{SBB Bride of the Week} Lexi

L E X I  +  B R I A N

{April 7th, 2018}

{Photos by: Laree Photo}

{Photos by: Laree Photo}

I mean how cute is Lexi?! We just loved helping her find her dream gown for her Spring wedding!

After trying on a bunch of dresses, Lexi chose a gorgeous, moscato colored Stella York gown.

She made it all her own by adding sparkling straps from Susan G. Allen Couture and topped it off with a beautiful veil from Bel Aire!

{Photos by: Laree Photo}

We love their robes and the cute little mimosa bar set up. Such a cute idea!

For her flowers, Lexi turned to Kathy's Florist to create her bright bouquets. Just look how gorgeous they are!

{Photos by: Laree Photo}

{Photos by: Laree Photo}

And the boutonniere! So pretty!

Before walking down the aisle, Lexi wanted to share a special moment with her dad.

You already know how much we love these first looks!

{Photos by: Laree Photo}

Gets me every time!

Lexi and her husband Brian were married at Assumption Catholic Church in Chicago.

The ceremony was just perfect, with big, beautiful floral arrangements framing the altar.

{Photos by: Laree Photo}

After the I do's, guests headed to Carnivale for an absolutely stunning reception!

We LOVE when brides hold their receptions at spaces like this!

Between the lights, flowers and TACOS {we love us some tacos}, it was a party to remember!

{Photos by: Laree Photo}

SUCH a cool venue!!

We've seen their wedding, let's get to know the couple!

How did they meet?

"Four and a half years ago, Brian and I met at work. I was interviewed by Brian, and I instantly knew there was just something about him. We were friends for a year or so. Then we went to a concert with a group of mutual friends, and that’s where our love story began."

How did Brian pop the question?

"We were on our way to Nashville for a trip to celebrate our two year anniversary. We decided to stop in Indianapolis for a night on the way, and Brian suggested we go to a famous steakhouse for dinner that night. After dinner, our waitress brought out a tray of fortune cookies. After pointing out how weird it was that a steakhouse serves fortune cookies after dinner, I opened my cookie and read my “Will you marry me Lexi?” fortune. Brian was on one knee with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. It was so special because every time we order Chinese takeout, I make a big deal of opening our fortunes and reading them to each other. It was so sweet and thoughtful that Brian incorporated that into the proposal."

Well that's adorable! Was she surprised?

"It was a complete surprise! Before our trip, I had multiple friends ask if I thought Brian would propose on the trip. My response was always “Not a chance!” I should have been suspicious when I saw him getting more dressed up than me for dinner! Also, he barely ate any of his dinner. Little did I know, he was just so nervous for the big moment!"

When the time came to start planning her wedding, what was Lexi's fav part?

"Dress shopping and picking out and making the all of the decorations! Dress shopping was so fun and special because I had my mom, future mother-in-law, and my two maids of honor (my sisters) with me. My sisters and I grew up looking at wedding magazines and cutting out pictures of our favorite wedding dresses, so dress shopping was surreal and so exciting for us! Also, I love to craft, so I really enjoyed finding things that I could DIY for decorations."

What about the worst part?

"My least favorite part was deciding on the guest list and doing the seating chart. The guest list was difficult because it’s so hard to decide where to draw the line on who to invite and who not to invite. Brian and I are both people pleasers, so we had a hard time narrowing it down. The seating chart was like a giant human puzzle! It took a lot of consideration and time to figure it out!"

Let's move on to the main event. What was Lexi's favorite moment of her wedding day?

"Oh gosh, there’s no way I can choose just one! But the ones definitely at the top of the list are walking down the aisle, Brian and I’s first dance, and dancing with everyone at the reception! Walking down the aisle with my dad and him handing me off to Brian was really special for me. And I loved Brian and I’s first dance because it was a moment where everything around us just faded out and we could focus on each other. Also, seeing everyone on the dance floor all night was so much fun! I danced the night away and truly had the time of my life partying with all of my favorite people!"

Now that the wedding is over, what was Lexi's biggest takeaway from the whole process?

"No matter how crazy things get, everything really does work out in the end. I was SO worried about so many things and how they would turn out or what could go wrong. But looking back on it, there was nothing to stress about. Our wedding day was perfect, and regardless of any little things that didn’t go as planned, I honestly would not have changed one thing about the day. Everything comes together just as it is supposed to."

Any advice for brides-to-be currently planning their wedding?

"My advice would be to work on things little by little. What helped me so much was making a to-do list with due dates for each task I needed to get done. It was so nice to have everything organized and I knew what I needed to do and when to do it rather than having a million things running around in my head all the time. I made a to-do list for Brian too, and it was so helpful because I didn’t have to feel like the nagging wife-to-be!"

Congratulations, Lexi and Brian!! Wishing you lots of love and happiness! Check out more of their gorgeous wedding pics in the gallery below!