{SBB Bride of the Week} Tiffani

T I F F A N I + T R A V I S

{October 27th, 2018}

{Photos by: Marktime Studio}

{Photos by: Marktime Studio}

Careful people, she’s got security!

Introducing our gorgeous bride Tiffani!!

Tiffani wore a stunning Essense of Australia gown for her fall wedding and she looks SO amazing!

Paired with a matching Essense veil and Susan G. Allen Couture earrings, her wedding day look was perfection!

{Photos by: Marktime Studio}

Tiffani and her hubby Travis decided to do a first look before walking down the aisle!

We’d say this backdrop was pretty dang perfect for their special moment!

{Photos by: Marktime Studio}

Tiffani’s aunt-in-law Laurie did all of the floral arrangements for the wedding!

She put together beautiful bouquets that featured pops of blue and green, which looked perfect with the bridesmaid dress color!

{Photos by: Marktime Studio}

{Photos by: Marktime Studio}

Tiffani and Travis were married at Hope CRC in Oak Forest.

After they said “I Do”, the couple made their getaway in the CUTEST red truck provided by a friend of the family!

{Photos by: Marktime Studio}

After the ceremony, guests headed to Chicago Gaelic Park for the reception!

Sequined cloths and more gorgeous flowers covered the tables while a delish cake was waiting for everyone to devour!

{Photos by: Marktime Studio}

How did the newlyweds meet??

“Facebook; We had mutual friends but he sent me a facebook message which wasn’t taken too seriously. Romantic, right? 5 months down the road we decided to hang out and are high school sweethearts.”

How did Travis pop the question?

“We were on a vacation with his family in Florida, and me being a huge Disney Fanatic meant I had to go to Disney World if we were only an hour away. He ended up popping the question in front of the castle & it couldn’t have been any better!”

Was it a surprise or did Tiffani know it was coming?

“We were together 6 years before the proposal so I always had the thought in the back of my mind but was definitely surprised it happened when/where it did!”

Let’s talk wedding dress shopping! How was Tiffani’s experience?

“The only place I went to was Something Blue and I have never once second guessed that decision. It was such a personal experience and I just didn’t feel like another customer walking in the store. My consultant gave me her undivided attention even with my big group that came along. It was an amazing and welcoming experience!”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“It was the first dress I tried on so i guess you can say it was love at first sight! I did try on about 7 more to make sure but nothing compared to that first dress. As soon as the matching veil came on it was instant tears!”

When it came to planning her wedding, what was Tiffani’s fave part of the process?

“I had a small bridal party of just my closest friends and we spent a lot of time together planning the wedding and just catching up with our crazy lives. We did something almost 3 times a month and it made the process that much more special to have them be a huge part of it and make it fun even in the more stressful times!”

Did she have a least favorite part?

“Guest lists and Tables! I like to try to make everyone happy, which is not an easy thing to do when doing tables for almost 300 people. Give yourself enough time to work it out and remember you cannot please everyone.”

Is there a moment from Tiffani’s special day that sticks out most in her mind?

“My first look. Originally we wanted to save it for when I was walking down the aisle but ultimately decided to do a first look before the ceremony. It gave us time to just be with each other before everything started and remember that this day was for us. We were together more than 7 years before our wedding and there we many emotions building up til that moment and it was a blessing to be able to have that quiet time before the events got started!”

Any advice for brides planning their own big day?

“It is never too early to start planning. I booked my most important vendors within 2 months of getting engaged. It saved me a lot of stress and gave me down time in the chaos of planning. On your wedding day, have the mindset that “Whatever happens, happens”. You don’t want to be focusing on things that could go wrong, just focus on the great moments and that you are marrying the love of your life.”

Great advice! Congrats, Tiffani and Travis!! Thank you so much for allowing us to share your beautiful wedding day!! Check out more pics from their big day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Becka

B E C K A + T I M

{May 18th, 2019}

{Photos by: Abbey Grim Photography}

{Photos by: Abbey Grim Photography}

Another week, another gorgeous bride to feature!

Introducing Becka! She is so fun and we really enjoyed getting to know her!

For her May wedding, Becka chose a beautiful A-line Essense of Australia gown.

This dress, y’all! So feminine and pretty and we love the 3D flower detail throughout!

