Fiancé Friday

Carly + Jack


We figured what better way to spread a little love than a surprise Q&A from your Groom in our new featured blog post - Fiancé Friday!

Carly & Jack are currently featured on our Instagram through an “Instagram story takeover” where they show you an inside look into what goes in to planning their big day! We fell in LOVE with Carly when she came in to purchase her gorgeous gown and knew right away from her bubbly personality that she needed to be featured. Then we met Jack, and the rest was history.

What Carly doesn’t know is that we contacted Jack to ask him a few questions. Dun, dun dun……

Get your tissue box ready, because Jack is the sweetest human being ever and you can literally feel the love he has for Carly through his words.



What is your favorite quality about your soon-to-be wife?

    “Her kind/caring heart, and her positive energy. It helps that she’s beautiful too.”      

What made you fall in love with her, and how did you know she was the one?

    “We fell in love when we were 17, but didn’t really understand it. I knew she was the one, because she was always there and always on my mind through the good times and bad.”

 What are you most excited for at the wedding?

    “Seeing her walk down the aisle, reading our own vows, and throwing the best party we’ve ever been to.”

If you had one thing you would want your future wife to know for the rest of her life, what would that be?

    That I will ALWAYS love her.”

Is there anything you are looking forward to when it comes to married life?

    Having little critters (children) of our own.”

What do you think her wedding gown looks like?

    Simple, but stunning.”



How did you decide on your proposal?

    Literally a week before because I’m terrible at planning- that's Carly's job. I did want it to be in front of both of our families, and Thanksgiving was perfect.”

What is her quirkiest feature or habit?

    How she talks out of the side of her mouth sometimes. I think it’s adorable, but naturally she hates when I mention it.”

What reminds you of her?

    The song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, and pretty much anything at home or in Bloomington, IN.”



What is your favorite date to go on?

    Just being together at home with her watching a movie.”

What are your words of advice to your fiancé for the big day?

    Let go of the inner event planner and don't worry about a thing. No matter what happens, it will be perfect.”

Congratulations Carly and Jack! We're so excited to follow along with the rest of your planning journey and can't wait to see it all come together!