{SBB Bride of the Week} Tanya

T A N Y A + T I M

{September 29th, 2018}

{Photos by: By The Free}

{Photos by: By The Free}

Ok, is our bride Tanya not one of the most beautiful brides you’ve ever seen??

For her September wedding, Tanya wanted a gown with lots of lace and detail.

She chose an incredible Allure sheath dress that checked everything off her list!

{Photos by: By The Free}

When it came to flowers, Tanya chose Monarch Florist to create all of her bouquets and arrangements.

She clearly made the right choice because everything was absolutely gorgeous!

{Photos by: By The Free}

{Photos by: By The Free}

Before the ceremony, Tanya wanted to share a first look with her soon-to-be hubby, Tim.

By The Free Photography was on hand to capture the couple’s special moment…

{Photos by: By The Free}

Tanya and Tim held their wedding at the Center for Visual and Performing Arts.

The ceremony was located outside and SO pretty!

We love every single thing about this!

{Photos by: By The Free}

The reception was held inside the center’s ballroom.

The centerpieces were so stunning and the dessert table, well, take a look for yourself…

{Photos by: By The Free}

How pretty is that?! And how delish did that dessert table look??

Let’s move on to the couple themselves - how did they meet?

“We met in college at Purdue - Tim and I lived on the same floor in the dorms just a few doors down the hall from each other.”

How did Tim pop the question?

“We had gone on a little vacation to Florida over Labor Day weekend and decided to spend a day at the  Food & Wine Festival in Epcot. By the end of the day we were planning to stay & watch the fireworks but of course it started to rain so they were cancelled! Since we weren't prepared for a rainy night, we ran over to the nearest gift shop and bought the last rain ponchos they had. At that point we were soaking wet & weren't in a huge rush to get back to the car so we decided to take a walk down the Boardwalk. We saw a gazebo up ahead and thought it would be a perfect place to take cover. As we walked up we saw a couple getting engaged!!...and of course didn't want to ruin their moment...so we kept on walking. Making our way down the Boardwalk I could tell Tim was relatively quiet and in his head but I didn't think much of it since we had a long day in the sun and were now walking around in rain ponchos soaking wet! By the time we got to the end of the Boardwalk, Tim and I were the only ones around so we stopped to listen to the music playing from the Swan & Dolphin Hotel fountains. We stood there for a moment reflecting on our relationship and talking about how life brought us together over the 9 years of our growing friendship. It was like mother nature knew what was about to happen because the skies cleared at that very moment as Tim got down on one knee and proposed. Fireworks started in the distance as we stood there in the most perfect moment, just the two of us.”

Well that sounds straight out of a movie! Was Tanya expecting it or was she surprised??

“I would say half & half - we talked about moving forward with our relationship and getting married so I figured sooner or later we would get engaged but he also knew I didn't want a public proposal so I didn't really think anything of the trip. I was completely surprised when he popped the question!”

Let’s move on to our fave topic - wedding dresses! How was Tanya’s shopping experience?

“ It was a little stressful and overwhelming at first having so many options to choose from. I went to 3 dress stores trying on everything imaginable but I still wasn't feeling like I found "the one". By the time I went to Something Blue I had finally tried on dresses that fit my style and personality and I felt more comfortable that I was getting closer to finding the perfect one.”

How did she know her dress was "the one"?

“Just putting it on felt right. After trying on so many dresses and being picky about every little detail - the dress that I picked out had every item checked off my list from the illusion back, lots of lace, long train, and intricate beading.”

When it came to planning her special day, what was Tanya’s fave part?

“I enjoyed the whole process! I'm an Event Manager that plans corporate events for a living so it was fun being able to think outside of the corporate box and have the freedom to pick out my own colors/floral/decorations.”

What about her least favorite part?

“The seating assignments! It's definitely hard trying to coordinate the right number of people at each table while trying to keep family members/friends all together.”

What is Tanya’s biggest takeaway from the whole planning process?

“Don't stress over the little things. It's SOOO easy to get wrapped up in the process and overthink the decisions that you are making. A lot of the little intricate details that you will probably end up stressing over - people might not even notice so if you find yourself torn over a small detail don't let it bring you down and make sure you are looking at the big picture of your day. You won't be able to please everyone and most importantly you have to make sure YOU are happy since this day is for YOU. Everyone says the day passes so quickly and IT REALLY DOES. Make sure to take a moment during dinner when everyone is sitting down and eating to look around and appreciate all of the people that are there celebrating with you!”

When the big day finally arrived, what moment sticks out most for Tanya?

“One of my favorite moments of the wedding was when the cocktail hour was going on and Tim & I had a moment to break away and be inside the ballroom just the two of us. It was surreal to know at that moment all of our hard work of planning for a year was over, we were married and it all turned out just the way we wanted it to. It was a huge feeling of accomplishment that Tim and I put together one of the biggest events of our life and we couldn't be happier!”

Any final advice for our brides who are currently planning their own wedding?

“It is a big day to plan so start as early as possible and keep ORGANIZED. It's a lot of information to retain so keep a spreadsheet going as you meet people for contact information / what that specific vendor offers / pricing / etc. This will help as you start to narrow down your options. Believe me, the amount of people that you talk to and loads of information that gets thrown your way will get confusing. Most importantly this is supposed to be a fun process so make sure when you are going through the motions to take a step back and enjoy it!”

Congratulations, Tanya and Tim!!! We are so happy for you guys and can’t thank you enough for sharing your wedding with us!

Check out more of their gorgeous pictures in the gallery below!