{Photos by: Abbey Grim Photography}

For her flowers, Becka turned to her mother-in-law who handmade her beautiful bouquet!

{Photos by: Abbey Grim Photography}

{Photos by: Abbey Grim Photography}

Becka married her hubby Tim at Brincka Cross Gardens in Michigan City!

Lit mason jars lined the aisle and a very special person officiated the ceremony - the groom’s mother, Linda!

{Photos by: Abbey Grim Photography}

After the beautiful ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests headed to the reception room for a fun night of dinner, dancing and delish cake and donuts from Rise’n Roll Bakery !

{Photos by: Abbey Grim Photography}

We’ve seen their wedding, but let’s get to know more about Becka and Tim!

How’d they meet?

“Our parents were friends since before we were born. He's 6 years older than me so when I was born he saw me as a baby, but we didn't grow up together because of the age difference. We eventually found each other 9 years ago at a family friend's wedding and dated for about 2 years. After going our separate ways and doing some growing up, we found each other again in 2016 and realized there was no way we were going to break up this time.”

How did Tim pop the question?

“We were in our house on Christmas Eve 2017, about to go to bed. I was skipping through our bedroom yodeling the Hardrock, Coco, and Joe song when I saw him standing there creepily with one hand in his pocket (which he never does.) I was like "....what are you doing?" And then he pulled the ring box out and asked me to marry him 😊 so apparently my yodeling skills are pretty potent.”

Love it! I mean, it takes some skill to yodel!

Was Becka surprised or did she have a feeling a proposal was coming?

“It was both. We knew we were going to marry each other and had even gone ring shopping. But I had told him no proposing on Christmas because it's so cheesy so I wasn't fully prepared for it!”

Switching from rings to dresses! How was Becka’s dress shopping experience?z

“Because we knew we were going to get married, I had spent the previous year looking around at dress shops. Out of all of the small town businesses in a 60 mile radius, Something Blue had the most stunning dresses shown on the Wedding Gown Wednesday facebook posts. I took screenshots of my favorites and Celine helped me find the styles.”

How did you know your dress was "the one"?

“I chose this dress because it was the only one out of the 3 final contenders that allowed me to really spread my legs and squat for optimal dancing needs. I also couldn't comfortably sit in the form fitting dresses and I knew my food baby would eventually come popping out!”

A-line gowns are the perfect solution to the food baby problem!

Moving on to wedding planning - what was Becka’s favorite part?

“The beginning when there were no worries or stresses about anything. I could just comfortably scroll through Pinterest and Vistaprint making stuff and not have worries about any tiny unnecessary details.”

We can guess her least favorite part…

“Probably the whole thing. We are fortunate enough that we didn't have to pay for everything but we still paid a large chunk ourselves. I didn't realize how expensive stamps are and how stressful certain people can make the process.”

After all the planning, the wedding day finally arrived!

Is there a moment Becka will always cherish?

“I don't have a favorite moment of the wedding, but rather tiny moments hidden inside the whole thing. The involuntary noise I made when we first saw each other; his smile throughout the whole thing; at one point, he had some tears in his eyes (which was the icing on the cake because he said he wouldn't cry); and when his mother, our officiant, said kiss the bride, I was holding my bouquet and that went flying to the ground right as his hands grabbed my face and it was the best first kiss we could've imagined.”

Any advice for brides-to-be who are currently planning their own big day?

“Focus on the ceremony and a legitimate honeymoon. Skip the shoe game at the reception, it's just a waste of time. If you want people to dress nice for the reception, spell it out in bold capital letters in the invitations.”

Congratulations, Becka and Tim!! We are so honored you allowed us to share your beautiful day and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Want more? Check out the gallery below for even more gorgeous pics by Abbey Grim Photography!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Maddie

M A D D I E + R E U B E N

{September 22nd, 2018}

{Photos by: Classic Photographers}

{Photos by: Classic Photographers}

Our brides are supermodels, ok?!

Introducing our gorgeous bride, Maddie!

For her September wedding, Maddie chose a beautiful Essense of Australia gown that features a low cut illusion back and a cold shoulder strap!

One of our favorite parts? That train!!

{Photos by: Classic Photographers}

Maddie decided to work with Monarch for her flowers - SUCH a great decision!

We are obsessed with her bouquet AND her creative take on the bridesmaids bouquets!

