{SBB Bride of the Week} Audrey

A U D R E Y + P E T E

{May 4th, 2019}

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

Get ready cause we are obsessed with this wedding!!

We are so excited to introduce you to our gorgeous bride, Audrey!

She is a classic beauty and looks AMAZING in her Stella York satin ballgown!

Top it off with a cathedral length veil from Edward Berger and you have a match made in heaven!

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

To compliment her already stunning look, Audrey worked with Bella Sorella Floral Design to create her absolutely GORGEOUS bouquets!

They’re perfect!


Audrey married the love of her life, Pete, at the Balmoral House in Fishers, Indiana.

This venue!! SO gorgeous!

Audrey’s mother walked her down the eucalyptus and candle lined aisle.

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

After the ceremony, the space was transformed into a breathtaking reception and we are pretty much in love with everything!

The floral accents, the decor, the fave tv show table names - all of it!

At the end of the night, guests said goodbye to the newlyweds with a sparkler send off!

{Photos by: Ana Rosario Photography}

So dreamy!

We already know these two can throw a killer wedding, but how did their love story begin?

“Pete and I first met back in 2014 at Purdue Northwest campus. I had just moved from Georgia to start my master’s program (Marriage and family therapy) and was extremely ambitious and focused on my school work at that time. I was also teaching a class as part of my graduate assistantship. Pete was teaching sociology and statistics at the campus and both of us often worked in the same room (Porter 204). We never officially said “Hi” until one of my friend from the cohort (she was also my roommate at the time!) came up with a dinner gathering which included Pete and myself. I didn’t think much about the dinner – I honestly just focused on enjoying my time with the new friends! Later that night when my roommate and I came back to our house, she got a text message from Pete that read: “Audrey is an interesting story.” She and I both were extremely confused by what this meant! I shrugged it off thinking he didn’t mean much by it. The next day I went back to Porter 204 to work on a paper. Pete was a frequent visitor to the office and was there that day as well. Pete and I started talking more that night – our music interests, our backgrounds, our graduate school journey, and so on. After about 6 hours of talking and barely working on my paper (haha), Pete asked me to go to dinner with him. And the rest is history!”

How did he pop the question??

“Pete and I had a running joke as our relationship built over time that he would NEVER propose to me at Porter 204 or anywhere near Purdue Northwest campus. We both never got too attached to the aesthetics of the campus and he would sometimes joke about how he would get married to me at the campus. I knew he was joking each time and was certain that he would never propose me there. So move forward to December 22nd, 2017 – it was a Friday and Pete was working from home. Pete and I had decided to go to Carson’s after he was done with work to get ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to his family’s Christmas gathering the next day. Carson’s is near the Purdue Northwest campus and it is also close to where Pete used to live. As we are driving towards that direction, I didn’t think much about it other than the kind of sweaters I wanted to get. Pete suddenly turns into the neighborhood that he used to live in and says “let’s go see what the outside of that house looks like!” We drove by it, nothing special was there. Then he says “let’s drive to Purdue to see if there’s any professors or friends at the Porter building!” I was irritated by this idea because we had a long list of things we had planned to do that night and because I knew it would be a futile trip to spot anyone – this was during Winter break so I knew no one would be at the campus. He was the one that was driving so none of my protests really worked. He drove into the parking lot and at this point – I refused to get out of the car! “You go in there alone! It smells weird in there!” With some insistence he got me out of the car and we walked upstairs to room 204. I didn’t even hold his hands at this point because I was so irritated by this curve to our plans. “Let’s go inside 204 to see what it looks like!”, said Pete. “It’s probably locked because it has computers in it and I don’t have the keys.” Lo and behold, the door opened and I was irritated even more! We walk in and I expected nothing. I looked around the room and noticed that there were single rose in a vase on each of the desks in the room. “Hmm, they must be re-vamping this room. It needed it.” I thought. I look at the back of the room to look for my mailbox and I noticed that my name had been ripped out. Now I was pissed. I turned around to show my irritation and I saw in front of me, Pete – all red in the face, almost teary, getting some fairy lights from his jacket pockets and hanging them over the cubical walls. He held my hand and told me how much he loved me, how he never knew that he would find love in a dingy office like this and all the other sweet words to describe his feelings for me. He got on his one knee and before he even officially asked me to marry him I exclaimed “Yes!” He had to slow me down and finally asked: “ Audrey, will you marry me?” with a beautiful sapphire ring in his hand. I said “Yes” once again.”

