{SBB Bride of the Week} Becky

B E C K Y + L O G A N

{April 27th, 2019}

{Photos by: Victoria Rayburn Photography}

{Photos by: Victoria Rayburn Photography}

Such a classic beauty!!

Introducing our stunning bride, Becky!

For her spring wedding, Becky chose a fitted, strapless gown by Sincerity by Justin Alexander.

She added sparkling lace, off-the-shoulder straps by Stella York to create the perfect romantic vibe!

{Photos by: Victoria Rayburn Photography}

For her flowers, Becky worked with Rosemary’s Heritage Flowers in Crown Point to create the most perfect spring rose bouquets!

{Photos by: Victoria Rayburn Photography}

{Photos by: Victoria Rayburn Photography}

Becky married her husband Logan at Griffith First Christian Church.

They decorated the space with lots of beautiful flowers, candles and signs.

We always talk about how important it is to have an unplugged wedding. Becky and Logan added an adorable sign asking all of their guests to please keep their phones in their pockets and let the photographer do her job - love it!

{Photos by: Victoria Rayburn Photography}

After the ceremony, guests and the bridal party headed to Villa Cesare in Schererville to celebrate the newlyweds!

Fun additions like a photo booth and flip flops for dancing were available to make the night even more memorable!

{Photos by: Victoria Rayburn Photography}

So pretty! Now that we have seen their wedding, let’s go behind the scenes and get to know the couple!

How did Becky and Logan meet?

”Logan and I met our junior year of high school in physics class. We were always in the same group of friends, but somehow we had never met before then.”

How did Logan pop the question?

”I passed all of my teaching licensure tests, so my parents surprised me with a spa day. Logan insisted that we shouldn’t let the day go to waste, and that we should go out to Chicago for the night. We ate dinner at Cité by Navy Pier, and we almost didn’t make it on time due to traffic and had to sprint through the freezing cold, February, Chicago weather (in heels)!! We had an awesome dinner, but I think Logan knew that I would be way too awkward to be proposed to in public (haha). That being said, we went back to our room at the Swissotel, on the 40th floor, surrounded by windows and the beautiful city lights, and that was when he popped the question! It was amazing!!”

Was Becky surprised or did she have a feeling it was coming?

”It was a total surprise! My friends and family were all in on it, and I had absolutely no idea! He even somehow managed to sneak going out to ask my dad for his blessing after I left for work one day. I was honestly super impressed!”

Let’s talk about our fave subject - wedding dress shopping!

”It was the absolute BEST experience. Seriously. Everyone was so wonderful and kind to me. I worked with Celine that day, and she went out of her way to find and pull everything that I could have wanted and more! I felt like the most important person in the world. I never felt pressured or rushed; just happy! Celine and I picked out removable off-the-shoulder straps to customize my dress exactly how I wanted it. We got my veil that same day too! I remember being so ecstatic! I checked out with Sandy who was also wonderful, and I spoke to her many times during my wedding planning process! It was always a great experience. My family and friends who were with me had so many wonderful things to say about SBB, and I feel so lucky to have bought my dress from you all!”

How did Becky know her dress was "the one"?

”I knew from the second I put it on. It was absolutely stunning, and it had everything I had ever imagined. It was fitted with a double train and covered in gorgeous appliqués (I was obsessed with the flower right in the middle, just ONE little flower) — once we added the straps and veil, that was it! I knew that if I didn’t buy it then and there that I would never be able to stop thinking about it! I’m not a person who usually feels good in what I wear, but in my dress, I genuinely felt beautiful. Not to mention, my mom was also thrilled because she’s actually the one who had clipped that dress in the store, and it ended up being “the one”!”

Let’s move on to wedding planning!

”My favorite part of the planning process would definitely be the eating (haha)! I loved the cake tasting and the meal tasting because... well, I like to eat. It was also fun to sit and enjoy a meal with family that we could pick and choose to recreate for EVERYONE on our wedding night!”

What about her least favorite part?

”Honestly, I was not a fan of the time period 2-3 weeks before the wedding. I felt like everyone was calling me and I was trying to get everything in order, correcting a lot of mistakes, tying up a lot of loose ends — it was a little bit crazy! It was fun to watch it all come together, but I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t also very overwhelming.”

Fast forward to the big day! What is the one moment Becky will always cherish?

”It would have to be when it was time for everyone to get up and dance at the reception. Logan and I were having our little moment together, and as I looked around I could see both of our families and all of our closest friends dancing, laughing, and having the best time together. I thought about the fact that this is probably the only time that everyone will be together in that way, and it made me so happy to watch. I wish I could replay that moment over and over again...”

Becky has some great final advice for brides-to-be who are currently planning their own wedding!

”Take a deep breath, and enjoy it. It seems that everything is “stressful” while you are planning, but I feel like brides take for granted how much fun they had along the way. Now that my wedding is all said and done, I miss having wedding planning taking up all of my free time! Remember, you’re planning a day just for you and the love of your life! How often do you get to do that?!
I know you hear it all the time, but your wedding day really will go by so fast. Enjoy every little second. Smile, laugh, and don’t take it too seriously!! Everything will be perfect if you make it that way! Heck, we had rain, snow, and sleet at the end of April sandwiched between two gorgeous, hot, and sunny days. It may sound like the end of the world to most brides, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The weather made us sprint and giggle and scream between locations. It made me feel like a princess when everyone chased me around with an umbrella and five people held my train up to make sure it stayed clean. My point? The “negative” things that happen can actually be your absolute BEST memories! Happy planning!”

Congratulations, Becky and Logan!! We LOVED sharing your beautiful wedding day!

Check out more of their gorgeous pics by Victoria Rayburn Photography in the gallery below!