

“Make sure that the bride doesn’t go last for hair and makeup! I made that mistake and we were rushed. Also, to make sure that you are actually dancing, enjoying the food or eating the cake at the reception. The bride (and groom) need to enjoy the party more than anyone & it’s important to make sure that you’re not running around or focused on mingling the whole time. 

I think the best advice is to make sure to remember to enjoy the moments even when they’re stressful. There are so many times during the day or during the planning where it’s easy to be just stressed about how everything is running and you can end up not really soaking anything in. You wait your whole life to plan your wedding and get married and it’s over in the blink of an eye. So make sure to stay present in every moment!”

Congratulations, Stephanie and Jake!! Thank you so much for letting us share your beautiful day, we wish you nothing but love and happiness! Be sure to check out more of their amazing pics from Kaula Marie Photography in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Ashley

A S H L E Y + S T E V E

{August 18th, 2018}

{photo by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

{photo by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

Meet Ashley {and her hubby Steve}!

Ashley wore a gorgeous Essense of Australia gown for her August wedding.

To say she looked beautiful is an understatement!

{photos by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

That back!! Gets us every time.

For her flowers, Ashley teamed up with Corinne from Forget Me Not Florals to create stunning bouquets featuring pops of her wedding color - coral!

{photo by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

{photo by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

Ashley wanted to share a first look with both her dad and soon-to-be husband.

Her dad couldn’t help but play a little trick on Steve before he got to see his bride…

{photos by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

We love a dad with a good sense of humor!

Ashley and Steve were married at Sandy Pines and guys - we can’t even begin to tell you how much we love this venue!!

When Ashley met Steve, he had a bandanna on {which Ashley says is his signature look}.

Before their first kiss at the altar, the groom and his groomsmen put on bandannas to give a special nod to this on their big day.

{photos by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

The reception was held in the pavilion at Sandy Pines and was decorated with a rustic theme.

A fire pit and s’mores bar were a big feature at the reception - one of our favorite parts of having your wedding at this location!

{photos by: Caitlin Marie Photography}

Ashley and Steve met in high school but it was their love of billiards that brought them together!

When Steve finally popped the question, Ashley was more than ready…

“It was just the two of us kind of at random but I knew it was coming. For heaven sakes we dated 6 years!”

When it was time to try on wedding dresses, Ashley already had one in mind thanks to our Wedding Gown Wednesday!

“I had seen a dress on Something Blue’s gown of the week and fell in love. That was even before we were engaged so when I went to try dresses on I put that specific one on and fell in love! I tried on numerous occasions and still went back to that one!”

When it came to wedding planning, Ashley said she was super OCD about her big day…

“I wanted everything to be perfect and even though I had 1 year and 9 months to plan it was still very stressful. I loved looking up ideas on Pinterest and making things!"


Finally it was time for the wedding! Ashley’s favorite moment?

“The daddy daughter dance. We started with a slow song and then broke into a dance - three songs from my genre and three from his. It was awesome."

Any final advice for brides currently planning their own day?

“I suggest for other brides to start early, don't try rushing things and everything will be amazing.

Keep your stress under control because no matter how well prepared you are it will happen."

Congratulations, Ashley and Steve and thank you so much for letting us feature your beautiful wedding! Check out more pics from their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Christina

C H R I S T I N A + S T E P H A N

{November 25th, 2017}

{Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

{Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

Meet Christina!

I’m sure you already noticed but she looked AH-MAZING in her strapless, satin Essense of Australia gown!

Combined with her Edward Berger veil {from SBB} and her gorgeous bouquet by Flowers with Jazz, Christina was walk-down-the-aisle ready!

{Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

Christina married her husband Stephan in a gorgeous ceremony at Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church…

{Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

After the I do’s, guests headed to The Odyssey in Tinley Park!

To say the hall was covered in gorgeous blooms is an understatement! We’re such big suckers for beautiful flowers!

Know what else we’re suckers for? Dessert.

And there was a LOT of it at this reception!

{Photos by: Timothy Whaley & Associates}

I mean, so pretty right??

OK, let’s get down to the details! How did Christina and Stephan meet?

“We met at IU Optometry School one of our first days there. I messaged him on Facebook after finding out he was Greek too and we hit it off. We began as friends and we would study together all the time and then one thing led to another.”

How did he pop the question?

