{SBB Bride of the Week} Lauren

L A U R E N + T A N N E R

{October 21, 2017}

{Photos by: hay.LO Photography}

{Photos by: hay.LO Photography}

Isn't she lovely?? We loved helping Lauren find her dream dress - a Stella York ballgown that featured a gorgeous illusion top, lace details and a sparkling belt. She looked SO amazing!

For a special, personal touch, Lauren had her grandmother's handkerchief sewn inside her gown as her "Something Blue".

{Photos by: hay.LO Photography}

Just so so pretty!

For her flowers, Lauren turned to Pay-Less Supermarket's Floral Department to take care of arrangements. They did such a great job on these bouquets!

{Photos by: hay.LO Photography}

{Photos by: hay.LO Photography}

Lauren and her husband Tanner were married in a beautiful ceremony at Ross Camp in West Lafayette.

Ferns lined the aisle of this gorgeous October wedding.

{Photos by: hay.LO Photography}

The reception was filled with lots of floral elements, gold decor and one fabulous cake made by the Mother of the Bride! She did such a fabulous job!

{Photos by: hay.LO Photography}

How did the happy couple meet?

"We first met in Junior High band class. He played the trumpet, I played the saxophone. We graduated together in 2006, only 130 people in our class, but we didn't start dating until a few years later. In the spring of 2010, we 'reconnected' at a friends house party. After exchanging phone numbers, we started T-9 texting each other- and the rest is history."

When and how did Tanner pop the question?

"I always told Tanner that I wanted a roof before a ring. So after 7 years together and our first home purchased, he proposed to me in our home on Christmas morning."

SO cute! Was it a surprise?

"I had my suspicions, especially because he wanted to make sure his brother & sister would be there when we opened gifts from each other."

When it came down to planning, what was Lauren's favorite part of the process?

"I'm an event coordinator in my day job, and I've helped countless others with planning their wedding. So the planning process wasn't overwhelming, personally.  My favorite part was the freedom to do what I wanted. Like having our bridal party sit at round tables at dinner, so they could be with loved ones. I think my husband's favorite part was registering for items at Bed, Bath, & Beyond- he was like a kid with his laser gun."

What about her least favorite part?

"The guest list & dress code. We decided to do an 'adults only' wedding, simply because we would not have been able to invite 1/2 the people we wanted, if everyone brought their kids. We asked that guests be 13 years or older, which upset a few of our friends. We also had a 'suggested attire', and encouraged our guests to dress up, suit & ties for the guys, cocktail or floor length dresses for the gals. Some people claimed not to have nice clothes, or exactly what we suggested, so they felt they couldn't come. Looking back, I don't think I'd change either aspect of the wedding. We had a great time all night and everyone looked fantastic. I had to remind myself that it was our wedding wishes, and that it's not too much to ask our friends and family to respect them."

What was Lauren's favorite moment from her wedding day?

{Photos by: hay.LO Photography}

{Photos by: hay.LO Photography}


"Oh my goodness, that's tough. Beyond the obvious "You May Now Kiss the Bride," moment, it would have been my dress reveal with my dad. He was with the guys all day, and we didn't do a 'first look'; wanted to keep that part traditional. So right before the ceremony we had my dad come downstairs to meet me. His reaction in the pictures are priceless, all of the bridesmaids cried too. I gave him and my mom a couple of special handkerchiefs and then we had the ceremony."

Lauren's biggest takeaway of the whole planning process was to personalize as much as you can.

 "If you can, write your own vows.  The biggest thing that I enjoyed most about the process was slowly working on my vows. It was a very special part of our ceremony. I had been working on what I was going to say during the whole planning process. During random moments, I would be reminded as to why I love Tanner so much, and I would jot it down in my phone's notes. That was a huge help the night before, when I was obsessing about making sure the cheese & cracker portion of the appetizers would be right. Who cares!?  Those little details you are worried about, don't matter to anyone but you- so don't stress."

Any final words of advice?

"Delegate. After helping others with their weddings, and showers, it was nice to have a big list of helpers for my wedding to delegate small things to. You'll get this phrase a lot, "Let me know if I can help with anything," so seriously, take them up on it. The day would not have gone smoothly if I didn't have one person in charge of ice for drinks, one person for lighting the candles, one person helping guests find their assigned seats at dinner, etc. The less stuff you try to take on, the better.  Remember, eloping is always an option :) but in all seriousness, have fun with it. Surround yourself with loving people who want to be a part of the process."

Congratulations, Lauren and Tanner!! We are so excited for you guys and can't thank you enough for sharing your special day with us!

Check out more of their wedding pics in the gallery below!