{SBB Bride of the Week} Taylor

There's nothing like a beautiful summer wedding.

Warm, fresh air, pretty flowers and one stunning bride!

Introducing Taylor...

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

I mean are you seeing this?? How GORGEOUS is she?!

Taylor wore a beautiful Sincerity Bridal off-the-shoulder gown on her big day. She complimented it with an Edward Berger veil and her final look was breathtaking! While getting ready, Taylor put a super cute jewelry bar out for her bridesmaids to choose from - seriously what a great idea! Taylor and her husband Nic hired The Willows Wedding Photography to capture their wedding day and the pictures are {as always} so amazing! The Willows was there as Taylor and her bridesmaids {and SUPER adorable little sister, the flower girl} got ready for the day.

Taylor chose another amazing vendor - Sugarfield Flowers - to do all the floral arrangements for the wedding. Per usual, the results were incredible! Just check out that gorgeous bouquet!

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

SO, so pretty!

Before walking down the aisle, Taylor had a few first looks to do! She started with her bridesmaids and little sister.


{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

After that sweet moment with her girls, it was time to see her dad.


{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}


Y'all know how we feel about those first looks. It's getting a little dusty up in here.

Finally, it was time to walk down the aisle. Taylor married her hubby at Swan Lake Resort in Plymouth, Indiana. The ceremony was so gorgeous and full of emotion.

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

So beautiful! Sugarfield killed it with the gorgeous flowers and eucalyptus garlands!

After the ceremony guests moved to the reception where they were treated to a delicious menu, beautiful decor and one seriously yummy cake!

{Photos by: The Willows - Wedding Photography}

Isn't that so pretty??

Now that we've seen Nic and Taylor's picture perfect wedding day, let's get to know them a little better!

They met poolside while traveling abroad.

"Nic and I first met the summer of 2012 at a hotel pool in Costa Rica. We were about to spend a short-term semester traveling throughout Central and South America with a program called Semester at Sea. Both of us were traveling with one other person, but other than that, we didn't know anybody! So, the first day, all of the students who were part of this study abroad program awkwardly stood around the hotel's outdoor pool and tried to make friends. Luckily, my cousin and I had already made friends with a few girls who we met at the airport, so we ran across the street to a market to buy a handle of rum, Pepsi, and McDonald's. When we made it back to the pool, everyone wanted to be our friends! But, I specifically remember seeing Nic in his University of Kentucky shirt, and I wanted to talk to him! Lisa and I went up to him and his buddy Grant, offered them a drink, and I made a comment about how Indiana University's basketball team had recently hit a last second shot (the "Wat Shot") to beat Kentucky, who was ranked #1 at the time. That was my pathetic attempt at flirting. After talking with Nic at the pool and briefly seeing him again later that night, I embarrassingly tried to see Nic every chance I could. Eventually, Nic first kissed me in Mira Flores, Peru, and the rest was history. We spent as much time together as possible throughout our month abroad, and we've been inseparable ever since!"

Is that even real life? Meet in one country, first kiss in another.

After dating for a few years, it was time to take the next step. Nic popped the question right before a big trip.

"First, a little backstory: Nic and I had been planning a trip to Europe in June 2016 to celebrate my college graduation for months. And by saying "Nic and I had been planning", I really mean that I planned every single detail of our two week vacation, and Nic only contributed if I begged for his opinion on what hotel we should book. At this point, we had been dating for over 4 years and had serious talks about marriage, so I had a feeling that he might propose somewhere in Europe.


Proposal day: Neither of us had ever been to New York City, so we decided to fly into NYC at 8 a.m. and fly from NYC to London at 11 p.m. that night to give us an entire day to explore the city. For some reason, Nic really wanted to go to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park (red flag #1), but I didn't think anything of it at the time since he loves history, so that's where we went first! Once the park opened, he wanted to walk around the marble memorial and "take a lot of pictures to document the start of our trip" (red flag #2). After spending about 10 minutes at the park, I was ready to leave and go somewhere like Times Square or the Rockefeller Center. Honestly, I was kind of being a brat because A. I'm not very into history, and B. We were each lugging around huge backpacks full of 2 weeks worth of clothes in the summer heat. Nic finally convinced me to walk to the edge of the park where the marble met the river and there was a stunning view of the New York City skyline. He kept telling me to stand up on this huge slab of marble so he could get a picture, but there was a sign that specifically said not to! I agreed to take "one" picture, so we both climbed on top of the marble and took a picture together. At this point, I noticed a professional photographer near us (red flag #3- I started putting the pieces together)! The photographer asked if we would like him to take a photo for us, so we awkwardly posed for him for a few photos, and then Nic got down on one knee. Both of us started crying right away before he could even get a word out. It was just such an amazing, overwhelmingly emotional moment. He said the sweetest things about our love and spending the rest of our lives together, and then asked me to marry him!! I said yes, of course! I couldn't imagine a more romantic, thoughtful proposal, and I feel so lucky to get to spend the rest of my life with the one I love most. Nic had prearranged for the photographer to take pictures of us after the proposal (a girl's dream), and I am so thankful that we have photographs of the proposal and immediately afterwards to look back on. After all of this, Nic had another surprise for me! He booked a helicopter tour for us to take a ride over New York City. It was an incredible way to celebrate our recent engagement and see the entire city. Following our helicopter ride, we spent the day wandering and sightseeing before we started our Europe trip! I was so excited to have the next two weeks alone together to celebrate our engagement!"

Was she surprised?

"I was expecting a proposal at some point during our trip, but I was sure it was going to be while we were in Italy. So I was definitely surprised in NYC!"

After getting home from Europe, it was time for Taylor to plan the wedding. What was her favorite and least favorite part of the process?

"I think I am one of very few brides who honestly loved every minute of being engaged and planning a wedding. It was definitely stressful at times, but I was so excited to plan the best party ever to celebrate our marriage with all of our favorite people. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite part of planning, but I will never forget the wedding dress shopping experience. I am super picky, so my poor family and best friends watched me try on what felt like a billion dresses. We shopped in Indianapolis, New York City (even Kleinfeld's!), and Chicago all before finding my perfect wedding dress at Something Blue Bridal :) When I finally found my dream dress, it was such an exciting moment!

My least favorite part was probably making the final guest list. It's so difficult!"

The big day had arrived and it was time to say "I do"! What was the best part?

"Honestly, the entire wedding feels like one happy blur, but I think my favorite part was when we were sitting up at our head table with our bridal party, right after being married, and looking out at all of our family and friends who were there to celebrate us. It was such a surreal feeling!"

Currently planning your wedding? Taylor wants to leave you with her biggest takeaway from wedding planning and also her best piece of advice...

"Throughout the entire process, I constantly tried to remind myself that the whole reason behind all of the chaos of wedding planning was that I was going to marry my favorite person in the world. I can't even describe the feeling of knowing that all of the people you love are supporting you and your future husband. So if you're ever stressed out, just try to remember that you are going to be married at the end of the day, and everyone who is coming to the wedding will be so excited just to be there for you. It all works out in the end!

This is probably going to be the only day in your life that is completely about you and your (almost) husband, so take advantage of it! Make your wedding as unique as you'd like and add as many personal details as possible! Try not to stress about the little details or any last minute changes and enjoy every moment you can! It will be the absolute best day of your life!"

Thank you SO much, Taylor and Nic, for letting us feature your gorgeous wedding day!! Wishing lots of love and happiness!! Check out more of their beautiful pics in the gallery below!