{SBB Bride of the Week} Nicole

Lace, succulents, twinkling lights everywhere you turn? Yep, this October wedding was simply GORGEOUS and we are so excited to show it off!

Meet the stunning Nicole...

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

Isn't she so gorg?? Those lace details, that illusion top! Her Stella York dress was just perfect on her! She added a belt for some extra glamour on her big day!

An extra special touch was Nicole's veil, which was handmade by her mother.

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

We are HUGE succulent lovers at SBB so we had to take a moment to acknowledge how freaking amazing her bouquets and arrangements were! Bowden Flowers knocked it out of the park {barn?}!

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

Nicole married her husband Ronnie at the Crooked Road Barn in Flora, Indiana. Before she walked down the aisle, the couple decided to share a first look.

Quirstin Yeary Photography was there to capture the moment Ronnie saw his beautiful bride.

Nicole and Ronnie were married in the barn in a gorgeous ceremony. This venue is just so pretty!

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

The newlyweds reception was beyond gorgeous - it was simply magical! Twinkling lights, tons of succulents and delish cupcakes made for an amazing evening. The attention to detail is seriously perfect!

{Photos by: Quirstin Yeary Photography}

I mean is that not so incredibly beautiful?? Nicole has great vision!

So how did these two meet?

"We met during our first year of college. At first we always told people he just came up to me while I was eating lunch, but we actually met online. We both attended Vincennes University, him for law enforcement and me for culinary, which made a nice joke of a police officer having his own personal baker to make him donuts. We lived two hours away from each other during breaks, him in Kokomo, Indiana and me in Valparaiso, so it really put a strain on our relationship, but we obviously managed to push through it. We moved in together in Kokomo February of 2013."

Their proposal story isn't your traditional tale, but that's what makes it so special!

"He was actually admitted into the hospital for a weekend due to some health issues he had been battling. It was his first time, and it was super scary for everyone. We weren't sure what the outcome would be. He was there for maybe 3 or 4 days. I'd run home really quick to shower, feed the cats, and go to work but other than that I never left his side, I even slept there. For some reason that made something click in him and one night he sat me down and started telling me how much he loved me. Then he got down on one knee, iv pole, gown and all, and asked me to marry him. The running joke in the family is that he was doped up on too much pain medicine and didn't realize what he was doing. I assure you that was not the case though!"

So she didn't see it coming at all?

"It was a complete surprise! He obviously didn't have a ring so it took me a solid hour of telling him it wasn't a funny joke for it to actually sink in. Then I think I spent another hour alternately crying and laughing because I was so happy. At this point we had been dating for 4 years so I was hoping it would be coming soon, but never had any idea when it would. He always says he was planning this big proposal for our 5th anniversary but seeing me stick by him through the whole hospital stay and taking care of him made him not want to wait any longer."

When it was time to plan her big day, I asked Nicole what her favorite part of the planning process was.

"Honestly, the end of it all. I loved seeing my vision come to life. I wasn't sure how well each component would work together or if I had enough or too much, decoration wise. I tend to worry and stress about everything so it was amazing to see everything fall into place and be so incredibly beautiful."

Nicole's least favorite part of planning is pretty unfortunate and something we never want to happen to our brides.

"Finding vendors. It felt like if something could go wrong, it did. I had a lot of people try to change prices on me, some trying to double our original price a week before, and others cancel with a month or two until the day because they booked a vacation that weekend. It was all just very stressful and quickly became overwhelming. It was mostly hair dressers and makeup artist that gave me the most trouble. For some reason most of them didn't have a contract in place so unfortunately they were able to screw around with prices."

Definitely check out Something Blue's vendor folder you get when you buy a dress from us - it helps a ton with finding reliable people for your big day!

What was the couple's favorite moment of the wedding?


"At the very end of the night after everything had been cleaned up and all the guests were gone my husband and I slow danced together in the middle of the floor. There was no music, no food, no remnants to show a wedding had just been there, just the two of us. It felt like the first time the whole night where we could just be husband and wife without people congratulating us or trying to take pictures. We were able to just let it all sink in. Then after we got home and in our pajamas we laid in bed and ate some taco bell!"

Nicole's best piece of advice?

"Keep the focus on you and your spouse. Don't worry about everyone else's opinion. Don't put so much stress on trying to please everyone else. And really just enjoy your day. Everyone always says its over in a flash, and it really is. Just take time to sit there and really take in all your hard work. Also, write a list of all the photo poses you may want. I missed a lot that I really wanted because everything just went so quickly they slipped my mind.

Its cliche and everyone says it, but seriously don't stress. Things will go wrong. Items will be left behind on accident. Your maid of honor will leave her dress behind at the hotel that's nearly an hour away, 30 minutes before your ceremony. People will eat your cupcakes before food is even served. But at the end of the day your wedding will be gorgeous and you get to marry your best friend."

Thank you so much, Nicole and Ronnie, for allowing us to share your gorgeous wedding day! Check out more of their STUNNING pictures in the gallery below!!