I mean come on, how cool are those hoops?!

{Photos by: Classic Photographers}

{Photos by: Classic Photographers}

Maddie and her hubby Reuben decided to do a first look before the ceremony.

They decided to do it on the beach and got some gorgeous pics out of it!

{Photos by: Classic Photographers}

Maddie and Reuben were married at Wedgewood North Shore in Wadsworth, Illinois.

This venue is stunning!!

We love all of the little details, including the happy couple watering a fiddle fig for their home during the ceremony.

Something else we love? Their wedding hashtag!

{Photos by: Classic Photographers}


After the ceremony came the reception and y’all - its so pretty!!

Also there was a donut wall and you already know how much we love those!

{Photos by: Classic Photographers}

SO pretty!! We love all of the greenery!

It’s that time - let’s learn more about this newlyweds!

How’d they meet?

“In High School and started dating when I was a sophomore and he was a junior!”

How did Reuben pop the question?

“He proposed on a family vacation in Florida. We were on a 3rd story balcony overlooking the water.”

Was it a surprise or did Maddie know something was up?

“Total surprise. A proposal didn’t even cross my mind for that trip and I was in shock for a little bit afterwards.”

Surprise proposals are the best!!

Let’s move on to dresses - how was Maddie’s shopping experience?

“The first place I went for a dress was a disappointment. I didn’t like any of the dresses I tried on and felt like that was going to be most of my dress shopping experience. I went to Something Blue directly afterwards and had a much better experience there. I loved the first three dresses I tried on and there were plenty others that were beautiful. The team at Something Blue was very helpful and made the experience easy.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“I liked how the design of the dress was different from many other dresses. I loved the color and how comfortable it was. My main goal for a dress was to be able to go to the bathroom without help.” 

Ha! Listen people, its a real thing!

How was the planning process for Maddie?

“I really don’t like planning so it was most enjoyable at the end when I saw it all coming together.

Choosing vendors was the hardest part because there are so many factors.”

Finally the wedding day had arrived!

Maddie’s favorite part was watching everyone bust a move!

“It all came together so well and everyone enjoyed themselves. I haven’t seen that much dancing at a wedding ever.”

Any advice for brides currently planning their own big day?

“Choose a vendor that makes it simple for you, it will take a lot off your plate. I didn’t micro manage and let others plan because in the end little details aren’t a big deal. Also, pick a great photographer, not just the best deal. I was not happy with how many of my photos turned out, the photos were very crooked and were not edited well.”

Congratulations, Maddie and Reuben!! We are so beyond happy for you two and wish you lots of love and happiness!!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Ellisia

E L L I S I A + B R A D L E Y

{January 5th, 2019}

{Photos by: Evangeline Renee Photography}

{Photos by: Evangeline Renee Photography}


Our bride Ellisia, as you can see, is absolutely STUNNING!

Ellisia chose a gorgeous fitted Essense of Australia gown for her January wedding!

She added a belt by Susan G. Allen Couture to give the look some extra sparkle!

{Photos by: Evangeline Renee Photography}

SO pretty!

Speaking of pretty - Ellisia’s flowers by Artisti are beyond beautiful!

We love a succulent accent!

{Photos by: Evangeline Renee Photography}

{Photos by: Evangeline Renee Photography}

Ellisia married her husband Bradley at the Fishermen’s Inn in Elburn, Illinois.

When it comes to this sweet ceremony, the pictures speak for themselves…

{Photos by: Evangeline Renee Photography}

Did you happen to catch the flower girls? Yep, Ellisia had 4 of her best friends be her “flower ladies” for the day! SO cute!

After the ceremony, guests stayed at the Inn for a beautiful reception!

{Photos by: Evangeline Renee Photography}

I mean isn’t that venue SO pretty??

Let’s learn more about Ellisia and Bradley’s love story…

“Bradley and I met and became friends in high school. We started dating years later after high school when we coincidentally ran into each other at a mutual friends party. We discovered we shared a love for music and quickly found ourselves in a long distance relationship while he was completing his degree at the University of Iowa. He moved back home after graduation, and we have been together happily for over 5 years now.”

How did he pop the question?

“Bradley proposed to me under the lights of the City of Chicago Christmas tree at Millennium Park, accompanied by some of our closest friends and surrounded hundreds of people. I'm obsessed with Christmas.”

Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming?

“I knew Bradley and I were going to get married, but I was surprised by the proposal. It was perfect.”

Let’s talk wedding dresses!

“My dress buying experience was so much fun and quick, but memorable. I brought 9 loved ones with me because I can be an indecisive person. I knew I would need help making this giant decision. I made the appointment in the morning and in another state, so I told myself that I would visit only one dress shop. This would force my decisiveness and ensure a successful trip. I knew I wanted to say "yes to the dress" that day. Something Blue Bridal Boutique made that possible by the abundance of dress choices and the efficient and seamless dress selection process for the bride and her posse. The SBB team were professional and made you feel comfortable in this once in a lifetime shopping trip!”

How did Ellisia know her dress was "the one"?

“Honestly, every single dress I tried on were beautiful. It was a challenge for me to choose just one LOL. I narrowed it down to two completely different dresses. By the third try, I said "yes to the dress" to my gorgeous Essence of Australia wedding gown. The energy of my 9 person crowd changed when I walked out from the fitting room in the dress - I knew it was the one. The two main things I was looking for were lace and a mermaid gown (although I tried on other dress styles because you just never know), and this dress had both. The dress was uniquely beautiful with so much lace detail, bold with sheer side cutouts and had beautiful rhinestones all over to give it just a little (a lot) bling. It made me feel both sexy and elegant for our big wedding day.”

When it was time to plan her big day, what was Ellisia’s favorite part of the process?

“I'm not sure I can say I had just one favorite part of the planning process, but to choose one, probably venue hunting. We checked out some cool venues, which allowed us to discover some towns and areas we have never been to before or didn't know too much about.”

What about her least favorite?

“Physically addressing the save-the-dates, wedding invitations and thank-you cards. Such a hassle LOL. I recommend to any couple to get them printed out.”

{Photos by: Evangeline Renee Photography}

{Photos by: Evangeline Renee Photography}

What was her favorite moment from her wedding day?

“Our first look! I spent all day getting ready with my bridal party and felt so anxious. The moment I saw Bradley for the first time that day, I relaxed (slightly). It was a special moment that we shared together, and I'm so happy we decided to have a first look.”

Any advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“Stay organized. Bradley and I organized everything (lists, seating charts, budgets, etc) in Google Sheets and used The Knot to create our wedding website, share information, track RSVPs, all for free. The more you have details under control the less stressful things will seem to be, allowing you to focus on other things.

Almost everybody you talk to will unload their opinions on all aspects of the wedding throughout the entire process. Remember that this is a wedding for you and your husband and you must stick to what is true to you both. Do not stress over trying to make everyone else happy and focus on what you and your husband have envisioned for your big day.”

Congrats, Ellisia and Bradley!! Thank you SO much for letting us feature your big day!!

Check out more of their gorgeous pics by Evangeline Renee Photography {https://evangelinereneeblog.com/} in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Becca

B E C C A + B E N

{September 29th, 2018}

{Photos by: Penny Frazier Photography}

{Photos by: Penny Frazier Photography}

Isn’t she lovely??

Introducing our beautiful bride, Becca!

Becca came to SBB looking for the perfect gown for her September wedding.

She chose one of our all time faves - a high neck, fitted Essense of Australia gown that has some of the prettiest beading we have ever seen!

{Photos by: Penny Frazier Photography}

For her flowers, Becca chose to work with Cindy Batka to create all of her arrangements and bouquets.

As you can see throughout these pictures, she did an amazing job!

{Photos by: Penny Frazier Photography}

{Photos by: Penny Frazier Photography}

Becca and her now-hubby Ben were married at Faith Church in Highland.

They decorated beautifully but honestly our favorite part is how emotional they are as she walked down the aisle!

{Photos by: Penny Frazier Photography}

After the ceremony, everyone headed to Avalon Manor to celebrate the newlyweds!

Beautiful centerpieces decorated the tables and their tree cake is SO cute!

{Photos by: Penny Frazier Photography}

Now that we got to check out their wedding, let’s learn their backstory!

How did they meet? 

“We actually have known of each other since we were little. Ben grew up in my sister’s class from kindergarten through high school. He also became neighbors with my brother-in-law in elementary school and they became best friends. However, neither of us had our eyes on each other until much later on. It was at my sister’s wedding where I was maid of honor and Ben was a groomsmen that we decided to dance and exchange numbers sparking our relationship. After the wedding, we never went a day without talking and our relationship quickly grew.”

