{SBB Bride of the Week} Haley

If you think this week's featured wedding is gorgeous, you should see the bride!

We're pleased to introduce you to Haley!

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

Isn't she so beautiful?? Haley wore a seriously pretty Essense of Australia gown, paired with a J. Picone belt and Bel Aire Bridals accessories {all from Something Blue, of course}! She had a blue heart made from one of her dad's work shirts sewn into her gown as her "something blue". What a special way to honor him!

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

Doesn't she look amazing??

Haley had the cutest idea of making a scrapbook leading up to her big day. In it, she devoted a section to the day she said yes to the dress! She even saved our thank you tag from her SBB Bride t-shirt! We love this!

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

For her flowers, Haley turned to Town & Country Gardens. They did such a spectacular job creating the bouquets!

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

Before walking down the aisle, Haley wanted to show off her gown to her main man - Dad.

His reaction is priceless!

Haley married her husband Alex at The Westin Chicago Northwest on a gorgeous November afternoon. Their grandmother's served as flower girls and it may be one of the cutest things we have ever seen! They also insisted on wearing matching dresses. How adorable is that?!

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

After the ceremony, guests headed to the reception which also took place at the hotel! They were greeted by a swoon-worthy affair. The decorations were fabulous!

{photos by: LuvED Photography}

Such a beautiful reception!

Let's get to know Hayley and Alex a little better.

"We met through our best friends (who were both part of our bridal party and got engaged at our wedding!) at his dad's 4th of July block party; thanks Kelly and Dan! It was the summer going into my freshman year and his sophomore year of high school so we definitely fall under the "high school sweetheart" category. We talked the entire night just like two old friends catching up and the rest is history!"

Alex was ready to make Haley his wife and knew the perfect place to pop the question!


"Alex and I are huge Chicago Blackhawks fans so he had bought tickets as a gift for my birthday. We always arrive at the United Center a little early and sneak down to take a picture by the ice. Following suit, we took our standard picture and I went to grab the camera from the concierge. However, Alex told me to 'hold on' and as I turned around, noticed he was digging in his pocket! He knelt down on one knee, said a lot of cute things that I didn't  hear because I was too shocked to believe this was actually happening, and asked me to marry him."

How cool is that?! Did Haley see it coming?

"We had been together for 10 years at that point so I knew we would be getting engaged, it was just the questions of when and how he could plan something special without me knowing. I think he knew that he couldn't get away with planning anything elaborate without me being somewhat suspicious so he woke up on December 1st and made the decision to do it at the game that night. It was definitely a surprise because he told me before that he would never propose at Hawks game!"

Clearly he was trying to throw her off!!

Once the wedding planning was underway, Hayley found herself enjoying herself instead of stressing.

"I consider planning more of a hobby rather than a chore so I truly enjoyed the entire planning process! We gave ourselves almost two years to plan so we could take our time and enjoy being engaged as well. If we had to pick, our favorite part would be the food tasting at The Westin and cake tasting at Lovin Oven; it was all phenomenal!"

What about her least favorite part?

"I suffer from what some people like to call FOBO (fear of better options). Although it was great having almost two years to pick out those perfect flowers, reception decor, etc., I found myself constantly second guessing myself or finding pictures and ideas on Pinterest that I liked even better. It was hard to stick to one vision and I ended up only making a few changes along the way!"

Finally, the day had arrived. What was Haley's most memorable moment from her wedding day?

"Am I able to say the entire day?! It was so surreal from start to finish. Taking a moment to look out from the head table and realizing that all of your friends, all of your family are together in one place celebrating YOU was a moment we won't soon forget."

Now that her wedding has come and gone, what is Haley's biggest takeaway from wedding planning?

"You can control most things but you can't control everything. All you can do the day of the wedding is roll with the punches. Trust me, no one is going to notice if that one centerpiece doesn't look identical to your Pinterest pin!"

Any other advice for future brides?

"The most stress I felt during the entire process was figuring out the reception tables. I found an idea on Pinterest (of course) that was super helpful and made the seating arrangements a piece of cake. As you patiently wait for those RSVP cards to come back, take some time to write each guest's name on a Post-It note and preliminary put together your tables for the reception. If you get any NO responses, simply remove that Post-It note from the table. I swear it made my life so much easier, especially because you only have a weeks to provide all final details to your venue!"

Such a good idea!!

Haley and Alex, your wedding was so beautiful and we are honored we got to be a part of it! Thank you for letting us share your special day!

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