{SBB Bride of the Week} Emily

We love an off the shoulder gown and this week's featured bride looks so amazing in hers, complete with lace details and a sparkling belt.

Introducing Emily...

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

Doesn't she look so beautiful?? Emily paired her Essense of Australia dress with a Bel Aire veil {all purchased from SBB} and the results were stunning!

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

Definitely one of our favorite gowns!

Emily complimented her ivory dress with a beautiful pink bouquet that featured pops of white and purple. Her bridesmaids carried bouquets of ivory and cream to go with their hot pink dresses.

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

Emily and her hubby Kyle were married in October at the Lighthouse Restaurant. Unfortunately, bad weather wrecked her plans of an outdoor ceremony but the views from this venue are so pretty they said "I do" right in front of the large picture windows!

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

After the ceremony guests enjoyed a beautiful reception full of the couple's wedding color - pink! They also included some super cute ideas for the decor. Every table featured a fun fact about the couple and the guest book/card table had baby pictures of the newlyweds as well as wedding photos from their parents' big day!

{Photos by: Roma Pictures}

Ok so we've seen the wedding, now let's get to know the couple!

The two met online 9 years ago..

"In January 2009, believe or not on that old social media website called MySpace, I saw his picture come up in this section called people you may know and thought he was cute! I added him and a few days later he messaged me, we exchanged numbers and then finally met at Applebee's 4 months later. I then asked him to my high school prom. He was already in college but he did attend the same high school as me. Then come to find out he lived 2 minutes down the street from me! We finally became a couple in April 2009 when we bumped into each other at a gas station, if it wasn't for his friend pushing him to ask me out I'm not sure where we would be today!"

After several years together, Kyle popped the question!


"I kept begging him to take me to Disney World and he finally did! I waited 6 1/2 years for that ring and I told him exactly what I wanted! I said if you wanted to propose you could do it at Cinderella's castle they have photographers there that would probably capture the moment. I just remember that morning he said he did not feel well and I kind of had an idea why. We walked down Main Street, had our picture taken and then he asked the photographer to take one more and got down on one knee and popped the question! I was smiling from one Mickey ear to the next!"

We love a girl who knows what she wants! Was she surprised?

"I definitely knew it was coming, a girl could only be clueless for so long!"

When they got home from Disney, it was time to start planning their big day!

"My favorite part of planning was picking my music and figuring out my centerpieces. I liked doing the music because it gave me a little glimpse of how my day will be. I picked 1000 years by Christina Perri for our first dance song and every time I heard I could just picture myself in my dress dancing with my husband to be! I feel that the centerpieces are what people talk about at the table and I wanted them to look nice and simple."

What about her least favorite part of planning?

"Seating chart, organizing everything into boxes and making sure everything was perfect at the venue. I did not like the seating chart because I had to make sure people liked each other and make sure I got everyone's food order right. It becomes a lot when there are 150 people! I am not a good organizer so when it came to organizing things into boxes to take to the venue my spare bedroom was a disaster! I must have had an ongoing email of 100+ emails with the coordinator at the venue. She was probably so done with me but I had to email her every time I had a question or if I needed to bring something they might now have. That was pretty frustrating!"

I asked Emily what her favorite part of her wedding day was. Her answer was short and definitely sweet!

"Marrying the love of my life!"

Finally, Emily has some great advice for future brides-to-be!

"Don't sweat the small stuff! I was so preoccupied with the weather because it was going to rain and I had an outside ceremony. I must of had 10 weather apps going praying that it would blow over but it didn't and I said you know what it's fine. If I can't get married outside all that matters is that I'm getting married and I have a beautiful dress on and people are here to celebrate with us. 

Do what you want and don't let anyone or anything take it away from you. You want simple then do simple. Don't let others influence you to change your mind! Also make sure you have a place for your photographer/ videographer to sit at dinner. I did not know this so I was running around like a crazy person making sure they had a meal! Just remember you are marrying someone that means the world to you and everything else is just extra!"

Thank you so much, Emily and Kyle, for letting us share your beautiful wedding day! To see more of their pictures check out the gallery below!