How did Ben propose??

“I had been asking Ben to go downtown for a date in the city for a Christmas celebration. I wanted to dress up and go to a nice restaurant. Thankfully for Ben, the stage was set for the perfect opportunity to surprise me. We planned to go to Maggiano’s Little Italy and then go to Ghirardelli’s for some chocolate, my favorite! However, this is where Ben began to make his own plans. Ben had gone to the city a week prior with some friends to find the perfect spot to propose. After driving through the whole city, he had decided that the perfect spot was right outside Ghirardelli’s in front of the old Chicago Water Tower. He also planned to have one of his photographer friend’s there hiding to capture the whole moment. He told me he wanted to get dessert before dinner and I could not understand why he wanted to do that, as it would make us late for our dinner reservations. However, when he pulled the ring out after I got my chocolates and we took a picture by the Christmas tree it all made sense. It was the perfect night with all of my favorite things.”

SO sweet {literally}! Was it a surprise or did Becca know it was coming?

“We knew that we wanted to get married, however Ben kept saying he wanted to wait until after the New Year to get engaged. He had actually gotten the ring around Thanksgiving and had plans to propose in January. However, once he had the ring he couldn’t wait. So it was a surprise to me in the sense that I didn’t think it was happening at that time.”

After she got the ring it was time to for Becca to find her dress! How was her shopping experience?

“I was actually very nervous to buy a dress. I have always been a picky shopper and can never make decisions right away. I thought it would take me forever to make a commitment with a dress. However I was completely wrong. I only went to one store (Something Blue Bridal) and as soon as I put on the dress I knew it was the one. The staff was very helpful as they really listened to me when helping me choose the style of dress I was looking for.  They made me feel comfortable and the whole experience was non-stressful and a lot of fun!”

How did Becca know her dress was "the one"?

“I had looked at dresses online to get an idea of what I wanted. Once I put the dress on I didn’t want to take it off! It was just what I had imagined I would want. I tried some other dresses on after, but I couldn’t take my eyes off that one dress. It was PERFECT!”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What was Becca’s favorite part of planning her big day?

“Meeting with the florist and coming up with our bouquets, décor and centerpieces, dreaming of what the day would look like! She was so helpful in making my dreams come true! Another part was picking out the music for the night, once it was picked, I couldn’t stop listening to the songs that would be played throughout the entire day: from walking down the aisle, to our first dance, it helped me imagine the whole day and also put me in the best mood!”

Was there anything about planning she didn’t enjoy?

“My least favorite part would have to be all the tiny details like making seating charts and all the small details that I knew I would not even notice on the day of. I just wanted to make sure I had all the vendors picked, centerpieces and cake the way I had envisioned and the rest I really didn’t care too much about.”

When the wedding day finally arrived, what was Becca’s favorite moment?

“The whole day was my favorite! It is hard to choose just one moment. I would have to say that one of my favorite moments was walking down the aisle with my dad, seeing the love of my life waiting for me! I also loved our reception where we got to celebrate with all of our loved ones and dance the night away!”

Now that the wedding is over and she can look back with a fresh mindset, what is Becca’s takeaway from planning her big day?

“My biggest takeaway was start your planning early so you don’t feel overwhelmed closer to the wedding! Stress less and enjoy every bit, the day goes by so quick! Also make sure to take time with your new spouse to pause and take in all the special moments. Otherwise you will blink and it will be over!”

Any final advice for SBB brides currently planning their wedding?

“Make sure that your venues/vendors our picked out right away! I started calling the day after the proposal and venues/vendors were already booking up! Within the first month, all of my big decisions were made and I could relax and enjoy our engagement period!”

Congratulations, Becca and Ben!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with us!!

Check out more pics from their special day in the gallery below!

{SBB Bride of the Week} Kelsey

K E L S E Y + Z A C K

{September 15th, 2018}

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

I mean, how freakin’ cute is our bride Kelsey?!

We absolutely LOVED working with her and are so excited we get to show off her big day!

Kelsey wore the most stunning fitted Essense of Australia gown and accented it with a Justine M Couture belt and bracelet and Haute Bride earrings and necklace!