“I was doing my rotations for school in Chicago and he was working in Munster, Indiana. My birthday had been a few days before and he told me he wanted to take me to dinner and come stay in the city for the weekend. He booked a room at the Godfrey Hotel and told me to meet him there (I was staying at my uncles' house in the city). So I get to the hotel and meet him at the room and when he opened the door there were rose petals leading from the door onto the bed. I kind of laughed because I thought this was for my birthday and had always told him he wasn't romantic. He was already dressed and told me to get ready so we could go to dinner since we had reservations soon. I got ready quicker than he expected and when I finished he had to kill some time so he told me that the reservations had gotten pushed back. I sat on the bed and started looking through the menu of the place we were going to and I hear him messing with the safe. He kept opening and closing it and made some comment like "Look the safe works!" and I told him to stop messing with it because he was going to break it and we would have to pay for it. He goes, "Ok, ok! Hey, why don't you come over here and take a picture with me." So I walk over and he's on his knee with the ring and says (what I can remember even though he claims he said a lot more) "Christina Alexandria Kouklakis, will you marry me?" and the only thing I could get out of my mouth was "How did you get that already?!" to which he responded "Are you going to answer me?" Of course I said yes and then begin to try and call my family. No one was answering their phones. No one. So he tells me let's just go to dinner and you can call them when we get back. We get in the Uber and drive to the restaurant (Chicago Cut) and he's trying to keep me outside by telling me we need to take some pictures and let's look at the water. After 10 minutes I was ready to go inside, I couldn't understand why he didn't want to go in. Finally, he gives in and we walk into the restaurant and I look to the side and I see my whole family and his! He had been trying to hold off going inside to give the restaurant time to seat everyone so it would be a surprise!"

Oh my gosh, so sweet!! Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“We had designed my ring together at Albert's. We couldn't find one that we liked and decided designing it would be the best option. Stephan's only rule was, even though I knew what it would look like, he didn't want me to know when it would be ready and when he picked it up. The lady who was helping us when we went to pick out the center stone told us it would be at least 2-3 months before it was ready. In actuality, it took about 2 weeks. So I knew it was coming but I didn't know when."

Let’s talk dresses! How did Christina find “the one”??

“I had gone to look at dresses in Chicago at some salons and could not find anything that I liked so I was becoming really frustrated. I came to Something Blue and immediately found 2 or 3 dresses that I really liked and that my dad really liked as well. He wanted to be the one to give his approval on the dresses my sister and I picked when we got married since he was there when my mom picked out her dress. 

Originally I had another dress picked out and was going to go back into Something Blue with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and grandma to show them what I had picked. A few days before, my sister saw a dress on Something Blue’s Facebook and said that even though I had picked a dress I HAD to try this new one on before making a decision. When we got to the store and I put it on I loved it. It was classic. It had just the right amount of lace, a long beautiful train with buttons going down the back and hugged my figure the way I wanted. Put it together with a cathedral veil and it was perfect!"

We agree!

When it came to planning her big day, what were Christina’s favorite and least favorite parts?

“I really liked the planning process in general. I liked picking out flowers and decorations and deciding what the invites would look like! 

My least favorite was the stress. We couldn't find a venue for the longest time that could fit the amount of people we were having (think, My Big Fat Greek Wedding- almost 500 people). Figuring out the date was another headache. If the hall could do it, the church couldn't and visa versa, we were bringing people from Greece so trying to coordinate with them was a challenge.”

What was her favorite moment from her wedding?

“After we were married. Our reception was so fun! Everyone seemed to have a great time!”

Now that she’s a married woman, Christina has some advice for future brides…

“Enjoy each moment. Definitely start early and do the big things first- hall, music, photographer/videographer, etc. 

Enjoy the process! The day of the wedding make sure you have someone in your wedding party have an "emergency bag" with them full of things you might need-- including a snack and some water! The day goes by quickly so make sure you have fun and don't worry about what might go wrong or what things should have looked like."

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us, Christina and Stephan! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!! Check out more of their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Ina

I N A  +  K Y L E

{July 7th, 2018}

{Photos by: Andrea Flanagan Photography}

{Photos by: Andrea Flanagan Photography}

Do we have the most gorgeous brides or what?!

Meet Ina!

Ina came to Something Blue searching for the perfect gown for her Summer wedding in Colorado and she nailed it with this Essense of Australia dress!

The color, the illusion back, the side cutouts...swoon!

{Photos by: Andrea Flanagan Photography}

Ina turned to local florist Pink Posey Design to create her gorgeous bouquet. It fit in perfectly with her mountain top wedding!

In memory of her dad, she had a charm wrapped around her bouquet so he could still walk her down the aisle.

{Photos by: Andrea Flanagan Photography}

{Photos by: Andrea Flanagan Photography}

Ina and her hubby Kyle were married at Sapphire Point Overlook in Breckenridge.

