{SBB Bride of the Week} Breanna

A gorgeous gown, beautiful couple, fun bridal party and two super cute pups make for one memorable wedding!

We are so happy to bring you this week's featured bride!

Meet the lovely Breanna...

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

Breanna looked AMAZING in her Essense of Australia gown that she paired with some sparkling Bel Aire accessories {bought from Something Blue, of course}!  Check out that low, beaded back!

Ugh, so good!

Breanna had a couple special guests at her wedding - her adorable dogs Charlie and Winston!

We love when a couple includes their fur babies in their big day! Those bandannas are so cute!

Breanna's beautiful bouquet was made by Kathy"s Florist in Hammond and went perfectly with her color scheme!

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}


Breanna married her new hubby Colin on a gorgeous September day. Her mother {wearing Montage by Mon Cheri} walked her down the aisle. Their photographer, Chelsea Nix Photography, was on hand to capture their special day.

Something we noticed while looking at all of Breanna and Colin's pics was how much fun they seemed to be having with their bridal party! Another cool detail? The Chicago Trolley they rented to get to the reception! So fun!

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

{Photo by: Chelsea Nix Photography}

The couple held their reception at Wicker Park in Highland. We loved the details like their key seating chart and doggy bags for guest's pets! A super touching moment came when Breanna and her mom had a first dance together. We maybe cried when we saw those pictures - you can really feel the emotion.

So beautiful.

Now that we've seen the wedding, let's get to know the newlyweds a little bit better!

The happy couple met in high school.

"We met through mutual friends (who were all in our wedding!) I always had a big crush on him and thought he was super cute but our paths never really crossed until I started college. That's when our mutual friends thought about getting us together (thanks Chris & Danielle!) We all hung out together one night and the rest is history!"

4 years of dating later, it was time for Colin to pop the question.

"He proposed July of 2015. He was planning on proposing the weekend before when we went to Chicago to see one of our favorite comedians. I had bought him the tickets to see the comedian back in April for his birthday. However, the night of the show, there was also a midnight-bike ride downtown that his Grandpa had signed him up for - which meant after the comedy show I had to drop him off to bike 20+ miles at midnight with his grandpa! He didn't want to propose to me that night because it felt rushed since he had to leave, which meant he sat through the whole show and biked all those miles with the ring in his pocket! He ended up proposing a week later in my driveway as we were getting ready to head to dinner at the Lighthouse in Cedar Lake."

Did Breanna have any idea it was coming?

"I figured it would be coming soon because we had been talking about it, and had slowly started talking about looking for a house together. I had no idea it would be that day since it was such a normal date night for us!"

While planning the wedding, Breanna loved the whole process.

"I'm a planner and love planning things so I enjoyed it all! A lot of the stuff for our reception was DIY and we incorporated a lot of small details about us (and our dogs!), so I think seeing how everything slowly starts to come together and when you start picturing how it will look the day of (because that's all you think about!). Also - dress shopping was SO much fun! You basically just get to play dress up with all these beautiful dresses! Cake testing wasn't too bad either... :)"

But let's be real, there can be some stressful parts to planning as well.

"With planning a wedding, it gets very hard to please every single person. I know at least for me, any plans I had, I always tried to keep our bridal party, family, friends, guests, etc. in mind and try to think of ways it would please every single person, but it becomes very stressful if you think like that."

Fast forward to the big day. What was Breanna's fav moment?

"Can I say the whole day? Because everything about the day was perfect to us. Just from getting ready with the girls before, the beautiful ceremony, and the reception - everything was perfect! I think the most favorite moment was just us having fun with all our friends and family and dancing the night away. I don't think we stepped off the dance floor all night!"

Any final advice for girls who are currently planning their big day?

"Definitely do not stress. Remember the important thing - its about being able to marry your best friend. Just remember to keep that in mind during planning. It's not about what kind of paper your invitations are printed on, or who sits where at the reception. It's a day to celebrate the love you have with another person!  Also - definitely plan ahead of time and stay organized! I'm a very organized person (I love spreadsheets!) so by like 2 weeks til the wedding, I was almost bored and anxious because we had gotten everything done ahead of time!

Do what feels best for you and your fiance! The day is all about YOU guys and your love for each other. Everything always falls into place anyways, so don't sweat the small stuff! I know everyone says it, but the day goes by SO FAST. Stop at certain points throughout the day just to take everything in, because it goes by in the blink of an eye!"

Thank you so much to Breanna and Colin for letting us share their special day! Wishing you both nothing but love and happiness in your future together! Check out more of their pictures by Chelsea Nix Photography in the gallery below!