Before walking down the aisle, Kelsey got ready with her favorite girls {and lil’ guy}…

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

Kelsey worked with Another Season Floral in Demotte and you GUYS! It’s all SO perfect!

From her arrangements throughout the wedding to her bouquets, they knocked this one out of the park!

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

Before the ceremony, Kelsey and her hubby Zack wanted to share a special moment, just the two of them {well, and Alyssa Grace Photography too}.

Here’s the moment Zach got the first look of his beautiful bride…

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

The happy couple held their ceremony at Blissful Barn in Three Oaks, Michigan.

We can’t say enough good things about this venue - it’s simply GORGEOUS!

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}

For the reception, guests headed to the barn which was decorated to the nines!

Every little detail is worth looking at because it’s seriously so well thought out, put together and to be honest, we’re obsessed!

Kelsey’s sister, Kate, who owns Green is Good by Kate in Crown Point, made her delicious dairy-free, rum soaked banana wedding cake! YUM!

{Photos by: Alyssa Grace Photography}


Now that we’ve swooned over the wedding, let’s get to know the newlyweds!

How did they meet?

“My husband came up to Indiana from Florida visiting family with his Mom, Step Dad and sister. I had never met him before and was friends with his family in Indiana. I went to a New Years Eve party with him and his family and that night we locked eyes and as cheesy as it sounds it was love at first site! He was so sweet and we spent the whole night talking to each other. The next day his family was leaving to go back to Florida and he asked if we could keep in touch. Five months later he moved up to Indiana and the rest is history!”

How did Zack propose?

“Every year since we started dating my husband and I would go up to Chicago to the Christkindlmarket around Christmas to pick out a handmade ornament, take a picture by the Christmas tree at the market, eat some potato pancakes, and look at all the unique souvenirs from around the world. He works shift work and we thought we weren't going to make it because our schedules were not aligning. He last minute got the weekend off after Thanksgiving in 2016 so we were able to go to after all.  We went to the Christkindlmarket and this was the first year they did not have a Christmas tree. We went to dinner after we were done shopping at the market and Zack continued to say his Mom really wanted to have a picture of us by a Christmas tree. I was ready to go home, but he mentioned that we should go to Millennium Park and take a picture by that Christmas Tree there. He had bought a brand new camera and was excited to try it out. He asked a younger couple if they would take our picture in exchange we would take theirs. We both stood by the Christmas tree and before I knew it Zack turned and went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the best moment of my life. The younger couple taking the pictures were shocked and all I heard the girlfriend say to her boyfriend was "KEEP TAKING PICTURES". I was crying and could not believe this wonderful, caring, and perfect man was asking me to marry him. He told me later on that he originally was wanting to propose to me at the Christkindlmarket by the Christmas tree and this was the first year without a tree of course. LOL. He said he was having a panic attack because he had told his family and my family that he was proposing to me that day. He said he instantly knew that Millennium Park was the perfect spot and it truly was. Millennium Park will hold a special place in our hearts and added to our Christmas tradition spots to visit in Chicago. Zack said he wanted to propose to me on our annual Christmas Chicago trip so that in years to come we could make it a continued tradition with our future children where their Dad asked their Mom to marry him.”

STOP IT! So cute!!! Was it a surprise??

“I noticed he was acting different when we found out we were able to go to the Christkindlmarket after all. He went out and bought a new camera, new backpack, and just kept saying he was so excited to go and visit it this year. I had an idea that he might be proposing to me, but when he didn't do it at the Christkindlmarket I thought huh maybe he isn't going to propose today. I was shocked and surprised when he got down on one knee. It was perfect.”

Let’s talk wedding dresses!

“My dress buying experience was amazing. I planned to invite everyone that I was going to ask to be in my bridal party the day I scheduled to try on dresses at Something Blue Bridal. Everyone was able to come which worked out perfectly. Three of the five girls came to my house before and I made them a flannel with each of their names to wear on our wedding day. They were surprised which made the start of the day that much better. My sisters met us at the store with my mom and I got to ask them to be my maid of honor and matron of honor. The girls went around and picked out dresses they liked and wanted me to try on along with myself. I had several picked out and fell in love with the first one I tried on. As my husband says I always fall in love with the first option of anything. LOL. Sandy picked out a new dress they had gotten in and asked it I would try it on. As soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one. It sparkled where I wanted it to sparkled and fit in the right places. It was the opposite of what I thought I would buy, but it was absolutely perfect.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“It made all the flaws that I thought I had go away. It fit me in the right places and made me feel absolutely gorgeous. I pictured myself walking down the aisle in that dress marrying the man of my dreams!”