She was walked down the aisle by both of her brothers - so sweet!

Let's talk scenery - the ceremony backdrop was so incredible, you have to see it for yourself...

{Photos by: Andrea Flanagan Photography}

After the ceremony, guests headed to Breckenridge Distillery for dinner and drinks!

We're drooling over that gorgeous cake and all those barrels!

The whole setting was dreamy.

{Photos by: Andrea Flanagan Photography}

We weren't lyin, right?? Such a perfect reception spot!

Let's get to know the newlyweds a little better!

How did they meet?

"We met in 2007 right after I graduated HS, he went to Merrillville, I to CP. I had a Fourth of July party at my house that year and my best friend was dating one of his best friends so they came to the party. My mom (if you know her you understand) pointed him out...something like "oh that boy in the blue shirt is cute" and made us take a picture together (yes we still have the picture). We joked after that night about the boy in the blue shirt being my boyfriend. A week after we went on our first date and started dating ever since then!"

STOP that is actually so cute! Mom always knows best!

When Kyle was ready to pop the question, he made sure to make it memorable!

"Kyle proposed to me at Sharkys beach in Venice FL. I was on top of the paddle board (yes in the ocean) he said "I think I see a sharks tooth" came back up and had my ring. I definitely had a feeling it was going to come soon, surely not in that manner but it was perfect!"

Let's talk about our favorite subject - wedding gowns.

"Well I had no expectations other than the countless hours of watching say yes to the dress everyday. But the experience at SBB was amazing. I met Celine, who I'm pretty sure is my long lost sister. She completely understood me, knew exactly the style I was looking for. The staff was extremely friendly and even let me book an accessory appointment with my nieces where I tried on my sample dress and got to play dress up with them."

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

"It was a hard choice because there was so many beautiful gowns and honestly they all looked soooo amazing. I never had that bride moment but the dress I chose was the 1st one I tried on, everyone had agreed that it was the top contender and I kept comparing all the other dresses to that one. It really wasn't until my dress fitting that I felt that surge of emotion that I was looking for and I'm so happy with my decision. The dress was perfect for our wedding!"

We agree!

I asked Ina to tell us all about her planning process..

"The planning process is stressful don't get me wrong but I had a wedding planning who kept me on track which made my process a lot easier. My favorite part of planning was picking my vendors. My least favorite part was planning everything from a different state because there were so many unknowns."

Finally, the wedding day had arrived!

What was Ina's favorite part of her big day?

"Hands down my favorite moment of our wedding was listening to my husbands vows. I'm pretty sure he had every single person crying."

Now that it's all said and done, is there anything she would change?

"I would say don't stress but that's inevitable. So enjoy the stress, just know at the end of the day everything will come together perfectly. The only thing that truly matters is the moment you share with your husband. I swear no body cares what color your linens are or what centerpieces you picked! They'll even forgive you if they don't like your food ;)"

Any final advice??

"My advice, keep it simple, small and simple! Having a small destination wedding with my closet friends and family was the best choice we could have made!"

Thank you so much, Ina and Kyle, for sharing your gorgeous wedding with us!! We are so happy for you both and wish you nothing but happiness in your future together!

Can't get enough? Check out more of their beautiful wedding pictures in the gallery below!


{SBB Bride of the Week} Bailey

B A I L E Y  +  T Y L E R

{MAY 27th, 2018}

{Photos by: Treasure Rearden Photography}

{Photos by: Treasure Rearden Photography}

Oh hey there, Bailey! You're stunning!

We always say this but we really do have the best brides -Bailey was seriously such a joy to work with!

We LOVE her Essense of Australia gown, with its gorgeous beading and illusion back!

Bailey was married in May and her dress couldn't have been more perfect!

The mirror in her room was covered with love post it notes from Tyler..I mean can you even?!

After getting ready, she let dad have the first peek before walking her down the aisle...

{Photos by: Treasure Rearden Photography}

Bailey's bouquet was so beautiful and full of vibrant spring flowers! The Garden by Elizabeth knocked it out of the park on this one!

Wrapped around her bouquet were charms honoring both of her grandfathers who are no longer with us.

{Photos by: Treasure Rearden Photography}

{Photos by: Treasure Rearden Photography}

Bailey and her husband Tyler wanted to share a first look before the ceremony.

We just love their genuine reactions of excitement when they see each other!!

{Photos by: Treasure Rearden Photography}

The newlyweds were married at Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University.

Y'all. THIS CHAPEL!! It's so beautiful!

After the ceremony, a vintage red truck was waiting for Bailey and Tyler to ride off into the sunset...or to the reception...together!