{SBB Bride of the Week} Amanda

We are seriously so lucky to have the best brides walk through our door.

We loved working with this week's featured bride! She's just as beautiful inside as she is outside and looked so amazing in her gorgeous gown!

Meet Amanda...

{photo by: Michelle Cox Photography}

{photo by: Michelle Cox Photography}

I mean, SO pretty right?! Amanda rocked her Allure gown she purchased from SBB. It's gorgeous lace and sparkling details were just perfect for her wedding at the Red Barn Experience! She completed her look with a pair of bridal Converse.

{Photos by: Michelle Cox Photography}

Her daughter was clearly also a big fan of her gown!

Amanda's bouquet was a seriously stunning creation by Sugarfield Flowers {who did all of her GORGEOUS arrangements}!

{Photos by: Michelle Cox Photography}

{Photos by: Michelle Cox Photography}

Those flowers are so swoon-worthy!

Before the ceremony, Amanda wanted to have a private moment with her future hubby, Adriel. Michelle Cox Photography caught the couple's first look.

Adriel's reaction is everything!

Finally, it was time for the ceremony. The couple had such an amazing set up between the wood accents and the flowers. Amanda says her favorite part of the whole day was when Adriel read vows to her son. We maybe {ok, definitely} cried when we saw those pictures! Talk about a special moment. As Amanda said, "there wasn't a dry eye in the house"!

{Photos by: Michelle Cox Photography}

The reception in the barn was a beautiful blend of rustic glam. Floral centerpieces were seen on every table and guests got to enjoy fun touches like a photo guestbook and popcorn bar!

{Photos by: Michelle Cox Photography}

So pretty!! Now that we have seen their big day, let's find out more about how this couple got together!

So how did Amanda and Adriel meet?

"When they say mom knows best.... it’s true. She introduced us!"

After dating for awhile, the two were blessed with a baby on the way! Adriel decided it was the perfect time to pop the question.

"We had invited family over for our baby’s gender reveal. After cutting the cake he wanted to let everyone know what her name would be. It was a total surprise. I remember him talking about how family is super important to us and that we are excited she gets to be loved by everyone and then I saw him turn on one knee and I totally blacked out for a few seconds!!"

Finally it was time to plan her big day! What was Amanda's favorite part of the planning process?

"My favorite part was just being able to put everything I imagined into full effect!!"

As for her least favorite?

"RSVPs are always the worst! After the deadline you will still get them in."

Amanda has great advice for girls who are currently planning their big day:

"Starting early never hurts, you get a few months of relaxation. Try your best not to stress (easier said than done) but sit back and enjoy your day, you have been planning this since forever! You will blink and it will be done. Remember to make time for the dance floor I had so many great memories there with everyone!"

Congratulations to the newlyweds and thank you so much for letting us share your wedding day!! For more gorgeous pictures from Michelle Cox Photography, check out the gallery below!