Now that the wedding is over, what was Kelsey’s favorite part of planning?

“I can honestly say that I loved everything about the planning process. I loved making my husband and I's dream wedding come true. We got married in Michigan so we would make day trips and long weekends to plan with my mom, sisters, bridal party, florist, aunt, and my husband. I loved spending so much time with the ones I love to plan our special day.”

What about her least favorite part?

“The constant emailing back and forth and making sure nothing was forgotten. I felt like the list was never ending as it got closer to the wedding, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. There was stress, but it was all worth it.”

What was Kelsey’s favorite moment from her big day??

“I have two favorite moments. The first moment was when my husband and I read our vows to each other back to back by a beautiful tree on the farm where we got married. We had not seen each other yet and it was so comforting to hear his voice and share such a special moment with one another listening to each others vows. After we read our vows we had our first look before the ceremony. It was such an emotional, beautiful, and heart felt moment that my husband and I got to share together before the rush of the day began. I can't say it enough I'm the luckiest wife."

Kelsey’s advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

“There's never enough time to plan every little thing. It's never too early to start planning. Enjoy the process and don't stress! I should have asked for more help because at times I thought I was the only one that could do it. 

Take your time, ask for help, don't try and do it all, your loved ones are there to help and wouldn't ask to help if they didn't want to. Every little thing will not go as planned the day of the wedding, but enjoy it and don't stress because the little things that may not be perfect no one will notice. Your day will be perfect because you get to marry the man of your dreams! Nothing is better than that!"

Thank you SO much, Kelsey and Zack!! We loved sharing your gorgeous wedding and wish you a future full of love and happiness!!

Be sure to check out more of their seriously beautiful pictures in the gallery below! 

{SBB Bride of the Week} Sarah

S A R A H + B E N

{September 22nd, 2018}

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

We are pleased to introduce you to our gorgeous bride, Sarah!

She married the love of her life, Ben, in September and looked darn good doing it {if we say so ourselves}!

Sarah chose a beautiful Essense of Australia gown for her big day and between the lace details and illusion back we are smitten!

For her “Something Blue” and to honor her grandmother who passed away, Sarah had a heart from one of her grandma’s favorite scarfs sewn into her gown.

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

When it came to flowers, Sarah put her trust in Charlyn’s Floral and the results were swoon worthy!!

Ben had a special charm attached to his boutonniere in honor of his father who had passed away.

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

Sarah and Ben wanted to share a first look before the ceremony.

Here is the moment Ben got to see his bride for the first time!

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

Sarah and Ben were married at Sand Creek Country Club.

This is another great venue for brides looking for a place to hold both the ceremony and reception!

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

After the “I Dos”, guests headed to the reception which was decorated so beautifully with flowers, drapery and candles!

The couple also made a fun donut table, complete with a donut wall, for guests to satisfy their sweet tooth!

{Photos by: CHC-Photography, Inc.}

Just so pretty!

Let’s learn more about the newlyweds! How did they meet?

“We met through mutual friends in high school! One of my best friends (Ben's best man) introduced us when I was a freshman and he was a junior. We still to this day hang out with that entire group of people and they were all in our wedding! We didn't start dating officially until I was a senior in high school and he was away at IU. So we did long distance for about two years until I transferred to IU myself!" 

How did Ben pop the question?

“We went on a family trip to Disney World that we had all been anticipating for two years. Apparently Ben knew he would propose during this trip as soon as we planned it! So during his family's favorite fireworks at Epcot he proposed!”

Was it a surprise or did Sarah know it was coming?

“I really had no idea! We always had a hard time surprising each other because we just can't wait to give gifts to each other and what not. So we had gone in to my family friend who is a jeweler to get one of my necklaces fixed and Ben clearly saw me staring at the rings he had. I always wanted my engagement ring to be from that jeweler because he had been so close to my grandmother and family. So knowing he actually went back and got the ring I was pining over was amazing and a surprise!”

How was Sarah’s dress buying experienc