{SBB Bride of the Week} Anna

A N N A + A N D R E W

{September 29th, 2018}

{Photo by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

{Photo by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

Introducing our gorgeous bride Anna!

She chose a classic, fitted Allure gown for her September wedding and looked AMAZING!

{Photos by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

For her flowers, Anna worked with Rubia Flower Market in West Lafayette to create these stunning bouquets! The colors are so perfect!

{Photo by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

{Photo by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

Anna married her husband Andrew at St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Purdue’s campus.

Getting married on campus was important to the newlyweds, who fell in love while attending school there.

{Photos by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

The reception was held at Purdue’s Ross Ade Pavilion at Shively Hall.

They used books, candles and flowers for the centerpieces.

Guests were treated to some yummy cake, cupcakes and even a popcorn bar!

{Photos by: Meghan Gobrogge Photography}

Considering their wedding was held at Purdue, I’m sure you can guess how Anna and Andrew’s love story began…

“We met through mutual friends the beginning of our sophomore year of college at Purdue. We had a class in the same building and would see each other every so often. Between hanging out in the same friend group on the weekends, and helping each other with homework during the weekdays, we started to become really good friends.

After sophomore year ended, Andrew took me out for ice cream, and a few movie dates later, Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend!”

After dating for awhile, Andrew decided to ask Anna to be something much more than his girlfriend.

“Andrew asked if I wanted to go for a morning hike to watch the sunrise. We went to Theodore Wirth Park, a local regional park in Minnesota. We moved to Minnesota together right after college. We both really like nature/hiking so almost every weekend we made a goal to hike/explore a park in Minnesota, so when Andrew suggested we go for a sunrise hike it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. The park has a little pond with a nice walking path wrapping around it, and as the sun began to rise, Andrew asked me if I wanted to walk out onto a pier to watch the sun rise over the trees.

As the sun began to rise, he asked if I wanted to take a snapchat together. He opened up Snapchat and took a picture of us both. He asked me to check out what kind of filters there were, and as I swiped across the screen, I saw one that said "Anna, will you marry me?".

I looked over at Andrew, and he knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him!”

SO cute! Was Anna expecting it?

“I knew we would eventually get engaged and sometime in the near future, but had no idea when. We didn't even go ring shopping together or anything along those lines. We just had a few conversations of about what time of year we'd like to get married in and other conversations like that, so I was very surprised when he proposed!”

I asked Anna to tell us all about her finding her dream gown…

“I went shopping for my dress with my twin sister, mom, grandma, and godmother/aunt. We went to another dress place and tried on about 4 dresses. I had an idea in my mind of style I thought I wanted. I walked in and said "I picture myself in something not strapless, little bit of lace, and not a mermaid or mermaid type of dress". I tried on a few pretty dresses, found the type of veil I wanted (cathedral mantilla veil) and continued to Something Blue for further dress shopping. I tried on a few of the dresses I thought I wanted and they were all pretty, but not something I loved. My twin, Angela, pulled a dress and asked if I wanted to try it on for something different. Basically it was everything I said I wasn't looking for (strapless, no lace, and trumpet style, but I'm always willing to try on anything!). I tried the dress on last, and when I walked out Angela gasped and everyone was teary eyed , and when I stepped up in front of the mirror I said "I feel like a Barbie... this is the one"! I tried a mantilla cathedral veil and the veil looked perfect with the simple , elegant, and classic look of the dress and the two perfectly complimenting each other was when we knew this was for sure the one!”

Let’s talk wedding planning! What was the best part of planning for Anna?

“I loved planning the little details...picking our songs for the DJ, putting together our website, brainstorming centerpieces, refurbishing my late grandparents' cake topper from their wedding for our cake topper. Andrew was also a huge help with decisions, decorations, etc. and doing the planning together was fun for us both to take part in together and to really shape the wedding into something that reflected the both of us.”

Was there anything about planning she didn’t like?

“Figuring out the seating chart. Our wedding was a little over 200 people, so it was something that we thought wouldn't take a while but took longer than we thought.”

Its always the seating chart! What was Anna’s fave moment from her big day?

“When Andrew and I walked into the reception hall together as Mr. and Mrs., and seeing so many of our loved ones who had made it to the celebration of our marriage was such a special moment!”

Anna has some great advice for brides currently planning their own wedding!

“Making a lot of lists was beyond helpful, and sharing a google spreadsheet with your significant other to help with collaboration.

Spend your time and energy in things for the wedding that are important to you and your significant other. By focusing on those things that are important to you both, your wedding will feel much more of something that reflects the both of you and the journey you've made. Also, don't be afraid to break traditions and do things that you love to do. Traditions are wonderful and incorporating ones that are meaningful to you are great, but also making new traditions and going outside of the ordinary can make it that much more special when it comes to the day of.”

Congratulations, Anna and Andrew!!! Wishing you lots of love and happiness in your future together! Check out more of their beautiful wedding pictures in the gallery below!