{Bridal Buzz}

{The Experience}

    There has been a major shift within the wedding industry over the last 10 years, but even more so the last 5 years. Millenials as a whole have completely shaken up the bridal world with the way they register, to the way they shop for their gowns, down to every detail of their decor.

    Most brides in 2019 when shopping for their dream gown are looking for more than a gown; they want the experience. Let me tell yah, we are here for it. Every bride that walks through our little door gets the SBB treatment, it goes a little somethin’ like this….

    You walk through our door to be greeted with smiling faces. We have been anxiously awaiting your arrival, {almost} as excited as you are to be a little piece in your big day! We introduce ourselves, and greet everyone in your party from Grandma down to your adorable flower girl. From there we escort you to your bridal suite where we get down to the nitty gritty. This is when we find out what you’re looking for, and how we can best serve you as your consultant. Then we give you the grand tour! We have a large selection of beautiful gowns all separated by silhouette so as you are browsing we want you to have an idea of what you’re looking at as you browse. After the tour we will give you little clips so you can browse on your own and give us a better idea as to what kind of lace, silhouette, etc that you are gravitating towards. This is what we call our “base line”. As we begin to try these gowns on your consultant will get a much better idea as to what you are loving or not loving and will pull additional gowns as your appointment proceeds.

    This is where the fun begins! Your entire party gathers in your seating area and awaits your entrance. Each gown that you try on, your consultant is carefully taking note of everything you say so she can better understand what you’re looking for and will pull more gowns for you to try! Our goal is to never have any bride leave with a “what if” thought. So, when you love a gown we will pull everything that looks similar to it {if possible!} so you can see each and every option!

    As we go through every dress we will keep all of the gowns that you are loving, and after trying everything on we will circle back around to those favorite gowns we placed to the side. At this time we put your favorites back on and compare each one with a veil of your choice. This is when it gets real; the “oh crap, it's happening!” feeling. Deep down in your heart you’ll know which gown is yours- and when you’re 110% sure we may ask you… “Is this YOUR dress?” and then when you say yes- confetti drops from the ceiling, Beyonce comes out from the the back singing *he liked it so he put a ring on it* {remix!}, and we pop the bubbly!

Ok, ok, ok, we wish. It will feel like sparks are flying and it will 100% be such a special moment in your heart AND if you bring bubbly we will indeed pop it for you so you can toast to your beautiful gown and your future that lies ahead!

    Are you engaged?! Girl, what are you waiting for- come see us! Our SBB family cannot wait to be apart of your day.