{SBB Bride of the Week} Jessica

J E S S I C A + E R I C

{October 14th, 2018}

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

Hi, our brides are the most gorgeous ever!

Introducing Jessica!

Doesn’t she look absolutely STUNNING in her long- - like sleeved Allure ballgown, complete with a J. Picone belt, Badgley Mischa’s flats and Edward Berger veil??

Yes, the answer is yes.

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

Before the craziness of the wedding day set in, Jessica wanted to spend some time with the love of her life, Eric.

This is the moment Eric got to see his beautiful bride for the first time…

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

The lovebirds were married on a gorgeous October day at Public Landing Restaurant in Lockport.

This venue is a great option for couples looking to get married and hold their reception at the same place!

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

After the ceremony, guests walked to the reception room where they were greeted by a warm, rustic vibe and one seriously pretty cake!

Jessica made almost all of the decor herself (and with some help from family - like her mother in law, Holly, who arranged all of the flowers)!

{Photos by: Champagne Taste Photography}

Alright, y’all know the drill!

Let’s find out more about the newlyweds before their big day arrived!

Jessica and Eric first met when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend!

I’ll let Jessica fill you in on the proposal..

“Eric took me on a Caribbean cruise for my birthday. After a nice romantic dinner, Eric proposed on the balcony of our room while we were in the middle of the ocean.”

Was it a surprise or did she see it was coming?

 “Eric took me to look at rings 2 months into dating! I did not know he purchased the ring the next day.”

How did Jessica find her dream dress?

 “Something Blue was amazing at finding my perfect dress. I had an idea what I wanted but tried on tons of dresses to make sure. When trying on dresses, I only brought my mom.  When I tried on my dress we looked at each other and started crying.  At that point I knew it was the one.”

Lets talk wedding planning! What were Jessica’s favorite {and not so favorite} part of the whole process?

 “I enjoyed putting all my ideas together to create the look that I wanted. From pinning things on Pinterest, doing crafts to make centerpieces and making all my visions become a reality. My least favorite part of planning was trying to accommodate for everyone."

Once the big day had arrived, Jessica’s favorite moment was walking down the aisle..

 “I was able to soak in the moment, see everyone's reaction, and feel all the love! It was truly a special moment! Our photographers captured our walk back down as husband and wife AMAZING!!”

Finally, any advice for brides currently planning their own wedding?

 “Get as much done while you can. Life happens, things come up, distractions are real!  I wish I would have been more proactive right when we got engaged, booked everything in the beginning, while we were still freshly excited. There was so much I could have done NOT so last minute.

Remember that it is YOUR day. You will not make everyone happy, and don't try to. We had so many opinions, bad vibes, and mean comments. You cannot explain why you make every decision, and you do not need to.  Everything from not having kids at the wedding, having a small wedding, not inviting but 10 people to my bachelorette party, not having plus ones, and having a small engagement party was ALL a problem. People who are not happy for you will show true colors during planning! Be happy, support each other, and have fun!!”

Congratulations, Jessica and Eric!! We are so so happy for you both!

Check out more of their beautiful wedding pictures in the gallery below!