{SBB Bride of the Week} Lauren

Lace details, buttons, a gorgeous illusion back...these are just a few highlights of our featured bride's stunning gown!

And if you think the dress is pretty, just wait until you see the bride and wedding!

Introducing Lauren...

{Photo by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photo by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

Isn't she lovely?? Lauren looked amazing in her Stella York gown when she got married in May! The soft sparkles and feminine lace were just perfect for a spring wedding!

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

I mean do you see that back?! Insane!

Lauren carried a bouquet that screamed spring with shades of pink, purple and touches of green. Her florist {Bryan's Florist} did such a great job!

{Photo by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photo by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photo by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photo by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

Lauren married her husband Matt in a gorgeous ceremony at Aberdeen Manor. They took advantage of the beautiful weather and exchanged vows outside. The super {and we mean SUPER} talented team - The Willows Wedding Photography - was on hand to capture the couple's big day.

A really great perk of getting married at Aberdeen is that your ceremony and reception are on the same grounds - SO easy for guests! Lauren and Matt decorated with beautiful flower arrangements and a suspended cake {made by Beck's Crown Bakery}. Yeah - a suspended cake. Talk about a showstopper!

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

We've seen the ceremony, the details, the dress. Now let's get to know the couple!

"Matt & I met through a mutual friend one night at a bar on the night before Thanksgiving. We had chatted for a short time that night after being introduced and we both walked away from the night thinking about the other. About two days later, Matt reached out to me on Facebook and asked if it would be okay to take me out on a date."

Matt decided to pop the question somewhere very special to Lauren.

"Matt proposed to me on the beach during sunset in Anna Maria Island, FL. This is the location that my family has vacationed at my whole life and it's a place that holds a special place in all of my family's hearts. We had planned a week long vacation with my parents and Matt had planned to propose there all along. We walked out to the beach to watch the sunset the first night we were there and that's when Matt proposed. My parents were there with us and of course knew the whole day that it was coming!"

Was it a surprise?

"I was completely surprised when Matt proposed. I of course was hopeful it would happen sometime, but I did not expect it at all when we were on vacation. Matt completely caught me off guard; I thought we were just taking a sunset picture and was so shocked when he got down on a knee."

When it came time to plan her dream wedding, the bride's favorite part wasn't trying on dresses or making decor...it was more personal than that.

"My favorite part of the planning process was the excitement of all the family and friends surrounding us. We are so blessed with family and friends who are present, supportive and always willing to lend a helping hand no matter what. It was so refreshing to be surrounded with people who shared the same excitement in all the decision making as we did."

Planning the big day isn't all fun though!

"My least favorite part was deciding on all the little details. Matt and I did great with all the big decisions; however, when it came to making all the little decisions, it became overwhelming. There were a lot of little things that I wasn't concerned about so it was hard to make decisions around so many little things, that together, end up meaning so much!"

I had to ask Lauren what her favorite moment of her big day was!

"Wow, this is a tough question! I absolutely loved every moment of the entire day. I'd have to say my favorite moment was probably the last song of the night. Our DJ played Piano Man by Billy Joel and all the guests formed a circle around the dance floor with Matt & I in the middle. Everyone had their arms around each other and was singing along to the song. I remember just looking around and being overcome with so much emotion. Partly, I was sad that the whole day/night was over, but more than that, you could just feel the amount of love and happiness in the room. Right before the last chorus, everyone came in the middle into one huge group hug. It was AMAZING! It was a moment that I'll never forget and will hold dear to my heart always. Also, I married the man of my dreams so that was another favorite moment!"

Lauren has some very practical advice for future brides...

"It's easy to say "don't stress too much" but let's be honest, there's going to be stressful times no matter how hard you try to plan ahead or avoid problems. It was important for me to just try to remember what all the work/planning/decisions were for. My biggest take away was to stay focused on the big picture, which was, no matter how things turned out, I was still marrying my best friend and we were going to start this new chapter in our lives. That was the biggest decision and most important. The other things like the weather, hair styles, table settings, place card designs, bridesmaid shoes, etc, weren't as important as that!

My biggest advice is don't forget to delegate tasks to people when they ask what you need help with! Don't feel bad or ashamed to ask for help! I found myself at times feeling like I could handle everything myself and then quickly feeling overwhelmed so I think it's important to delegate tasks and allow others to help you when they offer."

Thank you Lauren and Matt for sharing your beautiful day with us! We are so happy we got to have a little part in your happily ever after! To see more of their amazing pics by The Willows, check out the gallery below!