We’re assuming she was shocked!

“This was a total surprise!! As I’ve said, I was actually in a very irritated mood up until the moment I realized he was going to propose to me! He promised he would never propose to me at Porter 204 but it all made sense to propose there since that’s where our love began.” 

We think it was the perfect place!

Let’s move on to our fave topic - wedding dresses!

“My mother and sister live in S. Korea so they could not be there to help me pick out a dress! I had visited 2 other bridal dress stores before I came to Something Blue with one of my best friends/bridesmaids. Something Blue had a trunk show from Stella York at the time I was there and they had beautiful dresses that were not yet in the collection! I tried out about 2-3 dresses at the store before I tried on the one I ended up with. The representative from Stella York was also there to help me throughout the process and answer some questions that I had! I was told that if I didn’t buy the dress that day, I would not be able to come back to any of the ones I liked {designers only allow us to sell preview trunk show gowns during the actual trunk show}! ! I knew I loved the one I picked but I wanted to be cautious so I didn’t buy the dress that day. However I kept thinking about the dress over and over and felt a sense of loss thinking that I let go of “the one”! So out of desperation I emailed Something Blue about 2 days later and asked if I could somehow still order the dress that I so loved! Luckily they said YES!! And I ordered it right away!”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“When I first tried it on, I felt so beautiful. I truly felt like a bride and it fit my personality and preferences so well. It was clean, had a long train, and so elegant and classic. I thought about the dress obsessively and looked at Pinterest that closely resembled the dress when I thought I lost my chance of buying it! Which was a clear sign that this was “the one!”  But luckily I was still able to order it and get the dress!”

Yay! Thank you Stella York for letting us do that for Audrey!

Let’s move on to wedding planning!

“My favorite part of the planning process was being done with it all! To be honest, the planning process was a lot and very stressful experience for me because of several reasons/factors. Our wedding venue was in Fishers, IN which is about 2 and a half hours away so that meant all the vendors were from that area too. This factor took out a lot of time from us. (We decided to have a wedding in Indianapolis area because I had a lot of guests who were from out of town and we thought having a wedding in Indianapolis would be cheaper for our guests to pay for their hotel and their flight to Indianapolis airport compared to hotels/flights to Chicago. Also Indianapolis had a lot of beautiful venues to pick from!). Also we didn’t hire a wedding planner, so that meant doing everything on our own! This is no easy job to take on when both of you have a full time job!

The least favorite part of process was the amount of stress I experienced from planning it all! We did not hire a wedding planner/organizer because we wanted to be frugal and that meant figuring out a lot of the details on our own. We learned so much from it but the process of making appointments, making trips out to Indy for these meetings, deciding what color, what texture, position and all of those things were so much to handle! The stress got so much that we were tempted to just elope at one point! We are glad we didn’t though!”

After all that hard work, the wedding day had finally arrived!

What was Audrey’s favorite moment from her big day?

“My favorite moment was the ceremony itself. I still get chills and giddy thinking about the way Pete looked at me through the whole ceremony and the way his vows made me ugly cry! Our ceremony was so emotional – most of the guests were crying with us too! I felt so much love in that room during the ceremony from him and from our friends and family and I will cherish that moment forever.”

Any advice for brides-to-be who are currently planning their own wedding?

“Plan things early and involve your fiancé in the process! I know it’s very easy to think that you should handle everything on your own but allocate some of the responsibilities to your forever-partner-to-be. Talk about how you both envision the wedding – at the end of the day, yes the bride gets the main attention, but the wedding is a celebration of BOTH of you! I think that it should reflect you two as a couple. Your partner will appreciate being part of the process too, no matter how stressful it is. Also, cry when you need to and be honest about your stress and concerns with your partner! I’ve definitely had some moments where I was crying from stress of it all and I’m glad I did! I think these moments of vulnerability and bonding over the stress really confirmed the sense that we are a team – a forever team. And luckily I found out that we are a pretty awesome pair when we work together!

One more thing: Save early together! Weddings are not cheap!! We had a year and half engagement because we knew we would need enough time to save money for the wedding and to plan everything. We were not bothered by this “longer than one year” engagement because we were being realistic with our expectations and at the end of the day, we knew we would be happier taking time instead of feeling rushed and pressured if we had given ourselves a shorter time to prepare.”

Congratulations, Audrey and Pete!!! Thank you so much for letting us feature your amazing wedding!!

Don’t go yet! Make sure you check out more of Audrey and Pete’s gorgeous day in the gallery below!