{SBB Bride of the Week} Stephanie

S T E P H A N I E + R O B B I E

{April 14th, 2018}

{Photos by: Savanna Kathleen Photography}

{Photos by: Savanna Kathleen Photography}

Swoon!! We are so loving Stephanie's bridal look!

That Justin Alexander ballgown is everything! Especially paired with chunky jewelry and a bold makeup look!

{Photos by: Savanna Kathleen Photography}

SO pretty!!

For her bouquet {and the groom's boutonniere}, Stephanie went with gorgeous, natural toned arrangements that also featured a pop of purple!

{Photos by: Savanna Kathleen Photography}

{Photos by: Savanna Kathleen Photography}

Stephanie married her husband Robbie on a cloudy April afternoon.

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Von Jakob Vineyard in Alto Pass, Illinois.

{Photos by: Savanna Kathleen Photography}

The reception was filled with twinkling lights and greenery!

We love when couples put their own stamp on things and that was definitely the case with this wedding!

Guests were treated to cookies and cupcakes over a traditional wedding cake. Instead of a guestbook, the couple had a guitar for people to sign!

{Photos by: Savanna Kathleen Photography}

We love all of their personal touches!

Let's rewind to 2009, when these two lovebirds met at Southern Illinois University Carbondale....

"Robbie was in a band while getting his masters and I was working at a bar while doing my undergrad. It was a punk rock band but I always had to work when they played at my bar so I had to enjoy while working. They played about once a month and I had the biggest crush on him. Finally after months I had the night off while they played and was front stage with some friends and he noticed. We talked while out the following weekend and the rest is history."

When did he pop the question?

"It was while we were coming home for Christmas 2016 to my parent’s house near Chicago since we live in southern Illinois. He proposed on the steps of my childhood home."

That is so cute! Was Stephanie surprised?

"I had NO clue! My whole family knew and was so ready and excited! I had no idea it was coming I was just happy to be home for Christmas and then it happened as we walked in. I never thought he’d be able to surprise me but he did, ring & all."

Let's talk about dress shopping!

"Where we live in southern Illinois options are limited so I knew I had to come home to look! Indiana is close to my home town in Illinois so I got my mom, sister and two of my best friends and bridesmaids. I went to two shops, SBB was the 2nd, but was just outstanding and way more personal & fun! I had an idea of what I wanted but I had each girl pick ones all completely different so I could be sure. We bet on who would have picked the winner so it was a super fun experience!  They are all criers like me so it was emotions all over the board that day but we had an amazing time! I needed to pick one that day since I was in town only a short time but that pressure really didn’t get to me because the staff and my family & friends were so easy going about it!"

How did she know her dress was "the one"??

"I’ve known forever I was going to want a ball gown and am obsessed with tulle so even though I tried all the different ones the girls pulled I wasn’t swayed from ball gowns, especially ones with the horsehair hemline. A lovely staff member from SBB pulled this one we somehow glazed over and it was the first one I tried on there! I knew instantly…. It was absolutely huge and miles of tulle! The top was tight & flattering with flowing tulle after! I never cared about a train and this one's train was phenomenal.  I knew as soon as I walked out and my mom, sister and two bridesmaids cried! I love huge, chunky necklaces so the staff pulled the biggest one in store and as soon as I tried it on, I balled. It was my dress!! I didn’t want to take it off but when I finally did it achieved the one other very vital goal: it had so much tulle it stood on its own….it was perfect!"

When it came time to plan the wedding, Stephanie favorite part was definitely the diy!

"I love crafts and I had recently gotten a Cricut so I cranked out all the signage, pictures and custom bridesmaids things I could! Designing my centerpieces, planning the room setup and lighting, painting. I loved it all!"

Was there anything she didn't enjoy about the planning process?

"Cutting off the guest list was the absolute trickiest part. You don’t want to offend anyone, forget someone, etc. We had 235 but it was very difficult to stop there. But when the day came I feel we maybe should’ve done less because visiting with 235 people was nearly impossible, that was a tough feeling too.

Another funny bummer that was not my favorite but a great story! I didn’t bustle my dress, it had them but I was so in love I didn’t do it. Anyway Copper Head Road came on about 30mins before it was all over. I turned, my dress didn’t I slipped and I dislocated my right knee, luckily there was a doctor there! I was in pain but I made it and just found out I don’t need surgery just some time & physical therapy. I still LOVE my dress, it was my fault not the dress’ haha!"

Ouch! A good lesson - bustle that dress! Injuries aside, what was Stephanie's favorite moment from her big day?

"How do you pick?!?! Everything!! Where I waited was all glass windows so I could see all the guests getting seated. Just knowing all our friends and family were there for us and being able to see them and their emotions as they came in was so sweet. Then seeing Robbie walk out was so exciting and the butterflies hit. I was so calm all day & then it hit me. I was so excited and so nervous all of a sudden! It was the most quick moving, crazy and exciting moment."

What's her best advice for future brides?

"I’d say start early and pace yourself! I had a year and 4 months and it was perfect because I could pace myself and all my crafting projects. I could do a little each week so it never became too overwhelming and stressful. This way I could enjoy the ride! The fiancé helped with things where he could and not being under a time constraint made that easier on both of us! I feel that this made the day even better because everyone (vendors etc) had time to all be organized and on the same page!

Enjoy the ride! Remember why you are doing this…. To be married to your best friend! Not to have the best cake or out do anyone or that the forecast isn’t perfect; to be married. Yes planning and details are vital but don’t get caught up in minute things. Don’t lose sight of the real meaning; the goal. You have a lifetime ahead of you!"

Congrats, Robbie and Stephanie!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us! Be sure to check out more of their pictures in the gallery below!