{SBB Bride of the Week} Chelsea

C H E L S E A + S Y D N E

{March 30th, 2019}

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

Hey girl, heeeey!

Isn’t our bride, Chelsea, a total knockout?!

She chose a fitted Allure Bridals gown for her big spring wedding and looked absolutely AMAZING!

She accessorized her look with pieces from Bel Aire Bridals and Sara Gabriel and finished it off with two super special pieces - her mom’s veil and a garter made by her mother-in-law out of her own wedding gown.

Two more things we already can’t get enough of?

Her ADORABLE flower girl and the look on her dad’s face when he saw her for the first time…

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

Chelsea worked with Sugarfield Flowers {an SBB preferred vendor and one of the best florists in the region} to create her beautiful bouquets and arrangements!

She had jewelry from both of her grandmothers attached to her bouquet for her walk down the aisle.

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

Chelsea and her new hubs, Sydne, wanted a special moment before the ceremony.

Kayla Knies Photography was there to capture the couple’s sweet first look…

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

Chelsea and Sydne were married at the Allure on the Lake in Chesterton.

{Quick side note: As many of you know, this gorgeous venue was absolutely devastated by a fire on June 3rd, 2019.

They are rebuilding and we are SO excited to see Allure on the Lake 2.0 soon!}

Their ceremony was full of special moments! Sydne’s Papa officiated the wedding and even made Sydne’s wedding band!

The newlyweds also recited the same vows Sydne’s Nana and Papa said in their own wedding 50 years ago - how amazing is that?!

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

Chelsea’s dad MADE that gorgeous ring arch, by the way!

If you think the ceremony was beautiful just check out this reception!!

If we could add emojis there would only be heart eyes right now because LOOK HOW PRETTY!

And once again, all decor was DIY!

Another special touch to their big day - performers called Those Funny Little People put on a show for the crowd.

Why is that special? Because they are the same performers who were at Chelsea’s parents’ wedding over 30 years ago! How neat is that??

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

Ok we already know their wedding was FREAKING GORGEOUS so let’s find out where their love story began!

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

“My childhood best friend, Karli, is Sydne's cousin. We all went to school together and played t-ball together. Sydne's parents actually coached our t-ball team. My mom had our t-ball picture zoomed in and blown-up for the wedding and it was displayed on the bar.

Syd moved to and from Kouts a few times. We went to school together kindergarten-2nd grade and then again 7th grade-graduation. We were always just friends. Sydne joined the Marines in 2013. We started talking through social media while he was deployed in Japan in March 2016. I was working a night shift job at the time and he was awake during my shift because he was in Japan (and we've talked EVERY single day since! We found out that in June 2016 my family was going to be on vacation in St. Pete, FL the same week that he was going to be on leave and visiting his Nana and Papa in Orlando, FL. His Papa (the one who married us and made Syd's ring) drove him 2.5 hours to visit my family and I for the day. He ended up staying 3 days... We've been a couple pretty much since then.”

Meant to be!! How did Sydne pop the question??

{Photo provided by bride}

{Photo provided by bride}

“We got engaged December 2017. Syd took me to my absolute favorite restaurant - the Lighthouse in Cedar Lake. When we've gone in the past we've always taken a picture outside by the lake and sent it to his Nana. We put our name in (or so I thought) and he asked if I wanted to go take our picture for Nana. Even though it was so cold out I didn't even question it. When we got outside the heaters were on underneath the gazebo so we went to center of it to take our picture. The girl in me of course made him take a second picture because the first one wasn't good enough. After I approved the picture he turned me towards him and started talking about how much he loves me. That's when I knew what was happening. The words after that are sort of a blur. After I said yes of course then the photographer Syd had there came out and introduced herself to me. She said she got a ton of great pictures and even a video. She asked if she could take a picture of us walking into the restaurant. So she went inside and a few minutes later we followed. When we went inside both of our families were waiting in a lobby. I was so shocked (and the pictures are priceless). It was a total surprise!”

How was Chelsea’s experience with dress shopping?

"IT WAS AMAZING! We had heard such great things about Something Blue that it was our first stop. We had planned a day of different stops because Syd's Nana flew in for the occasion. I had all my bridesmaids (my sister, Syd's sisters and my 2 best friends), my mom, Syd's mom, and Syd's nana there. Celine was my consultant. SHE WAS INCREDIBLE! Talk about making a girl feel comfortable trying on wedding dresses with a complete stranger. She was seriously the sweetest and I honestly owe my incredible experience to her. She quickly figured out my style and my size. She was bringing me gorgeous dresses and dresses that fit. She made me feel confident and beautiful in everything that I tried on. I cannot say enough good things about her. As soon as I put MY dress on I knew it was the one I wanted. But I'm not good at showing my excitement. So my mom said we should still go look at the other stores. The whole drive to the next store I couldn't stop thinking about my dress. The next store we went to they were not nearly as friendly. And they were bringing me dresses that weren't my size. I was trying to squeeze in these dresses just so I could show the girls and let me tell you that's not the best confidence booster. We didn't stay there long and decided to grab an early dinner. I couldn't stop thinking about my dress and knew I just wanted to go back and get it. So I finally shared that with my mom. We then realized that the store was closed for the day. I was so disappointed because I wanted everyone to be there when I said yes to the dress. I went to the website and saw that they offer Sunday appointments by request. So I sent an email requesting a Sunday appointment for the next day. Sandy quickly emailed back and said she was so sorry but they were attending a bridal show in Kansas City and were flying out at 6:15 am. But that the only thing she could think of was to meet us back at Something Blue that night. Like are you kidding me? She was going to open the shop back up just for me to come in and get my dress. Talk about amazing customer service. Sandy blew us away! I can't say enough good things about Sandy either.”

Well that made our day!!

What was Chelsea’s favorite part of the planning process?

“Doing all the crafty projects. We pretty much DIY everything. My invitations, my menus, all of the décor, all of the sings. Everything! And crafting is really something that I enjoy.”

Her wedding is definitely DIY done right!!

What about her least favorite part?

"Setting up all the vendors - that is so stressful!!! But all of our vendors were incredible and helped make the process less stressful.”

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

{Photos by: Kayla Knies Photography}

Fast forward to the big day! What was Chelsea’s favorite moment from her wedding?

"My favorite part was being pronounced husband and wife. I was dreaming of that moment the entire engagement and it was my absolute favorite part. To hear that we are officially husband and wife was a magical moment.”

Any advice for brides currently planning their own big day?

“Try to keep things in perspective. Remember why you're getting married. Remember that it's not supposed to be a stressful thing. Remember that things always work out so try and enjoy the planning process as much as you can.”

Congratulations, Chelsea and Sydne!! Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful wedding with us!!

Don’t leave just yet - you HAVE to see more of their gorgeous pics by Kayla Knies Photography in the gallery below!