{SBB Bride of the Week} Meghan

Who's ready for another beautiful Bride of the Week??

Introducing Meghan...

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

Meghan looked so pretty in her Allure Bridals ballgown that she made all her own by adding straps!

She continued to make her gown one-of-a-kind but adding a sparkling Bel Aire belt.

The results were nothing short of gorgeous...

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

Isn't she so cute?!

Meghan carried a bouquet of red roses with hints of baby's breath.

Her flowers were done by Strack and Van Til Valparaiso and looked picture perfect!

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

Meghan married her husband, Tommy, on a December afternoon at St. Paul Catholic Church.

She stunned her guests as she walked down the aisle.

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

After the ceremony, guests headed to Trinity Hall where they were treated to a yummy cake, cookies and sparkling decor!

{Photos by: Monica Z. Photography}

Black and gold is such a classic color combo!

Let's get to know Meghan and Tommy! How did they meet?

"I was actually friends with Tommy's little brother in high school and his little brother invited me over to their home. I met Tommy at his home, but it was a very brief introduction. I never thought in a million years that I would ever speak to Tommy again until we had the same lunch break in college. Even in my early years of college, I never thought I would be married to Tommy. "

Funny how life works! How did he pop the question?

"Tommy and I took a vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. From what Tommy told me, he carried the ring around every day waiting for the right moment. By the end of the weekend, he actually had a bruise on his thigh where the ring kept hitting him. Now, looking back on photos, I can see the ring bulging out of his pocket! We decided to take a hike through the mountain up to Rainbow Falls on September 4, 2016. The hike was a few miles up and down and we second guessed ourselves a few times if we were going to make it. Tommy was so determined to make it to the waterfall because he knew exactly how he wanted the proposal to go. Did I mention he made me wake up at the crack of dawn to go so that there would not be a ton of people....? We were both so tired and sweaty but we finally made it. As we were relaxing, Tommy kept fidgeting with his pockets while speaking to me in chopped sentences. All I heard was, "I love you" and "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Then he popped the question and of course I said YES! That moment was worth the pain and sweat! Tommy had a whole speech prepared, but he forgot it all due to being so nervous. BUT I would NOT change a thing. He did great and I love him so much."

How sweet is that?! Was it a surprise?

"Yes!  At first, I had a feeling he was going to propose because before we left, his mom hugged him goodbye. When we arrived to the hotel, he asked me if I had anything valuable in my luggage while he barricaded the doors with chairs. As the weekend went on, I didn't even think about a proposal because we were having so much fun and he waited to the very last day we were there to pop the question. Honestly, I was totally surprised."

When it came down to planning the actual wedding, Meghan loved some tasks more than others...

"My favorite part of planning was working with my mom and mother-in-law to plan the perfect wedding. Not very many people can say that they love both of their moms so much! I am so lucky that I got to spend so much quality time with both of them. This was a chance to have them both to myself for a few months while we planned the wedding!

My least favorite part was having to make so many different appointments for different things. It was very difficult to include my husband on all these different appointments because our work schedules did not align at all. At these appointments I would have to make decisions and I did not want to make them without my husband."


Finally the wedding had arrived! What was the best part of the day?

"My favorite moment of the wedding was when I finally made it down the aisle and my dad handed me to Tommy. I was so nervous and all I could say to everyone is that I wanted to be able to see Tommy for comfort. Looking at my husband when I finally got to him gave me that comfort and my nerves went away."

Any parting advice for brides-to-be?

"When they say to not stress the small things, really, do not stress the small things. I got upset when I was told I could borrow something for my centerpieces and then the offer fell through the night before my wedding. No one even noticed and the wedding was perfect regardless. No one paid attention to anything but my husband and me.

My best piece of advice is not about planning but the wedding itself. Honestly, just be yourself and do not be afraid of what others are going to think of you or your wedding. I am sometimes a shy person and dancing is something I never did. I told myself that my fear was not going to keep me from dancing and enjoying my night. I got out on the dance floor and even dragged my husband out there. I did not want to regret missing out on dancing with my husband and friends. Once I got out there, I was fine! I had a blast! This is your night, so do not let fear hold you back from anything!"

Congratulations, Meghan and Tommy!! Thank you so much for letting us share your big day!

Check out more of their wedding pictures in the gallery below!