{SBB Bride of the Week} Liz

L I Z + E V A N

{October 28th, 2017}

{Photos by: KP Photo}

{Photos by: KP Photo}

Isn't she just so lovely?

Meet our gorg bride, Liz!

She married her husband, Evan, last October in a beautiful fall themed wedding.

For her big day, Liz chose an unbelievably pretty Stella York gown {one of our favorites actually} that features an illusion back with multiple keyholes and pearl buttons. Obsessed.

Before the wedding, Liz got ready with all of her favorite girls. We love the shades of gray for the bridesmaids!

{Photos by: KP Photo}

For her flowers, Liz turned to none other than Sam's Club to create her arrangements!

Her bouquet is perfect and we are loving Evan's boutonniere!

{Photos by: KP Photo}

{Photos by: KP Photo}

Liz and Evan decided to share a moment together before exchanging vows.

KP Photo was there to make sure their first look lasts a lifetime.

The ceremony was decorated for the season with fall leaves and tulle adorning the aisle.

Mums and floral arrangements tied the whole thing together!

{Photos by: KP Photo}

So pretty!

The reception was held at Glenwoodie Golf Club.

The decor was a fall lover's dream with perfectly placed pumpkins, leaves, candles and fall flowers!

{Photos by: KP Photo}

That candy bar though! Yes, please!

Let's get to know Liz and Evan a little better!

How did they meet?

"We met on a Facebook group for first year students at college before moving in and started talking over messenger, and officially met when we moved into the dorms!"

Adorable! When he decided to propose, Evan wanted to tie in how the couple met...

"Since we met at college, he made a scavenger hunt that was across the whole campus, with each clue hinting toward a memory that we shared together! I even had to go to Burger King and get one of the crowns because of my love for their chicken nuggets, and refused to propose unless I was wearing the crown."

Was it a surprise?

"I knew it was coming.  I could sense he was sneaking around a lot.  I was at dinner with a couple friends while Evan was getting the scavenger hunt ready, and I asked one of them, "Are you texting Evan because he's going to propose tonight?"  She was shocked but quickly said of course not."

Call it a woman's intuition. When it came to finding her perfect dress, Liz wasn't having the easiest time...

 "I was pretty stressed out.  I came with almost 10 people, which was a huge mistake! I wanted everyone to be included but there's got to be boundaries because you don't want to be overwhelmed.  Something Blue was my second store.  I already came in with a dress in mind that I wanted to try that I found on Pinterest, so I went to a store that carried it.  I probably only tried on 15 dresses total."

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

"I first knew by finding it on Pinterest, and then tried it on and fell in love.  Luckily it fit my body type perfectly.  I didn't cry or get emotional because I was stressed out, but I still knew it was the one."

Speaking of Pinterest, it proved to be pretty handy when it came to planning the big day!

"My favorite part of planning was going through Pinterest and finding theme ideas.  Getting a visual of the day was so ideal." 

What about her least favorite part?

"My biggest stressor was worrying about how everyone else was going to enjoy the day.  Of course the guests' experience should be great, but also remembering that it was MY day helped guide my decisions." 

Once the big day finally arrived, Liz loved spending time with her girls before the wedding.

"I honestly loved getting ready... It was so relaxed and I got to be with my closest friends, sisters, and mom!  The other favorite part was the dancing because I had an amazing DJ and such fun guests!"

Finally, Liz has some great words of wisdom for future brides..

"Don't stress to much about the little things.  Getting the big things out of the way early is great and then the little things fall together perfectly at the end.  Just enjoy every minute of it because it goes by SO quickly.  

Use a wedding planning website and use an Excel doc for who to invite, addresses, what gifts they gave, etc.  Saves a lot of stress because everything is in just a couple of places.  ALSO get a video of the ceremony!  I had amazing violinists and my sister-in-law and mother-in-law sang, but have no memory of it!"

Congratulations, Liz and Evan!! We are so happy for you guys and grateful we got to share your beautiful wedding! Want more? Check out the blog for more pics from their big day!