Bridal Buzz

{2018 Trends}

Not to scare you or anything, but 2018 ends in a month. Say what? When, how, where? Don’t blink, it will be 2020 before we even know it. #Ahhhhh

So, as we wrap up this crazy year, we’d like to take a second to reflect on our favorite trends of 2018!


This one will make you say “ooooooooo la la”, and may give Grandma a heart attack, but hey it is sure to make a statement! This trend came earlier in the year and we have far and few brides brave enough to rock it, but as the year progressed several unlined gowns started rolling in and more and more brides ventured to try them on. Brides even began to request unlined gowns over gowns that are lined. We found that an unlined gown at the top allows for the dress to hug your body closer, because there is less material. So, it shows your natural curves a bit better!

Nude undertones

This one is one of our ALL time favorite trends… ever. Why? Well, let me tell yah. When you have a wedding gown that has an undertone that is darker than the ivory lace on top, it creates a contrast which then allows for the detail of the gown to shine through 10x better. A lot of girls are hesitant at first to try a gown on that is “darker” than what they imagined, but in reality, the ivory lace on top still gives a very bridal vibe. Our fav undertone specifically is a deeper nude, because it gives the boldest contrast with the gorg detail! Oh, and we don’t see this one goin’ anywhere anytime soon.

Off the shoulder

    Mmmmmmmm, where to begin?! We LOVE a good off the shoulder. You know what we love even more than a good off the shoulder? Creating custom off the shoulder straps on a gown that is strapless. Why would we do that? So, when you’re ready to raise the roof on the dance floor with your new mans you can whip off those straps {which can be like arm jail sometimes, honestly}. So you get best of both worlds, a gorgeous yet elegant off the shoulder gown… *whips straps off*... and a strapless gown that you can dance the night away in. Who doesn't love a good outfit change?

Iridescent sparkle

What is iridescent sparkle in the first place? It is a clear beading that is much less harsh than a silver rhinestone that can be placed all of your gown to give it a gleaming look that will catch the light and sparkle as you move around. It is a super romantic way to… light up the room… no pun intended!

2018 has been a dream, we have gotten the chance to meet so many amazing brides so we cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for us. Trends may come and go, but our brides are truly timeless! Who knows, puffy sleeves and hats may come back in style?! {I’m kidding, I’m kidding- or maybe I’m not… no one knows.} Only time will tell what 2019 has in store for us, but stay tuned for next months segment of Bridal Buzz where we predict what trends 2019 will bring us!