{SBB Bride of the Week} Anita

A N I T A + E R I C

{October 27th, 2018}

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

Introducing Anita!

Can we just take a moment to say how much we loved working with her??

For her big day, Anita chose a gorgeous fitted Allure Bridals gown, with unique lace and sparkle throughout!

It’s a showstopper, as you can see!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

Anita is Macedonian and has some seriously fun wedding traditions!

As she got ready for the day, her family, the groom and his family were outside having the time of their lives!

Traditionally, they barter for the bride to come out of her home.

They present the bride with her shoes and fill them with money so she may have a prosperous future.

Afterward, the groom leaves so the bride can exit the family home for her last time as a single woman.

Also because Anita deserved to have some fun too!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

The ceremony was held at Sts. Peter and Paul Macedonian Orthodox Church in Crown Point!

In Macedonian tradition, the engaged couple chooses another couple to be their godparents.

Anita’s godmother played a very big part in the ceremony.

As Anita and Eric circled the altar 3 times, she stood behind them and threw candy to indicate a sweet future together.

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

After the ceremony it was time to really get the party started!

The reception was held at the Croatian Center in Merrillville.

Guests definitely satisfied their sweet tooth - the centerpiece on every table was a tower of cupcakes and a popcorn bar was ready and waiting for everyone to dig in!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

The tradition didn’t stop at the ceremony.

During the reception, a roasted pig was presented by the groomsmen to the godfather, who paraded it around the room as guests made it rain cash! The pig was then served to the bridal party and family.

Then there’s the bread dance - which is literally people dancing with bread.

Here’s the backstory on this tradition: a loaf of bread made by Anita’s godmother is presented during the first regular dance of the evening. It symbolizes the two families coming together.

Guests pay to dance with the bread, which is then cut up and passed out to everyone!

At the end of the day, all of the money collected throughout the course of the wedding is given to the newlyweds!

{Photos by: Trysh Jaeger Photography}

I mean how fun is that?!

Let’s learn a little more about the newlyweds! How did they meet?

“Eric and I met at Calumet Harley-Davidson. I was the girl who was selling t-shirts and he a customer. After a few times chit chatting, we realized we knew a lot of mutual friends. We would end up seeing each other throughout the region hangout spots. We would talk when we saw each other and always said hello, but it wasn’t until one day we started messaging on facebook….you know how every true love story starts….that we really got to know-know each other.   The rest is history!

Facebook is quite the matchmaker!

How did Eric propose?? 

“Last year, we were planning to celebrate Christmas with his side of the family a week early. We got up that day (Sunday) and I made breakfast. Just a normal Sunday morning and I was starting to wrap presents to take with us. He goes into our bedroom for a little while and comes out with a wrapped little box that was about ring box size….I FROZE! He left it on our TV stand and just went into the shower and doesn’t say anything other than don’t open it. After his shower he tells me to wear an ugly Christmas sweater and he was going to wear an ugly vest.

So fast forward several hours, dinner was finished up with the family. The kids had opened their gifts and we moved on to dessert. I get tapped on my shoulder. His nieces were all lined up behind me with their hands behind their backs asking me to pick a hand. The youngest niece Maddy came up and I had to pick a hand. I picked a hand and it was a pandora charm of a letter “M” for our last name McQueary. The second niece Katie was up. I picked a hand and it was the RING BOX from Jared, but inside the box was another pandora charm but this time it was an engagement ring charm. Now, the third and oldest niece Leah comes up to me. She asked me to pick a hand and when I did inside of her clenched hand was the RING! I instantly started to cry because I was waiting and waiting AND WAITING for the moment and it finally happened.” 

Was it a surprise or did she know it was coming? 

“I knew it was coming eventually but I just couldn’t pin point when or how. We had just moved into our new home and things were settling down, but every day I woke-up thinking “Is today going to be the day?”

He had some help and he knew exactly the style that I liked from the subtle hints I would drop him. We eventually ended up at a jewelry store together and looking at ideas, but we left that day empty handed.”

So sweet!!

Lets talk dress shopping!

“My dress buying experience was my favorite part of the entire wedding planning process. I just felt so relaxed. Everyone at SBB was so helpful and honest and most importantly, they listened to what I wanted. I knew when we got engaged that I was only going to shop at SBB. A lot of my friends and family members had shopped with SBB and I was so surprised that Sandy remembered me every time! She is absolutely the best!

I had put on so many dresses and they all looked good and cute. But when I slipped into my Allure 9471 (yes I have it memorized still) I felt BEAUTIFUL. I knew before even walking out of the dressing room it was the one. I always had a unique style and I felt like the dress just hit every point on my checklist of things that I wanted. I cried when I saw myself in it…but it’s a moment I will never forget.”

What was Anita’s favorite part of the planning process?

“The cake samples for sure. Haha I really did enjoy trying on all the dresses because who doesn’t love to play dress up, right?! I will say that the moment I met Trysh Jaegar at her studio was a big moment for me in the wedding planning process. Seriously SHE ROCKS. If it wasn’t for her, I swear I would have missed half the things I was supposed to do. We met on a few occasions and just chatted about everything. She really made me feel comfortable to talk about wants, concerns, needs, basically everything. I can’t recommend or thank her enough for everything she did above and beyond wedding photography.”

We love Trysh!!

What about her least favorite part?

“THE STRESS….We had set a date with my work schedule in mind knowing that every year in the fall my job requires a business planning for the following year. That usually is in September, so I figured no problem October 27th will work. Well go figure my luck…all the deadlines change to 3 days before the wedding! I honestly was a mess, but in the end everything was worth it.”

What was Anita’s favorite moment from her wedding?

“I am not sure that I have one favorite moment because the entire day was my favorite. I had a couple moments that I really loved. The moment I walked down the aisle and saw Eric for the first time I thought to myself, “FINALLY!” and I tried to not cry! Another moment that I can say hit me hard was during dinner. I sat there just looking out at the reception hall and taking in all our beautiful family and friends who came to celebrate us that day. I was moved to tears.”

Any final advice for future brides?

“Give yourself more time than a 10 month turn around on wedding planning!

Everything “Wedding” is expensive. I would tell brides to not be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box on ways to save money. I picked what was important to us and we spent more money there than in other areas of the process. I promise you no one will know! I will also recommend to future brides to greet guests as they enter your reception. This will save you time on going around the reception to thank everyone and it gets you more time on the dance floor.”

Congrats, Anita and Eric!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day and special traditions with us! Check out more pictures from their big day in the gallery below!